Mythical Creature


Here is a picture of my mythical creature called BOX. It is originally a block, that can transform into many different objects. This creature can move very fast and can listen from a very long distance away.

In the future this mythical creature can both help and harm us. It can help us learn more about the environment around us. Though it can harm us by transforming in to different objects and people. It could imitate people, persuade us and even kill us.


Aline and Esme’s Project

Esme and I, researched about children fashion in 1900s. We learnt about the layers of clothes, the hem and how it is different from woman clothing. I really enjoyed this project as I learnt a lot, that I had no idea about before. Also because I found this vey interesting. I came up with this idea from looking at pictures from the 1900s. I really enjoyed this project!

– Aline

Here is a picture of my design:



One day, I was walking down the street when I reached into my bag to grab my phone. I felt all of my items to  see where it was. But my phone wasn’t there, “Shoot!”. I realized I left my phone somewhere, I would have to find it our else I was in really big trouble. I decided to try and retrace my steps.

I remember that I first went to the grocery store to buy food for a picnic on a beach. Then I went to the beach to have a picnic, then I went to the mall to go shopping and then I walked to where I am now. I ran to the mall and ran all over the mall, keeping my head down watching out for my phone. I went to all the places that I visited and I still couldn’t find my phone.

So then I went to the beach and walked all over the beach trying to find my phone. I couldn’t remember where I had the picnic I set up. My fet were tired from walking all over the place. My feet were covered in sand and dirt. Finally I spotted my phone sticking out of the sand. FINALLY I FOUND MY PHONE!

Quotes, Are They Real?

I think that this is partially true and partially not true. I think this is partially true, as everything on the internet is NOT always true, if you dont believe this just look at the so called quote from Abraham Lincoln. This is not a real quote as, there wasn’t something called the internet when he was alive, how would he know about it? I think it is partially true because most of the things you read online are true and are sometimes written by the person themselves (person who said the quote). Overall, I don’t think it is easy to tell if a quote is true or not unless you have evidence to back it up.

The Curse

There once was a pirate treasure chest, that held a curse. The curse was released whenever someone who didn’t have permission opened the chest. Whoever was cursed would not be able to speak or listen to anyone. The were banned from the outside world and would have to live only in there house. I personally would not like having this curse as you would not be able to go outside and you would be death and you wouldn’t be able to speak.

Pictures or Words

Question: Which are more accurate, words or pictures?

Answer: I think that words are more accurate, because a picture can have several meanings. When text is straight to the point. Though a picture can be more descriptive. For example if you see a picture of a dog sticking out its tongue it could either mean the dog is really tired, really hungry or waiting for something. These are all possible meanings though words would explain what the dog is doing. These are my reasons that I think words are more accurate than pictures.

Wax Crayon Art

This week, we were given the assignment to create something we should be passionate about, it could be anything. I really like art and for a while now, I have wanted to do this type of art where you melt crayons with a hair dryer, here is an example of what it would turn out to look like: Picture of Crayon Art. Since, I couldn’t find regular crayons around school I used oil pastels instead. Here are the steps I used:

1. Choose the colors I would use in the product

2. Glue the crayons onto the canvas

3. Use a blow dryer to melt the crayons, by heating the crayons

4. Let it dry

5. Cut around the wax (to make it look better)

I learnt a lot about this type of art and how to do it properly. I learnt how to blend colors well and how to chose colors that look well together. I applied the principles of design I learnt before. There is contrast, as there are light and there are dark colors. There is asymmetrical balance as both sides dont look the same.

Throughout the process I made mistakes such as I glued the pastels to close together. Though I am really happy with the final product, I think that the colors blended really well together and look really nice. Though if I had to do it again I would have glued the pastels farther apart


I woke up to the sound of my family chirping away. I quickly flew down to find food for me and my family. After a while, we  already ate and we were ready to go on our annual family trip which is to the golf course. Every year we go with our family friends the Coons. We travelled to the Coon’s family tree, were we found them waiting.

“Hey, Jays” Said Mr. Coon,

“Hey, Coons” Replied Mr. Jay,

“Excited for the trip?” Mrs. Jay asked the Coon and Jay children,

“Yes!” Shouted all the children, Navy, Cyan,  Cooper and Claws,

So the Coons and the Jays set out on their long flight and walk to the golf course. The Jays got to the golf course before the Coons did, because the Jays fly. The Jay’s waited for Coons for 10 minutes, until the Coons, showed up. The Coons and Jays went to the kitchen and stole some food for Lunch. Then they went to the start of the golf ccourse.

“Wait, I’m to tired to walk” Moaned Cooper,

“I don’t want to fly! My wings hurt!” Complained Navy,

“But how do we get there, then?” Asked Mrs. Jay,

“We can take a golf cart!” Exclaimed Cyan,

“That won’t wo-“

“We can at least try!” Interrupted Mrs. Jay,

So the Jays and the Coons, walked towards the golf carts. When nobody was looking the Jays and Coons got into the carts. They drove of, ignoring the people shouting at them and running after them. From that point on, the Coons and Jays were criminals in the Human World