I think that I am reflective, and this can be seen through my reflective award given to me in grade 9, which is awarded to two students in each grade per year, recognising our demonstration of this particular learner profile. I think I also demonstrated being reflective through my process in the grade 10 Personal Project. In this project, my goal was to create the “best” banana bread through a series of scientific baking experiments. I had to plan, think and evaluate a lot. One example of this throughout my project was when I was coming up with which new ingredients to try and incorporate into the recipe and see the effect. This was challenging as there are so many different ingredients I could have tried, so I had to evaluate which ingredients would be best for my experiment. Additionally, at the end of my project, I had to evaluate the successfulness of my project, and demonstrated my ability to see what I did well and what I still need to improve on.

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