As somebody who already does the top strands of all the recommended fitness habits, here is my chosen goal:

Get up at 5:00am on a school day to exercise at least once a week


As somebody who already does the top strands of all the recommended healthy habits, here is my chosen goal:

Be completely nutritionally sufficient at least 2 days a week. This will be done by tracking everything I ate on those two days and looking at the nutritional values on


Since I already consistently get 8-9 hours of sleep every day of the week, I guess I want to tie in my goal with my fitness goal, and go to bed around 8p.m. 1-2 days per week, allowing me to wake up at 5 without feeling sleep deprived.

Explain the map metaphor

The map metaphor shows how only certain bits of knowledge is represented at certain times. Sometimes certain parts of knowledge are brought out or emphasised to make certain points or to fit to whoever the knowledge is for. Knowledge isn’t always consistent every time.

What is the difference between personal knowledge and shared knowledge?

Personal knowledge is what I know, and can cover my emotions, feelings or my own experiences. A lot of what I know can come from my own perspective. Certain events can give different knowledge to different people as they have each experienced the event from their own perspective.

Shared knowledge is more universal, and is what we as the human race/ general population know to be true. General consensus or well known facts about certain things can be shared knowledge. However, not all facts are shared knowledge, when someone discovers something new/ a new fact, until it is well known, it isn’t really shared knowledge.

Shared knowledge is also something groups of people can have in common, if they share an experience while some parts of the experience can be personal knowledge, some parts can be shared.

If you cannot explain something to someone else, you do not know it. Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

I disagree. I think there is a difference in understanding/knowing something and being able to communicate it to someone else. Sometimes people might not have sufficient vocabulary to express/explain whatever concept is being discussed. I know personally sometimes I can completely understand a certain concept, but occasionally lack the proper vocabulary to explain as clearly as I want to. Language barriers should also be considered. If an english speaker isn’t able to explain the concept of anything to a Chinese speaker, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know the concept, they just aren’t able to explain in a different language/ communicate the knowledge.

Grade 8:

Similarly to grade 7, I participated in the Junior Student Ambassadors (JSA) as the vice president of this club. I think that this really helped me develop international-mindedness because I was interacting with peers who came from all over the world, and it was my responsibility to make them feel welcome, regardless of language barriers or cultural differences. This also challenged me because I was quite shy back then but I had to be friendly and a leader for my new classmates. I did develop some leadership skills through this, and I also made new friends and became more aware of cultural differences. Below is just a screenshot of my sending out email reminders for managing the club.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.27.33 pm




Grade 9:

In grade 9, I read to kids and helped to teach them english. DSCF6262








This is a photo of me reading an english book to an underprivileged kid and helping them to learn english. I definitely learned a lot through these experiences. I typically do not know how to interact around kids, but this really helped me learn what strategies work to teach and become friends with young children. While I know that I still need to work on interacting with children, I am more confident knowing how to play with them and enjoy spending time with these kids. Some of the big things I learned is to smile a lot, ask them questions about themselves and play along with any games that they want to play. Working with kids is difficult, but extremely rewarding.


Grade 10:









In grade 9, I also participated in cooking for a cause, where we work with christian action and cook a meal for refugees. However, grade 10 was when I really started actively participating. This year, I served as secretary for this club, where my role involved working with the president, vice president and other execs to plan, organise and come up with ideas. One idea that I contributed was to have a bake sale, but price everything at 15$, as this is the average price per meal that is spent on a refugee at christian action. I really enjoy doing this, not only because I love to cook, but I feel like we can see the progress as we serve the refugees ourselves. While our service doesn’t help refugees support themselves, I still think that we are helping refugees by providing them with food every other week.

To be honest, while I liked the idea of this assessment, it wasn’t really beneficial to me. There are various areas where I could have done better on this assignment, but also a few reasons why this assignment wasn’t very effective for me due to my regular schedule already.


I know that I missed some posts, and wasn’t always up to date with everything. I think the main reason for this was that I picked some goals that were quite difficult and “extreme” which I thought I could handle at first, but it ended up being too much. Getting up at 5am may not seem “extreme” but I did find that I would have to manage my
time extremely well the night before, and sometimes if I had a lot of homework I found it wasn’t possible. Additionally, since I was doing Cross Country, Dragon boating and running at least 25-ish kilometres most weeks during this time period, I never saw the need to get up at 5.


This was a goal that maybe
wasn’t the best for me, but if I did this assignment again, I’m not sure what I would pick. Before this assessment, I was very happy with my nutrition, fitness level and amount of sleep, as I was already running 4+ times a week, sleeping before 9 every school night and being quite health conscious of the food I was eating (I’ve been cooking my own lunch every day since the start of G10). This is why I found this assessment so difficult- I was very happy with my lifestyle at the time, and I felt it was a healthy lifestyle. While I know there is always improvement in anyone’s lifestyle, adding all these goals felt like too much and wasn’t sustainable for me.

Addressing the questionnaire below, I scored 76-100 every-time. As I explained above, my lifestyle before starting this assessment was already quite healthy, so it started at 76-100 to begin with. :)

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 6.07.48 pm

Away. from Janice To on Vimeo.

Hey fam,

So here’s my vimeo vid again.

To what extent has the film raised the target audiences knowledge and understanding of how the theme/event influenced the central characters?

I think the themes that we talked about are important and somewhat relevant to many of our lives. We had two events relating to Chinese history, and while not everyone has a family member who has been in the same event as our relatives, they live in Hong Kong, and therefore Chinese history should be relevant to their lives. Our other theme talked about education and womens rights. Everything we spoke about is important to our audience.

Some of our questions we asked the interviewees were the impacts on them and their families, and I think their responses really helped explain the effects of these events and what happened to our interviewees after this event. We also did some good research and included important background information, providing facts and statistics of the impacts of the whole event, which helped paint a bigger picture of the event and contributed to the audiences understanding of the event/theme’s impact.

However, there were some things that we could have done better that hindered the audiences understanding:

  • Our sound quality could have been improved. The low sound quality may have distracted the audience and this means they may not have heard what we were saying as well or understood what was going on
  • Some of our images were not the best quality, and this did not help pair with what we were saying, and may have also served as a distraction.



Away. from Janice To on Vimeo.


This is my groups video.

We made some changes throughout the film:

  1. We were going to pair subtitles with what was said, but we cut that out because it felt like we were “feeding” the audience everything since they could listen to what was said. Additionally, we also cut this out because it took a lot of work and we didn’t think about how much time it would take up.
  2. We changed a few images. We originally used some generic images/stock images to help show what our interviewees were saying, but we felt that was too stereotypical and not genuine enough. We found some pictures of our families and more footage/images of the actual events to put in instead.