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Today I was required to post on my blog:


A. Insert photo of fruit package



















This package was made by glueing 6 long strips together in the middle:




It looked a little like this.





And then we taped it at the top. The strips are actually double strips (to help with strength) glued together.

B. Explain how packaging fits criteria

It fits criteria because it is:

  1. pretty easy to open (You can just rip the paper, which is very easy, and it comes out)
  2. contents is obvious (You can clearly see the apple)
  3. appropriate size (It fits the apple quite well)
  4. attractive (It it relatively symmetrical, although it wasn’t coloured)
  5. light (Very)
  6. durable (This contraption can hold the apple quite well.

I wish we could have made it more protective but unfortunately we were only allowed to use paper (AHEM) and paper isn’t very protective (AHEM) it was kinda difficult to make it secure with insecure materials (AHEM).

Also, the glue didn’t dry yet when time was up and it was falling apart a little.

In the end, I wish we had more durable materials… It is difficult to expect a professional design out of grade 8’s with materials that are not durable or professional.

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