Criterion D Reflection

Out of all honesty, I think that I deserve a 5 or 6/8 in criterion D for music this year. I feel like I positively engage in class most (nearly 100%) of the time. I believe that I have effectively used my DW to reflect on my work and progress throughout the year. The part that drops my grade, is practicing and handing in things on time. I feel like I should have done more practice at home, so that my performance in class would be better. I also feel that I should have worked harder to hand in things on time. Even this reflection, talking about handing things in on time, is handed in late. I feel that if I improve my time-management, I will be able to make time to hand in things on time and practice. Once I do this, I can improve as a musical student overall and also improve my crit D grade.

Playing and Theory Test

Theory test

For my theory test, I received an 48/50 equaling a 8. I was very surprised to get this grade, but I do feel that I deserved it. I worked and studied very hard before this test, so I believe that my work deserved a good grade. I My goal was to get a 7, so I definitely achieved this goal.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.33.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.33.51 PM

Playing test

For my playing test, I also did surprisingly well. I am very proud of the grade I achieved for my song, as I was expecting a lower grade. Although I felt very comfortable with my scales, I ended up not doing very well. I feel like I practiced the scales too much, they I ended up doing them out of muscle memory. Since they were all so similar, I messed up the notes (combining the 3 scales). Due to this, my timing was off and I ended up not performing as well as I could have. Despite this, I still achieved a higher score than expected.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.42.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.42.38 PM


I believe that I could have practiced more often this year than I did. I practiced on average 1/2 times a week for 30 min. I practiced a lot more at the start of the year, so I feel like I should have continued this throughout the entire year. This would allow me to be able to play better when we play spontaneous songs in class. If I was still at this school next year and continued music, I would aim to practice twice every week, including scales and songs.

Digital Work

Throughout the year, we have done various project that require digital skill, due to the fact that we are a digital school. Out of all the projects, I think that my most successful creation was my iBook. For science, we had to chose a disease and made an educational iBook about it. I had never heard of iBook before we started this project, and our iBook turned out very successful. I learned many new things about iBook, making books, management, etc. I am very proud of the final book, and I hope that there will be further project including iBooks.

Camp – YangShuo

Last week, from May 13th to May 18th, some of my classmates and I went to YangShuo. Our grade was divided into two groups: Trip A and Trip B; I was in trip A. This trip was one of the most thrilling, scary and fun trips that I have ever experienced. Even though it was a very short trip, I did an incredibly many activities.

On the second day, we took a cruise from Guilin to YangShuo. The cruise lasted for 4 hours, and the view from the boat was magnificent. I managed to get a sight of what rural China looked like. All the mountains that were there, were made of limestone. *History Fact: YangShuo used to be under sea level, and all the fish bones and coral made mountains. As the water passed through, they created holes and caves were formed, which are now still the existing mountains.* The second we arrived at our hotel, we got changed to go biking. We went mountain biking, which is something you don’t do very often in Hong Kong. It was wonderful to be able experience this, because we got all sweaty and muddy.

The next day, we had two hikes in one day. The first one allowed us to see the rural country side a little more. We saw a lot of rice field, more mountains and local animals (buffalos, chickens, etc). Since it was such a long hike, I got the opportunity to get to know some of the people in my group. Most of the people that were in my group were people that I don’t talk to very often, in my school life. The long hike allowed me to get to know something about them and connect with them. The second hike was very tiring: 811 stairs. I don’t hike that much in Hong Kong, so this was quite a challenge. I was happy that I pushed myself to reach the top, because the view was beautiful.

On the fourth day, we went rock climbing and kayaking. Rock climbing was a completely new experience, because it was outdoor climbing: literally. The wall wasn’t one where the handles are made, or the there are number/colour paths. It was an actual wall; with natural rocks. This meant that we had to create our own path on how we want to reach the top. I was able to complete 2 climbs: the ‘warm-up’ one the second hardest. It was quite challenging, because I wasn’t tall enough to reach some of the rocks, but I finally managed to succeed on both.

On the last day, we did one of the most fun activities: caving. We took a small boat into a cave (which was also naturally made due to the ocean forming) and starting walking. It was very dark so we all had to wear helmets with torches attached. At one point, we came to a mud bath. It was incredibly fun, because we were allowed to swim in it. We picked up mud and smeared it all over each others clothes and hair. I had never done something like this before, so I had an amazing time. Afterwards, we put on dry clothes and left to the airport 🙁

TAP Session – Passions

Today in TAP we looked at Kwasi Enin’s college essay. Kwasi Enin  is a Long Island senior student  who was accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools and 4 others (read his essay here). What makes Kwasi stand out so much, above all the other students? I think that by using his passion for music to describe himself, really made him stand out to the admission officers. Not many students write essays like this, so I assume that his essay relating music to his life, really made him shine. It is very obvious that music has allowed Kwasi to see his life and his learning experience in many different ways. At the end of the letter he explains that he wants to do medicine, but that he hopes that music will continue to be his passion. Your passion doesn’t have to necessarily be something you do, but I should be something that motivates you in what you ate doing.
Reading this, I began to ask myself questions. What motivates me? The first thing that would come to my mind is grades, because my parents, teachers and family members expect various things from me. But as I really start to think about, I feel that a small thing that motivates me is sport. Not just one sport, but any type of sport. Whenever I participate in a sport; swimming, running, gymnastics, football, etc, I always feel very joyful. When I am home and done with my work, I like to go outside and do sports with my brothers/alone. This isn’t a very large passion, but it’s a start. The creativity of people also really motivates me. If I were to wake up and someone would tell me that we are no longer allowed to be creative, I would be very depressed. I love going to art museums or just walking around streets and seeing the many creative things that people can do. I have always hoped that one day I could create something creative that could change the world.
I feel that everyone has a moment in their life when they experience something that just lights a spark in their lives. I feel that I have not yet reached that moment in time, but that it will come. Everyone has a passion, big or small, the motivates them to continue, see the world in different ways and impact their community.

Algebra Quiz

I had only briefly taken algebra before, so nearly everything we did was new to me. I learned about solving with two variables, algebraic fraction, expanding and simplifying, distribution, word problems, etc. We got our math test back today, and I realised that I made many silly mistakes such as forgetting the signs, arranging the brackets wrong, writing the question down wrong. The biggest problems I had was distribution and fractions. I feel like they really confuse me. If they are apart its fine, but when they are put together I seem to have a lot of trouble. I would like to work on this and practice more. I can practice this by looking at some videos online, or going through old work and practicing some questions that weren’t assigned but included this.

French Class 2014

1. How well is your participation and effort in class?

I think that my participation throughout the French course has gone quite well. When Ms. Nobert was still handing out cards for participation, I received more than 2 each class. I think that this proves that my participation in class is good. I think that I also put a lot of effort into my work.

2. What do you like in French class? why?

I really like French class because we study a variety of topics. This year we have already studied food, music, school items, and so on. I also enjoy the fact that we are learning and being assessed in different ways. Sometimes we have to present in front of the class, sometimes there is a written test, other times we have to talk in groups, making a video etc. We have also learned the topics in various ways: playing games, watching videos, worksheets, book texts, lectures, etc.

3. Why do you not like in french class? why?

I don’t like French class because sometimes the topics aren’t explained enough. Even though that this might be a boring topic, I think that we should study grammar deeper in french. French grammar can be very complicated, and I feel like we don’t spend enough time practicing it.

4. What are two goals that you have? How will you achieve these goals?

1. A first goal that I have would be to improve my conjugations. I feel that when I write or talk, I tend to not conjugate words. I want to achieve this goal by practicing verbs more often (the conjugation) and talking with my mum.

2. I would also like to practice my pronunciation. I sometimes mispronounce some words (usually the ones with silent letters). I would like to improve this by reading more books, and volunteering to read in class more often.


Based on the comments of my peers, I think that I didn’t do too bad on my music composition. In general, I used an effective use of conjunct and disjunct motion, I ended and started on a tonic note and I have used dynamics well. If I had a chance to do this again, I would add a tempo to the start of the song and have an appropriate title. The largest negative comment I got was saying that I didn’t use a variety of notes. Next time I would do so.

This composition has taught me a lot about the process of writing a song, and how to use Finale. I really enjoyed writing a song, although I would like to write more advanced songs in the future. I really enjoyed this unit and hope to do it again!

Summative Composition

Taking into consideration my classmates feedback, I have finally arrived at this final composition. You can see in this piece throughout the process, there are triple notes. I really liked this, but realised that I would most likely find it challenging to play. I have also made the starting and ending notes tonic notes, because 1. it is required and 2. my classmates suggested I change it. As a composer, I should be able to play my piece, so I therefore changed it to this. My final composition:


Beach Cleanup

Today I went to Shek O Beach with some other people in my grade to clean up the trash. When we first arrived, it looked like there was very little trash, but as we moved to the rocks, we realised there was tons! This was a positive act towards the environment in many ways. Firstly, I feel like I set an example to other people, encouraging them to also clean up beaches. Secondly, although only slights, I prevented trash from going to the Ocean Gyres. Thirdly, I could have possible saved sea life. Many of the items that I picked up were either plastic or styrofoam. These are some of the most common objects that get stuck in fish digestive systems and cause them to die.

I originally though that there would be less trash, as Shek O Beach is known to be a ‘clean beach’. My perspective on that has now completely changed. I felt very happy knowing that I was doing something good for the environment, but I was also frustrated. I was frustrated because 1. I didn’t understand why people would just throw all these items into the ocean and 2. some of the trash was stuck under the rocks so I couldn’t get it out.

Through this I have learned a few things. Firstly, I should NEVER throw anything onto the floor. Sometimes, with a tissue for example, when I don’t have a trashcan I think “oh, it’s just one piece its ok”. I now know that it is completely not ok because every piece makes a difference. I did wonder why so much trash got there, and I think that it is because of a few reasons. Firstly, there are many fishing boats in Hong Kong. The fishing boats usually contain styrofoam boxes in which the fish are kept. Sometimes the box may fall overboard, and then wash up onto shore. Secondly, Shek O Beach is a very popular beach where many tourist go. These tourist might decide to leave the trash on the ground. On the other hand, all the trash could cause the beach to have a negative reputation and tourists would not want to go there anymore.

Trash stuck in between rocks:

Personal Surviving Skills

1) What did you find the most challenging part of the personal survival training and test?

The most challenging part for me was floating for a long time. I had trouble keeping myself up, especially my face. Another challenge for me was keeping my head up in the water while my hands were up in the air, and I was only allowed to kick my feet.

2) Assuming you were challenged by one or more activities, what methods did you use do overcome the challenge?

To keep myself floating, I tried to lift my back more, so that it wasn’t dragging me down. This seemed to work and I could successfully float for 1 minute. In order to keep myself floating when just moving my feet, I used will power to overcome the fact that I was so exhausted.

3) Explain what you have learned about how to survive in the water in an emergency situation?

I have learned many ways on how to survive. I learned how to keep your head up while jumping in. I learned that it is very important to keep yourself warm in case of an emergency, because it is highly possible to die if you don’t, in severe cases. I also learned how to remove cramps, just in case I have a cramp. Another thing I learned was how to swim with clothes on. If you have a problem near shore, you can always swim to shore. Swimming in clothes can be hard, but I learned that it does work.

4) How would your overall fitness level affect your chances of survival in a water emergency?

I think that if you have a good fitness, you can pump blood longer, keeping yourself warm for a longer time. You might also be able to swim longer, while waiting for help. If you are in a bad condition, chances are that you could drown just because you are exhausted and can’t keep yourself up (head above the water).

Waste Not, Want Not

Write one paragraph to answer each of the following:

In our previous design unit, Waste Not, Want Not, I learned a lot about creating packages. I learned what packages are the strongest, most secure, most effective, etc. It also helped me see many new ideas for any further creations that I have to make. I also learned that making things out of card-stock can be very hard, because it is very hard to cut and bend. Something that helped me succeed in the Waste Not, Want Not project was that my planning. I am a kind of person who likes to plan and do things as planned. This really helped me succeed in this process because I could finish things on time and plan  them effectively. Something that challenged me in the previous design unit was time. We didn’t have a lot of time because of classes missed and because it was right before the holiday. A strategy to improve this in the project now, is to time myself, and not spend too much time on things that need less time.

Here is a video that we made today:

First Impression Finale

Today I worked with Finale for the first time. This is an application that lets you compose music using instrument(s) of your choice. To learn how to work with it, we were asked to copy a pre-made song onto Finale. I found it very interesting what you can do with all the notes, more than I have seen in my music book. I did have some trouble at first, but by the end of the class I could add full notes, quarter notes, eight notes, dotted notes etc. I could also slur notes and chance the volume I want them played in. Changing the volume took me the longest because I didn’t realise I needed to double click, hold on the second click and then drag. After asking Mr. O’Toole I could successfully do it. I look forward to continue working on Finale. Here is a preview of the song I copied (the greatest song ever).


Community and Service Term 1

In our first school term I have done a variety of community and service acts. I participated in two inside of acts: helping out at the Family Fun Fair and I helped out at sports day. On the Family Fun Fair I volunteered to help advertise the Hong Kong Dog Rescue. This organisation helps dogs who need a home, helps them find a home. I helped out by collecting money, advertising the puppies and finding out who was interested. There are many homeless dogs in Hong Kong, and I would love to continue to help them out. There is only a limited time that the HKDR can keep the dogs, so the more adopted the better! The second community and service act I did inside of school was helping out at sports day. I hadn’t signed up for this, but I saw that my coach (who is also a p.e helper) was having trouble with all the names. I volunteered to help out. I actually enjoyed this so I will continue to help out and it will strengthen my bond with my coach and make it easier for everyone.

This term I have done one community and service act outside of school. I went hiking with my family and picked up all of the metal cans on the ground. Even though I feel quite disgusted (and sad) picking up others peoples trash, I feel that it is necessary for the environment. Trash is being thrown into the environment more and more, and it is killing many animals. Trash in the environment is a global problem, but it can be solved locally. The more cans that are picked up from in the environment, the lower the chance is of animals dying from the trash. Whenever I see trash in nature, I feel quite down. I would love to pick it up, but usually don’t have a bag to collect it. I am going to try to always bring a plastic bag to clean up trash whenever I see some.

Scarborough Fair Recording Assignment and Reflection

Here is a recording of me playing an English Folk song called Scarborough Fair on the Alto Saxophone!

I think that I played this song quite successfully. When I first played it I had a lot of trouble taking breaths at the right times. In my recording I had some trouble trying to hold the long note: it wasn’t a very steady note. I think that this was caused by my breath, so I know I need to practice on this. What I also learned that I need to practice is my notes. There were around 3 notes that I didn’t know how to play/read, so I needed to check in the back of my book. By now I should know most of my notes, so I need to remember to practice that. The last thing that I realised I need to practice is connecting my notes. It isn’t very smooth, so I need to practice on that. Besides from those, I think I did very well.

Waste Not, Want Not

Hey guys, I have just finished my package!! Here is an image of it, without the design:

I think that my design was quite successful. I managed to fit it onto a 55cm x 79cm card-stock board, and I used as little card-stock as I could: to save the environment. As you can see in the picture, the package is standing by itself, and the bottle is secured (it cannot fall out). I wish I could put my design on it, which I don’t have time for, but it would look 10x better!


We have one week of drama left, just one after the holiday. Throughout this term I have learned so many new things about Drama. In the first unit we did Melodrama, which I had never heard of before. I learned all about the story structure, the different characters, etc. In our second unit we did Improvisation. This was something that I have wanted to try for a really long time, and was finally allowed to learn all about it. I learned about how improvisation flows best, what to do to be successful, and a lot of new terminology.

Drama is something that I really enjoy doing, and I would like to continue it in my further learning years. I have had many success and failures. A great success for me was one of my improvisation skits. We were playing ‘death in a minute’, a game where you have one minute to kill someone in the scene. Our theme was ‘selling a second hand car’. From the minute we started, we characterised, and could immediately start a structure. I feel that my summative performance for melodrama was not ass successful because some of my group members forgot their lines. But overall, I think that I am doing quite well in drama. We haven’t gotten any personal engagement grades yet, but I feel that I didn’t do too bad on this because I showed interest, volunteered a lot and committed to what I was meant to do.


Humanities Reflection

So we are halfway through our 3rd Humanities unit. So far we have learned all about settlement patterns, colonisation and the industrial revolution. We haven’t gotten our essay marks back, but based on Mr. Smeed’s comments, I don’t expect it to be very good. A goal for me would then be to improve me Crit B, C, D grades. I would also like improve my essay writing. To do this, I will use the feedback given by Mr. Smeed, improve it and then ask Mr. Smeed to give me some more feedback. My goal is the get a 6 at least once in all the Criterion throughout the rest of the year.
All of our units have changed the way I think. When I look around Hong Kong now, I wonder which items have been impacted by England.  I also wonder how the Industrial Revolution has impacted the items I use in my daily life. I personally really like Humanities, so I would love to continue it next year.

December Theory Test Reflection

We have just finished our December Theory Test. In my last test, I didn’t do very well. For this test I really wanted to achieve a good grade. I therefore studied extra hard. I went on Moodle and printed out some worksheets to work on, and I went to Mr. O’Toole’s revision. Even though I studied, I still felt very nervous to start this test. I don’t think the test was too hard, but I thought the same last time and didn’t do very well. I felt confident to fill in the the naming notes part, but I forgot whether to put the sharp/flat before the letter or after. I hope I put it in the correct place! The hardest part for me was filling in the notes with “one (semi)tone above/below”. Some of them were ok, but there were others that I found quite challenging. I think that I got the key signatures right, because I was quite quick with these during revision. I hope to get a good grade so I have achieved my goal of improving since the last test.


We graded our test and got them back, I got 88%. I have definitely achieved my goal. On the last test I got less than half, and on this test I only got 6 wrong! I think that the amount of time I spend studying definitely reflects in my result. As I thought, my mistakes came from the ‘(semi)tone above/below’ part of the test. This shows that I need to work on this. When we have a test again, I will make sure I ask Mr. O’Toole about that.


Instrument Care Reflection

Google Presentation:

I think that we did really well at knowing a lot about our instrument. I believe we had had enough detail about the different parts of the instrument, how to take care for it, things to watch out far. To make sure that we knew the best we could know, we did some more research, on top of our basic class knowledge. I also think that we did well at showing how to assemble the instrument; making it clear and easy to follow. I also think that I did well at making the Google Presentation aesthetically appealing: there were not too many words, easy to follow and not too busy.

If I had to do this again, I would want to have more detail on the environmental impacts. Next time I would like to find more detail on what impacts my instrument has on the environment and explain it in more depth. I would also like to be more detailed about the materials used to make the instrument. When I saw the other presentations, they talked about how brass can have different percentages of copper and zinc. Next time I would also like to have these kind of details.


I think that our handout is quite detailed. I talks about the different parts of the instrument, how to take care of it, how to assemble it and what to watch out for. I feel like my poster is quite appealing. Although this was very challenging I tried to get as little words as possible on their, since poster need to be with mostly pictures. Next time I wish, again, that I had been more detailed on the materials.

I believe that the handout is appropriate for our assignment. When making it, I always referred back to Moodle and to the rubric to ensure that I have everything required. I didn’t have to do too much research for this since I could use information from our presentation and prior knowledge, but I did do some research and cited this. I worked, in my opinion, quite hard on this so I hope to get a appropriate grade.


My group and I interacted, in my opinion, quite well. During the presentation, I would describe the different parts and my partner (Johnny) showed how to assemble it. To be honest, I don’t think that there was an equal division of work. I created the entire Google Presentation, besides one slide (which wasn’t very detailed based of of Mr. o’Toole’s comments). Before we went, I needed to quickly explain to my partner what to do because he hadn’t checked the document before class. With the handout, I pretty much did the entire things by myself. My partner had forgotten about it, so I feel like if I hadn’t done it we would have failed. Next time, I hope that the work can be equally divided.

我的名字叫安林, 我十三岁,我是比利时人,我家有五口人,爸爸、妈妈、哥哥、弟弟和我。我的妈妈是教练,我的爸爸是经理。我喜欢体操,看书,踢足球,画画,等等。我在香港加拿大学校上八年级。我的好朋友是Kyra。在学校,我最喜欢英文课,因为很好玩。我去过很多国家:比利时, 中国,阿大利阿, 新西兰,柬埔寨, 法国,等等。我最喜欢 新西兰。今年圣诞节,我想去汉密尔顿岛。

Chinese Term 1

The first unit of Chinese was quite challenging for me. All of the words and sentence structures were new to me, so I had to work extra hard to learn them all. For our next term I have set 3 goals:

1. Translate more sentences – reading

  • This will help me with my vocabulary knowledge. On tests we are sometimes required to know characters that weren’t on the study guide, but we have learned before. If I translate more sentences, I will learn more words.
  • I will go through the book and translate some of the sentences there.

2. Master all the sentence structures to taught – speaking

  • This will help me not only when writing but speaking, so it will be easier to speak to someone who is fluent in Chinese.
  • Speak to Gu Lao Shi more

3. Learn all the new vocabulary required – listening

  • If I know this, there won’t be a problem when I come to class and Gu Lao Shi says many new things; I will be able to understand.
  • Look on moodle after every class, and learn the words.

4. I will practice writing all the new characters taught – writing

  • On dictations I will get most/all the characters right.
  • I will record myself and Garageband, and then write down the words and learn how to correctly write them. Look on Moodle and look at the new words on the day reflection. I will then learn these words.



Over a period of 3 weeks, we have been busy reflecting on, directing and preparing for a Melodrama performance called “The Damsel in Distress”. This performance was for our summative, and we were marked on Criterion B. The story is about a young lady Amelia, who is truly in love with her hero Henry. The black hearted villain Baron Hardacre, want to marry Amelia and would do anything so that he can have her. But Amelia is not interesting in henry, her heart is betrothed to Henry. Heart broken Baron Hardacre comes up with an evil plan to hurt Amelia. Watch the video below to see how the story ends and my performance, and feel free to leave a comment!



Unprepared, improvisation and character; those are the three most important words that describe my performance, in my opinion. I feel that I was prepared for my performance, I had created the placards, the music and memorized my lines. But there was a problem when we were presenting, because one of my group members didn’t know their lines. This influenced me, because I needed to have a ‘conversation’ with him, but he wasn’t sure what to say. This is where improvisation comes in. Due to the fact that one of the characters, the villain, didn’t memorize his lines, I needed to improvise a little to guide him. I felt like I was quite successful at this, but that I could have done a little but better, to help out my villain. The last adjective is character. I feel that in my performance I could have been more of a damsel. I think that at times I did really well to be the “damsel in distress”, but sometimes there were parts where I was “annelien”.

I feel that I did really well during the rehearsing process. I directed nearly everything that we performed; I prepared placards, music, choreographed to fighting scene and directed the different scenes in the story. I feel like I had to use my leadership skills a lot, since one of my members was having trouble with attention and memorizing, so I helped him out by preparing for him a little. On the other hand, I found that I struggled with the reflecting part of the process. I was always very busy preparing everything and memorizing my lines, I forgot to reflect on some of our practice days.

I was actually quite proud of my performance at the end, I feel that we were able to have most of the things go smoothly and the way they were planned. I was particularly proud of our fighting scene, because I felt that there was a lot of energy. It was the first time that we had done the fighting scene with music and it went without problem. As I said before, memorizing lines was a problem throughout the performance. Since the villain didn’t completely memorize his lines, these parts didn’t go very smoothly. I think that my group coped with it really well, we helped out our villain by improvising a little bit.g. I learned that you should always make sure you know your lines 100% and practice them as much as you can.

Throughout this unit I learned how to cope with frustration really well. I was quite frustrated during rehearsals with my group, when my group members didn’t know there lines. Since they didn’t know, I twas hard to focus on directing because they needed to keep looking at their script and couldn’t concentrate on the acting. But I feel that I kept calm and helped them as much as I could. At the beginning of the unit one of my goals was to learn what melo-drama is, how to perform it. Now, I know all about the characters, the ways they walk, talk, move, etc. A new goal I set for later drama units is to continue to exaggerate, as it is fun for the audience even though you might feel uncomfortable.

Overall I really enjoyed this unit and I think that we did fine, but there was room for improvement. One thing that could make this unit better would be to give us more time to practice in class, this way our performances could have been better and more prepared.


Waste Not, Want Not II

In these pictures you see the process of making my design on Sketchup.

I find Sketchup a very hard software to use, but I like that I am to make a very accurate cone. I wish that that I could add more detailed designs to my cone. What if I was able to add a lot more to the design, this way it can be more detailed than it is now. I want the design on the computer to be nearly the same as on paper, so having more tools would be helpful.

Waste Not, Want Not

I think that our design fits the criteria because, voted by my peers, the design is attractive. The design is also quite secure , when we hold it upside down, the apple didn’t fall out due to a fold closing the top. The design is also very reusable, it is made out of paper so you can recycle it, or once you have finished you apple you can easily just put in a new one.

Here is the net shows the parts where you need to fold, and the measurements of the design. It also the area of each part.

Key Signature Review

This for me was one of the most challenging worksheets out of all of them. This is why I handed it in late, because I din’t understand and went to Mr. o’Toole for help. I got a lot of help from him and was able to complete the paper. It still took me a long time, and needed to do a little bit more research. Eventually I handed it in, with a few mistakes, but late. I need more practice on this and I can get this practice by asking for more worksheets or doing some more research.

Recored Scale Bb

Here is my Bb Major Scale.

I found it quite hard to recored this scale because of a few reasons. First of all, my instrument wasn’t working for a long time, causing me to hand in this task VERY late. Secondly, I found it very challenging to connect all the notes, but still breath so that I am able to finish. You might hear this in my recording, that some parts are a bit jumpy (mainly because I didn’t have a lot of air left). When I have to recored my next scale I will consider the feedback and Mr. O’toole so that I can improve.

C&S in 2013-2014

This year, I have to do 1 activity outside of school and one activity inside of school. I have already volunteered for many other things in the school. I last year did an eco-fashion show, where we gathered money to build trees. I also went kayaking and cleaned up the trash in the river. I have helped out at parent information nights and helped clean up the paper around the school.

For the inside of school activity, I have thought of volunteering at possibly some school activities, such as the plays, Family Fun Fair, etc. This way I can help my school. Another thing that I can do inside of school is sign up for an ECA that helps our school or the world somehow, such as the eco-club, habitat for humanity, etc. I can go talk to the counsellors to find more opportunities to volunteer.

There are many activities that I can do outside of school. One idea would be to do a beach clean up. I live near a beach, and the beach is quite dirty, so I could go down there and clean up everything dirty that is there. I could also go to an old-age home, and read to the people or talk with them. When I do this, I will take pictures so that I am able to reflect in my iFolio afterwards.

Theory Test Reflection

We recently just got back our theory test. I was very disappointed with myself. To be honest, I was completely not expecting this mark. Of course I was not expecting full marks, but I expected more than a 25/40. I believe that i studied effectively for this test: I looked at all our handouts and made sure I understood everything on there. In the future, I should make more exercises for myself, and maybe ask Mr. O’Toole or check with a friend. I did really understand the material on the test, I just completely misread the questions. Next time I should take more time and read the questions more carefully. I think that I am going to need to be more confident in music, and try better to get everything done BEFORE it is due and then I can be successful.

Starting Test

1. What did you do well on in this assessment?

I did really well at percents, and decimals. I also think that I did really well at recurring decimals, because I got all of the answers right.

2. What do you still need to work on? How will you get the help you need?

I still need to work on simplification and converting different units. I can do this by doing more exercises in the book or going to Mrs. Kirchners remedial.

3. You were given a lot of freedom in this unit. What was you strategy for making sure you knew the content of the unit? Was it effective?

At home, I always made sure to do the activities in our math book from the topics I didn’t know. I think that for some of the topics it was effective, but for others I needed some more practice, with harder problems.

4. Where would you rank yourself on the Stress and Learning graph for this unit?

I would give myself a 3.5 on the stress and learning graph because I learned a lot of knew things, but it was very challenging. I felt that the pace was a bit too quick.

Compare and Contrast

Hey everyone,

We just started our unit on MUN, and I am representing Estonia. Here is just some similarities and differences between my country and another (Chille).

Chille and Estonia


  • Members of the UN
  • both have presidents


  • different types of currency
    • national currency (chille)
    • estonia uses European currency
  • speak different languages
  • many mountains in chille, only small hills in Estonia

Grade 7 Experience Week

Last week I went on a experience week trip to Chang Rai with most of the people in my grade. On this trip we did a variety of things. For example: cooking, rock climbing, confidence course, hiking, community, archery, kayaking, jungle survival practice, mini olympics, etc. I think that it was a very interesting trip and I was able to meet many new people. I think that on this trip I demonstrated the attributes risk-taking and open-minded the most. I think that I was a risk-taker because I tried all the activities, even the ones I was scared to do. I wanted to have a fun trip, so I decided to be a risk-taker and join in on all the activities. And I think that I did a good job, because I was enjoying myself and I didn’t skip any of the activities. I think that I was open-minded because I was open to new things and new people. I was really open to play with all the kids from thailand and to interact with them.


KMT Court Case

Hey everyone,

In Science we have just finished our court case with KMT v. People. One side argues that KMT is incorrect, and the other side does not think so. My role in this case was to be part of the jury.


Since I was in the jury, I helped to decide on the verdict. And yes, I agree with the verdict that KMT is guilty.  I agree with this because using logic, you only need one flaw to prove a theory wrong. Even though some of the scientist on the prosecution side said that you need more than one flaw to prove a theory wrong, using common sense this is not reasonable.Another reason why I agree with the verdict is, after all, the flaw. The salt and water lab clearly did not follow the rules of KMT. KMT clearly states that when you add energy, the temperature will rise. When we added salt (a form of energy) to the ice, the temperature increased. KMT can not explain this. The prosecution side also had a better argument. They asked questions in which the defense side could not answer. This seems to prove the scientists on the defense unreliable.

My job was to be part of the jury. Our task was very obvious, we had to decide wether KMT is guilty or not. I think that I fulfilled my responsibilities because whenever their was a witness on the stand, I always took notes of what was said and made “on-the-moment-decisions”. I think that when making the final decisions, everyone in the jury had a similar understanding with what I thought, and we were able make a verdict.

If I could have done a different job, I would be a lawyer. When I was in the jury, I would come up with a question that the lawyer should ask to prove the scientist wrong. But some of the lawyers are too focused on their next question, that they didn’t think about any others. I found this very frustrating because I just wanted to say what they should ask. This is why I want to be a lawyer next time, so I can use what I saw from a jury’s perspective, and apply that.

Throughout this case a learned a few new things about KMT. I learned that sometimes KMT can be very hard to explain. The salt and water lab is an example of this. In real life, their is of course and explanation of this, still supporting KMT. But as a science student, I found this very hard to explain. KMT has many postulates, but for some labs it is hard to explain these.

Fractions & Decimals

We have just finished our unit on fractions and decimals. On the stress and learning graph, I would fall on the 3 because I am not too stressed about the test, but I really want to improve my Math Grades. On my report card I got a 5/7 for math, and I would like to improve that and get a 6/7. So for this unit I was a little bit stresses, but not too much. In this unit we did a variety of activities. My favourite one was when we had to calculate measurement for a new classrom. I liked this because we could compare from before and now and the cost of everything. In this unit I found it challenging to draw the fractions in a grid. I also found it challenging to divide decimals by decimals, but after some practice it became easier. There were also a few things that I found very easy. In this unit I found it easy to multiple decimals by decimals and to convert fractions to decimals and back.

I think that my effort in class and at home was very good. The grades I got on my test were good, but I don’t think that they reflected my effort. I believe that I tried very hard in class, that I finished all my homework, etc. I think that in the next test I should get a better grade: one that matches my effort.


Refugees Presentation

We have just finished our English Unit on refugees and reading the book: The Other Side of Truth. Our summative task was to create a movie that answers your own thick question. I really liked the way that the novel was written. The story flowed well and the way that the author described everything was very good. I liked that the author described everything with a lot of detail, because I could see everything in my head. What I didn’t really like about the novel is the way that the author connected everything. In the story, one big thing happened after the other, there was no break in between. That would have made the story a lot more interesting, I guess, to read.

When I was making my project, I applied some skills into it that I learned in the novel. The main one was vocabulary. Many of the words that I had read in the novel I was able to use in my final project. In this project I have learned a variety of skills, and applied them in a different way then I had before. In our other projects, we mostly needed to reflect on our process. This time we could make our own movie, using any media we want, and answering a question we made ourselves. I hadn’t really made a voiced iMovie before, so it was fun to learn that. Overall, I really liked this project. It was more a project that we decided by ourselves: we decided our thick question, how we want to research, what media we want to use to precent, etc. I found that very efficient because it let us be more independent, and most of our final projects are different than everyone in the class. 🙂


Here is my final product:


Community and Service partly done!

Se we are 8 weeks away from the end of the year. I am excited to have finally reached April, but sad to know that Gr. 7 will end soon.

Anyway, relating to Community and Service, I have volunteered for two activities at school. The first one was in the first term of the school year. I joined a club where you make clothes using recycled items for a fashion show. We raised money through selling tickets for the show. The money we then raised went to Friends of the Earth, a committee that tries to save the Earth. They build trees along the Dongjiang river. Our community environment is already becoming greener. It was a very fun experience for me, because I was raising money for our environment at the same time of doing something I love. I was happy to raise money so that we can help our community have a greener environment. I recommend that people try the fashion show because you meet many new people and once you have finished, you feel great.

The second thing I did was volunteer to tutor French. Every Thursday at lunch I help a girl from my class with her French. Tutoring a girl in French is also a very memorable experience. I feel very happy because I am doing something that will make someone else happy, perhaps more than one person. The tutoring is something that others could try of they want. I really enjoy it but that might just be me personally.

Author’s Choice Project

Hey guys,

In English we had to write a story about something that happened in our lives. We then had to make a presentation on choices that we made throughout writing the story. I learned all that making choices is very important. I learned on making choices about the conflict, character, setting, etc. In my presentation, I focused on describing setting because  I think that I was the most successful at that. I also learned that you can have different types of characters. If I could do my presentation over again, I would give more detail. I want to give detail on everything I say, so to make sure that my audience will believe me. 

Bird Building

For our Unit 2 in science, we learned all about adaptations of animals and classifications. For our summative assessment, we had to create our own bird. We had to draw/ make this bird, describe the structural adaptations, describe the behavioral adaptations, put the bird in the correct classification and describe the environment. My bird is called ‘Sapientissima Fidelis’, also known as the ‘Green-eyed Tweeter’

The product (my drawn-out bird) has some strengths and of course weaknesses. Here is a list of some of these things. 


  • Gives a visual representation of the bird I thought of
  • Clearly shows the colours of this bird
  • Shows my reader the type of claws, feet, legs and bill (beak) the bird has
  • Clearly shows the environment the bird lives in


  • Doesn’t show the length of the feathers
  • Aren’t any arrows explaining what is what
  • Isn’t a structure: it’s a drawing – more detailed of it was a structure

To make this bird, I had to go through a process. I believe that the work I did outside of class was very sufficient, because I was able to get a lot done. I finished most of the writing work at home. I did have some parts that I didn’t understand, so I asked those questions in class and then finished the writing. To be honest, I think that the first class we had to work on this I didn’t use my time efficiently. I believe I talked to much to my friends. I then realized that I had to do a lot of work at home, so all the other classes I used my time well. I think that overall I did use my time well because I got a lot of things done without having to stay up late, or not finish everything else. I also got a good mark on this, meaning I was able to be organized and not slack of.

If I were to start over, I would make my bird instead of draw it. This way, I would be able to experiment with paper mache, something I haven’t done before. I would also be able to be more detailed, using paint to create different colours and draw the environment instead of using a picture. 

Using the MYP Science Rubric, I would give myself a 6 because I think that I was able to successfully describe the structural adaptations, describe the behavioral adaptations, use the correct classification and describe the environment of my bird. 


Math Unit 3 – Patterns in Algebra

What did you like most about our Patterns unit?

Our latest unit in math was Patterns in Algebra. In this unit I liked working in groups to figure out the formula of a table. It sometimes takes a long time, but once I figured it out, I felt really good 🙂 I didn’t really like the hand shake problem because it was very confusing. It took a while to figure out the rule and answer all the questions. In this unit, I learned well how to draw graphs using a word problem, a table or a formula. I think that I was able to successfully draw a graph following what was given to me.

I still want to practice more and writing out the rule of a number sequence. With the level 1 & 2 questions I found it easy, but the level 5 & 6 questions were confusing. I knew how it kept continuing, but didn’t know how to explain it. I think that studying patterns is important for some people. These people are who want to use this in there job. It can help you in life when you go shopping and you need to check what you bought. when I go to the mall, i don’t need to find out what x is, the cashier uses a calculator!!

Here is some evidence of what we did:



We are now nearly half way through the year! Time flies by! In P.E we have just started a new unit! We are now playing touch rugby. I am really excited because rugby is one of my favourite sports 🙂 Our Unit Question for this unit is: Why is effective communication vital for success and crucial for good team work?  We will be assessed in Criterion D – Personal Engagement and Social Skills. The AOI we will be focusing on is Health and Social Education. I think that this is the AOI because rugby is one of the biggest team sports. You can’t play rugby alone. My P.E teacher, Mr. Shortt, said that “even if you have one amazing player in your team, you still can’t win without everyone helping”. You need to be very Social when playing this sport. This sport, of course, relates to Health, because you are running around and smiling. The two things that keep you fit :D!

Shi Huang Di Skills

Our Unit 3 in Humanities we have learned about Shi Huang Di. In this unit I have learned a variety of skills. When I wrote my essay and historical paragraphs, I learned how to provide evidence to support my opinion. Through this I have also learned how to cite sources inside your text. I now know that you can paraphrase it, or use intext citations. By writing these historical paragraphs, I also learned the format of an historical essay. I have learned this by using the Hamburger method. I have learned how to write effective and correct introductions and conclusions. When I was collecting my information, I learned how to note information using the Notecards provided by NoodleTools. I have gained more presentation skills, for example my voice, sound and volume. I now know that I need to talk slower when presenting.

The pictures below provide evidence that I have used and learned the skills mentioned above.

Provide Evidence to support my opinion & used paraphrase to cite my sources

Historical Paragraph:

King John was a terrible king. But why was he so bad? Source 1 & 5, journal entries written by Matthew Paris, a monk from the monastery at St. Albans explain that King John was a very cruel and careless king. This is because he always took money from his people and destroyed their property.

 Format of an historical essay

Use NoodleTools Notecard to collect information

Presentation Skills

With all of these skills I was able to write my final product: My Shi Huang Di essay. In this essay I had to answer the question: To what extent was Shi Huang Di a good emperor? If you want to read to my essay, please click here!

Hope the start of the new term goes wel for all of you! And a late happy new year! 🙂

Humanities Essay

Hey Guys :)!

We’ve recently been working on Shi Huang Di in Humanities class. Our final task was to write a essay answering the question: To what extent was Shi Huang Di a good emperor? Here is my essay:

To what extent was Shi Huang Di a good emperor?

Qin Shi Huang Di was the First Emperor of a unified China, who ruled from 246 B.C. to 210 B.C. At the age of 13, he became emperor of the state Qin. At this time, all seven states were still at war. After 10 years of war, in 221 B.C, Shi Huang Di concurred all the states and became ‘The First Emperor Of China’ In his 35-year reign, he managed to create magnificent and enormous construction projects. He also standardized Chinese script, currency and transportation. He had many positive deeds, but caused much destabilization within the Chinese society.

Qin Shi Huang Di had many positive achievements, that influenced the whole of China, making him a good emperor. First of all, he standardized the Chinese currency and script. The British Museum in their post ‘Qin Shi Huang Di – Ruling an Empire’ state that before the currency was standardized, each state made their own. Many people wanted to trade items, but people didn’t have enough bronze, or the same money. When the First Emperor unified China, he made the ‘banliang’ coin of the Qin state the single currency of China.  The standardization of coinage was helpful to China because it improved trade. The coin looked like a bronze or gold circle with a small square in the middle. When the currency was standardized, it was easier to trade: people traded more, and this benefited the economy. Shi Huang Di also standardized the Chinese script during his reign. A online document named ‘The Qin Dynasty’ states that from 221 – 207 BC, the first chinese language was created. People all over China use the same writing, and the same characters were taught at schools all over china. It helped people to communicate easier and faster. Moving on, according to Dynasties of China, in their section ‘The Qin Dynasty’, Shi Huang Di made a huge improvement in transportation. He built a giant straight road which was a 500 mile highway. He also built many other roads. All together, they covered over 4225 miles. For trade he had a 3 mile wide canal that covered 1250 miles and was 3 miles wide. An online Microsoft Word named ‘Face Off: Emperor…’ explains that Shi Huang Di made the roads wider so 6 horses could pass each time. He built 5 major roads called ‘Speedways’ linking the north, northeast, east and southeast of the Empire. Canals were built to improve long distance transport. As a result Shi Huang Di had an advantage during war times, because he could quickly transport food, troops and weapons to the war area. With this improved transportation system, communicating, traveling and sending items, was a lot easier. Lastly, Shi Huang Di built the massive and Great wall Of China. Culture-4-Travel in an entry ‘The Great Wall of China – the Greatest Curse’ justify that The Great Wall’s purpose was to protect from incoming nomadic enemies from the north. The wall was built up to 9 meters high, to stop invaders and there horses of getting over the wall.  They added watch towers so the Chinese armies guarding could see the enemies coming from a far distance and think about a war strategy. Gates were built into the wall so the army could go outside the wall and attack. Stairwells were built in the wall and they were so confusing that if you did not know the wall, you would get lost in the stairwells. Shi Huang Di wanted to protect his kingdom in the best way he could: he had many strategies for his newborn country. This makes him a good emperor.

However, Shi Huang Di had negative achievements as well. Firstly, during Shi Huang Di’ rule, he made new laws. If people didn’t follow these laws, there were very strict punishments. Docstoc in their newsletter ‘The Law of Shi Huang Di, First Emperor’ state that there were very harsh punishments if Shi Huang Di’s people did not follow his belief of Legalism. Penalties for less serious violations include beatings with sticks and hard labour (i.e Great Wall).  For more serious offenses, punishments included whipping, cutting of the nose, cutting of one or both feet. Death penalty was only for criminals who threatened the emperor or state. Execution was normally by beheading, but in some cases, the criminal could be cut in two at the waist, or torn apart by horse drawn chariots. Shi Huang Di wanted everyone to share the same belief as him. There were was no freedom of thinking and expression. Secondly, to build Shi Huang Di’s Great Wall he used ‘slaves’. Travel guide in their post ‘Who, When and Why Built the Great Wall of China?’ explain that Shi Huang  Di was known to be a tyrant. Every day, he forced thousands of men anywhere from 13 to 70 years old to build his wall. Three groups of people built the wall: soldiers, common people and criminals. Soldiers were used to build this wall, while Shi Huang Di could have used his people to create a strong army. Many farmers were also part of the project, so the people in China couldn’t eat much because not everyone know how to take care of the crops. This caused China to not have enough food and live in poverty. Many people died during its construction, due to the heavy work, short time limit and tough condition. Culture-4-Travel in an entry ‘The Great Wall of China – the Greatest Curse’ explain that the Great Wall of China is known as “Wan Li Chang Cheng” which means ‘5,000km long wall’. The Great Wall of China is made up of stone, brick, soil, sand, wood, and human bones.  Further more, Culture-4-Travel also states that The Great Wall of China is one of the worlds greatest projects. It is not just one wall but it is a lot of walls connected together. Shi Huang Di demanded that walls were connected together to protect his new country. Many of his people suffered and died, leaving him not a very good emperor. Shi Huang Di had very strong beliefs on how he wanted to unify his country. Finally, one of  the things that shows Shi Huang Di’s brutality, was his burning of books and killing of all scholars. The Ancient Standard in their entry ‘Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di – The Man…’ on February 21, 2011 state that “under Qin Shi Huang Di’s rule, many existing books were burned. He saved books dealing with topics such as astrology, medicine and divination. However, owning a copy of any outlawed texts was a serious crime. Qin Shi Huang had many scholars buried alive simply for owning copies of books he had burned.” Shi Huang Di was a follower of Legalist beliefs. He ordered the burning of all books that did not agree with Legalism. This shows that Shi Huang Di did not want anyone thinking different than him. He also decided to burn all the books about different governments, or any books that had noted down different thoughts than his. It is clear that he wanted his unified country to be and think the same.

Whether Qin Shi Huang Di should be remembered more for his positive creations or his brutality, is an own opinion. On one hand, the public works and punishments were too harsh for the population. The condition craftsmen lived in during the construction of the great wall were terrible. Finally, the banning of all books that supported forms of government other than the current one and burying of all scholars alive was very cruel. On the other hand, we cannot forget that Shi Huang Di standardized Chinese currency, invented a script that is still used today. He created an easier way of transportation and constructed many big projects. By far the most positive achievement of Shi Huang Di is his creation of an entire new country. No matter how many cruel things Shi Huang Di did, everyone agrees that Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the China, was one of the most important rulers in Chinese history.


Today during our TAP session, the teachers announced students that demonstrate the 10 Learner Profiles. Each Learner Profile award is given to one student. Today I received the Balanced Award. I was very excited, eventhough I found it very strange. I only do 1 sport, but ok. I am still happy. I want to say that a lot of other people in our Grade deserved this certificate, so I am sure that next time more than 1 person will get this certificate. Also congratulations to all the other students that received a certificate! Well done! So that’s it for today, have a nice end of the week and HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS!! 🙂

Math Today

In Math we are studying Algebraic Patterns. We are learning about input and output, growing patterns and repeating patterns. I am looking Human Ingenuity as the Area of Interaction because patterns and relationships were created by humans. Patterns are important because they can help us create new things. Inventors can look at patterns of what customers like, and then create a new object that contains all the things customers prefer. They can look at trends. For example the IPhone, every time a new Iphone is created, it has previous things and more. They could also be deleting some of the things on the Iphone. The could look at what other companies have in their phones, that attracts companies, and put it in their. This way, they are looking at patterns.

Chief executive Leung angers activists by backing man-made beach – Repsonses

In science today, we looked at an article called: ‘Chief executive Leung angers activists by backing man-made beach’. In this post, I am going to explain how the AOI’s Environments and Human Ingenuity.

Environment ties into this article because there will be many sea creatures that will die. Before the government ‘ruins’ this beach, they will look under rocks and see if there are any rare organisms that could be migrated somewhere else. When the people migrate these to another place, some will survive but it takes a while for them to get used to a new environment. The environmentalist also wonder what will  happen when they place all the starfish with the other organisms that are already living in the place they want to move the animals to. The government also wants to remove all the mangroves because they want to replace the nature with 40,000 cubic meters of sand from somewhere else.

The conflict is between the government and the environmentalists. The government wants to remove the nature for a nice & clean beach because it will attract more tourist.  They say they will have a sort of aquarium for the animals that live there. TO them, all of this will improve the economy because more people will come to this beach & visit the ‘aquarium’. The environmentalists do not agree with this. They want to keep the beach because because of nature. They argue that more people will come to this beach even if you leave the mudflats. This is because many school come here, if they are investigating in this type of nature or animals. They say that tourists will mostly come during summer: barely ever during weekdays or winters. So if you leave it like it is now, the amount of people visiting won’t make a big difference with when it is changed.

Because I really like nature, and sand not as much, I would be on the environmentalists side. Not only because I love nature, but because I understand their point of view. I would still love to go to this beach even with the mudflats and rocks. I will be able to see pure nature, not fake nature built by the government. If I was a teacher, I would love to take my students somewhere that they see real nature, so that it can deepen their knowledge. I’m not sure that many other people will agree with  me, but this is what I believe.

What do I want to do?

Community and Sevice. An important AOI at CDNIS. 

In tap class, we talked about Community and Service. We need to do 4 community and service activities this year, 2 insde of school, and 2 outside of school. I think that it works this way. I brainstormed a few idea with a friend, and I think I came to a conclusion of what I want to do. 

Because I absolutely love dogs, I think that helping out at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue with a few of my friends my might work. If we come to a time that all works for us, I should probably e-mail them and find out if it is possible for us to go.

Another thing I could do is hike with my friends in Sai Kung, and pick up all the task that is thrown in nature. This will help my Health and Social Education because I am going there with friends and it is healthy for my body.  I am helping the while Sai Kung community, because people who throw this trash are not being respectful to their environment. 

I don’t really know what to do inside school but helping out at the Family Fun Fair could be fun, or I could have a bake sale for UNICEF or another charity. If I do this I will help other people, and show my Approaching to Learning.

Gr. 7

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been updating a lot this year, but that is mostly because I am in Grade 7 now. We don’t do a lot of blogging this year… except in the AOI section above. You could look at that. Throughout the year I might be posting in their about things we have done.

Have a nice Thursday!

The 42,000 year old baby

Hey everyone,

At school we have to do a newsflash every week. You basically find a related article write a summary, search up words, write the relation, your opinions, connections to own life and taking action. Well now I am taking action. I chose to do the baby mammoth in the IFC. I know this is a lot but please read it or scroll down a bit. Here is my summary of the article:

A 42,000 year old baby mammoth was placed on the world stage in the IFC, Hong Kong. Scientists say Lyuba (which means “love” in Russian) died after 32 days of life drowning, in a river mud, present-day Siberia. For more than 40 millennia, she laid under the river in  dark, cold grave. But thursday the baby mammoth was in a hot-spotlight in Hong Kong. The IFC paid for Lyuba to come to their mall to make a cultural connection for the Hong Kong people and to get some interest in the shopping mall. The finder of Lyuba, Bernard Buigues says it is very exciting to see her for the first time. Lyuba only misses a few toe nails, she still has some spots of hair. Scientist can still see what her last meal was.The baby mammoth is not alone on her trip to Asia. In Russia’s Shemanovsky Museum, there is a three story high, two ton replica of a wooly mammoth skeleton. Lyuba is still the star of this show. As a result of more than thousands of visitors, she may prove that being 42,000 years old doesn’t look so bad.

For my taking action, I decided to do let people know. I think guys that if you are ever nearby or in the IFC, you should really go see Lyuba. C’mon, she is a 42,000 year old baby! She even still has hair. So, if you have the chance, I suggest  you do go see it!!

World Water Day

This weeks BBB (#8) is to TAKE ACTION. I am in the environmental club and we are talking about world water day. Well, today is world water day. Everyday food is spilt, and twice as much water is used and spilled. Food can’t be produces without water. In 2050, 2 billion more people will be on earth than there are now and 3/4 will be in water pressure. Save water = save food. You can make a difference, we all can make a difference.


The Bronze Age Boat

Hi guys!!

Every week, we do an A Current Affair. This has to be related to the WWPT unit. We have to note possible action as part of the task and to get better marks, you actually take action. Well, my action is to post it on a blog and on THIS blog!! If you ever go to England, I suggest you go visit the boat because it is very fascinating. This boat was made 1550 years before Christ! Here is my summary of the article:

In 1991, a major new road was constructed through Dover.  The architects knew that they were building this road in a very old part of town. Therefore the english Heritage funded the Canterbury Archaeological Trust (CAT) to work on the project in June 1991. On the 345th day of the construction, a team member spotted substantial timbers in the contractor’s pit. A quick inspection indicated that these timbers formed part of a boat. Since the boat would have to be removed and would slow down the construction, it was agreed that it would be the safest to cut the boat into manageable segments.

With some further investigations, it became clear that the CAT was dealing with substantially well preserved prehistoric plank-sewn boat, a crucial new find for nautical archaeology. CAT realized that this boat is similar to the boat that was discovered in North Ferriby, although this one had a different architecture. The boat from North Ferriby consisted essentially 3 bottom planks but the Dover had 4. There seems little doubt that the craft represents a sea-going vessel which made regular trips across the Dover Straits and the Continent. This means that there was already contact between England and the Continent before Christ. Initial C14 dates indicate that the boat is of Middle Bronze Age.

So, are you going to find out or not???



I don’t write a lot about P.E but we just finished gymnastics and are know doing swimming. Here is a video Mr. Steiner made of our routines. I think they are all pretty awesome!!!


Sharing The Planet

Hi peeps!!

We have just started our Sharing The Planet unit. We did a activity on Thursday about this. There were 3 colours: yellow, red and blue. Each got a task and had rules. The yellows had to willingly do whatever the red and blue asked them to. I was (at first) in the yellow group. We had to find 20 words that we think relate the our sharing the planet unit and make a word-search with that. I think red and blue did the same but they only had to do 10 words and could use the computer. After being in the yellow group, I was able to be in the red group. Because the reds had made the yellows do a lot of tasks, we had time for rrreeevvveeennnngggeee! To me it felt great. Here is a video Ms.K made:


I think our unit so far will be about equal rights. The right between people with white and darker skin, female and male, etc. I think this unit will be very fun with lots of activities but also sad about how people were treated differently.

Where We Are In Place And Time

WOW!! It feels like I am writing so much lately.

Today we watched a video related to our WWPT unit of inquiry. This is our Exhibition unit… We watched a movie called Rabbit Proof Fence. It is about 3 aboriginal girls who get taken to a camp to be domestic staff. Very good movie but sad. I really like the story but in my point of perspective, I think that acting is not that good. But anyway, they’re only kids. There is also a book so if you don’t like watching movies, you can read the book. At the beginning of our movie we found out our central idea. Remember how we voted?? Well, this is it: ‘the past has shaped what our world is like today.’ This is the one that got voted the most. Today CDNIS all wore bright clothes and we brought the sun back. I wore really bright leggings and a bright coloured scarf.

So, have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun.

Photo of the Day

Hi guys!

This is our Better Blogging Battle task #7. Getting closer to the end!! I’m soooooo excited. Our task this week was to choose a photo from the internet or a picture you took, that really captures something and invokes a response from its audience. It can be funny, sad, beautiful, scary, etc. We had to make sure you choose something interesting. Then write about it. We have to write a paragraph describing what the picture is about and another paragraph describing why you chose the photo. Here is my photo:

This is a picture I recently took to put on Facebook. I am pretty sure most of you have heard about Joseph Kony already, if not, I put a video at the bottom of this post. I think this is really cool how the edges are blurred and ‘STOP KONY 2012’ really stands out. I took this picture and edited it. I put this picture here to make Kony famous, because I want to save the abducted children.

I chose the photo because I also want to make you aware of what is going on. If you have watched the video and really want to do something, you can write this on your hand as well. I also chose this picture because, as I already explained, I really like all the effects. I want to save children, the age of me, older or younger, who get killed or are abducted.

Here is Kony’s video:


Divisions video

Hi guys!!

Last week, we had 3 days to finish a task relating to dividing fractions. We had to create a 1 minute movie with a voice over that explained how you divide fractions. You also had to explain why you do it that way. I had always been scared about making a video in a short amount of time. But I did complete the video! I first made a storyboard and got it checked by Ms. K. My goal is to use my time effectively and I was, the first one done with my storyboard. After Ms. K checked my storyboard she told me I had to do my script. I did, showed it to Ms. K and started my SAM Animation. I finished all my pictures in one period and then edited it so I could do my voiceover. I finished just on time with my voice over and got my movie to be 59 seconds long, which you had to.

What went really well was my time management and choosing of whom I sit next to. I went to a quiet spot while everyone was still working on their plan. I had to take a few more pictures when some of my friends arrived. I was also going to do my voice-over in the spot that I had filmed but I decided to move to the the library. Of course, not everything always goes perfectly. Next time I would like to be quicker at exporting my movie and putting it on YouTube. I had to print some other homework when we had to move our project into I movie. I solved this problem by staying in at recess and doing it then.

I really liked this task and if we could do it again, which I would love, then I would change my voice-over. I had to talk really fast to make it fit to my video. At the end it turned out I could have talked a bit slower. But I think I my project was still really good. What I took away from this task was knowing that if I want to finish something in an amount of time, then I can. The only thing I need to do is make the right decisions; choose the right spot to work and not putting to much time in details. I also learned how to work better with SAM Animations. I believe this will help me in the future.

Well, that was my reflection so… Here is my video:


BBB Challenge 6

Hi Guys!

How’s it going? I’m fine. This week we did our International School Assessments. There were different parts: math A & B, literacy, reading comprehension and story writing. I thought the second math part was a bit hard. This week is Spring into reading! Kind if obvious but you basically read the whole week long! The challenge of the BBB this week was to get a Shelfari. It is in my widgets bar. -> If you want to keep track of what you are reading, I suggest you get it. It is really AWESOME! Check out the books I have read too!



2nd day back at school after the CNY holiday, and I am looking forward to our new unit: How the world works!! I hope I’m not the only one with reflections. How do you think your 2012 has been so far? For example, right now, I am sitting at my desk doing my first homework assignments. I am writing a new ending for my book and doing a UOI sheet of paper. It reminds me of how tiring the Exhibition will be. AH! What puts you in a similar situation?

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and good wishes for your following 2012, as well as happy homework making. 😀


Happy Chinese New Year!

What a busy week again! Always getting closer to the exhibition… AAAAAH!

In Math this week we learned about Order of Operation. There are so many different words for the orders that you can solve the question with. PEMDAS and BEDMAS are the most popular ones. Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. BEDMAS, is just a little bit different. Brakets, Exponents, Division, Addition, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. Wow! But you do have too do it the right way otherwise you won’t get the right answer.

For Inquiry we continued our personal histories. On Tuesday evening we did the taking action part of the Inquiry Cycle. On Wednesday and Thursday we performed them. We also made and voted on the best Central Idea. I wonder what it will be!

We also performed our attributes song. Some groups had to go on Tuesday because their teammate was leaving that day. I had to perform on Wednesday because everyone wanted Dennis to play violin so, ya…

On Thursday we watched the CNY concert! It was amazing! There was acrobatics, questions and answers, grade performances, the teacher dragon dance and the CANDY THROWING!! Because I do gymnastics, at the beginning of the acrobatics we were like, we can do all of that and at the end we were like, “we can do some of it…”

See, I told you so. It was a busy week!!

Second week after the holiday!!

What a busy but fun week!

For UOI this week we looked deeper into our exhibition process journals. We started exploring the Inquiry Cycle. Last week (I think) we had to make a visual presentation of what we thought the Inquiry Cycle looked like. On the poster my group and I made we had these as steps: prior knowledge, finding out, sorting out, going further and documenting. This is not completely right though. The real steps are: tuning in, prior knowledge, finding out, sorting out, making connections and taking action. But, come on, we only missed two! This week we are getting used to the Inquiry Cycle so we were assigned a task about how our families history might have determined the way we live. We have also been thinking about what makes a good Central Idea. By the end of next week, we should have a central idea for our Exhibition.

In Math this week we have been working on a little bit of Math Menu and mostly Exponents. We had our Algebra Quiz on Tuesday because we had just finished that unit. Everyone did pretty well as I heard around. Now we are doing order of operation and exponents.

We also had our very first Book Club Meeting in 2012. The discussion went really well but homework was… never mind. Everyone collaborated very well. I am reading the book: The Assassins of Rome. It is really interesting, so far. You should read it some day.

We have also been making a attributes song! Isn’t that just awesome! Ms. K said we will perform our songs this Friday. My group and I are making a parody of the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. One of my team members is playing guitar and someone else is playing violin. It’s AWESOME!

On Friday we had a 6B/6E Team Challenge. In 18 minutes we had to make the highest freestanding structure with spaghetti, tape, rope and a marshmallow. The marshmallow did have to be at the top to succeed. My group got the highest freestanding structure until the measuring part. In the last few seconds it fell! When we were back in the class we thought about how this is related to school and then watched a TED video. This is the video we watched:

That was kind of it. Busy don’t you think!

A little Information

2011 is the 10th Warmest Year!

Wow, amazing, don’t you think! The United Nations Climate Change Conference is being held from November 28 to December 9 in Durban, South Africa. More then 190 leaders of countries are coming to this conference. They are having this meeting because they want to change the climate by working together.

The earth has gotten warmer over the last 100 years. This could be naturally done by the earth but scientist belief it is because of all the greenhouse gasses. According to the World Meteorological Organisation 2011 is the 10th warmest year sins 1850. Because of that, in september, the Arctic sea ice was at one of its lowest recorded levels.

This is a summary from a post in Our Little Earth. Click here if you want to read more about it.

Tagxedo – BBB Challenge 3

Our 3rd challenge for the Better Blogging Battle was to make a tag cloud, Tagxedo or Wordle with the main topics on your blog.  A tag cloud or word cloud is a picture that shows words of different sizes, layouts, fonts and colours to see which words are the most significant within a body of text (i.e key words). You can do this with an essay or a website or a school assignment or even a blog! Here is my Tagxedo:



I used Tagxedo because I find it cool how many shapes and colours you can use. You can look through everything for a LONG time!

We also had to ask yourself a few questions: What are your posts mostly about? Has your writing changed over time? Do you see improvements and differences as you progressed over the year? Well, my posts are mostly about things that happen at school or very exciting events (for me). I think my writing stayed the same last year but I am starting to use better language. Probably because I have Ms. Kinsinger as a teacher who uses big words and then always says: “If you don’t get it, read more!” By now the whole class joins in with “read more”, but anyways, back to the topic. I also noticed that I am starting to improve my blogging skills: how to use widgets, change the size, etc.

Our Camp to Zhaoqing

Hi guys!

I don’t feel like telling you about what happend at our CDNIS Gr 6 camp because that is kind of boring… I’ll start with my thoughts. First of all, CAMP WAS TOTALLY AWESOME(!!!) and, second of all, the Dragonfly organization did an fantastic job in making the camp exciting and organizing everything for 4 days for such a big group. We went from the 22nd of November to the 25th of November 2011. I really liked camp because I learned a lot about history and school when we went to the market. If you are thinking ‘why did they go to a market?‘. Well, for our current unit of inquiry; how we organize ourselves, we need to learn how markets organize and operate determined by the community in which they are located. (The sentence in blue is our central idea). That is why we went to the market, to interview people and get answer to that question. Now that you know a bit about why, this post is finished. (By the way, everyday was always fully booked, so we were always very tired when we got back.)

Week in Review

This week for UOI we used our prior knowledge for our new unit of inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves. Every class in Grade 6 had a sale in someway to support their World Vision Child. The 6E (my class) World Vision Child is called Dilani Amal. I felt like doing a bake sale and the following people did too: Kyra J, Irene, Cassandra, Kyra L, Clara and Bianca. Together we made all kinds of yummy foods and drinks, here are some pictures:



banana cake

melted cookies and cream on marshmallows


chocolate chip cookies

corn-flake crunch (dipped in chocolate)

rice krispies

Belgian waffles

Belgian Cake

Don’t you think this is A LOT. And nearly everything got sold. At the end my group raised HK$9623 for Dilani, the class altogether raised HK$6848 and we only aimed to get HK$2500. We got like… double! After the sales we started to work in our new Process Journals.

In math this week we continued to learn a bout circles. Everyone still worked on their Math Menu a bit. To be honest, we didn’t do as much math as we usually do, but that okay because we had our sales :D.

I actually think that we have started a lot in grammar. We have learned the different types of sentences:

1. Declarative: stating something and ends in a full stop,

2. Interrogative: asking a question and ends in a question mark.

3. Exclamatory: shares a strong feeling and ends with an exclamation mark.

4. Imperative: giving orders and usually ends in a full stop but sometimes in an exclamation mark.

Ms. Kinsinger said we are doing this for our new unit. I guess we will be doing lots of writing. Maybe we will have to write a report for our summative of assessment?

Today, Friday 11 November, 2011, we had our Remembrance Day Service. We all went to the LLAC to be informed about everything that happened on this day. Nearly everyone at school was wearing a poppy to show their care.

Our Task this week in Book Club was to a paragraph on 3 of the personal Response heading AND find 5 words you are not familiar with. As usual, we had our discussion on today. All the groups came together to talk about the book.



Ladies Market

This weekend, for our homework we were asked to go to a market and explain it visually. I went to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok with my 2 friends Kyra J and Kyra L.  Of course, for girls, going to a market for homework doesn’t just mean we just do the homework. We also went there to shop because it is nice to be with your friends to shop and talk, you know. Let me tell you what I bought: a I pod Touch 4 blue cover, soccer shirt, flower hair clip and something you hang infront of your door. It looks like this:

Now, about the homework, what we did is we split the jobs a bit. Kyra L and Kyra J said what we should take pictures of. Kyra J’s mum took pictures when we were all together and I took the pictures of the items. When I was back home the next day, I made an imovie including the pictures we had taken. When I finished I send it to Kyra J and Kyra L, they send me an e-mail back that I should change it a bit. So I made a second one, send it and I got a reply saying it was better now. Now you know what our homework was.

3 Way Learning Review

Every Year at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong we have a 3 Way Learning Review.3 Way Learning Review is when you sit together with your parent(s) and teacher(s) to talk about your year so far. The student is actually leading the discussion but, of course, your teacher helps you out by asking questions. What you also do is set a goals, those goals can be personal or academic. For those out there that don’t know what a goal is, it is basically something you believe you could improve on.

I think my 3 Way Learning Review went well because, first of all, my teacher didn’t say anything bad about me and, second of all, to me it felt like I was in charge of the discussion. It made me feel good because that is what was supposed to be happening. I also felt proud of myself because I got good comments and I learned what I need to improve on.

BBB Challenge #1

Hi everyone! The Better Blogging Battle has started again. The BBB is basically where you complete the challenges given to improve your writing and blogging skills. If you want to become the best blogger that ever lived, you better join so click here!

I joined the BBB because, firstly, I want to see how my writing improves compared to last year. I also joined because I will learn how to add cool widgets and make my blog a great site to look at.

This Week In Review

This week was Awesome. We had so much to talk about.

This week we started our second unit of inquiry: How We Express Ourselves. I think that in this unit we will using our Process Journal and doing a lot of art. I also think we will showing and/or telling our feelings, ideas, beliefs and values.  We will be learning new ways to display or or organize our work. But we only started the unit on Tuesday because…

On Monday we had to pick 2 skits/films that people made and write our understanding of the conflict, tell your clients what type of personality you think they have and a possible resolution for the conflict. I felt it wasn’t too hard but it took time to make it descriptive and include all the parts from the success criteria.

In math this week we continued learning about multiplying, adding and subtracting decimals. We also did a lot with word problems. On Friday, September 30, we had a math quiz including everything we had learned the days/weeks before. I think it took me about 40 minutes. It was a double sided sheet of paper. Last week Ms. Kinsinger taught us her way of solving word problems (Which I think helped everyone):

1. Don’t freak out.

2. Read the question. Again.

3. Underline the important information.

4. Write down what you already know.

5. What do you need to know

6. Solve, check.

7. Answer in Sentence.

Thursday, September 28 there was Typhoon 8. (For those who live in HK, I know how you feel) I stayed at my house and read, watched TV, played on the computer, practiced my clarinet and played board games. I finished reading Harry Potter 2 and then watched the movie. (I loved it!) I practiced my clarinet because from Oct 3 to Oct 8 there is a Performing Arts test and if you do it well you can get a new clarinet! (Sorry, I don’t want to sound like a a show off, but I do want a new clarinet!) Were we live the T8 was not as bad as in other places in HK.

As you see this week was FULL.

Gr 6 So Far

Grade 6 so far is Awesome. It is already our 5th week! Our first unit is Who we Are. The central idea of this unit is: Differences in values can cause conflict that we choose to deal with in different ways. I really like this unit so far because we are doing a lot of skits! 🙂 Ms. K has told us that for our Summative of Assessment we have to make a skit, film it and then individually choose a skit and write about it. I am doing a skit with my 2 BFF’s (Element 9 and Element 24) and another really good friend (Element 8). Because the skits won’t have a resolution to it we will have to write a possible resolution. It has been a great year so far!

Final Exam Preparation

In class our teacher asked us the question; How will you prepare for the final exam? Wel, today (june 7th, 2011) we finished our human body booklets and we are allowed to take them home to study. We also made a cheat sheet we can use in the final exam. From that cheat sheet we can also study. Here are ways that I think are good to use for studying:

-Graphic Organizers
-Brain Storming
-I movie’s

(If you ever have a hard exam, you can try using these). I think I will study by playing interesting and fun games, memorizing from notes, looking at diagrams, internet and books. I do hope I have enough time. I am actually pretty nervous for the exam and I hope it is not too hard. 🙁


The #10 Challenge Part B of the BBB was to create a Worldle, TagCrowd or Tagxedo. What you basically do is give your blog URL and it sees all your posts and chooses the most common words. The 5 or 6 words that you use the very most will be shown bigger. Then you can edit the size, shape, color, background, etc. When you are done it will look something like this:




I think my writing over the year got better and better because of writing post and especially the BBB. I still think I use the same words over and over again so next year my goal will be to have more adjective and better, higher graded words. Most of my posts are about things related to school, holidays and things that are important to me.

Taking Your MacBook Home Talk

This morning (June 1st, 2011) we had a Taking Your ManBook Home over the Summer Talk in the LLAC. This Talk was basically about how you should take care of your MacBook over the summer. We talked about how you should take care of yourself and your MacBook. First we talked about how you should travel with your MacBook, where to store it if you are traveling and not taking your machine and what places are safe to use your MacBook. After that, we talked about your privacy settings on FaceBook, Twitter, Skype, etc. Check out this video we saw:


Grade 9 Simulations

At school we were buddied up with some Gr. 9 Civics Students. A simulation is basically a pretend act. They divided us in teams by colors. Our class went twice because Ms Cahusac helped the Gr. 9 Civics teacher organise this. The Gr.9 civics boys had organised games for us to play and learn about. On Wednesday was the first time we went. We went with 5A. My favorite Simulation this day (May 25th, 2011) was the Cyber Bullying one. One person was blindfolded and had to take of their shoes. The other people had to guide the person over pins. They had to trust us. But actually we took the pins away!

The second day (May 26th, 2011) was with the Gr.9 Civics Girls. My favourite one here was Rich and Poor. In this activity there was one rich person and the rest were all poor. The poor people had to clean up news paper in to neat piles. If they did it correctly they would earn 400 dollars. 300 for rent and 100 for food. The rich person got 700 hundred dollars, but also 300 for rent. With the rest we could buy anything. I was rich and I was pretty happy! (MMMMM)

Photo of the Day

The delayed 8th challenge of the Better Blogging Battle is to find a photo on internet and make sure it is interesting.  You then write a paragraph describing what the picture is about and why you chose that particular picture. Here is the one I found:

I think this picture looked interesting before I looked what it is about. I geused it was something terrible that happened by the look on that girls face. When I read the caption under it, it said that there was an 5.1 earthquake in Spain and 9 people died. Many others got very injured. That made me feel really sad because I wouldn’t want to lose someone I know very well. And all the people in Spain where it happened to lost there homes.

This picture was taken by Jorge Guerrero.

I chose this picture because it is something that really happened in the world. And having an earthquake is very serious ans sad. I also like the way this picture is set up. That the background is a bit blurry to make the girl stand out. I also chose this picture because for I when I saw it I really wanted to find out what is was about.

Class DJ music video

For the 5/6 Assembly our class made a music video together. We made a music video based on the song ‘DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love Again’ by Usher. Because we are the DJ’s we chose this song.  It really fun to do it, you should try it once. This movie was filmed by our teacher and DJ 20.
Check out the movie:

[youtube] [/youtube]


On the 28th of April I went to school my parents for my Student Led Learning Review. A SLLR is when you take your parents on a journey through your work. Your parents get to see everything you do at school. You are teaching them not your teachers. In my class the DISCO, I showed them my blog, I explained my favourite Unit of Inquiry, we did a Literacy task together and we played math games.  Because I am Belgian my dad found it a bit weird that I only have 19 belgian visitors. He said that he will send an e-mail to every belgian he knows with my blog link. My mum and I were like WOW (because he knows a lot of people). The thing that was hard is that my mum asked so many questions. At the end of every sentence I said she would nearly always ask a hard question. That was pretty annoying. For the math we all struggled a bit. When I left my classroom my parents said they were very proud.

My Artifact

Remember the post about our artifact game. This is kind off related to it. If you haven’t read the post click HERE to.

Before the Spring Break every one in Grade 5 made their own artifact out of clay. I made a Greece vase. It was 400 hundred yours old. 2 weeks later on April 6th, the teachers smashed all our artifacts. I was there and I was pretty disappointed. But the next day, April 7th we went to South Bay Beach to dig up the broken artifacts. I dug up a sort of Chinese Door Knocker. Do you know these? It was gold and from Europe. Because they were broken we glued them back together on April 26th. Today (April 28th) we had a Artifact Hunt. You had to search for you own artifact and see how it ended up. To admid, the pieces of my vase were stuck together very badly. But stil, I really liked the whole Artifact idea.

China Trip

From the 1st to the 5th of April some other kids from Grade 5 and I went to China, Guizhou. It was a great experience for me and I really loved it. It was FANTABULOUS. (I also liked it because I got a 5 day break from my brothers!)
Smilebox really inspired me, so I made one about China Trip. Have a look. Click on it and you will see all our ADVENTURES

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
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National Treasure

Since last Thursday we have been watching a movie called: The National Treasure. We are watching this movie because of our Unit of Inquiry. I  loved this movie!! It surely goes on my list of the top 10 fims. If you want to watch this movie (which I suggest you should) without knowing anything, please do not read the rest of this post.


This movie is about a man named Benjamin Gates and he is really interested in history. He wants to go find a treasure but as usual you first need to find all the clues.Here are some of the major events.

1. Benjamin finds the 1st clue in the Charlotte. The Charlotte is a old boat that sank in the Artic circle. He did not go alone though; he went with 2 people from England, 1 from Russia, another random dude who doesn’t know anything about history and himself. On the clue it says they have to find a map on the Declaration of Independence. 1 of the English man says they should steal the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin thinks it is impossible. Then they split, the Russian and English betray Ben. The boat is full of gunpowder and as you can geuss. The English man sets the boat on fire and it explodes. He thinks Benjamin and the random dude(named Ryle) are did, but they are not.

2. Benjamin thinks of a way he can protect the Declaration of Independence. Ryle tries to make Ben believe that it is impossible to steal the Declaration. But Ben doesn’t believe him. They went to tell everyone that very soon someone will steal it. No one believes him, they all say it is impossible. They give him every single detail, and tell him he doesn’t have to worry. But Ben doesn’t believe them. He tells Ryle the only way they can find the clue and save the Declaration Of Independance it to steal it them selves.A woman who tried to convinse Ben no one can steal the Declaration, knows every code to get to the keeping place of the decloration. Because Ben is so smart he made some type of drink that you can only see it of you shine on it with a special light. He  dipped a present for the girl in it and send it to her. Now he will know all the codes because he will see the fingerprints of the lady.

3. In part 3 Benjamin steels the Declaration of Independence. But on this same night the English man also tries to steal it. Benjamin is dressed into the Polices uniform so he can just walk in. The lady is also their and he goes to get her some wine. She put her fingers on the glass. Then another man comes and gives another glass of wine and gives it to the girl. Benjamin takes back the glass of wine pours it out and goes to bathroom. He put a plastic thing on his finger and searches for the girls fingerprint.Once he found it he put his finger on it. Smart Right! Then he goes through all the codes and steels the Declaration. When he is about to get out, he meets the English guy. They have pistols and weapons and shoot Ben, but the glass of the Declaration is bulletproof. They try to drive away but women caught Ben. The English man hears the lady scream and he grabs the declaration out of Bens hands. This is REALLY bad. But luckily when the man looks it is a souvenir.

4. When the girl was shouting that he stole the Declaration of Independence, the police man did hear her. Now they are all looking for him. While they are doing that Ben, Ryle and the girl go to Ben’s dad house so they can find the map. Ben’s dad has no idea what Ben is doing there so he starts asking many questions. Ben just made up that the girl is pregnant and said he should let her in (the woman was very mad when Ben said that). Ben’s dad does not believe in history, he thinks they are all just myths. But once Ben tells his dad he found the Charlotte, the dad changes. Of course the dad is very shocked when he saw that Ben stole the Declaration. There is no map at the back of the Declaration but numbers. This is the next clue.

5. The next clue said they have to go to a special church. There they have to sneak to the top tower cross over and find a a brick with the next clue to the treasure. At that same time the English man is also in town. When ben finds the next clue it is not a note or anything, they are just very weird funny glasses. When Ben is back to the women and Ryle. They look at the glasses and see what happend if they looked at the Declaration of Independence.It gave them another;ok,j,ijà

6.While they were looking at the map, they got caught by the English man. Again they had guns and weapons. Ben gave the Declaration to Ryle and the women and told them to RUN. He took the case of the Declaration and ran away. He had 4 man following him. Shooting at him and trying to kill him. This part to me was very exciting. He ran past grave yards and went on roofs. At the end the English man did get the declaration. That was really, really, really bad. This time it wasn’t  a souvineer.

Sorry if you didn’t understand everything. I am not very good at explaining.