Week in Review

This week for UOI we used our prior knowledge for our new unit of inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves. Every class in Grade 6 had a sale in someway to support their World Vision Child. The 6E (my class) World Vision Child is called Dilani Amal. I felt like doing a bake sale and the following people did too: Kyra J, Irene, Cassandra, Kyra L, Clara and Bianca. Together we made all kinds of yummy foods and drinks, here are some pictures:



banana cake

melted cookies and cream on marshmallows


chocolate chip cookies

corn-flake crunch (dipped in chocolate)

rice krispies

Belgian waffles

Belgian Cake

Don’t you think this is A LOT. And nearly everything got sold. At the end my group raised HK$9623 for Dilani, the class altogether raised HK$6848 and we only aimed to get HK$2500. We got like… double! After the sales we started to work in our new Process Journals.

In math this week we continued to learn a bout circles. Everyone still worked on their Math Menu a bit. To be honest, we didn’t do as much math as we usually do, but that okay because we had our sales :D.

I actually think that we have started a lot in grammar. We have learned the different types of sentences:

1. Declarative: stating something and ends in a full stop,

2. Interrogative: asking a question and ends in a question mark.

3. Exclamatory: shares a strong feeling and ends with an exclamation mark.

4. Imperative: giving orders and usually ends in a full stop but sometimes in an exclamation mark.

Ms. Kinsinger said we are doing this for our new unit. I guess we will be doing lots of writing. Maybe we will have to write a report for our summative of assessment?

Today, Friday 11 November, 2011, we had our Remembrance Day Service. We all went to the LLAC to be informed about everything that happened on this day. Nearly everyone at school was wearing a poppy to show their care.

Our Task this week in Book Club was to a paragraph on 3 of the personal Response heading AND find 5 words you are not familiar with. As usual, we had our discussion on today. All the groups came together to talk about the book.



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