My Music Composition

Hello everyone!

In music class we have been composing songs, and learning about how to make a song have a good rhythm and how to make it balanced. I gave it a shot and this is my product:

Sara’s Music

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

  • Does it finish on a long note?
  • Are the phrases balanced?
  • Is there variety?
  • Is there repetition/imitation?




  1. Similar to what the above commenter said. Your song ended with a long note (a half note), the phrases are somewhat similar and repetitive (most have triplets), but you still have variety.

    Overall, good job!

  2. Yes, It did end with a long note. The phases are all balance and every notes are very similar but not totally copying. I can hear different rhythm in different bars. I like how you use the long notes at the end of few bars to emphasis the later on notes. Through using similar notes, you can still build up different rhythm, I think this is a good piece of music.

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