Hello everyone!

Today, three people from the Faust International Youth Theater in Hong Kong (They named their group Splat!) came over to my school to perform some famous poems. These poems include limericks, rhyming poems, ballads and narratives. They didn’t just read the poems to us,in fact they memorized the poems and performed them out gleefully, using lots of fascinating props and tools. Lots of the poems were very funny, and made all of us laugh. Two of the poems were Superstink and Mafia Cats. My favorite one was about the dog who farted in the house.

After the performance, our teacher gave us a sheet of paper that had some interesting things we can do about poetry and told us to choose one of the assignments and write about it on our blogs (this is the assignment I’m typing now). The one I chose is to write a rhyming poem that has words rhyming with the words green, dog, nose, dream, tip and moon. My poem is the following:

In my dreams,  I saw a dog,

lying beside a bundle of mangosteen.

He slept on top of a log.

and it’s collar was colored green,

and there was a fly on his nose,

but the fly did not be seen,

since the dog was in a dose.

Oh fly, he sat on the dog’s nose tip,

as if he was sitting in his room,

he looked as if he was sailing a ship,

and like me gazing up to the moon.

Link: http://www.faustworld.com/


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