Knowledge and Explaining

With reference to the class activity today about knowing and explaining, in what ways might it be reasonable to suggest that people who disagree can both be right?

In certain controversial topics and topics that can’t be strictly determined by fact, it is possible that both sides can be correct even if they disagree. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you are wrong. Disagreeing is based on opinion and being right or wrong is based on fact or opinion. If I disagree with someone that blue is the best colour it doesn’t mean that one of us is wrong or right because we can’t judge opinion. Of course there are going to be cases where things are going to be objectively right or wrong such as 1+1=2. There are also many cases where there will be multiple correct answers where the correct answer can change depending on the circumstances.

Both sides can also be right when considering sciences. If someone was asked if science was all facts, there are scientific hypotheses and scientific facts, they both can be right but depending on what they refer to. If we distinguish certain aspects of a broader topic then would be possible for multiple interpretations. Going back to the example of science, the hypothesis may not be complete fact but scientific concepts are.



I have shown to be a caring person as I have demonstrated compassion and respect. My first piece of evidence shows an example of me in a youth group. Within this youth group I had to show empathy when I engaged the community, also when working with other people I had to be respectful . Definitely being apart of this youth group has made a great positive impact on the people around us and the people we’ve worked with. The second example shows an image of me baking for “Sons and Daughters” , an organisation that helps reach out to men and women in the red light district.

Image of me with part of a youth group


Image of baking for “Sons and Daughters”



I have shown to be reflective throughout the many reflections I have written on this Ifolio. Across all of my subjects I always seek to learn about my strengths and weaknesses and then improve from there. Reflections are a great way to think about how you could improve yourself and. I have also reflected on my lifestyle by analysing my daily schedule, this allowed me to look at certain activities that I should spend more time on and improve my daily schedule. For example having  more physical activity in my life.

Link to Reflections

*reflections can also be found below this post


Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.37.46 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.37.51 PM



I have shown my communications skills through expressing myself in different ways and conversing in multiple languages. Chinese is a language that I have learned for seven years at our school. My fluency is shown by the Chinese presentation below. My presentation shows my creative ideas because I have discussed an issue of overweight people on planes, which is not a very common issue we think of everyday.

I also use multiple ways to express myself, an example being through art. This is a piece that I did where I chose a photo of myself and recreated it using different materials. This expressed my idea of having different perspectives of the same image.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 6.40.25 PM


I am an inquirer because I like researching about topics I like to improve on or how to improve things. For example, gaming is a large interest that I have and I learning and finding more about how to improve the way I play games. So one thing that I did was watch gaming at the professional level to learn how to improve. After learning more about my passion of gaming I realised that actually going to these tournaments and talking to some of the players in real life would definitely be much more helpful.


Live stream of professional Overwatch players in a tournament

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.50.20 AM

Image of the tournament live


About Me

Hello, my name is Russell Tom. I am currently studying at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong under the IB program. In school I enjoy the sciences and CAS trips. Outside of school I enjoy video games and hanging out with my friends. You can navigate my site using the tabs at the top of the screen. 


Service as Action Reflection

I was able to learn a lot about my strengths in swimming over our CAS trips because we had a lot of water related activities that taught me a lot about how effective I can be in the water. A challenge would be undertaking these water related activities during my CAS experience as I have a fear of water and I developed risk taking skills as I was trying these things that I was not very comfortable with. I had to discuss and evaluate student initiated activities because I would evaluate whether these activities were truly beneficial for the audience, I would also have to discuss how I would take action. In situations that I was uncomfortable in and required me to go outside my comfort zone, when we were doing environmental restoration in Ipoh I had to persevere through the challenging activities. This required me to be very open-minded and flexible when it came to having to get very dirty. I had to work with other people in all service activities that I did, which made me learn about my weakness when it comes to make massive contributions to group efforts. This allowed me to get ideas on how to improve and through persevering in my action I was able to improve my collaboration skills and learn to work with my peers and make meaningful contributions. From CAS week in Ipoh Malaysia I had to collaborate not only with my peers but also engage with the community and work to do environmental restoration in Ipoh, Malaysia. I would engage with people who are of different culture through travelling to different locations. For example learning simple Malaysian phrases to help converse simple ideas to local citizens. I definitely had to develop international mindedness through CAS trips to various locations such as Japan, China and Malaysia through adding different perspectives onto the thoughts I had of their traditions and culture. I had to consider many ethical implications because these actions are intended to benefit an audience, so during my service and action I actively had to think about what I was doing and if these actions are benefitting what I want it to benefit.

Healthy Habits Final Analysis


Walk 5000 steps a day


Read nutritional information on food products to guide your food choices.


Get 8-9 hrs of quality sleep at least 3X/week.

Make your room a bat-cave. Dark shades, wear a sleep mask, remove lights from electronics/alarm clocks.


For our second semester I tried making some healthy habits to keep up for the entire semester. As the semester comes to an end I will analyse and see how much of an impact these habits had on my life. During this semester I tried to do at least one of my goals every three days. I found during breaks and holidays I would be keeping up with these habits almost every day. Although during school days, I would find myself possibly completing one goal every three to five days. For fitness I may not have always walked 5000 steps a day, this mainly happened on weekends. For my food goal I found that I would be keeping track of nutritional values but I wasn’t really using that to make informed choices. For my sleep goal, I did make my room darker but I would often get less than 8-9 hours of sleep. This experience was very helpful in promoting health and wellness into my life because these goals actually did change my schedule and made me more aware of healthy habits I already have and healthy habits that i should probably work to achieve. An example being, more physical activity because even though 5000 steps isn’t a lot and I could probably achieve that every day if I tried, I found it being a hard habit to include into my schedule. In the future, I definitely want to incorporate some of these habits into my daily life, such as turning off even the smallest light had a large impact on my sleep. Also even if I didn’t achieve the goal of 5000 steps every day I think this experience definitely increased the amount of physical activity I was getting on a daily basis. If I were to do this again, I don’t think I would change much. I think the goals I chose were appropriate and achievable for me.