Hey guys!

Well, this week was one day shorter (yay) because of a typhoon 8. And that was really awesome, because I used that time to get creative… and I made this:




Annnddd these:


Oh, the fun of holidays!

Anyways, this week we had two summative assessments. One was English, and the other was Humanities. I’m pretty confident that I did well on them because I did practice in advance and I tried my best.

Our summative for English was actually on the book The Hunger Games, which, I’m sure you’ve all read (if not, GO BUY A COPY NOW). Well, we had to analyse parts of the book and movie, and then write a PEE paragraph on each one. And yes, that is how you spell a PEE paragraph. It stands for Point, Evidence (or example) and Explain.  It’s pretty straight foreword stuff.

For Humanities on the other hand, that was a little more difficult. For me anyways. It was a Crit A. test,  which  is knowledge and understanding. Basically that means we get a ton of information to memorise (yay) so… typically if you revise and practice you’ll do fine. This test was all on types of settlement patterns, the burgess model and why people settle where they do. We’re actually still not done with this unit.

It’s actually pretty interesting, even though at first, I didn’t exactly see the point in learning about settlement patterns. Now, I can pretty much look at the geographic location of somewhere and have quite a few guesses as to why it’s there, what it is and what it might have in it.

Oh yeah, in Science, we’re starting our summative parachute lab. It’s pretty obvious from the title, but we’re making parachute, dropping them from a height and find the time it takes to hit the floor. Pretty fun stuff.

Well, that’s it for now. :D Bye!

Hey guys!

This week was actually a very short week. We got monday and tuesday off so that was awesome. Unfortunately, despite this week being a breeze, next week will, once again, be a full five day week. And, have at least three summative assessments.

Nevertheless, it was still an action packed week. I actually had my first cross country race on Thursday. To make a long story short – I failed. Horribly. :) Just kidding. I got 41st out of 50 I think. So I mean I guess it was alright? It’s not about winning the race anyways, and I had fun so that doesn’t really matter.

Oh Right! Activity day!

Well, I enjoyed it – apart from the fact that we all lost the feeling in our legs from walking up so many stairs. There was a beautiful view though.

Mountain hike

Anyways, we did a lot of team building activities with our classes.  We had already done a few of them before so that made things easier. I was actually kinda surprised at our class because we did really badly in some activities but we also got the highest scores in some.

One of our most challenging activities was the “river crossing” game. We had to get the entire class from one side of the gym to the other side without anyone touching the floor. We were provided with rope, small skate-board like boards with wheels underneath (I’m going to call these boards) as well as some small bean bags. As expected with any group of 25 kids, it was complete chaos (yay).

A few strategies that now, looking back on it, were really really stupid:

– Trying to pull people over with the rope. Well… this is the main cause for people to fall off, then causing us to have to restart the entire game.

– We tried to get people to bring a board and some rope across so we could use the boards to wheel people over, um… the first person did not need to push themselves while being on the board. A much faster way would have been to have the first person walk on the bean bags to cross.

– Actually, I was discussing with with some of my classmates afterwards. The best strategy probably would have been to just use the bean bags to walk across and then throw them back.

I think we were supposed to bond together but I have a feeling that 25 people unwilling to co-operate, where the only way to complete the challenge requires co-operation doesn’t exactly help. :D Oh well… What did you guys do this week/ what strategies failed for you? Comment down below.




Hey everyone!

Well, we are finally back to school. Unfortunately, education seems to have no end. Oh well, I’m enjoying school, or at least the social part of it. Seeing my friends again has been great. We all seemed to have a great summer holiday.

Speaking of that, my summer was Ah-May-Zing! My Family and I went to California to visit my grandparents and cousins, and we also went to Whistler, in Canada for some bike riding. Oh yeah! Check this out. I got crafty this summer and it was fun :). I’m pretty proud of myself, and I enjoyed making the bows. My mom helped me sell them and we raised over 200 HKD for WAG. I’m still making bows and assorted crafts. They all start with a glue gun and end with one, so if you’re into crafts you better have one. :P

Hmm… how’s school been? It’s good. I’ve got a new class of students and teachers so… that’s something I’m adapting to, but no class will ever be as good as 7F (You guys rock!)!  School’s been okay so far, but I find I’m already getting stressed out, which isn’t good at all. Teachers seem to enjoy piling up assessments on the same day. No, I’m just kidding, but it seems that right after I finish a P.E. Assessment, a math assessment follows, then after that there’s an art assessment, then english, science, humanities, music… until it restarts again. Or… if it’s not that, it’s five assessments in one week and then none the next week, which I despise having as well. Ahh. The problems of a student.

So anyways, we just had a clubs fair this last friday. I really enjoyed that. Since I’m the Vice President of the JSA (Junior Student Ambassadors) club, I got a little booth/table and I got to welcome people to our booth and trying to get them to join. Being VP of a club is pretty radical and playing a leadership role helps me improve my speaking skills. I’m actually in quite a lot of clubs this year. Well, not as many as last year, but still a lot. I’m in JSA, DA, and I recently joined E-Club and Cross Country.

Yes. It’s hard to believe, but I joined Cross Country. I wanted to do a sport this year and I also wanted to improve my fitness so that’s my solution. Plus, a few of my friends joined as well, so it’s quite enjoyable… well, apart from the fact that I get tired after about 10 minutes. :D

How was school for you guys? What clubs did you join?

Please leave comments down below!

That’s it for now!  Bye!