Prompt #6

by Gaby on September 16, 2018

Implicit and Explicit claims

Article one about invasive flora in Iceland


  • Blue Nootka Lupine is a plant from North America that was introduced in Iceland in the 1970’s and since has been widely spread
  • Blue Nootka Lupine was first introduced to halt soil erosion
  • Tourists and many locals find the Blue Nootka Lupine a beautiful sight
  • Due to climate change, the blue Nootka Lupine is spreading in coastal areas, predicted to spread across highland interiors
  • Others opposed to the growth of Lupines in Iceland, they feel that they are an ‘alien plant’ and should be removed
  • Lupines are toxic to animals and cause discomfort in humans, they also may spread various diseases and invade natural territorial grass/ other plants


  • What is found as beautiful is differently perceived
  • Perception may blind other ways of knowing like reason, in the case of lupines, people are blinded by the beautiful sight thus don’t understand the detriment the plant causes to Iceland’s geographical features
  • Sense perception can blind rational knowledge on environmental issues
  • The implement of a foreign plant to solve one solution make create other issues that seek further attention

Article two about immigration in the US


  • Despite recent US president Trump and Republicans have an attempt to restrict the number of immigrants coming into the United States, statistics show that there is a 0.1 increase of new immigrants from the past year
  • Although there is an increasing flow of  immigrants, discrimination is still found within the country in the article through gap wages, quotes, and Donald Trump
  •  The flow of Immigrants from Asia have surpassed the flow of immigrants from Latin America; there is much dispute that Republicans believe immigrants are low skilled Latin American workers. Thus can be inferred that there is hostility from Republicans in support of Trump of immigrants arriving in the US.
  • Asian Migrants who do enter the US are most likely to have college degrees thus can be inferred as qualified workers for the US economy


  • People who make judgments off perception only as a way of knowing will result in something unreliable or untrue. This can be seen through the citizen’s perception of Latin American immigrants coming into their country although there is actually a bigger increase of Asian immigrants
  • Perception may lead to discrimination
  • The degree of education, career or physical appearance of an individual may dictate the way people react and perceive them
  • There is an indistinct fear when immigrants arrive in one’s country, people who develop a fear of immigrants in their country see the unknown of individuals as a threat against them

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