This week we finally got to do our experiments. I was paired up with my friend camper 22. We had to pick a material and see the difference if we mix that material with another material and then get the same material with a 3rd material. Me and my partner choose to mix copper sulphate with vinegar and see the difference with copper sulphate with olive oil, we were going to freeze both of them and then look at it.

But when we started mixing the vinegar with the copper sulphate with a spoon, black lines appeared at the bottom of our metal (aluminum) cup, I thought it was just from the spoon and then bam! Our mixture started bubbling up a red liquid thing, in the end it burned of half the bottom of the metal cup, It was so cool. (actually, it was awesome!) Then (this part is boring) we mixed the oilve oil with the copper sulphate, it turned into a bluish goo, we put it in the freezer.

Now to the next day, me and my partner were going to get our substance to see if it froze, as it turns out it does freeze, five seconds later it melted.( heh heh ) So yeah that’s it. Thanks for reading!

Happy Halloween! Today was halloween and at school we got to dress up, We hardly did any school work and we got free time on our computer, It was the best halloween ever! Anyways this is a picture in my halloween costume. Click  here for the picture.

Hello guys! Last month we wrote some poems about technolegy. Mine is about e-mails, here it is:

If A World Didn’t Have E-mails


Mr. John Mc-Kay

Had something to say

But his students were all away

E-mails weren’t made then

So he had to write letters with a pen

He wrote all the letters one hundred and ten

The teachers did say he was weird

And the problem could not be cured

So most people stared at him like he had a freakishly long beard

And when he told the teachers

They laughed till they looked like green creatures

There was even laughing in the bleachers

Too bad there weren’t E-mails then

Then he could have sent it to them

Because now he look’s as stupid as a hen

But sadly, emails, there weren’t

His reputation was burnt

Still his lesson was learnt

And the poor man

Was now as cold and hard as a fan

Because of no E-mails in the land




On Wednesday, we went to Art Jam to paint and express our feelings, It was great!

When we got on the bus I was so exited, I felt glad too because we would be missing our French class. When we got to Windsor house in Causeway Bay, (where Art Jam is) I went to an easel instantly, I thought we were going to start painting but instead the Art Jam lady told us how to use tools and stuff like that. I felt really bored.

Even though the Art Jam lady’s talk was kind of boring, it helped me a bit when I was painting, I knew how to use every single tool. I decided to use a sponge for most of it, I also decided that I would paint a sun set.

At first I felt kind of confused so I took a long time doing the background, then it was a bit easier after I painted my orange background, I got the colors green for grass, yellow for the sun, and blue to show it was turning to night time.

When I finished, I was looking at my painting and I felt like I could have done better, it wasn’t bad but looking at my friend’s painting, I didn’t like mine. Anyways, we all finished and brought our paintings back to school, I felt happy because my painting was going to be displayed at school, also because my parents will see it.



1. I was born in USA

2. I have lived in Hong Kong since I was one

3. I like snacking

4. I love drawing

5. I love my school

6. I have one brother

7. “The Hunger Games” is my favorite series of  books

8. My birthday is in December

9. I do homework quickly

10. I like reading