Kevin PE Healthy Habits

Fitness My aim for fitness will be too "Take part in physical activities 3 times a week" and to walk "7000 steps a day" Sleep My aim for sleep will be to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night Food My aim for is to include at least 2 servings of green vegetables per day in your diet.continue reading →
Welcome to your iFolio

Welcome to your iFolio

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements. Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available. Before you…continue reading →

Heartbeat S.M.A.R.T Goals

S - In this heartbeat unit, I am aiming to improve at the Criterion C and D processes of the unit, more specifically my evaluation process. In previous design units, I have achieved generally quite well in  all aspects of the tasks, however I think that my reflecting and evaluating could go into more depth and detail. M -  Achieving the same grade, or one grade higher than my previous design task would indicate improvement and achievement of this goal. A - This is a personal and independant goal, and I will be the…continue reading →

Design Day Term 1

Today, we've had this year's design day where we were meant to focus on what we've learnt so far in Science and the human body, more specifically the concepts of the human heart. During the course of today, we've spent most of our time understanding the assignment which we will investigate for the following  weeks and the skills and goals we wish to develop and achieve this term in design, as well as participating in an activity where we made a functional model of a human heart valve. I had many key takeaways from…continue reading →

Business Ethics

SOI: Statement of Inquiry: Students understand that businesses interact in a global environment and are held accountable (ethics) by society for their actions During the course of my ethics unit in business, I've been able to really gain an understanding about the unit SOI and understand more about how businesses expand, function and become successful. By learning about the content of this unit, I have understood how businesses's actions and decisions can really impact their reputation and success both in the market and socially. An example can be, to reduce labor cost and increase manufacturing efficiency,…continue reading →

Design Crit D Evaluation

From this project, I have learnt a lot about using technology such as Illustrator and creating graphic novel sequences and attempt to illustrate a scenario which will be shown to a specified target audience. The use of visuals have a large impact on the message shown to an audience. Elements such as colour can influence the mood and atmosphere of characters and a setting, and different illustration styles can be used to illustrate the theme of your creations (e.g comical style to show a humorous and entertaining theme). The visuals that I utilised within…continue reading →

Chain of Production

The content that we have learnt for "Chain of Production" relates to our statement of inquiry understand that business operate within a system whose structure is influenced by external factors, as businesses all follow a system and are in some way interconnected. The chain of production works with the businesses in the primary sector involved in extracting raw materials,  and to be able to transport their materials to the secondary sector they will need the aid of the transportation services from the tertiary sector. In the secondary sector the products will be manufactured and the tertiary…continue reading →

Economics In Business

Over the last unit, me and my class have learned about basic business fundamentals, and this unit can clearly relate to the statement of inquiry about the structures of businesses. This is because external factors play a huge role on supply and demand curves in the market. This unit can also relate to the relevant global context. This is because all the buyers, sellers and suppliers can potentially cause great changes in the demand/supply curves in the market. We also went in dept about economic shocks and how many different factors can influence them such as taxations, consumer…continue reading →

Competition in Business

During this unit, I have learnt about the competition that businesses have in order to work towards a common objective, most commonly to become successful in the market . I have learnt about different competitors that are focused in the same industry, such as the technology industry, as well as indirect and direct competition. What I've learnt in this unit relates to the relevant inquiry question "Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time", as we've seen how different companies work hard to be more successful in the long…continue reading →

Design Day Reflection

We just had another design day earlier this week, and it was quite an interesting experience again. Our new project this design term is to create a digital graphic novel panel sequence. This project requires us to gain new skills such as learning to use Adobe Illustrator. During our design day, we worked on a large portion of our criterion A study and we've been able to get a decent understanding of our task and the design specifications. We were firstly presented with a task to reword our design challenge and understand what…continue reading →

Types of Organisations

At the end part of our unit, I have learnt about the different types of organisations and companies that businesses include. These include Private limited companies, Public limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. These types of businesses are very important and are tied to our SOI because each business has their own unique areas that can help the entrepreneur become successful. An example is that Public limited companies have limited liability and can sell stocks to anyone on the market, while private limited companies can't. Partnerships can have multiple owners (below 20) which…continue reading →

Industry Associations

What we've learnt about industry associations relates to our statement of inquiry (Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time) because trade associations can help groups of businesses in the same line of products to remain competitive against other different businesses. By doing so, they can educate these businesses, learn from different perspectives and also influence government or law that limits the businesses and their potentials.  This relates to the global context (orientation in space and time) because it can it can show how different groups of the same…continue reading →

Innovation vs Invention

During this unit we focused a lot on the differences and uniqueness of innovation and invention, which helps justify and let us understand our SOI (Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time). I've learnt that innovation is when an entrepreneur uses an existing process, idea or product and change it so that it fulfils needs and wants, while at the same time adding value to the market. Innovation and invention fits in the global context (orientation in space and time) because it shows how changing times can provide…continue reading →


Statement of Inquiry: Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time (change) 1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI? Many of the knowledge I've gained during this unit has helped me understand more about our SOI. I've seen that entrepreneurs need to innovate and come up with unique and varied ideas to remain competitive and successful in the long run. In class, we also looked at many case studies that helped support this. For example, we looked at a case study where a…continue reading →

How To Start A Business

In class, we learnt about how businesses run and function through researching into certain companies and learning their development throughout time and more about their backgrounds. These elements all tie into the relevant SOI and they helped us learn more about how entrepreneurs start their businesses. The specific business I looked into was IKEA, which was started by Ingvar Kamprad.  We looked into many of the challenges faced and major steps. To start a business, there are many steps that you must take. First, you need to make sure what it is that…continue reading →

Needs And Wants

During business, we also covered people's needs and wants and the obvious distinction between them. Sometimes people believe that some wants should be needs, but needs are specifically what is needed to survive while wants are used to enhance someone's living. The wants of different people usually vary, depending on their experience and statuses in the world. For example, a worker in Syria will probably have different wants from the average American because they will most likely have different living conditions and lower expectations that focus on supporting their lives. In other words,…continue reading →

What Is Business?

During the course of the year, I've developed better understanding of business and its elements. Business allows individuals or groups of people to do what they pursue and achieve things. Businesses are also usually connected to large organisations, companies and firms. All businesses also aim to gain more profit after selling to their audience. To have a good business, you need to clearly state your products and you will also need to have a business plan to support your self, especially if you're an entrepreneur. Business includes selling services and goods to customers…continue reading →

Drama Round-Off (Presentation)

What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about theatre? New drama techniques? Ways of performing? What did you learn about how to be a better performer? What are your big takeaways from Grade 8 Drama and how will it help you in the future? During the course of the year, I've learnt many different skills and techniques that can benefit my educational career. I found that especially in this year, I became a lot more engaged in drama in overall and I interacted more with different elements in both performing…continue reading →

Net Court Games Criterion D Reflection

Our Net Courts Games PE Unit is finally over. During this time, we mainly focused on two types of net court sports: volleyball and badminton. During our games and practices, we explored many different tactics and strategies that can be used to have an advantage in a game. During our badminton games, I found out that you have to use different plays that can't be easily anticipated to be the most successful. We also learnt to play the shuttlecock at different places of the net to make your opponent move, such as clearing it…continue reading →

Design Approaches To Learning

After this Design Day session with all the teachers, I feel like I have a decent understanding and idea about the project. I think I did fine in my approaches to learning as I asked Mr.Larson a few questions regarding the design unit and some techniques we need to know. I also think I did well in collaborating with my group, as I didn't have many objections and I also gave some of my own ideas for the fruit packaging activity. But for my time management, I think I did satisfactory because although…continue reading →

Waste Not, Want Not 2

During the time I was given to create a SketchUp model of my container, I experimented with some of the elements that I was introduced to. I used different shapes and made them 3d and see how the effect was. In the end, I came up with a decent model of my "Bag-nana" and I used some simple shapes (cuboids) to make it look similar to my container in real life. I also made transparent slits to allow the "consumers" to get a "preview" of  the product. From this session, I learnt a…continue reading →

Waste Not, Want Not

The package for my banana was a "Bag-Nana". It was basically a purse for my banana. It was a casing that had a flap to keep the banana in the bag, while a hole at the top allowed the banana to breath so it didn't rot. I think this was a pretty decent tactic to hold and keep a banana safe, as it protected it, looked visually appealing and was efficient and easy to carry. It was also light enough, as it was made of paper and was more or less the weight of…continue reading →

16 Bar Chords Composition

FI included many different choices and elements in my 16 bar composition summative. I created my piece in the key signature of G major (with one sharp, F) and I used the electric guitar as my melody instrument and a piano as the backing, which has 2 different clefs. I chose the piano because it contrasts well with string instruments and has good texture in its sound. Here are some of my choices and why I've included them: I chose the 3/4 time because I thought that it suited the basic melody and…continue reading →

Music Playing Test Criterion D – Reflection

Yesterday, we had a music test with our instruments. We were instructed to play both the scales we've learnt in class and the song "Simple Gifts". We were each called into Mr.Dachos room to perform individually. In overall, I think I played very well and I had decent intonation. So far this year, I think I've learnt some more information and tricks about theory. I understood more about notes in both clefs and some musical vocabulary and their representations (DC Alfin, Double bar lines etc.) and tips and trips in discovering major scales…continue reading →

Design Day Ifolio Post

When you were younger, what series of Science books did you enjoy most and why? Usually fictional science books that involved adventure and some action which aren't really related to the real and current world and more of a sci-fi category What features do these books have compared to adult focused books? Give examples. In what way do they aid understanding? These books are less connected with our current daily lives and more inside a imaginary world where there aren't many morals or lessons to be learned What are some features that make…continue reading →

End Of Percentage Unit

Why doesn't a 20% discount followed by a 20% markup get you back to your original price: Because after the discount, you are marking up from a different and smaller price. Since you are increasing a smaller initial price, your new price will thus be less than the original. How do companies make a profit?: Companies make profit by increasing their wholesale price of the products they buy from suppliers  by adding a markup percentage. If a company sells their product for its wholesale price, they will get a revenue but no profit, but…continue reading →

PE Parkour Reflection-2014

It's finally been the start the of a new school year! Now let me get started by writting this evaluation of my parkour performance during the past unit (the first one). During my assessment, I utilized many different skills I’ve obtained during class. I applied all of my understandings of the five key points: force, flow, level, space and time and did my best to use them in my performance. I used all of them in some certain parts of my composition, for example when I was supposed to perform a wall run…continue reading →

French Last Term Reflection

During this last term in French with Madame Nobert, I learned a good supply of French relating to clothing, shopping and eating foods. We also had a fun year with each other because Mrs. Nobert allowed us to learn many new skills that can benefit our overall understanding of French cultures and vocabulary. What made our year even more pleasant was that we also played many games that allowed us to interact and socialise to practice our French. I think I improved a lot in my French speaking and vocabulary and I thoroughly…continue reading →

Science Kinetic Molecular Theory Trial

The day that we determine whether a point of the 8 points of KMT are false is finally over. We had a semi-official summative task with our class, one side defending the 8 points of KMT and the other prosecuting it. Comprising of the trial was the head lawmaker (our teacher), along with 3 lawyers for each side, 2 juries for each side, a bailiff and the rest of us as expert witnesses.   Do you agree with the jury’s verdict? Why or why not? Include at least 5 facts from evidence that…continue reading →

Science Classification Quiz Reflection

Recently, I completed a science quiz that was based on taxonomy and classification and I achieved a score of 4/6. I definitely think I could've done better and gotten a 5. What I found easy in this quiz was the 3rd part, where we had to name some basic background information of a kingdom. I found this easy because it was just reciting something we memorised. What I found hard about this was the 1st question was that I didn't exactly focus on how scientists classify. I could definitely practice in dept more…continue reading →

Digital Work Example #1

Throughout this year, we each created a variety of digital work using technology and software that the school provided to us. My most favorite piece of digital work was a book cover I designed with the C.R.A.P elements contrast, repetition, allignment and proximity. I also included many artwork and images cited from Creative Commons that were related and provided a hint about the story's context. I really like the use of colour, tinting and organisation of my book cover and it is why I selected it as my most well-created and favorite design…continue reading →

CAS Week- Chiang Mai Community and Service Adventure

The CAS trip to rural Chiang Rai in Thailand was an educating and memorable one. We tried out many challenging and entertaining activities both out door and in door, while at the same time bonding with fellow students and friends. What I found most important of this trip is how it benefitted others and helped the less-developed schools for the community and service part of this school.   In Thailand, I received many new experiences and privileges that I’ve never had before. These included cooking delicious and mouth-watering Thai cuisine and making fires…continue reading →

Criterion A: Algebra Assessment

Overall, I think did satisfactory during my latest math test, which was on algebra. Luckily, I've learnt algebra before and I had quite a lot of prior knowledge based on my learnings. I achieved a 7/8 for the criterion and I got most of the questions correct. Although, I've also been careless as I've missed one variable when I was calculating an expression. The rest of my mistakes were miscalculations and for one problem, miscommunication since I didn't understand one of the questions. My biggest mistake was on the last question, which I…continue reading →

Design Documentaries: The Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple!

[vimeo][/vimeo] Group Documentary Reflection After going through the design specifications, I found out that our documentary fitted all of them except that we didn’t exactly include a picture of how our destination was like in the old days when it was just being built.  Although, we included a documentary of good quality and it also informed our audience about the significance of our site. We followed an interesting presentation style by following a tour quest where we went back in time to show the development of our site. While we were preparing for…continue reading →

English Short Story

The Lesson Of A Lifetime Kevin Moral: Lessons are not given, they are taken. Farmer Del sat down onto his shed with his head in his hands. As usual, he was thinking about his life and his living conditions. The cunning and organized farmer lived in a peaceful and calm plantation in the South of Ireland. He was single and lived in a compact shed that had barely enough room for him. He was a happy man with a wife until they started a bitter fight about their future and their wealth, which…continue reading →