InVentiOns iN maThematiCal nomenclature

How may the math nomenclature (system) that you use affect your understanding of Maths?

Today we learned about three systems: Roman, Mayan and Binary. The use of different math systems can definitely affect our understanding of math, since they require different ways of thinking and process and have their own strengths. For example with the Roman system, its very easy to add and subtract things, but for Binary it is very challenging to even just write a number out in binary. Some things, such as fractions, algebra etc are going to be a lot harder to do in systems like the Mayan system which is why we use our current 10 base system now.

So I think depending on the complexity of the mathematics we want to do, a different system may be more effective. One example can be that all computers and phones use binary, even though it can be very confusing for humans to think about math in terms of binary, computers work with a “yes” “no” function so only have 2 numbers is very effective for them.

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