Kevin PE Healthy Habits

Fitness My aim for fitness will be too "Take part in physical activities 3 times a week" and to walk "7000 steps a day" Sleep My aim for sleep will be to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night Food My aim for is to include at least 2 servings of green vegetables per day in your diet.continue reading →
Welcome to your iFolio

Welcome to your iFolio

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements. Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available. Before you…continue reading →

Map Like Knowledge vs Story Like

Map like knowledge tends to be more limited in the sense that there is usually a defined method of conducting research and obtaining knowledge. It is however likely to be more reliable and accurate. As it has a more clear structure and usually more applicable and straightforward. In Story Like knowledge, the knowledge can be obtained through more unique methods which could offer more in depth understandings in specific areas that would not be found in Map Like knowledge. It is also more open to interpretation as it accepts different perspectives. Story Like…continue reading →

Difficulties With Explanations in The Human Sciences

What do the various explanations for the decrease in crime rate suggest about the nature of / difficulties with explanations in the human sciences? There are many things to consider when justifying explanations about the human sciences, as a certain issue would have numerous factors contributing to it. Thus, many explanations in the human sciences may seem to correlate with the issue but it may not be that related.continue reading →

Issues With Human Scientists When Interpreting Their Data

When looking at certain issues, there are usually many different factors to be considered. Human scientists may find it challenging to come to one definite solution due to disagreements that they may have as well as the fact that it is very hard, even with sufficient data, to identify a "best" solution to an issue or problem. An example is that when identifying the best explanation for the decrease in crime rate in the US, there are numerous reasons such as an increase in the police force or a stronger economy which are…continue reading →

Perception of Memory

After looking at Salvatore Dali's art piece "perception of memory", my group and I have identified 3 _ that interconnect to help us perceive the piece: reason, imagination and sense-perception. We decided to devise a diagram showing how these aspects connect to each other when we view the piece.continue reading →

Methodology Behind the Lightsaber As a Piece of Art

The creation of the lightsaber in the original Star Wars films is a very memorable and interesting item. It can be classified as a piece of art due to the fact that in the movie, other than being just an overpowered laser sword used by characters when fighting, it served to have a very symbolic meaning. It's elegance and style represented the Jedi and portrayed them as a noble and just group of people. It also utilised new technology in its creation; instead of simply using a fake sword, George Lucas used camera…continue reading →

Inventions in Mathematical Nomenclature

Math nomenclature and systems are imperative for our understandings of math and its role in our world. As we explored the Mayan, Roman and Binary mathematical systems today, I was able to note the simplicity of mayan and Roman math and the complexity of the binary system. Yet the binary system is extremely important in our lives as it is what composes of our computers and other pieces of technology. By viewing these systems, I have been able to gauge how math has been developed and the unique ways of "doing" math. As of…continue reading →

Mathematical Axiom

The dictionary definition of a mathematical axiom is a proposition that is regarded as self-evidently true without the need of any proof. My more simple interpretation of a mathematical axiom is a claim or statement that is regarded to be true and cannot becontinue reading →

My Definition of the Arts

Art is a very abstract yet interesting concept. For me, art is defined as any subject of study that incorporates design elements and inventiveness. Art utilises artist's creativity to convey emotion, mood and an intention which is determined by the artist. For art to be good, it must be successful in appealing to its audience and instill a feeling or sense in the audience that engages them to it.    continue reading →

Historical Development of Natural Science

Over history, many events contributed to the historical development of natural science over time. 5 key events include the pre-literate period of which humans were unable to communicate effectively and read or write. During this time, they relied on trial and error to reach conclusions such as what food to eat and what animals to hunt, as well as how to farm and create heat. This established the fundamental basis of people's understandings of natural science. Another key event was when Aristotle's studies in natural philosophy showed a relationship with aspects of natural science, notably physical…continue reading →

Methodology in Natural Sciences

This quote helps us comprehend how abstract and conflicting methodology is in natural science. The first part of it states that scientists are open to new ideas and embrace new discoveries, while at the same time very quick in rejecting old or new ideas. The quote also states that these two blatantly contradicting attitudes are what compose of the heart of science, and that this is how "deep truths are winnowed from deep nonsense". This statement suggests how much of the ideas in natural science are often based upon fabrications and often not empirically which are the ideal…continue reading →

Defining Natural Science

My definition of natural science is: A branch of science exploring the occurrences of nature, objects and other aspects of the physical world. This area of knowledge will explore a group of many scientific and geological topics such as physics, biology, chemistry and geology. The laws of natural science are established through observations and reasoning such as predicting and experimentation. Many complicated concepts are simplified so that it would be easier for people to teach and understand, and so that further progress could be made in the field of science.continue reading →


Intuition is our instinctive way of thinking when being faced with a question. I would describe Intuition as something similar to a "gut feeling" where we feel a sudden yet sometimes inexplicable urge to choose one option over another because of our perception and past experiences. An example of where our intuition may dictate our choices could be when we a re asked to look at the photos of a few individuals and decide on which one of them are a serial killer. Most of the time, we would base our choice on the…continue reading →


What are the characteristics that you feel best describe language? I feel that language is usually very popular and has to be shared by a number of speakers or at least a small community. We can also establish that language is used as a means to communicate with others and convey emotions, meaning and beliefs. Language also uses both verbal and physical components, which are speech and gestures. This is due to the fact that both are effective means of communication. Lastly, language is very flexible and infinite meaning can be derived from…continue reading →


In your own words, explain the difference between deductive and inductive logic The main difference between deductive and inductive logic is the method that is used to determine information and knowledge. Inductive reasoning is heavily reliant on experimentations where you will need to ensure that all successive trials follow a shared rule. An example of where inductive reasoning has come to play is the act of dropping a pen. After dropping a pen multiple times, we have been able to identify that "if a pen drops, it will always fall" (of course, this is…continue reading →

TOK – Perceptual Realism vs Perceptual Relativism

Do you agree more strongly with perceptual realism or perceptual relativism? Personally, I agree more strongly with perceptual realism which refers to how we only understand the world through our own individual perception and experiences. My opinion is solely based on the fact that perceptual realism is too specific and concrete. As unique human beings, we are all brought up differently, have different cultures, education and morals. These elements have all come together to shape how we perceive information. What one person may agree upon, another person may not. Additionally, many things we…continue reading →

IB Retreat 2017 Reflection

On the 17th of August, me and my fellow grade 11 students embarked on the 2017 IB Retreat, an adventure that lasted 2 days and aimed towards helping us bond and create unique experiences. During the retreat, we stayed at the luxurious "Gold Coast" hotel near the New Territories and performed a wide variety of tasks. These tasks involved attending a very inspiring poverty simulation with the international charity crossroads, watch an educational movie, hanging out with friends and learning more about the IBDP system. Thanks to the retreat, I've gained insight on how important…continue reading →

Personal vs Shared Knowledge

Map Metaphor The map metaphor generally describes visual representations of places and objects through a way that it meets the creator's intentions. An example we viewed in class was the MTR map; despite being convenient for passengers, is not at all a realistic or effective representation of Hong Kong's terrain. Additionally, different maps may vary in appearance or be simplified in order to highlight more valuable aspects to the public. Personal Knowledge vs Shared Knowledge The largest difference between the two is that personal knowledge is through ones individual perception and perspective while shared knowledge…continue reading →

MYP CAS Service Reflection

Throughout my experience in the MYP from grade 7 to grade 10, I was able to receive a number of memorable experiences when getting involved with community service both in Hong Kong and outside. I was able to participate in numerous club activities, notably participating in the:          1.   “Reading Tree” where I read to young children from a local school and helping run a stand in the“Family Fun Fair” as an Interact club member           2. “Hoops for Habitat”, where I helped raise money…continue reading →

Healthy Habits – Reflection

At the beginning of the year, I devised 3 aspects of my health and wellness that I would be focusing on throughout the year in order to lead on a balanced lifestyle. I focused on fitness, where I will be aiming to take part in physical activity 3 times a week" and walk 7000 steps a day. For sleep, I aimed to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, and for food I looked to increase 2 servings of green vegetables per day in my meals. Now that the end of the year…continue reading →

Interconnected Design Project Reflection

Our final MYP design project has finally come to an end. In this project, I was tasked with the job of creating a historical documentary on Migration with two other students who had relatives that have had personal experiences with the  topic. Each of us were able to understand the experiences that our relatives have been been through through interviewing them as a source of information. Throughout this process, we were also able to gain insight on the value documentaries had, and explore how effective they were in retelling stories and preserving information.…continue reading →

Heartbeat S.M.A.R.T Goals

S - In this heartbeat unit, I am aiming to improve at the Criterion C and D processes of the unit, more specifically my evaluation process. In previous design units, I have achieved generally quite well in  all aspects of the tasks, however I think that my reflecting and evaluating could go into more depth and detail. M -  Achieving the same grade, or one grade higher than my previous design task would indicate improvement and achievement of this goal. A - This is a personal and independant goal, and I will be the…continue reading →

#fitness Morning Hike!

Link: Finally finished and likely exceeded my 7000 steps a day goal. Although I wasn't able to measure the actual distance, I was able to get a hard-sought 5-hour hike outside.continue reading →

Design Day Term 1

Today, we've had this year's design day where we were meant to focus on what we've learnt so far in Science and the human body, more specifically the concepts of the human heart. During the course of today, we've spent most of our time understanding the assignment which we will investigate for the following  weeks and the skills and goals we wish to develop and achieve this term in design, as well as participating in an activity where we made a functional model of a human heart valve. I had many key takeaways from…continue reading →

Business Ethics

SOI: Statement of Inquiry: Students understand that businesses interact in a global environment and are held accountable (ethics) by society for their actions During the course of my ethics unit in business, I've been able to really gain an understanding about the unit SOI and understand more about how businesses expand, function and become successful. By learning about the content of this unit, I have understood how businesses's actions and decisions can really impact their reputation and success both in the market and socially. An example can be, to reduce labor cost and increase manufacturing efficiency,…continue reading →

Design Crit D Evaluation

From this project, I have learnt a lot about using technology such as Illustrator and creating graphic novel sequences and attempt to illustrate a scenario which will be shown to a specified target audience. The use of visuals have a large impact on the message shown to an audience. Elements such as colour can influence the mood and atmosphere of characters and a setting, and different illustration styles can be used to illustrate the theme of your creations (e.g comical style to show a humorous and entertaining theme). The visuals that I utilised within…continue reading →

Chain of Production

The content that we have learnt for "Chain of Production" relates to our statement of inquiry understand that business operate within a system whose structure is influenced by external factors, as businesses all follow a system and are in some way interconnected. The chain of production works with the businesses in the primary sector involved in extracting raw materials,  and to be able to transport their materials to the secondary sector they will need the aid of the transportation services from the tertiary sector. In the secondary sector the products will be manufactured and the tertiary…continue reading →

Economics In Business

Over the last unit, me and my class have learned about basic business fundamentals, and this unit can clearly relate to the statement of inquiry about the structures of businesses. This is because external factors play a huge role on supply and demand curves in the market. This unit can also relate to the relevant global context. This is because all the buyers, sellers and suppliers can potentially cause great changes in the demand/supply curves in the market. We also went in dept about economic shocks and how many different factors can influence them such as taxations, consumer…continue reading →

Competition in Business

During this unit, I have learnt about the competition that businesses have in order to work towards a common objective, most commonly to become successful in the market . I have learnt about different competitors that are focused in the same industry, such as the technology industry, as well as indirect and direct competition. What I've learnt in this unit relates to the relevant inquiry question "Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time", as we've seen how different companies work hard to be more successful in the long…continue reading →

Design Day Reflection

We just had another design day earlier this week, and it was quite an interesting experience again. Our new project this design term is to create a digital graphic novel panel sequence. This project requires us to gain new skills such as learning to use Adobe Illustrator. During our design day, we worked on a large portion of our criterion A study and we've been able to get a decent understanding of our task and the design specifications. We were firstly presented with a task to reword our design challenge and understand what…continue reading →

Types of Organisations

At the end part of our unit, I have learnt about the different types of organisations and companies that businesses include. These include Private limited companies, Public limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. These types of businesses are very important and are tied to our SOI because each business has their own unique areas that can help the entrepreneur become successful. An example is that Public limited companies have limited liability and can sell stocks to anyone on the market, while private limited companies can't. Partnerships can have multiple owners (below 20) which…continue reading →

Industry Associations

What we've learnt about industry associations relates to our statement of inquiry (Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time) because trade associations can help groups of businesses in the same line of products to remain competitive against other different businesses. By doing so, they can educate these businesses, learn from different perspectives and also influence government or law that limits the businesses and their potentials.  This relates to the global context (orientation in space and time) because it can it can show how different groups of the same…continue reading →

Innovation vs Invention

During this unit we focused a lot on the differences and uniqueness of innovation and invention, which helps justify and let us understand our SOI (Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time). I've learnt that innovation is when an entrepreneur uses an existing process, idea or product and change it so that it fulfils needs and wants, while at the same time adding value to the market. Innovation and invention fits in the global context (orientation in space and time) because it shows how changing times can provide…continue reading →


Statement of Inquiry: Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time (change) 1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI? Many of the knowledge I've gained during this unit has helped me understand more about our SOI. I've seen that entrepreneurs need to innovate and come up with unique and varied ideas to remain competitive and successful in the long run. In class, we also looked at many case studies that helped support this. For example, we looked at a case study where a…continue reading →

How To Start A Business

In class, we learnt about how businesses run and function through researching into certain companies and learning their development throughout time and more about their backgrounds. These elements all tie into the relevant SOI and they helped us learn more about how entrepreneurs start their businesses. The specific business I looked into was IKEA, which was started by Ingvar Kamprad.  We looked into many of the challenges faced and major steps. To start a business, there are many steps that you must take. First, you need to make sure what it is that…continue reading →

Needs And Wants

During business, we also covered people's needs and wants and the obvious distinction between them. Sometimes people believe that some wants should be needs, but needs are specifically what is needed to survive while wants are used to enhance someone's living. The wants of different people usually vary, depending on their experience and statuses in the world. For example, a worker in Syria will probably have different wants from the average American because they will most likely have different living conditions and lower expectations that focus on supporting their lives. In other words,…continue reading →

What Is Business?

During the course of the year, I've developed better understanding of business and its elements. Business allows individuals or groups of people to do what they pursue and achieve things. Businesses are also usually connected to large organisations, companies and firms. All businesses also aim to gain more profit after selling to their audience. To have a good business, you need to clearly state your products and you will also need to have a business plan to support your self, especially if you're an entrepreneur. Business includes selling services and goods to customers…continue reading →

Drama Round-Off (Presentation)

What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about theatre? New drama techniques? Ways of performing? What did you learn about how to be a better performer? What are your big takeaways from Grade 8 Drama and how will it help you in the future? During the course of the year, I've learnt many different skills and techniques that can benefit my educational career. I found that especially in this year, I became a lot more engaged in drama in overall and I interacted more with different elements in both performing…continue reading →

Net Court Games Criterion D Reflection

Our Net Courts Games PE Unit is finally over. During this time, we mainly focused on two types of net court sports: volleyball and badminton. During our games and practices, we explored many different tactics and strategies that can be used to have an advantage in a game. During our badminton games, I found out that you have to use different plays that can't be easily anticipated to be the most successful. We also learnt to play the shuttlecock at different places of the net to make your opponent move, such as clearing it…continue reading →