Singapore Tour

1) 在这个project中学到了什么?

我学了很多的imovie 技术。 以后这个project,我的iMovie技术是很不好的。 而且, 我有改进了我的公开演说技术。


我是最骄傲的我们的slideshow。我们在slideshow工作很多的, 和我觉得我们做了一个很好 slideshow。我的第二最骄傲的地方是我们的tour。新加坡 是一个很有趣的地,和我们找了很多的有趣的活动。


我们的Flyer 是很杂乱的. 如果我们有再一个机会,我会改进我们的FLYER。我会有更多的照片和更少的文字。

2015中文个人目标与计划 (goal setting)

Oral Communication 

My goal this year in oral communication is to work on my accent, and pronunciation of tones. I find I have trouble with my accent and do not sound as though I am speaking Chinese, but rather garbled english. I also need to work on my tones, as I do not always use them when I am speaking Chinese. This is a problem for communication, as Chinese is very particular about the use of tones and messing up a tone could change the meaning of a sentence.

To do this, I will listen to audiobooks and the CD given to us to imitate their accent, and also learn more about which tones to use when. Also, I will take up conversations with native Chinese people I may meet.


Written Communication

Secondly, in written communication I want to work on my writing. I need to improve my grammar and expand my vocabulary, as my grammar is often affected by my vocabulary; if I don’t know how a word I’ll look it up, but I may not understand how to use it in a sentence and as a result end up using it wrong. Written communication is probably my weakest point in Chinese, as it is the topic I have the most trouble with. Chinese is very different from English grammar, so I often confuse the two and use something that is only acceptable in English grammar in a Chinese written text.

To do this, I will read more books to advance my understanding of grammar (in specific, the past/present/future tense) and also broaden my vocabulary.


Reading Skills

Lastly, my goal in reading communication is to improve my reading comprehension skills. Although reading comprehension is one of my stronger points, I feel that I should work on my reading comprehension skills with higher level books, as the new level now will expect more of my comprehension than other phases.

To do this, I will take out books from the library regularly. By doing this, I can expand not only my vocabulary and grammar understanding (written communication goal), but also can improve my reading comprehension skills. My plan is to take out one book a week and by the end of the week try to fully comprehend the material.

Here is the youtube link to our video:



Gitanjali和inez有再婚,可是Nicholas和Zarah不可以合得来,因为Nicholas 是很倔强的。

Chinese – Weather Report

Recently in  Chinese, we did a report on a city and time period of our choice. I chose Toronto, Canada.   I liked this report, because I found it was fun getting to choose anywhere we wanted, and because of how I liked that we were allowed to use a green screen. Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.14.33 AM     I found it hard, however, because it had to be based on the weather there; Guam couldn’t be hailing, and it had to be based on how the weather had actually been at that time. I had to do lots of research to find out how the weather was at the time of 2002. Although, admittedly, it wasn’t as hard as someone who had chosen 1924 🙂 .

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.14.33 AM