French Last Term Reflection

by 090282 on June 3, 2014

During this last term in French with Madame Nobert, I learned a good supply of French relating to clothing, shopping and eating foods. We also had a fun year with each other because Mrs. Nobert allowed us to learn many new skills that can benefit our overall understanding of French cultures and vocabulary. What made our year even more pleasant was that we also played many games that allowed us to interact and socialise to practice our French. I think I improved a lot in my French speaking and vocabulary and I thoroughly enjoyed this year.


Science Kinetic Molecular Theory Trial

by 090282 on May 30, 2014

The day that we determine whether a point of the 8 points of KMT are false is finally over. We had a semi-official summative task with our class, one side defending the 8 points of KMT and the other prosecuting it. Comprising of the trial was the head lawmaker (our teacher), along with 3 lawyers for each side, 2 juries for each side, a bailiff and the rest of us as expert witnesses.

  Do you agree with the jury’s verdict? Why or why not? Include at least 5 facts from evidence that was presented during the trial.

I more or less agree with the jury’s verdict for the defence team to win. I think that both sides performed decent experiments to prove their cause, although some were clearer than others. Although, I would count it as a tie.

1) Jason and Russell’s experiment wasn’t much of an investigation. It also didn’t prove much of KMT as they didn’t explain the changes and the properties of the matter in their experiment. They also used unclear information when they tried to prove marbles were solid by poking them even though there were spaces between them. Some other groups in defence lacked reliable recorded evidence of their experiment.

2) Kevin and Andrew’s experiment only proved 1 part of KMT correct because of their edits, although this last piece of evidence proved the point 6 false as according to KMT, the water took a long time to boil and only the skin of the water emitted gas.

3) Pei Yu’s experiment determined a possible theory of Oobleck and how it changes state depending on the amount of pressure on it. If this is correct, it may be able to prove the evidence of some prosecution team groups incorrect of Oobleck and how it’s phase change proves KMT incorrect

4) Many people say that Kareen and Miyuki’s investigation of salt melting ice is unreliable because they kept the heat and cold air convecting as the freezer door was open, although because they kept the freezer going for a while with a closed freezer door the temperature of the ice would be kept at colder than room temperature, so the ice cube wouldn’t melt within the heat while being exposed with the door open.

5) Lastly, one or two groups from both sides were unable to prove parts of their presentations, and many just answered “common sense” which isn’t a reliable reason. Some people also didn’t justify if there were particles in a certain matter, for example one group could not exactly prove there were particles inside a balloon after putting it in water.


What was your job? Explain how you fulfilled your responsibilities.

I fulfilled my responsibilities as a jury by being mostly unbiased and being reasonable by communicating with my other fellow juries to find equal and right decisions to rate the legitimacy of a presentation. As a presenter, I spoke my assigned dialogue quite clearly. My investigation was about how when you boil water at 100C it boils faster than that of 200C. This is a natural reaction of the water, which proves it as a straight forward and structured evidence that proves both points 6 and 8 of KMT inaccurate.


Science Classification Quiz Reflection

by 090282 on May 23, 2014

Recently, I completed a science quiz that was based on taxonomy and classification and I achieved a score of 4/6. I definitely think I could’ve done better and gotten a 5. What I found easy in this quiz was the 3rd part, where we had to name some basic background information of a kingdom. I found this easy because it was just reciting something we memorised.

What I found hard about this was the 1st question was that I didn’t exactly focus on how scientists classify. I could definitely practice in dept more for the future tests, especially science to achieve higher marks.

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Digital Work Example #1

by 090282 on May 23, 2014

Throughout this year, we each created a variety of digital work using technology and software that the school provided to us. My most favorite piece of digital work was a book cover I designed with the C.R.A.P elements contrast, repetition, allignment and proximity. I also included many artwork and images cited from Creative Commons that were related and provided a hint about the story’s context. I really like the use of colour, tinting and organisation of my book cover and it is why I selected it as my most well-created and favorite design assignment.


The CAS trip to rural Chiang Rai in Thailand was an educating and memorable one. We tried out many challenging and entertaining activities both out door and in door, while at the same time bonding with fellow students and friends. What I found most important of this trip is how it benefitted others and helped the less-developed schools for the community and service part of this school.


In Thailand, I received many new experiences and privileges that I’ve never had before. These included cooking delicious and mouth-watering Thai cuisine and making fires and bamboo sheds in jungle survival, while we also performed rigorous and tiresome activities such as hours of kayaking and a confidence course made with obstacles above a makeshift pond. Other activities we’ve done were tightrope walking over an airborne obstacle course, a brisk hike up a hill, archery, visiting a rural village and a variety of midnight games.


But the most crucial and important part of CAS was helping the children in Thailand. Many children in Thailand are poor, especially in the rural and isolated villages. Together, with my fellow students, we mixed cement for people who lived in the village and were uneducated. It was hard work, but I was very happy to help those in need. We also spent a few hours playing with the kids of a local school by playing tag and soccer with them. They all seemed to have a lot of fun and many younger children were lining up to get piggy-backed by me! Once again, I had a ton of fun and I’m sure my friends and my roommates did too.


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Criterion A: Algebra Assessment

by 090282 on May 21, 2014

Overall, I think did satisfactory during my latest math test, which was on algebra. Luckily, I’ve learnt algebra before and I had quite a lot of prior knowledge based on my learnings. I achieved a 7/8 for the criterion and I got most of the questions correct. Although, I’ve also been careless as I’ve missed one variable when I was calculating an expression. The rest of my mistakes were miscalculations and for one problem, miscommunication since I didn’t understand one of the questions. My biggest mistake was on the last question, which I got wrong as I forgot to use the pythagorean theorem during my calculations. I did well on the basic and logical algebra problems, and next time I could perhaps look over my math booklet more often to make myself more prepared for the future tests that I am going to take.



Group Documentary Reflection

After going through the design specifications, I found out that our documentary fitted all of them except that we didn’t exactly include a picture of how our destination was like in the old days when it was just being built.  Although, we included a documentary of good quality and it also informed our audience about the significance of our site. We followed an interesting presentation style by following a tour quest where we went back in time to show the development of our site. While we were preparing for our presentations, we utilized many online sources and jotted them down on an organiser (Link). If I had to improve my movie, I would use an extended microphone to make our voices more clear and louder.

Personal Reflection:

During this task, I personally think I did well as I’ve contributed to some ideas that my group made up to help our documentary be better. Based on the feedback of my peers, I did well in managing my items (I came up with using a microphone in the beginning). Although, I definitely could of appeared more in the documentary as I didn’t really get shown during our presentations, although I did a brief voiceover. I could’ve done this by maybe stepping into one of my recordings of the Sikh community at work and explained about the services they provide, such as free food when I was filming the kitchen.


English Short Story

by 090282 on April 8, 2014

The Lesson Of A Lifetime Kevin

Moral: Lessons are not given, they are taken.

Farmer Del sat down onto his shed with his head in his hands. As usual, he was thinking about his life and his living conditions. The cunning and organized farmer lived in a peaceful and calm plantation in the South of Ireland. He was single and lived in a compact shed that had barely enough room for him. He was a happy man with a wife until they started a bitter fight about their future and their wealth, which led to a divorce. People who came by to look at the crops next to his shed consistently misunderstood it as a dump, which embarrassed him greatly. For generations, his family had been farmers, harvesting wheat and corn and others. The shed only had a small bed stained with dirt and barley husks that smelled like wet mud. His salvaged sofa, which he picked up from a scrap yard, had a large hole on the seat that had cotton bursting. It made an ear-piercing screech every time one sat on it. Because he couldn’t afford expensive food, he ate  oatmeal porridge every morning. He was lucky to own a heater, so during winter he did not freeze.

Farmer Del’s past life was tragic. He had a decent amount money and his wife was still with him at that time. But one day, a fellow businessman he met at school advised him to bet in the casino. The farmer was quite stubborn and spent all his money on chips, but sadly lost all them. In the blink of an eye, he went bankrupt. This led to his divorcement and caused him to live in his pathetic home.

Every morning, he would go out to the fields and work in his fields. Then, at midday, he would come home, ravenous. He would eat and continue working until dark. After that, he would wash his face, read the free news papers supplied by the representative of the town. Then he would fall straight into bed and sleep. The next day, he would repeat the routine. Only on Sundays, he would go to the market and sell all his vegetables to the grocers there and collect his pay. His dream was to live a decent life.  Now, he wanted money. He wanted to be rich. He ignored the greed that gradually overwhelmed him and he silently kept his thoughts to himself.

On a certain Sunday of a week, the farmer went to the market in the center of the town. He got on his large run-down tractor and loaded his stock of food. The tractor was quite worn out, but it was one of the farmer’s most important and expensive possessions as he owned for more than a decade. The trip to the market usually took half a day. The lonely farmer usually spent his time there pondering over th how he would manage his life in the future. When he got to the market, he heaved his load of stock into the market stalls and sold them to Mr.Ben, a local shopkeeper.

He was busy unloading the stock when he saw a newspaper stand. He took a copy and read over the fresh news papers. The man at the stand yelled: “Newspapers for sale! Celebrity moves into Yarksville”. The bold letters on the front page said “Retired Celebrity Pop Singer John Tuff Moves to Yarksville”. Yarksville, the farmer thought. That was near where he lived. Because of the peacefulness of the plantations, that was an ideal area for retirement and there was a reserved area there for rich residents. He took the newspaper copy home along with his earnings and left on the long trip back to his shed.

Life went on and Farmer Del continued to work day and night to support his living. But during this winter, the old heater he had broke down. Because of this tragedy, he had to continue life that month by freezing until his limbs were rigid.

“How much worse can life be?”  He thought to himself. “How can I go on like this? Life will be impossible”.

But one winter day, the celebrity John Tuff came across by himself to look at the crops. Farmer Del noticed him and came over to him. “How may I help you sir?”, he exclaimed patiently. Mr.Tuff eyed him for a while and replied, “I have overseen your production of greens. I would be glad to offer you a job as my main supplier. Every week, you may come to my house to deliver your finest greens. I will pay you twice of money you earn from the market stalls”.

Farmer Del knew that only a fool wood reject such a fabulous deal. Immediately, he started working for Mr.Tuff. Once again, the sunny morning on Sunday, he walked to Mr.Tuff’s garage to give him his supply of vegetables. ”I am very grateful to be working for you, dear sir. I am sure I will supply you with the best vegetables I have”. John Tuff replied: “Please carry your stock and put them into my closet” as he pointed towards a corner in the room. The farmer promised Mr.Tuff, as he surveyed Mr.Tuff’s vast garage. It was five times the size of his home and there were a couple old automobiles in a line. The place was also littered with iron models of famous buildings of the world. A glass chandelier shone radiant beams of light everywhere and the farmer was very envious of John Tuff’s household.

Farmer Del opened the closet and spotted a drawer on the side. While, he was lifting the vegetables in, he opened the drawer and peeked inside. Inside the drawer were rolls of Irish pounds bundled up together. The farmer estimated about 1000 pounds, which was enough to help improve his life and possibly expand his shed and allow him to buy more household items.

“Are you finished yet?” a voice called to him, startling the farmer

“Why yes sir, I should be leaving now” Farmer Del replied, nervously picking up his crates. He immediately set off home

. On the way back, he gazed towards the sea horizon. It was a vibrant mixture of orange and red, as it was the afternoon. He thought about his encounter with the cash in the closet. He was wondering about how life would be with it. How his dream of having his life improved can be fulfilled. Then, he thought about his early betting years and how he lost all his money. He might as well take his chances and try to take the money. If he succeeded, he would be richer. If he didn’t he would probably face criminal charges if he got caught. He was old and he decided that going to prison was a young man’s game. All of this made his head hurt, so all he did was go home and take a nap. “I have a week to think about what I should do. That should be enough time.” The confident farmer thought to himself.

The one week passed quickly and the farmer got ready to haul in his cargo again for Mr.Tuff. Despite this, he still didn’t know if he should touch the 10000 pounds. He decided the risks were too high.

”You sure are early today, my friend!” John Tuff welcomed him brightly.

“Of course sir, I have to make sure that what you receive is of the best quality.” He walked over to the closet where he loaded his vegetables

He peeked at the money nervously.He thought about what he should do. Taking the money was a very large risk. His life would also be affected greatly if he landed in jail. Once again, he was the young man who bet in the casino years ago. The man who always lost. And yet, he was taking a bet right now and the outcome was already decided.

 His hands shivered as he picked up the thick roll of banknotes. He had large trousers in his pants that were especially made for farmers so they can be able to stuff packets of seeds in them. But unbeknownst to him, the pockets had holes the size of apples in them. He was wandering out the room when John Tuff came in. Farmer Del stopped abruptly, causing notes to fall out one by one. John Tuff was very surprised.


“You didn’t just…”


The farmer knew what was in stock for him. He tried to leave the room and run off, but Tuff’s driver held him back. In a few minutes a police car drove off and escorted him to the Police station. He couldn’t believe what he just did. He was kept in a cell for a whole night. The next day, a young, kind warden supervising him started chatting with him.

“Hey matie, what’cha do te get yerself land in here?” He asked curiously.

The farmer was grateful to have someone to talk to, so he replied:”I stole a thousand pounds from John Tuff, my neighbor”.

The warden seemed very surprised: “Yer mean der new celebrity who moved into Yarksville?  Yer do have some guts man!” All Farmer Del did was sigh.

Then the farmer shared his life story with the warden. The warden was very interested the story and looked like a child listening to a fairytale. The warden seemed very emotional and dabbed at his eyes with his handkerchief

“I see yer story sir. I very hope yer can live a happier life. Ya see, even I have a wife and a child. All I like to do is teh see them happy everyday. I bet you can have the same life when yer come out of yer 18 month prison sentence matie.” The warden said.

The 18 month sentence seemed like forever. During the time, the farmer reflected on his life. Surprisingly, some of his inmates had also stolen or broken the law because of poverty or longing for something. But the farmer still blamed himself of what had happened because it was still because of his greed that he stole the money. Since he was caught in jail, not only could he not keep the money, but he still had to serve a sentence. His life was in ruins, but he finally understood what he should do. With a confident mind he continued an optimistic life in prison and knowing his fellow cellmates.


2 years later…


Farmer Del, or now known as Mr.Del, strolled on the streets in an old Ford’s special, with a blue gradient paint job and shiny headlights. He returned to his house a bid after and he gazed towards the radiant chandelier hanging above his head that welcomed him with a blaze of yellow light. He was greeted with a rapid burst of “Daddy” from his daughters. He turned around and sat at his seat to watch the news on the latest innovation, the black and white television. Without serving his sentence, he might’ve not understood the meaning of his life and what he should do. Now, his dreams have achieved and finally, his life was peaceful.


French Year Reflection

by 090282 on April 8, 2014

  • Throughout the year, I think I contributed quite consistently in group projects and conversations. I stayed on task most of the time, but occasionally I may be be distracted by small things irrelevant to French. I don’t raise my hand as much as much during class conversations although I like to shout out words and answers that I know when my teacher asks me things.

I find French class very interesting and I am quite enthusiastic about it. This is because I try my best to understand and learn more French. Another reason is because I like Madame Nobert’s learning strategy. as she uses many different events to be joyful while learning French. So far I don’t exactly dislike anything about French class.

Now my two goals to improve on is to participate more in class and raising my hand to answer questions that I know. I will also probably try my best to listen in class to prevent confusion in work. Most important of all, I should review what we’ve learnt so far in order to be ready for surprise quizs and assessments.I am planning to study the French content for 15-20 min each day so slowly, I will become more familiar with the work.





我最常 乘坐的交通工具是巴士和出租車。出租車可以載四個人左右,而且它還非常舒服。巴士比出租車大很多,而且最多可以載一百五十個乘客!雖然巴士沒有出租車舒服,但是我自己覺得它非常環保。一部巴士消耗的汽油何小車的汽油差不多,但是它卻可以載那麼多人。我自己也認為八十的費用更便宜和方便。

香港的交通工具都幫到了人民很多。要是沒有了它們 ,我們進進出出就會很不方便。


Drama Group Performance Reflection

by 090282 on March 24, 2014


Recently in Drama, we performed a specified fairy tale chosen by our teacher, Ms.Kaoustus. During  the act, we utilised all the key drama techniques. Our main techniques used were thought-tracking, conscience alley and narration. Thought-tracking was very effective in our play, which was about Hansel and Gretel, which is more of a scary, horror genre. It shows the thoughts of the characters and gives foreshadowing in the plot of the act. Conscience alleys apply the same suspense during the plot and enhances the story which develops a mystical feeling for the audience. Narration is very basic, but it is crucial in my story because you always have to introduce ideas to the audience in order to allow them to thoroughly the settings and events going on.

This formative was fine, although one of my group mates missed 2 out of 3 rehearsals, so we had to assign him a minor role. Even though this happened, I still found the play smooth with the exception of some minor mistakes such as vague forgotten narrations. I would still encourage group projects. During the play, I found our word twist “son of a witch” quite humorous.

So far in drama, we’ve learnt many types of new techniques including the ones I’ve listed yesterday. We’ve also learnt choral speaking, decent posturing and a bit of articulation. Drama classes have so far allowed me to develop new understandings of performing and at the same time I have improved my prior knowledge of drama.


Design Day #2: MTR Condemning Us? Not Today!

by 090282 on March 20, 2014

This task was very interesting as I’ve never done anything like this before. I personally think that my movie have both pros and cons and  I can definitely improve on it. It was effective when we deliberately captured large areas of the LLAC (our main focus for the documentary) to show its vast size, which is explained during the recordings. We also used large voices to project loudly and we kept our hands still so the videos we record can be of the best quality.

I think my personal strength in this project was organising the group into their roles. I also organised most of of the speech and the notes. I could definitely improve on working better with a team member who doesn’t stay on task so we can achieve more.


TAP Goals

by 090282 on March 19, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have recently came up with a few goals that I can continue achieving throughout the year.

Goal #1: I need to have good use with my resources (folders, binders, etc.) so I can be more organised. This way, I can prevent loosing homework and projects and I can allow them to remain neat. I can do this by using my resources well.

Goal #2: To improve on my reflections using detailed vocabulary and neatness. I can do this by using key vocabulary advised by my teachers/peers and I can also constantly compare it to the criteria.

Goal #3: To remember to check my math so I can have better grades for my criterion D marks and at the same time, I can be more organised in following directions.



Year Of The Horse Music Reflection

by 090282 on March 19, 2014

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese New Years performance that everyone in my grade participated in concluded. We started rehearsing the music piece for the performance in January, which seemed like a long time ago. I found the piece very artistic. By that I meant that the rhythm and melody was very simple but appealing to the ear. The tune also had a very obvious tint of Chinese music, so I found it as a very decent song and very suitable for this particular event.

At the end of January and the beginning of February, we had 3 rehearsals together in preparation for the actual event. I found all of the rehearsals quite simple and painless, although we had some issues with our amps. I mainly found it easy because I remembered my guitar fingerings quite well so I was well prepared for them.

During our performance, we were supposed to wear red shirts with a drawing of horse head. During our last rehearsal (it was a dress rehearsal), the orders of the shirts finally came through. Unlike many others, I found my shirt perfect for me in size. The shirt’s design was very simple but the horse design was very explicit.

In overall, I enjoyed participation in the Chinese New Year performance because I wanted to help make the performance better and contribute to the band. I was also happy because wanted to play and interact with my bass guitar a bit more because I am unable to play at hope because I do not own an amp. The actual performance was very well run, with many interesting special effects such as the smoke and additional lighting/sound effects. I was also addicted to playing the song chorus over and over again.

During the Chinese New Year performance, I found some development in my personal growth. First of all, I definitely did improve on my control of the bass guitar and how a band runs, but this is very minor. Because I was also assigned as the Bass group leader, I found a change in responsibility. All my other bass players fooled around, but I found that I actually cared for the performance (unlike them) and tried my best to make us sound good. I have to say, this performance was a great experience.


Process Of Writing My Short Story

by 090282 on March 8, 2014

Another reflection on the same day! Well, during my English class we finally had to hand in our final copy of our short story. We’ve spent a couple of weeks working on the story and it was quite challenging when I was supposed to give my story a decent introduction. I was pondering about the ways I could make it interesting and engaging to the reader. I finally decided to start it off from the middle to give the reader a feeling wanting more. Another thing I found quite challenging was to explain my moral to give it a clear meaning in the story.

During the process, I looked over the other short stories we’ve read. Mrs.Nielson also provided us some information of how short stories can be improved, so I’ve learnt many of the elements of a short story. This helped a lot and helped me feel comfortable with my final product. I think I can still improve my story by maybe making some parts a bit more catchy and including more dialogue because I think I spent too long describing items in my story. On Tuesday, when we were supposed to peer edit our stories, I gave mine to my friend but my friend still haven’t given it back to me, so I don’t think peer editing helped a lot. Overall, I feel comfortable with my story.


Polygon Area Patterns: Criterion B

by 090282 on March 7, 2014

Last week, we completed a math assessment that I found quite challenging. It was about the patterns of the number of angles inside and outside a polygon.  These polygons were classified by their number of sides and we had to see the numerical relationships between them. We also had to find the  sequences for the relationships, which were similar to our first assessment. After looking at the interior angles and outer angle relationship, we also needed to find the sequence and patterning on the area, interior angles and outer angles of a polygon with interior units inside it. I could’ve gave more examples to strengthen my sequence and to achieve higher marks and I think I achieved an average mark for it.


Science Create A Bird Summative Reflection

by 090282 on February 12, 2014

I’ve recently completed a summative where we were assigned to create a species of bird. We had to list the behavioural and structural adaptations of the animal, along with its natural habitat and how it received one of its adaptations through natural selection. My bird was named the Spear Raptor, or the Deviquil Boatriscus. A behavioural adaptation it has is that they usually rub their wings together to preserve heat, while a structural adaptation is that they have colourful tail for attracting mates.

What I think I did well was that I think I was quite creative in coming up with adaptations, such as the colourful tail. I also believe I did a decent job at summarising the environment, which was the savannah. A reason why this environment benefitted the Spear Raptors was because it provided many prey, while the bark of the trees allowed the birds to camouflage.

There are a few things I definitely could improve on. First of all, I should always cite my sources using MLA format, which I didn’t do on my document. I could of made my wings on my bird slightly longer to show that they were more elliptical.


CAS Reflection

by 090282 on January 17, 2014

For our school years in the upper school, we all have to participate for community service in school and out of school. I’ve so far participated in two small community service activities at school. One of them is that I am a digital ambassador, so I seldom assist my friends with technical difficulties and I also attend specific meetings.  Another is that I am in the photography team, so I take pictures of many activities at school, which can be selected to be presented in the yearbook. This can benefit the CDNIS community. Although, I haven’t participated in any community and service activities outside of school and I am currently looking for suitable times for me to participate and help out. This is mostly because my times are tight, so it is hard for me to find a decent job. Now, I am trying to participate in a clean up or environment-related service activity.


Art Exhibition Pieces

by 090282 on January 10, 2014

This is my first art piece for my art exhibition (shapes and space) and the fruit composition:


The results of my previous test has finally come to me. I received a 6/8 criterion A and 5/6 for criterion D. In overall, I think I did a satisfactory  job, although I think I could’ve done way better. The rational number skills I am strong at are converting rational numbers to decimals and dividing fractions. I am also consistent at changing fractions into negative or positive numbers by their signs. Other than that, I still need to work on inspecting the questions and graphics properly before answering them in order to increase the chances of getting them correct. I will also need to work on recording +/-/x/÷ sentences on a number line and drawing graphs in order to show working outs and representing information. I should also spend more time practicing for  the future tests and reviewing my work to be more practiced at my weaknesses.

A strategy for learning that worked for me during this unit was listening in class and jotting down notes and points. my information. I also want to improve on reading my notes and my math book for reviewing tests.


Music-Blues Unit Reflection

by 090282 on January 2, 2014

Hello fellow readers. For a long session I was taught about the principles and genres of all blues songs. We’ve listened to numerous blues songs and we’ve handed many work tasks in. Thus, I would like to share my learnings and understanding and learnings with you.

Over this session of 8 weeks, I learnt more of the blues music for numerous reasons. First of all, I learnt about many blues artists and songs, such as the Stairway To Heaven and the sensation Elvis Presley. I also learnt more about the pattern of the blues songs and the elements of it. An example of this is that Each 12 bar blues solo has two sections and the bottom section is made of a pattern of different chords.

I’ve listened to many blues songs so far, but my favorite is the Veggimite Reggae version of Stairway to Heaven. The other blues songs we’ve listened to in class are also quite well and all of them had a lot in common. Before, I never watched any blues music. Although now, I sometimes listen to some blues songs on youtube to understand more about the style, although I still mostly listen to other songs instead.

I even socialised about blues with a few people. I talked to my friends about blues to clarify and share the elements of a blues composition and they all found it quite interesting. I enjoyed all of the blues songs we’ve played before because they all sounded well and weren’t that complexed. I also found it interesting because it was quite motivating in rhythm, which made me never get bored of it.

I always played my best during class, although I didn’t ever be a blues soloist, so I can’t really reflect on how that felt, but my guitar strumming stood out and was quite loud. Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the blues composition because it was was quite confusing at first and I had to do some extra research to develop some more understandings about its components.

There were many parts and components to this large unit, but the best part of this unit in my perspective was probably listening to the songs and comparing the different modifications done to Stairway to Heaven. By listening to the songs, we learnt more about the components of a blues song and the tune/melody. I really enjoyed the songs a lot because they were filled with action and appealing to the ear. In overall, I found this unit quite well because we learnt many new knowledge and we showed them by making our own creative solos.


Final Book Jacket

by 090282 on December 1, 2013

Please do this survey about my book cover. It sure will help me a lot if you did!




Design Book Cover-Survey

by 090282 on November 30, 2013

Please do this survey about my book cover. It sure will help me a lot if you did!




Design Book Jackets- MockUps

by 090282 on November 11, 2013



The Lorax is a brilliant example of human ingenuity and the aftermath of human inventions. The same theory applies to the movie, as the creation of the clothing and items from tropula trees resulted as the extinction of all the tropula trees. The rest of the land slowly faded away and was erased from Earth, because of the expansion of the Once-lers business. More factories and workers resulted in more land that are taken up.

Soon, when the last tropula tree was gone and the workers left, the Once-ler finally realised his fault but it was too late to correct his mistake. This is a cautionary video because it tells us a lesson: If we use the technology or methods that may harm the environment, we should always keep the conclusion in mind.

The “Lorax” is related to the news article because they all go by the same process. First, people create an artificial beach for their own leisure and fun, but many of them may not understand the consequences of this action. Large numbers of marine animals will suffer from this action, while we may not even know. It is the same as the plot in the Lorax movie, except we are the once-ler and the marine animals suffering from this are the the tropula trees and fleeing animals. This news article relates to the AOI’s “Environment” as most of our actions and ingenuity/creativity result in the pollution and negative effects on the environment. A few examples are: When we build factories to make machines, we create pollution and take up space, which harms the environment. Another example is when we cut trees to make houses, we destroy the trees and make them scarce, which also harms the environment.

Link to Article:

Link to Lorax Movie:


Science Mini Reflection

by 090282 on November 1, 2013

I used to think that science was just trying to invent and change the technology used in the world. I only thought about these because I’ve mainly though about these because of the books and TV shows I’ve read and watched when I was younger. I read the newspapers a few times and discovered the new technologies that people use.

But now, I think science means that you have to run many different trials to get accurate results. All these trials are meant to prove your scientific method and hypothesis on an experiment.


My Autobiography (Layout)

by 090282 on October 22, 2013

During the Design Day (today) , we also created a keynote of a planned autobiography jacket made by us. The following link is to my autobiography:

KJ BIo design

I think the most creative part of my jacket is the award on the back of the page, which was called the “Chihuahua Award” and a medal. I also really liked my cover picture on the front page and how the text on my spine and cover were organised. Next time, I would try to use my time more wisely and get more pictures and text into the jacket. I would also make my jacket more well layed out.

Please comment about what you liked, what you wish and what you think I could improve on.

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Judge A Book By Its Cover

by 090282 on October 22, 2013

We just started our first design day, which is a special day where we “abort” all the classes and go to the library for the whole day. We will be continuing these classes for the rest of the the year, and probably all the way to the upper school. We will be researching about the design cycle and the important elements of designing things.

Our first task was to draw and design a paper airplane that is related to the English class books we are reading. My book is called  about a young boy named David who looses his mother. He then wanders into a magical world and the stories he’s read have all come to life (except more evil and dark). He even encounters magical creatures like trolls and speaking wolves!

I specifically made my airplane designed and a forest with trees, which is the main setting of the story. In the background, I also added sinister wolves in the background to show the menacing personality of the wolves. I even drew the book in the centre to show that it is the main category in the whole entire book.


Humanities Test Reflection

by 090282 on October 21, 2013

Some weeks ago, we had a humanities test which was based on geography. We were mainly assessed on the BOLTS, elements of geography-related questions and landforms across the world.

In overall, I personally think I did a decent job after getting a 7/8 on the rubric. I think I did great with the geography quiz and BOLTS  summarisation, as I got all of them correct. I did satisfactory on the second page, where we were supposed to locate cities in Spain with the coordinates and lines of latitude and longitude, although I did get 2 questions wrong. On the second-last page of the test, I got all of the distances correct using the number scale, and I have to thank my math skills for that. I mainly got this right because I remembered that in order to put the scale into use, you have to make the decimal point go back 5 places.

Although, on the last page, where we had to try our best the list and locate the landforms of the world (Mountains like “The Andes”), I got the Yellow River and the Yangtze River mixed up, and I got a few others wrong. In overall, this was my only weak spot in the whole test. A way I can improve on this is before doing future tests, I can review the test subjects well so I can develop well-structured knowledge to help myself in the tests.

My goal for next time would probably be getting a 8 on the rubric, although it may be hard. The only and most efficient way for me to reach this goal is to try and deny the amount of careless mistakes I make and try my best to get them correct.


Humanities-Mapping Your Country Reflection

by 090282 on October 18, 2013

About a week ago in my humanities class, we were supposed to make name a country by using the five BOLTS (Border, Orientation, Legend, Title and Scale). We also had to include all the other elements like the lines of longitude and latitude and the coordinates of our position. I named my country Secrodal, as it was the first thing that came to my mind and I liked how it was unique and didn’t end with the word “-land”.

What I found most challenging about this project was the scale. I needed to find a suitable scale that can enlarge my country appropriately and large enough to see the details and symbols. I spent quite a long time dwelling and experimenting with different scales and measurements. In the end, I finally located my border at a decent area that covered most of the  space on the paper and at the same time had my country shown in the centre.

After I was satisfied with that, I came across another slight challenge. I didn’t know much about natural and man made landforms, so I didn’t really know some complexed facts like where rivers are formed and where bodies of water naturally occur. I did my best to work this out myself using common sense and some research online, such as putting a harbour near the ocean and putting streets near the cities of my country. Although, the only funny mistake I made in this category was making one of my rivers flow into my embassy/capital!

I found this unit engaging and challenging in numerous ways. It was quite challenging because of the different measurements we were supposed to make when we were drawing out our country using our scale. We were also allowed to think out of the box and use our creativities. A way we showed this was by noting creative places to our legend and I wrote down a national airport, hotels etc. I found this project quite artistic too, as we were supposed to colour it to make it look vivid, and we were also marked on the neatness and layout.

I was quite satisfied with my marks, as there is always room to improve. Next time, I should make sure that all my work is done and double check before handing it in, as I left the scale out by accident. I would also try to plan my map design before actually creating it to make it look neater and well layed-out. In my overall opinion, I liked this unit very much and I am looking forward to doing something like this again.


Hardcore Parkour- My Assessment Reflection

by 090282 on October 16, 2013

Hey Everyone! Welcome back. Once again, this blog will be mostly about school just like last year. So recently, we’ve had a parkour assessment, and we were supposed to write a reflection based on it. The following link is my video (I remade it):


I enjoyed this unit a lot as I liked to watch people do parkour and at the same time I had lots of fun experimenting and creating my own creative moves and flowing movement. I personally think I did well on the flow of my routine. I didn’t have any sudden stops in between different stations and I personally think that I made decent use of the areas I was allowed to use, as I didn’t run over them. In my opinion, something I think I did well at was managing my skill level and performing at the stations that I was sure that I can do. In our practice time during class, I tried my best to do the bars, but I discovered that we weren’t made for each other. I experienced some difficulties with the tightrope too, so I just excluded them from my routine and did the ones I was sure that I could do.

Although, there is still a lot of improvement to be done for me. In the transitioning of stations, it would’ve been better if I ran and transferred in a slightly faster pace. This would probably add some emphasis on the flow involved in my routine. I think I could’ve practiced a bit more on the third  last section of my routine (the ramp and beam). For the ramp I could’ve been a bit quicker and stable while I ran across the wall. For the balance beam, I could’ve been more stable and less wobbly while I walked on it, but I don’t think that was very important.

Right now, I think I could be around level 5, as I think I used a large variety of stations (total of 4) and all my moves flowed quite well. I also used appropriate methods for my level as mentioned in the first paragraph. I was pretty quick in transition and I used a fair amount of force when I pushed off the ramp, and rolled on the crash mat.


Right now, I think I am at an intermediate level in parkour even though I am not as a flexible as some athletes in my class, probably because of my consistent exercising. I would like to improve a bit on my current skills, although I know it would take lots and lots of practice to actually ace parkour. My goal is to be able to do variety of flexible movements, like a cartwheel and some more complexed rolls. By improving on and reaching my goals, I can watch some video tutorials or just simply discover how to do them by myself by experimenting independently.


Math Test – Swimming Assessment

by 090282 on October 6, 2013

Recently, I finished a math test related to sequences and finding general terms. The test was about a Swimming Assessment, and we had to explain and find the sequence for three swimmers and they’re swimming routine each day. Other than that, we also had to use math reasoning to explain all of they’re progress. I think I did very well on the test, as I got near-top marks for both the sections (5+/6 and 7/8). I got nearly all the questions right, except for 1 or 2 questions I got wrong due to misunderstandings and wrong vocabulary.

I am quite satisfied with my score since I got near-full marks. On a scale of 1-10, I think I would be around 8 (with the exception of some careless mistakes). I think I don’t exactly need to work on these kinds of sequences anymore, although I can still practice on some more complexed sequence problems.

I participated a few times in class by answering some questions given out by my math teacher, Mrs.Kirchner. When I collaborated with my group mates to complete group work, I participated in lots of discussions and calculations, and led a few group discussions. In terms of participation and collaboration in class, I would put myself at around 7/10.

Over the course of this lesson, I didn’t really experience any very complexed problems, although I did find the “Painted Cubes” question a bit challenging. The challenging part was coming up with number sequences to apply to the different categories (Number of 0 sides, etc.) and how they increase. I experimented with some possible terms that might work for the sequence, and I double checked if it was correct by actually counting the number of faces and matching to see if the solutions were identical. So overall, when I encounter unfamiliar sequence questions I will try using different possible general terms to solve it.


The Giving Farmer

by 090282 on June 16, 2013

Once there was a farm in a town called Poxia. The farm was run by Mr. and Mrs. Abalone, who were a very cheerful and appreciative pair. They were very satisfied with their living and consistently prayed to God and thanked him for what he provided them with. The Abalones were also all very generous and were very positive when interacting with others, even if they don’t give them the same amount of tolerance or empathy.

A farmer’s life was very busy. Mr. Abalone worked in the fields for long duration of time for vegetables and fruits. After his work in the fields, he would work his way to the pond, where he will sit on his small sampan and fish for a while. At midday, he would bring his catch home and take a break from work until he finishes dinner. Then he would check on his harvest and make sure they have been watered and organized regularly.

Mrs Abalone, on the other hand, didn’t have to do as stressful work, but she was still very busy. She had to milk the cows a few times in a week and cook dinner. Everyday she collected water from a large well for drinking and cooking. In her spare times, she knitted warm jumpers for herself and her husband.

But one day, on their black-and-white television set, came an urgent report about how many poor people from the nearby town, Doxia, have been stealing food and water. Doxia was a town of dry sand, and was still developing. Instead of feeling irritated by the Doxians, The Abalones wanted to care for them and fulfill their needs. When they were young, their parents have told them:”Helping others is as important as helping ourselves.” They’ve decided to help the people immediately and the next day they took a long trip to Doxia on their old locomotive.  They packed 3 months of harest with them and a carful of meat and milk.

The Doxians were very appreciative of what the Abalones have done for them. The generous Abalones vowed to come back time-to-time and provide them with many resources. Ever since then, Doxian children drank the delicious milk and grew stronger from the nutritious meat and vegetables. The Doxians have also promised to stop the “raids” on the farms and markets, and so far they have kept their word.

Two years have passed and the Abalones worked twice as hard as before to make a larger impact on the Doxians. One day a reporter followed the Abalones on their route to Doxia. He told the press their actions which soon went on the news. Many people were inspired to take action and help others in need. The mayor even awarded the Abalones with $100,000! But when more reporters came to interview the Abalones, they found something strange-they still lived in their stone hut. The question is: where did his fortune go? And if you go to Doxia, you may find wells, houses and small schools along the road, with people being well fend and happy. Ooooh, people say:“That’s where his fortune went.” But more people ask him”Why dedicate so many of your own resources and properties for others?”

Mr. Abalone and Mrs. Abalone answered at the precise same time::Because when we help others, we feel very satisfied with ourselves. Helping others is always better than helping yourself.”



The Invention Competition

by 090282 on June 8, 2013

Its the late 1900s, and the mayor of a county announced a very important message to his people: “I am holding a competition for machines and contraptions. Everyone is allowed to come, and the successful inventor will receive the 1 million USD grand prize (that was a lot of money at that time)!”. Surprisingly, only three people signed up for the competition. Each had a different machine for different purposes, and they were all eager to receive the grand prize.

The first contestant was Dr.Plun Jer. He devoted all his life in investigating about the construction and architecture about toilets. He invented the “Bathroom Cleaner 900″. His goal is to make his invention popular and get rich by making people replace workers with the “Bathroom Cleaner 900″s. The “Bathroom Cleaner 900″ is a large metal trolley (like the ones cafeteria ladies push around) with 6 arms that hold mops, soap dispensers and brushes to polish mirrors and clean the toilets.  The mayor’s workers had a test run with it. Unfortunately, the system went haywire because water got into the circuitry. Dr.Plun Jer was eliminated from the competition.

The next contestant was Louis Legstrong, a former astronaut. He created the “X-Tra Spring Trompoline”. It was made out of a strong flexible fabric with 100+ large springs. He created this contraption because before his career as an astronaut, he was a lousy businessman and always missed his business flights. Alas, he created the  “X-Tra Spring Trampoline” so people can “jump” to their missed flight (in midair), Many were fond of it, but sadly, the first test run was unsuccessful, as when the tester went on the trampoline he never came down.

That left the last contestant, Mr. Cocao. He created the simple and first ever “Coffee Machine”. It had a cylindrical barrel with an auto mixing gear that made ready-made coffee, which came out through a tap above the barrel. He said he wanted to allow people to access coffee more efficiently, without doing all the work needed to make your own coffee from powder. Mr.Cocoa was an unemployed man who loved drinking coffee while watching TV shows like “American Idol”, “Man vs Wild” and “The Amazing Race”. The mayor and his fellow officials loved the invention, and announced Mr.Cocoa as the winner of the invention competition (not to mention how the mayor worshipped coffee). He received the 1 million dollar prize and soon became rich (and still remained unemployed) for the rest of his life.


The Restaurant Competition

by 090282 on June 2, 2013

One sunny Autumn, a duck called Donald started a large fast food restaurant near the pond called QuackDonalds. On the same night, a fat chicken named Kentucky started another fast food restaurant called KCF (Kentucky Chicken-Fried). Apparently, it was a large coincidence that they appeared to have rented their space right beside each other on the same street.

They were very competitive. When Donald hung up ads for his restaurant, Kentucky did the same thing. When Kentucky decorated his restaurant Donald decorated his too. Sadly, they didn’t have decent business and no customers came.

Right when Donald was thinking of closing QuackDonalds, Calum the Carp can to his restaurant. Kentucky asked excitingly:”Do you want to try some of my fresh doughbait nuggets?”. Calum tried a nugget. Phoo! He spat it out. “You call this fresh?” he yelled furiously. “It’s soggier than my baby’s diaper. Seizing this opportunity, Kentucky led Calum to his shop and introduced his minnow grills. Calum loved them and instantly ordered 2 truck-fulls of minnow grills to be transported to his pond. Kentucky was very satisfied with his gain today, but Donald was very jealous.

But once again, business wasn’t going well. Right when Kentucky was thinking of closing KCF, Panini the Poodle came to his restaurant. Kentucky signaled to her and led her to his restaurant. He introduced his “Bread bucket” to her (more specifically, bread crumbs in a bottle cap). Panini tried some bread. “You call this bread?” She cried, disgusted. “These crumbs are as stale as rocks!

This woke up Donald, who was dozing in his armchair. He quickly stood up and ran to Panini the poodle. “Don’t leave! Here, I present you the ultimate Big Quack!” Donald announced arrogantly. The Big Quack (a large femur bone sandwiched in between two grade-A steak pieces) certainly made Panini’s mouth water. She took a bite of the steak and a lick of the bone and was startled by the deliciousness of the snack. She instantly ordered 20 truck-fulls of Big Quacks to be transported to her dog house.

Ever since then, they had exceptional business. Equal amounts of customers came to each f their restaurants to eat. But a month later, a very large qiant appeared at their restaurants. It had long legs and wore size-44 Nike trainers. Donald and Kentucky greeted the giant and asked: “what would you like sir?”. And yet, those were their last words. The giant was a hunter. He took Donald and Kentucky to some restaurants (human ones, of course). The restaurants they were sold to? Yep, you guessed them-McDonalds and KFC. They appeared on the menus and didn’t live happily ever after.

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by 090282 on May 27, 2013

I checked this website called, which is a mind map creator. I think it allows learning to be easier for us and it is easy to operate. Below is a random mind map I made using it about candy:


Mythical Creature

by 090282 on May 27, 2013

This is a creature I made for a task at school today. We were supposed to make a Mythical Creature and make it on a digital application. Mine is called the “Shadow Shark”. It is a cross between a shark and a dragon, which can swim in thewater, fly in the air and can use sound waves to lure fish to it for its meals. It’s blue and red, and it can impact us humans because they eat 30 tonnes of fish per meal! This can impact our fish and seafood stocks.

Presenting, the “Shadow Shark”:

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Goldilocks and The 5 Bears

by 090282 on May 25, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a forest. A forest filed with bears. These bears have daily routines and lived in a large area of caves. A bear family has just moved  into the forest and rented a cave in the “Rip Carlton” Hotel. The family: daddy bear, mommy bear, brother bear, sister bear and baby bear were all very happy after spending 3 days crossing the Bearlantic Ocean on the cruise. They were very satisfied with their new home.

They had a television set with the channel “Huntelodeon”. They also had fish-scale sofas and a kitchen with a large table. They moved all of their food into their refrigerator: salmon, wild berries and their favorite snack, honey.  Honey is very rare for bears to get or find as they would have to face off the aggressive bees. They even kept meat-sickles in their compact freezer. Daddy bear worked all night, mommy bear just knitted small warm jumpers, baby bear just read his little picture books while brother bear and sister bear watched the new movies, such as “Iron Bear 3″.

But one day, while they were shopping at the Grand Bear Mall, a small human girl named Goldilocks came to their house (bears never kept locks). She was 9 years old and was very hungry and tired as she wandered to the the bear family’s house. She crept in the house, and looked for something to eat. She tried some raw salmon. Cough! She spat it out in disgust (she wasn’t used to raw food). Then she tried some wild berries. Munch! They tasted better than the raw salmon, but a bit too sour. Then she came over to the honey. Yum! She ate all of it as she was unable to resist the delightful aroma of the honey. After eating a whole jar of honey, she came to the living room to watch TV. She came to the TV set and turned it on, but she wanted to watch “Nickelodeon” instead of “Huntelodeon”. Soon, she messed up the remote control and the TV blacked out.

Her energy has been restored after eating the honey, and now she wants to find a bed and start bouncing on it like a trampoline (like how she messes up her brother’s bed). She started bouncing on all of the beds. Daddy Bear’s bed was very hard and each jump caused it to rumble. Then Goldilocks came to mommy bear’s bed but it was too soft to bounce on. Then she tried the 3 sibling’s triple-deck bed, which was just tight. Goldilocks jumped everywhere , until the bed broke. At the same moment, the bear family came home. They spotted Goldilocks and ran to her. Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Baby Bear asked her joyfully: “Do you want to be our friend” (not noticing the chaos shes done). But Goldilocks was too scared to hear or speak. She instantly ran away.

The bears were very sad after that, as they thought Goldilocks denied their friend request. Ever since then, they’ve never interacted with a human being, as they think all humans are “mean” like Goldilocks.


The Adventure Of Cody The Cod

by 090282 on May 18, 2013

One day, in the cold winter of Canada, a large fishing trawler came to dock at the seaside. It had a large catch after 2 wees out in the pacific; Herring, cod, mullet…You name it. But while the fish were being loaded onto a large truck, a small cod named Cody jumped onto the ground. Gasping for breath, Cody the cod began wriggling, trying to plop back into the sea. He got closer and closer and yes! He was about to jump into the sea, but suddenly, he began floating in the air. He was flying!

Oh no! It was a large man that picked Cody up. Was he going to eat him? Luckily, the man was the owner  of a fish pet shop called “Ocean Motion”. He led Cody to a large tank. Plop! Cody was relieved to see start swimming again after 2 weeks in a gruesome  trawler. Days passed. Cody was given shellfish and fish food for meals, and he even met a few friends: Pascal the parrot fish, Millie the mullet and Bob the bat fish.

But soon, a women and a boy came to the store. The woman was Mrs.Beckett and the boy was called George Beckett. They were looking for a fish to fill up their empty fish tank at home. They came over to Pascal the parrot fish. “Too big” they said. Then they came to Millie the mullet. “Too small” they said. They came over to Bob the bat fish, who didn’t want to get sold and started head-butting the tank. “Too aggressive” the two Becketts remarked. Finally, they came over to Cody. “I just love cod! This one’s just right!” The mother and son commented.

Before he knew it, Cody found himself in a medium sized tank. Wow, this tank sure must be old  Cody thought as dust covered all sides of the glass. Mrs. Beckett  cleared the dust as she and George surveyed Cody. George was 9, but still acted like a baby. Whenever his mom didn’t let him play the computer, he would throw a big tantrum. Adding insult to this, Georges older sister Kathy would turn on loud heavy metal music when ever she gets home. After a few weeks, Cody decided he could take it no more.

One Saturday morning, while all of the Becketts were all asleep, Cody spotted a good opportunity for his escape.  George had left his skateboard right beside Cody’s tank (which had an open top). Cody decided it should be an ideal getaway vehicle. In a flash, Cody leapt out of the water-onto the skateboard (looks like his acrobatics lessons all paid off). The skateboard zoomed through a gap in the door. It was a bumpy ride, and Cody continued down the city road on the board. He struggled to evade the obstacles and people, and did a decent job, He finally finally lost control of the board and expected to slam into a shop or wall, but instead plop! He fell into the sea with the skateboard. He was home!  Later on, he made an exhibit of the skateboard that saved him. He also wrote a book based on his adventure called “The Adventure Of Cody The Cod”. He soon became famous and a very well known cod in fish history for his encounter and escape from human beings.

By, Cody the Cod

PS. George was really sad and confused when he found his cod and best skateboard missing when he woke up



Cheetah or “Cheater”

by 090282 on May 12, 2013

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals on Earth. They can sprint 110km/h at top speed. But did you ever think about why they were called Cheetahs? And did you know they were one of the slowest animals when they first existed? The story goes like this:

One sunny day, the animals of the jungle held a race. The king of the forest, the Lion was racing too. He announced: “whoever wins this race shall be declared the fastest animal of all. Many other animals were racing too: The Boa, the Giraffe, the Elephant  (other animals from other places also took part because they wanted a better reputation), the Mouse and lastly the first ancestor of the cheetah.

This cheetah was called “Speedster”, which was ironic as he was as slow as a worm but was as wise as an owl. He decided that if he wanted to  win this race,  he would need to use his mass amount of knowledge to ace it.

The race was about to begin, and Speedster lined up with the others. The starting gun fired: BANG! They’re off! They started whizzing past each other. The Elephant was in the lead, but Speedster had made a good plan. Earlier, he hung up piece of cloth soaked in pepper. When the elephant reached the pepper area, he veered into a pond as the pepper blinded him. PLUNK! He fell into the water. There were 5 remaining racers left.

Finally, the little agile mouse scattered to the lead and was soon out of sight. Once again, Speedster was ready for it. Earlier, he lay a piece of of rich Parmesan cheese on a plate near where the mouse was. The mouse got attracted to the cheese and he soon ditched the race. Why bother racing? He didn’t even have breakfast anyways.

That leaves 4 remaining racers. The flexible python slithered to the front. Speedster didn’t care, as he had another trick up his sleeve. He took a bird whistle and blew into it. A large predatory bird dived down and struck the python. The python was then airborne- in the bird’s beak of course. He had no chance of winning, especially when he was going to be a bird’s lunch.

That left 3 racers- Speedster,  the Lion and the Giraffe. Speedster read a lot about giraffes before knew their weakness in racing: their height. Part of their route is through an area full of vines and plants. Before he knew it, the giraffe became a tangled mess.

Finally, it was the last 2 racers: Speedster and the lion king. The lion king was probably half a mile in front of him, but Speedster heard some rumbling in the bushes. A hunter! He quickly ducked behind a tree and remained unseen by the hunters. Sadly, the lion wasn’t as fortunate and soon fell in a trap. That left Speedster as the last racer (and the champion). He was given a trophy, but many animals have spread rumors about how he cheated in the race. His species was soon known cheetahs (redirected from “Cheater”). But other cheetahs wanted a better reputation and they exercised day and night, truthfully becoming one of the fastest land animals to the present day,



Hello fellow readers,

Its been quite a while since I posted last. In this post, I’ve put in in a voice recording to show my understandings about how to simplify fractions and to show my teacher Ms.Kinsinger that I’ve completed an assignment. I hope you all enjoy my recording and for younger students and children who haven’t learned simplifying fractions, I hope this would help you guys remember how to do it in the future.




My Very Brief Script:

One way to simplify fractions:

Find the greatest common factor (GCF) of the numerator and denominator. In order to do this, you need to come up with

a list of common factors of the numerator and denominator. Then, view the list

Find the largest number that appears in both lists. That is the GCF.

Example:  4/12

List of factors of 4= 1,2,4

List of factors of 12= 1,2,3,4,6,12

4 is the largest number that appears in both lists. Thus, 4 is the greatest common factor.

After that, divide the numerator and denominator both with 4, so the fractions become 1/3. 1/3 is the simplest form of 4/12.

2nd example: 3/27

List of factors of 3= 1,3

List of factors of 27=1,3,9,27

3 is the largest number that appears in both lists, thus it is the GCF of  3.After finding the GCF, you simplify it, making it 1/9

3rd example: 4/8

List of factors of 4= 1,2,4

List of factors of 8= 1,2,4,8

4 is the largest number in both of the lists, thus the GCF is 4. Then, after simplifying the fraction you get 1/2.




PE Questions And Answers: Team Handball

by 090282 on February 7, 2013

What does sportsmanship mean to you/look like to you? Give some examples.

Sportsmanship is when you play a sport by following the rules of it. Cheating is not an example of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is also when you are positive to your teammates even when they fail to complete something or miss a shot. In that case instead of saying “come on Bob that was terrible”, you can encourage him and say “nice try Bob!” or something that doesn’t hurt anyones feelings.

Why is it important to follow the rules of a game?

Following the rules of a game is really important. You can learn more about a game by actually understanding the rules and concepts. Also, following the rules of a game allows you to get better at a sport and actually play a sport because if you don’t play by the rules of a game properly, you might get disqualified. I have some personal experience on this matter because in basketball and football matches I’ve played before, they have specific rules and you aren’t allowed to know people over or it might be a foul. In handball, you can’t have contact, and if you have contact it would be a hand over so the other team would have the ball which isn’t a good thing.

Why are good team strategies important to success in team games? Give examples of strategies for team handball?  How would you create and/or deny space in team handball?

Strategies are crucial in many team sports. They allow players the ability to outsmart enemy players and go for the game objective. Some good strategies in team games and handball can be passing consistently to your team mates because it would be harder for the other team players to intercept the ball. Some good shooting strategies are faking shots at a goalie so when the goalie moves to the direction you faked shooting, you would have a clear shot at the goal. In team handball, we can create space by moving into open areas so receiving passes would be easier. We can also deny space by marking an open player or the ball handler so it would be harder for them to maneuver and the ball handler would have a chance of a 3-second over time.

What is a strategy you/your team used in “Capture the Flag” to be more successful?

An effective strategy my team used in capture the flag was sending a decoy striker and a real striker after the decoy draws the opponent defenders away. The decoy takes away most of the enemy defenders, leaving the real striker a clear shot for the flag. I find this a really common strategy as many teams use it, but it is very effective.

Describe why having strong skills helps your team be more successful? Give some examples of skills with a specific team sport in mind.

Having strong skills are important because they allow you to be more advanced in game techniques, which allows you to be a hard player to beat. There are many different skills in different sports. Some examples are: In soccer, you need to be flexible and alert to be a goalie and block shots taken by your opponents. In basketball, you need to have dribbling skills to make it harder for opponents to steal your ball away.

Why does a team that is very physically fit have an advantage over a team that is not fit?

The team that is physically fit has an advantage because their players can be more agile and strong, and have more sporting skills. They would also have a higher chance of winning because they should be able to intercept balls away from their opponents and cooperate well.

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Grade 6 Camp: Zhaoqing

by 090282 on December 2, 2012

This week, I’ve just come back from grade 6 camp. We went to Zhaoqing, mainland China because our teachers wanted us to learn more about Zhaoqing’s culture, delicacies and to develop our independence. Right when I reached Zhaoqing, I knew this camp would gobsmacking! With the high mountains and the clear blue lakes. it was as beautiful as an art piece by Michelangelo. At school, we were sorted into colour groups that were lead by one grade 6 teacher. I was sorted into the blue group which was led by my Chinese teacher Ms.Huang. We’ve been at camp for three full days, and it will be a very precious and relaxing memory.

At camp, we’ve done many fun activities: ink stone carving, bamboo paper making, Chinese painting, catapult building and cable-walking above a river. I am going to talk about the catapult building first, and it was a great chance to test our creativity and calculations. We went to a very big piece of land, which had a tile roof supported by four thin struts, allowing us to see our sorroundings and be sheltered from the spluttering rain. We were sent into three groups and we were told to build a catapult using seven pieces of bamboo and six pieces of rope. We were given 20 minutes to build it, with some help from the Dragonfly instructors. All the groups built them differently and my catapult had a tripod. It was tied together strongly and we started to launch them into action. A Dragonfly instructor narrated: “We are at war, and the Mongols have come to invade. Genghis Khan has come, sword in hand. We shall use our catapults to defend our land.” We all readied our catapults and lunged the launcher forward, shooting a water balloon at Jason, a Dragonfly instructor who acted as Genghis Khan.  We also shot at some friends who were picked as the invading Mongols. Water balloons flew everywhere. After the madness, it was even madder! We started a civil war with the other catapults and we shot at each other. But near the end of the fight, our catapult broke down and the loaded water balloon flew into the air – and landed on my fellow teammates head, who of course got wet. Soon, it was over and we returned to our camping grounds in Nine Dragon Resort.

Another thing I’m going to write about is the ink stone carving. For the ink stone carving, we went to a gaunt shed pretty far away from where we were camping. We listened to a local instructor, who showed us the ink stone and the carving tool.  He demonstrated how to use the tool safely and to carve deeply. We started on our rocks, and it was already shaped into the form of an ink holder. We sat down and started to carve. It was fun to scrape along the rock and make different designs, and on the main side of the stone I tried my best to imitate the puma in the “Puma” branded shoes. I also wrote my Chinese name in a small font and put small stars on the rim of the stone. On the ink face (where you put the ink), I wrote “Be Lucky Forever” in Chinese, since I ran out of some good ideas to put there. Most of us finished earlier than the deadline, and we played some games with each other. After everyone finished, we headed to Dynasty restaurant for lunch, where we had yummy pizzas, spaghetti and fried rice.

Camp was an amazing experience and I learnt many new things, such as the games “Ninja” and “007″.  Also, I learnt to never give up and to feel free to try out new things, as I have done so at camp. In various activities, we showed leadership, cooperation and communication which will help us on our social skills. Everyone worked well, and when conflicts happened, we resolved them as a group. Camp was a memory that can’t be explained in just a few paragraphs. I miss all the Dragonfly instructors a lot, and I hope next years camp would be just as good.




The 3-Way Learning Review :D

by 090282 on November 23, 2012

Howdy! It’s been some time since I posted a real post about what happened about school. I had my 3-way learning review with my mom and my homeroom teacher Ms.Kinsinger yesterday at school. In the 3-way learning review, we have a conversation about how we think of what I’ve done so far this year and to talk about my goals.

We were warmly welcomed by Ms.Kinsinger into the classroom. I sat down at my desk and Ms.K started asking me about my strengths in class. I said I was very good at math and I used creativity in many different forms, like films and design. After a couple of more questions, we came over to my 3 goals. I talked about each one, each coming with 2 strategies to help me achieve the specific goal. For my first goal (organization), my strategies were to buy an accordion folder so I can be both organized and unable to be loose any work. My second strategy for this goal is to check my desk and locker in an effective routine to make sure they are organized. For my second goal (planning before doing the real thing), my strategies are to make drafts and graphs to plan out a task before making a final copy, as it can completely change the quality of it. Last but not least, for my last goal (to be most productive in work), my strategies are to find a place where I am most productive (which I recently found out: my good ol’ desk) and to give myself small objectives to complete in the time given so I complete my task on time.

So, after explaining my goals, it was Ms.K’s turn to speak. She said I did well at school and she added into my second goal about planning before making a good copy. She said that before writing a reflection you can put in impothat is planned has a great difference of quality than that of a reflection without a plan. After Ms.K, it was my mum’s turn. She said my weaknesses includedrtant points and notes so you won’t forget them in your final copy of the reflection. Also, she agreed with me that a reflection  planning and self-control. She says I sometimes choose a wrong choice, which ends up in bad quality and wasted time. She also says that I am tempted to use the computer each time. Ms.K said it is normal for me, as I try to develop it now.

The 3-way learning review was a precious chance where I get to know many of my strengths and weaknesses from my mum, teacher and myself. I am determined to use my strategies to achieve my goal as soon as possible. I am also determined to beat my weaknesses (self-control, work quality). This way, I can be a more-descent person.


Peter Pan By J.M.Barrie

by 090282 on November 18, 2012

This week, I read a book called Peter Pan. Peter Pan is a fantasy tale written by J.M Barrie. This book stars three siblings: Wendy, John and Michael, who dream of a boy named Peter Pan and a place called Wonderland. They shared their dreams with their parents, who said it was a “bunch of baloney”. But one night, Peter Pan and his fairy friend Tinker Bell fly to the children’s bedside and takes them on a terrific journey to Wonderland. There, they meet the Lost Boys, the Redskin tribe and the vicious pirates led by fearful Captain James Hook.

There, Wendy, John and Michael learn about the Lost Boys and nature of Neverland. After having his hand bitten off by a crocodile because of Peter, Captain Hook seeks revenge on Peter by trying to capture him and the other Lost Boys. But then, Peter saves Princess Tiger Lily of the Redskin tribe, who in return protects Peter from Hook’s pirates. One day, Wendy talks to all the lost boys and tells them about the love and care a mother gives to her child. She also says that everyone has a mother somewhere, with leads all the lost boys into curiosity. Peter hates speaking about mothers (because he abandoned his own to live young forever in Neverland). The Lost Boys soon take Wendy as their “mother” to look after them.

But not later on, the Redskin tribe is secretly ambushed by the pirates, who massacre nearly the whole tribe. The pirates then make their way to Peter’s hideout, but Peter is ready for them and attacks the pirate crew. After defeating everyone besides hook, Peter encounters Hook at a final showdown. A couple minutes later-”Gulp!” Hook is kicked overboard into a waiting crocodile’s mouth.

Thus was the end of poor Cpt. Hook.

In this book, I learnt two main learning points. I learnt not to be too greedy, or sometimes things might not work out as you wanted it to happen. Also, it is always good to have a backup plan when organizing something just in case it goes wrong.


Young Americans Reflection-Day #2

by 090282 on November 13, 2012

Today is the second  day of our Young American workshop. The same Young American group came over to the LLAC to start the workshop once again, and I even managed to know some of their names. At first, we did some improv practice that was really fun and dramatic. Everybody was sorted into groups of 6-10 and we focused on six fun activities. The first one was where we  were supposed to count to 20 with each person only saying one number once with no one else saying it at the same time. This was really hard, and after a lot of tries we finally succeeded. In the second activity, we were supposed to clap to each other at the same time  using eye contact. After several tries, we aced it completely. The 3rd activity was interesting and we had to connect to each other one by one and move. Then, we add sound effects by making sounds. In the end, using our movement and sounds, we create a machine and let the other groups guess what kind of machine we are making, We made a pizza machine, which is pretty weird.

Then we did some more related activities until it was break time. Once again, we went up to the Leo Lee Arts Centre to have a snack and come back down. Afterwards, we learned some more songs and we came back to out finale act. we reviewed the act and movement of the finale, and after reviewing it we learnt the rest of the finale. As our Young American instructors taught us the dialogue and actions, we did it with them. The last part if the finale was pretty fun, with singing and watching fake sports played by Young Americans Bill and Buddy. Then there was a fake birthday party and we surprised the audience. In the very end, we took a bow and closed the act.

We rehearsed some parts of the finale again and again, and in out last practice we did a fantastic job. I also danced and sang freely and listened to what we were told to do. I did a great job today. I hope I can get a big sleep for the grand finale tomorrow! Taking part in the Young Americans workshop inspired me to become an actor or designer. The Young Americans will leave the day after tomorrow for the US. I am sure to miss them! This will be a very deep and happy memory in my life.


Spy High: The Frankenstein Factory

by 090282 on November 12, 2012

By: A.J Butcher


This week, I read the first book of the Spy High series. This book is called The Frankenstein Factory. It stars the Bond Team with its 6 teen spies: Ben, Lori, Eddie, Cally, Jake and Jennifer. In this episode, they are sent to pass through their first term at Deveraux College (Spy High). They have failed all previous tests and if they fail the last one, they would have their minds erased and sent back to the normal society.

This is their last task and yet it is very dangerous. With no weapons, Bond Team have to focus on their cooperation and abilities to survive and save their cause. Amid the dangers, mutilated man-reptiles ambush them, ransacking them and stealing their communicators. Unable to contact Spy High, they continue on their own. They meet mysterious Dr. Averill, who secretly drugs them to sleep. When Bond Team wakes up, they find theirselves in a factory filled with guards and mutilated frankensteins! They find out that Dr. Averill (last name actually Frankenstein) has planned to mutilate every single human on the planet into mutilated zombies. He plans to use three of Bond Team’s teammmates  as examples and their teammates try to save them. Soon, they find a missing graduate spy=William Challis, who is infested  as a mutant. Finally, Will and some of his mutant comrades fight off the other mutants alongside the remainder of Bond Team. Will dies, but Bond Team rescues their captured teammates. They destroy everything in Averill’s lab, and the communication signals between Dr. Averill and his mutants are broken. Alas, Dr. Averill is slaughtered by his own pets. Since the world is saved, Bond Team aces the final task and continues their their spy work at Spy High.

-Do not easily trust people when you don’t know much about them. They might lead you into wrong descisions in life.

-Never be un-confident  every time. The more confidence you have, the bigger chance you have of succeeding.


Young Americans Reflection-Day #1

by 090282 on November 12, 2012

Today at school, a group of 32 Young Americans came over. The Young Americans is a group world wide which works all over the world at different schools. They set up an acting and singing workshop for students to perform. We are having it for 3 whole school days. I was really excited to learn some new songs and dances, and so were my fellow friends. Today at school, 8:10am, we met the group of Young Americans in the LLAC. Although called the Young Americans, not all members are American. There was one Chinese, one British and a couple of Japanese. They introduced themselves and did some dancing and singing. I was really thrilled about their singing and dancing.

After the introduction, we were put into small groups and sent to the nearest Youngest American. Me and my friends came to a really nice Young American and we introduced ourselves, and he gave us high-fives. After that, he taught us a fast and light dance act which involved a music piece which had the words “ooh-ee-ooh-ahah”. it was a jiggly piece and seemed really suitable  with our act. After 10 minutes, the whole grade, including us, practiced it again together on the platform. We did it again and again, and we sounded fantastic. Soon, we had a small snack break, where we went up near the Leo Lee Art Centre to get some snacks that some parents brought to us. After the break, we got back to learning a new dance. It was called the disco dance, which involved lots of body movement. It kept on having some repeats, and in the end we had to do a super star pose. That was really cool. There were many groups who did different dances. The girls done a different dance from us and we boys had two groups: disco and ghostbusters. In the end, after the practice, we had to perform it in front of the grade teachers.

After all of that, we spent a large portion of time on practicing our finale act ( which we are performing to the parents on Wednesday). There was the girl group one, the girl group two and the boys group. Our Young American instructors directed us into what we were supposed to do and we did it. We did a good job  even though our instructors gave us more and more advice each time. We got better and better. Finally, time flied by and we did one last rehearsal of what we learnt day. After the last rehearsal, we left at the dismissal time. It was such a fun and exhausting day, and I had lots of fun with the Young Americans. I am hoping to have as much fun tomorrow as today! I did well on my first day and I hope I can improve more tomorrow.


Peter Pan In Scarlet

by 090282 on October 25, 2012

This week, I read a book called Peter Pan in Scarlet. This is the first official sequel to Peter Pan and is written by Geraldine Mccaughrean. This is a book full of wonder and imagination, and I really loved reading it.

Once gain, Wendy, John, Slghtly, Curly and the twins come to Neverland again. Despite  their age and size, they get help from liar fairy Fireflyer with fairy dust. But after flying back to Neverland, things have changed-bad. The lagoon has been poisoned, and trees have burnt. Now everything is dead, and the lost boys are gone. There, the League Of Pan (Wendy and his group and Peter) set of on a dangerous quest off the dangerous lands of Neverland to find a treasure: Captain. James Hook’s treasure. What is inside remains unknown, but the dangerous thing is the adventure: Neverland has become dangerous, with monstrous animals and poisoned cities and the fearful England gas.

The League finds the treasure, which is their wishes ( like pie, food and jewelry), along with little fairy Tinker Bell Amidst the dangers, a fearful enemy returns. Captain Hook, after being eaten by a crocodile in a struggle with Peter Pan, is back to life after 20 years in the stomach of a crocodile. He has waited 20 years to this day: to get revenge on Peter Pan. After a final duel, Hook is injured and finally sleeps for the first time in 20 years- since he was swallowed by the gruesome crocodile.

Overall, this was a very touching story and it is full of adventure. I learnt many things, and this book told me a lot about the characters and background of  the first Peter Pan book even though I didn’t read it. I recommend this book to people and students of all ages. I liked this book, so I hope you enjoy it too!


My Little Story

by 090282 on October 23, 2012

Henry is a frog,

he dances on a log.

He likes to do hip-hop

while eating a lolipop.


“Yay, it’s time to go to school!”

he says to his friend Mule.

“Oh, that’s really good!”

’cause go to school we should.


The two friends went on the bus,

but start an unfriendly fuss.


Hey Henry, that’s my ball!”

“Stop raising your head up so tall!”

The two friends fuss about,

the two friends aren’t friends now, I doubt.


“Goodbye Henry, I don’t want to play with you!”

“See you Mule, I don’t too!”

The friends got off the transport, at each other, did they snort.


At recess, Henry played hide and seek,

as Mule went up to the peak.

That was a day without a talk,

and Mule and Henry didn’t go for a walk.


they ignored each other every time,

and they acted like a mime,

not talking to each other,

made both their moms upset.