mY dIaGrAM FoR aQuisITioN oF kNowlEdgE iN aRt

Hello everyone,


I’m back again! So here is my diagram- it is very beautiful.

So the three WOK’s my groups selected are:

  • sEnsE pErcEption
  • rEason
  • Imagination








So we felt that when you first see the image you use sense perception as you have to try and decipher what is going on in the painting. Then you use your reasoning to better help you figure out what you’re seeing. This is especially important because the art work we were looking at is surreal therefore it IS DIFFICULT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SEEING. Afterwards, we put imagination because often you need to fill in some gaps as some parts of the painting are open to interpretation and aren’t representing clear objects. Then from imagination you can either go back to reasoning or sense perception to further help clarify and gain a better understanding of what YOU ARE SEEING.



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