To be honest, while I liked the idea of this assessment, it wasn’t really beneficial to me. There are various areas where I could have done better on this assignment, but also a few reasons why this assignment wasn’t very effective for me due to my regular schedule already.


I know that I missed some posts, and wasn’t always up to date with everything. I think the main reason for this was that I picked some goals that were quite difficult and “extreme” which I thought I could handle at first, but it ended up being too much. Getting up at 5am may not seem “extreme” but I did find that I would have to manage my
time extremely well the night before, and sometimes if I had a lot of homework I found it wasn’t possible. Additionally, since I was doing Cross Country, Dragon boating and running at least 25-ish kilometres most weeks during this time period, I never saw the need to get up at 5.


This was a goal that maybe
wasn’t the best for me, but if I did this assignment again, I’m not sure what I would pick. Before this assessment, I was very happy with my nutrition, fitness level and amount of sleep, as I was already running 4+ times a week, sleeping before 9 every school night and being quite health conscious of the food I was eating (I’ve been cooking my own lunch every day since the start of G10). This is why I found this assessment so difficult- I was very happy with my lifestyle at the time, and I felt it was a healthy lifestyle. While I know there is always improvement in anyone’s lifestyle, adding all these goals felt like too much and wasn’t sustainable for me.

Addressing the questionnaire below, I scored 76-100 every-time. As I explained above, my lifestyle before starting this assessment was already quite healthy, so it started at 76-100 to begin with. :)

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 6.07.48 pm