Hey everyone,

We just finished our P.E. Parkour Unit last week. I had a lot of fun in it. Since I didn’t do as well as I wanted to last year, I was determined to try new things and I tried to be as enthusiastic as possible. I’m proud of what I’ve done this year because last year I was pretty reluctant to try new things and this year I finally got the courage to swing over the bars and try some more complicated vaulting.

Although some areas of Parkour is difficult for me, I think that I am much more familiar with the equipment and I am a lot more confident in parkour after this unit.

Here are the questions I was requested (Well, forced, more or less) to answer:


How Effective was your plan and what worked well in your plan?

I think my plan was relatively effective in showing what I have learned and what I am capable of doing. Other than last year’s parkour unit, I had not done anything like Parkour, so there were some things that, with the time that we had, I wasn’t able to do or at least do well, using flow and time. Of course, knowing this, I avoided these areas and instead choose equipment that I could use creatively and confidently. 

I think that I moved from different pieces of equipment quickly, and I think I really made my performance flow. I think that utilising the balance beam was very effective and this definitely helped my performance flow because I used it to connect my routine to the small mattress, and being on the beam means I was able to jump onto the mattress and do a shoulder roll, showing that I am able to shoulder roll. I also used the balance beam to show off a few skills. I cat balanced for the first half of the beam, this was because I had not practiced cat balancing enough to show flow and time effectively, but I still wanted to include it into my routine because it was something new that I had learned. Doing the cat balance wasn’t that difficult but at some points I had trouble keeping balance. I had to control my arms and the rest of my body to stay straight so I wouldn’t fall off the beam. 

P.E. Image

I think my routine had a good amount of flow, because when going over the bars I tried to go quickly, and have enough force for me to flip over, but when going on the balance beam, I made an effort to go a little slower and gentler because I am higher up and going to fast may cause me to lose my balance. 

Another thing that I think worked really well in my routine would have been the large foam mattress. I was really proud because I was able to do a flip with no hands. I was able to do this before, but this year I wanted to improve it and I think I did. Before I often didn’t jump that high, and so when spinning, my head would be close to the mattress. This year, I made an effort to try spinning when I jumped higher up, this is better because eventually with enough practice, I would be able to do a flip and end standing up.


How did your performance go?

I think I did alright in my performance. I was a little annoyed because there were some last minute changes to the gym, such as adding some blocks under the rock climbing area, which meant we couldn’t use them unless we were to change our plan. I think overall my technique was fine, I flipped over the bar alright, and I didn’t make too much unintentional noise. Looking at my video, I think I could have ran faster instead of jogging, as that might have helped my performance flow and make it fit more. One of the things I did do that wasn’t planned was when trying to do a speed vault over the block in the middle, I think I might have jumped a little too low or too late and I kinda tripped over it. Nevertheless, I kept on moving. At the end when I was supposed to do a shoulder roll, I think I might have been a little nervous and accidentally did a somersault. Oh well, it still looked aesthetically pleasing. And that’s part of what we’re being marked on.


What would you change in your plan next time to make it better?


One of the things I would have changed in my P.E. Parkour routine would have been my rock climbing, I think it had a little too much repetition, and although it was short, it was probably very boring. I think if I had jumped up backwards. done more flips or used the blocks under the rocks that would have been better.

Another thing I felt I could have done better was that I found the flip on the bars was very boring and not creative at all. Almost everyone else had done the same thing and I think I could have been more creative with the bars. If I were to do it next time I might try using the second bar to make it more creative. 


Of course, My reflection is just ONE part of this, because we are also asked (well forced) to post our video as well (Apparently just writing about it doesn’t seem to be enough). So… as promised, low and Behold, Here is My Video Below:


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