Waste Not, Want Not III – ATL’s


I was motivated and on task more than most of the time and was almost all the time working to get our work done. I would very rarely get off topic with the rest of our group members (during one time during which we were struggling to formulate an efficient design plan), but even then we would all the time demonstrate resilience and continue on with our work.


All of the time I would work well with my group, and communicate well. We were able to efficiently and quickly work together to finish our task.

Making an effort

All of the time I would give the work my best effort and put in my ideas and evaluate others. I more than most of the time would independently reflect to make sure what I was inputting was of some use instead space consuming emptiness.

Time Management

My time management skills were good, although there were times when we were stressed to finish and rushed. Although we created a good product with our ideas and were able to finish in time, our time management skills as a group when we came together were only most of the time useful and productive.