Hi Everyone,

Recently we just had a music summative which required us to compose a 16 bar song. Here is the process through mine:

This was the first (partial) draft that I had tried out:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.53.14 pm






I had relatively nice sounding melody, however it was pretty disjunct, apart from the last bar, and it was a little more dissonant that I would have liked. I just thought it was really messy overall, my use of alberti bass clashed with the melody quite a lot, and I wanted to use a lot of 8th notes, and with the alberti bass, this would have clashed a lot.

So… I scrapped that and restarted.

This is my final product:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.05.41 pm










Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.05.48 pm





I like this a lot better. I used a similar beat (4th note, 4th note, 8th notes and a 4th note) as  the previous draft, however this one is more consonant, which makes it sound a lot better.

Choice of Title/Story:

Although you can’t see it in the picture I added (It was a little difficult to screen cap the whole thing), I titled the piece “The Little Blue Butterfly”. I know it’s a little stereotypical to have these songs written about butterflies, but my song does sound like something that would represent a butterfly. The staccato’s are to represent it’s wings, while the slurs are as it lands on a flower. Bar 11 sounds a little strange, it’s I guess what I would call the “bridge” of the piece, or the “climax” I suppose. This is when, in my mind, the butterfly would run into a cat, that would be chasing it, however, in the end it escapes.

Choice of Instrument and Key:

I chose D major for my song because I wanted something slightly more interesting that the generic C major, and I like D major :D. Also, I chose flute and piano. Personally, I think they sound nice together, I think a woodwind paired with a keyboard-type instrument makes a good duet. I don’t play the flute, however I thought it would be interesting to experiment with a different instrument that I am not familiar with, also, the flute is a light, high instrument that fits well with the title, as it sounds like a butterfly.

Writing of Melody:

Every “4 bar phrase” is pretty similar, but just like we learned in class, I just changed a little bit to make it interesting, however, I didn’t change to much to make it seem like a different song. I made sure to end every phrase with at least a quarter note, and I made sure to make the last note a whole note, to make the song sound complete. As I said above, it was the targeted “relatively conjunct and a little disjunct” and “relatively consonant and a little dissonant”. I did have some large leaps in my song, but not too many, and it makes the song more interesting.

Getting Help:

Before I completed the song, I asked Kenne for feedback. She said it was good, but one particular thing that stood out was bar 11.

It previously looked like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 10.43.07 am








As seen, the notes were really high, and sounded out of place. I listened to my song again and I decided to change it. I lowered the notes and re-listened, and it sounded better.

Afterwards, in class, I also got Joyce’s feedback. She commented that the staccato’s I included really made a difference (in a good way).


Chord Choice:

I tried to use different chords, of course, we weren’t allowed to use chords consecutively, and we were restricted with certain chords (ex. first and last chords had to be i to make it sound completed and in D major). I mainly used Chords i, ii, and V, which I think is fine, I didn’t want too many different chords or that might make the song sound quite strange.

Adding Performance Directions:

Well… I don’t think I added too many, but I added staccato’s (through a lot of the song) and a trill at the end, as well as a few slurs. Honestly, before I added them I didn’t know it would make that much of a difference, but listening to the after version it sounded a LOT better. I put the staccatos on my 8th notes , especially the ones on the third beat. It made the song sound quicker and lighter. Then, mainly every fourth bar, I added slurs. They were meant to be a break from the staccato because I didn’t want too much repetition. I added Mezzo forte, and Mezzo piano, just to emphasise certain phrases and add more flavour to the song.


Hello everyone!

In music class we have been composing songs, and learning about how to make a song have a good rhythm and how to make it balanced. I gave it a shot and this is my product:

Sara’s Music

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

  • Does it finish on a long note?
  • Are the phrases balanced?
  • Is there variety?
  • Is there repetition/imitation?