Waste Management In Hong Kong

by 090170 on February 27, 2012

Today me and my class went to the S.E.N.T landfill in Tseng Kwan O. S.E.N.T stands for southeast New Territories.The landfill was massive and most of it had already been restored.There were birds everywhere and there were leachate and gas treatment buildings and there were deodorizers everywhere so that the smell would not affect nearby residents.The Landfill looked every well organized and everything was working.The people who run the landfill are the EPD(environmental protection department).At the landfill they put a piece of liner over the waste so that leachate will not be released into water systems.I used to think that landfills were  just holes in the ground with covering but now I realize that there is so much more to landfills then just a hole in the ground.When we were looking at the landfill i was thinking about if the landfill filled up and then what we would do with our waste?As every year in Hong Kong the amount of waste we produce grows. Most of the waste in the landfill is domestic waste which is waste from our houses.There are 3 landfills in Hong Kong that are still being used the other 13 have been filled up and they have been turned into parks.The three landfills are called S.E.N.T,W.E.N.T and N.E.N.T ,W.E.N.T is the biggest one and S.E.N.T is the medium sized one while N.E.N.T is the smallest.

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