TOK Reflection-Getting to the TOK

Starting with a first order (real life) claim of your own choice, explain what second order (TOK) claims it suggests.

The first order claim, both physical and mental exercises and practices are beneficial for human health suggests the second order claim that humans heavily rely on science for information on how to live.

Articulate the questions that might be interesting/useful to explore them in response to the TOK level claims.

  1. How does someone decide what is beneficial for the health of humanity?
  2. How does a person’s intuition and reason affect the way they perceive information provide to them from higher powers such as the government or assemblies?

Explain how exploring the TOK question is relevant/useful to better understanding or deal with the real life claim.

By comparing information on different people and the way they perceive the same information provided to one another we can determine the factors that come into play when people are deciding wether to follow or believe the what higher powers such as the government might be telling them in regards to their safety and health. Different peoples intuition and reasoning can be changed based on things such as the environment they are around and the society they are a part of. With a real life claim that is so important to every human it is relevant for us to determine what causes people to believe these claims.

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