Gr 7 Experience Week- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hey guys! I’ve disappeared for a while, and you may be wondering why… Obviously, you can see why in the title of this post and you may of read one of my previous post that was about me freaking out (in a good way) about camp. Of course after every important event we have to reflect, so here goes!

2 Learner Profile attributes that described me the most during camp:
Risk-taker- I did every single activity I was offered, even if I didn’t want to at the start. All of the activities during camp were challenging and required brains and muscles. I’ve got all the brains I need, but muscles were a problem. I’m quite a petit girl and before camp I was scared that would bring me behind the others. For example, for the hill tribe hike, I was scared that I would get tired and be at the very back. And for rock climbing, I was scared that I would fall because my arms would slip. In the end, I had an excellent time.

Principled- During camp, I was responsible and always on time. Every morning, I woke up as early as possible to prepare for my day. My partner and I were always one of the first ones to arrive at our resort’s ‘gym’, which was were we met to start our day and we were never the ones that were behind.

What is something that surprised you about yourself or about someone else?
As I mentioned above, I consider myself as petit. During camp, I burst out of my bubble and found out that I wasn’t as week as a looked. I got past the confidence course which was a obstacle course that contained ropes and bars over a muddy pond, and I also got to the top of the rock climbing wall twice!

What was it like to be away from your family for a week?
The first few days, it was all freedom. I didn’t have someone reminding me a thousand times to clean my room, and make my bed. After 3 days or so, I started regretting it. Believe it or not, I was MISSING HOME!!! I wanted to sleep in my comfy, warm bed and not in a cold bunk bed in our dorm.

Describe a time when faced a challenge on the trip. How did you overcome it?
A challenge I faced was coping with the culture of Thailand. It was extremely different to Hong Kong since HK is all civilization, while it seemed like we lived in the middle of no where in Chiang Mai. Their language was different, making me confused on how to communicate with them, and there food was different, nothing like the dim sum in Hong Kong. When you are in Chiang Mai, girls have to cover their skin more when they go out, but in Hong Kong you can wear what ever you want. I helped myself over coming it by reminding myself that our trip was  called ‘experience week’ and it was for experiencing different things. I reminded myself that I shouldn’t really compare Chiang Mai to Hong Kong because they are completely different.

KMT Court Case Review!!!

You may have no clue what I’m talking about. KMT stands for ‘Kinetic Molecular Theory’, which is basically a theory on how all matter is made up of particles which have kinetic energy. Our teacher, Mr Kirchner split our class in half in preperation of a ‘fake’ court case. Our court case was about whether Mr Kirchner is a fraud and telling people that KMT exists, or if he was really telling the truth and KMT did exist. Those two teams are the defense and prosecution side. We all know that the Kinetic Molecular Theory is true, but we just played along as if it was an educational skit. Anyways for the court case there are different roles which include, Jury Members, lawyers, stenographers, expert witnesses, etc. The expert witnesses show their findings on if KMT exists or not based on experiments we have made in class.

Here’s a picture of my group!







In the end, our 4 jury member’s verdict was a hung jury, which meant there were two votes for each side and I was a Jury Member myself. I did not like the idea of a hung jury because I voted for the defense side since their evidence and witnesses were clearly better than the prosecution. I’m not even being bias here because I’m in the prosecution side as well! Firstly, one of the expert witness group proved 7 out of 8 points of KMT were true (the last one being ‘you cannot see the space between particles with the naked eye’). Secondly, all of the witnesses in the prosecution side was unclear on how they supported their side and they didn’t know how to answer the questions asked by the lawyers. Thirdly, one witness on the prosecution side actually ADMITED that KMT exists, when that is not what they are suppose to be supporting!

As I just said, I was  Jury Member and I fulfilled my duties by removing all my bias away. I took many notes that would help the Jury decide whether Mr Kirchner was guilty of fraud or not and it helped out final decision. If I could choose another job, I would choose to be a lawyer because while I was listening to the presentations, I had questions inside of me dying to come out but I had to remember that only lawyers could ask questions. If someone has a question, you have to go up to the lawyers to tell them but I had so many that I just couldn’t of asked one by one at a time to them. If I were a lawyer myself, I would have the freedom of saying it without permission.

During the process, I learned how to be a credible scientist, and how to handle equipments in the lab properly. On KMT, I learned all of the points with proof and evidence

Catching Up w/ You Guys!

Hi guys! I know, all of my recent posts since I moved to grade 7 are basically all about work and things I learnt in class, which I doubt people even read. So, I thought I’d catch up with you guys from time to time and announce some rather interesting news and things I’m looking forward to every or every other week.

To get us started, let’s talk about camp (aka experience week). We will have our camp at the beginning of May in, drum roll please…….THAILAND (Chiang Mai to be exact)! Well, actually we could choose between thailand and beijing, but come on, I had to choose thailand because: 1. I go to Beijing almost every year, and 2. it IS called ‘experience week’, so I have to experience a different culture! Am I right? I think I am. Here’s the link for the info on our trip (if you’re interested in stalking us)!

Fraction and Decimal Unit- OVER!

Where would you fall on the stress ad learning graph? Why?

I think that I’m a three on the graph because I learned at just the right level and in the end it turned out with quite good results. 🙂

What was challenging about this unit? What was easy?
There was a part in this unit where the classes were split up into different groups, based on where us individuals are at. There are three groups: high, medium and low. It’s not splitting the people who are smarter and dumber apart, but the high group just has more practice than the others. I for one thing was put up in the high group and I found it a bit challenging because there are a lot of good people to keep up with. The homework was doing extensions and I found it a bit difficult (of course, extensions ARE suppose to challenge you). I found it easy after we got back with our normal classes because I found myself at a higher level than the others so it was easy to keep up after that.

How was your effort in class and at home reflected in your assessment results?

I think that I showed great effort in this unit especially because if you look at my unit test, I did rather well. I got  7/8 and a 6/6. The 7 out of 8 mark was quite hard to get because all the 7&8 questions were things we haven’t learnt yet, but I answered all of them.

What activities did you like in this unit?
I enjoyed the activities where there was different stations because they all were on different subjects in fraction and decimals and one of them involved playing with chickens on an ipad app. 😀

Patterns in Algebra!

In math class, we’ve just finished our ‘Patterns in Algebra’ unit. I would say that my favorite part was the activities that we were provided to help us with our understanding. I didn’t like it when we did them over and over again repetitively. I’m not someone that like to repeat activities. What I learned really well was tricks on how to get the output in a difficult function table.  You can find the constant, and look pattern of the output. If the output pattern is addition, then that must mean that the table rule has multiplication in it. If the pattern of the output is multiplication, then the table rule will involve exponents.

I don’t have anymore questions for the teacher, as I’ve earned a wide understanding already. I think that patterns are useful in our life because when you go to the grocery store and you buy multiple items, there will be a pattern. If you go and buy oranges and it costs $5 each, it would be just like a function table:

Input x (# of Oranges)          Output y (Cost)
1                                            $5
2                                            $10
3                                            $15                               Rule: 5x
4                                            $20
5                                            $25

If you find out the rule, you’ll know what the price of the amount of oranges that you are going to buy costs.

Math Work 1 Math Work 2 Math Work 3

Bird Building! *Chirp Chirp*

Name (Binomial Nomenclature): Larus Leucogastrus (White Bellied-Gull)
Name (Common): Pengull (Mix of penguin and seagull)

Strength (Product): The sea looks fairly realistic with the decorations underneath and the clear color effect made by the blue background and the translucent plastic. The birds look like they’re actually swimming in in because half of thier bodies are under the plastic sheet..
Weakness (Product): There should of been an indicator in which on was the male and which one was the female. Also, as time passes, the paper decorations in the sea will eventually sag and droop down so I should of done something to make it stronger and long-lasting.

The time that I spent on this outside of class was enough because I finished it before it was due and even had a little bit more time to perfect and do some final touches to it. The time in class was used effectively as well because it wasn’t wasted browsing and watching people create their own birds just to see if mine had some flaws. It was just like a race: you never look back to see if people are catching up or near you because it’ll just get you distracted. Overall, I have manages my time well and finish everything on time.

If I were to start over this assessment, I would of tried to actually build my birds as well. That would give it a more realistic touch. Since there were a few tiny flaws in my description of my bird and what I made, I would mark myself a 5/6 for Criterion C.

Humanities Unit Update!

We have just finished our latest unit on Shi Huang Di. Shi Huang Di was the first emperor in China, and he promoted the Chinese culture. He started the construction of the Great Wall to protect China, and also the Terra-cotta Warriors as well. He was in charge of many deaths though during both constructions and ordered a lot as well. Anyone who didn’t like his way of ruling (for example the Scholars in the burning of the books) would face severe punishments, such as being buried alive.
During this unit, I learned many skills. I learned how to use notecards and using google docs that are in Noodletools. I learned how to cooperate better with people during our Shi Huang Di presentation as well. In our presentation, I learned how to use the C.R.A.P. design principles into our groups photo, and the outcome was very pleasurable. After that in our Shi HuangDi essay, I learned how to use sentence fluency to make my essay make sense better and sound good as well. All of these skills are going to be useful in future reference a lot when I am in Grade 8.