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To what extent has the film raised the target audiences knowledge and understanding of how the theme/event influenced the central characters?

I think the themes that we talked about are important and somewhat relevant to many of our lives. We had two events relating to Chinese history, and while not everyone has a family member who has been in the same event as our relatives, they live in Hong Kong, and therefore Chinese history should be relevant to their lives. Our other theme talked about education and womens rights. Everything we spoke about is important to our audience.

Some of our questions we asked the interviewees were the impacts on them and their families, and I think their responses really helped explain the effects of these events and what happened to our interviewees after this event. We also did some good research and included important background information, providing facts and statistics of the impacts of the whole event, which helped paint a bigger picture of the event and contributed to the audiences understanding of the event/theme’s impact.

However, there were some things that we could have done better that hindered the audiences understanding:

  • Our sound quality could have been improved. The low sound quality may have distracted the audience and this means they may not have heard what we were saying as well or understood what was going on
  • Some of our images were not the best quality, and this did not help pair with what we were saying, and may have also served as a distraction.



Away. from Janice To on Vimeo.


This is my groups video.

We made some changes throughout the film:

  1. We were going to pair subtitles with what was said, but we cut that out because it felt like we were “feeding” the audience everything since they could listen to what was said. Additionally, we also cut this out because it took a lot of work and we didn’t think about how much time it would take up.
  2. We changed a few images. We originally used some generic images/stock images to help show what our interviewees were saying, but we felt that was too stereotypical and not genuine enough. We found some pictures of our families and more footage/images of the actual events to put in instead.

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I had an amazing day today!! I love design because I get to have my creative juices flowing and I get to actually get to happy my learning. I had so many key takeaways and I thought this day was super helpful for me when it comes to actually making my prototype.

  • It’s a lot more challenging than I thought

The concept of a valve is pretty simple: Something that lets liquid through one way, but not the other. I understood the concept, so I thought making it would be simple too. We were given a bag of assorted materials to use but once I got my idea, it was actually very difficult to put everything together and get it to stay that way. We were relying a lot on tape for our first prototype and I think everything was too small and close together to stick everything tougher properly.

  • Planning is important

Our group drew a very, very simple pencil draft and then decided to immediately jump into the creation process. I think we should have discussed more because our lack of planning backfired a little and our prototype leaked a lot. This was mainly because we weren’t thinking about the materials and the toilet paper we used was not waterproof.

  • Communication is key

Communication was very important and I think our group was very effective in communicating with each other. I was able to freely say what was on my mind and I also made sure to stay very open minded when listening to other ideas and suggestions. Because of this, we worked efficiently and were able to begin and finish quickly

Together we were able to create mindmaps and diagrams:










If I could do it all again:

If I could re-do this day, I would definitely plan more, and play around with the balloons and gloves as those seemed to be the most successful among the students. My group had originally started out making something about of cardboard and plastic but now I think more elastic and stretchy materials are better. The reason our first prototype failed so much was also because of our lack of planning and our excitement to just start building. When doing the real thing, I’ll make sure to have a very detailed and well thought out plan.


I used to think that this project would be fun and easy, but now I know there’s a lot more to do. I’m a little concerned about how I’m going to be able to decide on a good, decent idea since I’ll have so much more freedom when I’m on my own and so many more materials to choose from. Additionally, I’ll need to be more careful with planning, not only how it will look and how it will work, but also how I’m going to put it together, I had trouble today because I needed to put tape into gaps that my finger couldn’t reach. If I had thought about making it from the bottom up or making a bigger prototype, then it wouldn’t have been so difficult to put together.


Which elements worked in my first prototype? Well, I think our idea would have actually worked. We were thinking of making a downwards sloping zig zag path for the water to travel down, so that if the prototype were turned upside down, the water would then be facing upwards sloping panels, prevent them from passing through. The reason it didn’t work thought was the lack of planning and thought, we had many gaps in our slopes and it was definitely not waterproof.


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Today I was required to post on my blog:


A. Insert photo of fruit package



















This package was made by glueing 6 long strips together in the middle:




It looked a little like this.





And then we taped it at the top. The strips are actually double strips (to help with strength) glued together.

B. Explain how packaging fits criteria

It fits criteria because it is:

  1. pretty easy to open (You can just rip the paper, which is very easy, and it comes out)
  2. contents is obvious (You can clearly see the apple)
  3. appropriate size (It fits the apple quite well)
  4. attractive (It it relatively symmetrical, although it wasn’t coloured)
  5. light (Very)
  6. durable (This contraption can hold the apple quite well.

I wish we could have made it more protective but unfortunately we were only allowed to use paper (AHEM) and paper isn’t very protective (AHEM) it was kinda difficult to make it secure with insecure materials (AHEM).

Also, the glue didn’t dry yet when time was up and it was falling apart a little.

In the end, I wish we had more durable materials… It is difficult to expect a professional design out of grade 8’s with materials that are not durable or professional.

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