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To what extent has the film raised the target audiences knowledge and understanding of how the theme/event influenced the central characters?

I think the themes that we talked about are important and somewhat relevant to many of our lives. We had two events relating to Chinese history, and while not everyone has a family member who has been in the same event as our relatives, they live in Hong Kong, and therefore Chinese history should be relevant to their lives. Our other theme talked about education and womens rights. Everything we spoke about is important to our audience.

Some of our questions we asked the interviewees were the impacts on them and their families, and I think their responses really helped explain the effects of these events and what happened to our interviewees after this event. We also did some good research and included important background information, providing facts and statistics of the impacts of the whole event, which helped paint a bigger picture of the event and contributed to the audiences understanding of the event/theme’s impact.

However, there were some things that we could have done better that hindered the audiences understanding:

  • Our sound quality could have been improved. The low sound quality may have distracted the audience and this means they may not have heard what we were saying as well or understood what was going on
  • Some of our images were not the best quality, and this did not help pair with what we were saying, and may have also served as a distraction.


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