Instrument Care Reflection

November 28, 2013

The other day in music class my class partner Justin and I had to create and present a presentation about the flute and how to care for it. The presentation went really well I think because it was very planned out and both he and I seemed confident and calm enough at presenting. What we […]

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Advice on Interest – Math Assignment

October 9, 2013

Dear 25-year-old self. In the future, when you have just graduated from graduate school and your family gives you $10,000 CAD, please consider investing it for retirement rather than going on vacation. You can earn much more money over a 40 year period using compound interest. Compound is different from Simple interest as instead of […]

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Grade 8 Test Reflection

October 4, 2013

In music, we recently completed a theory test about what we recently learnt in class. I got full marks on the test and I was pretty happy about that. It was somewhat the grade I expected as I have done music theory before and what the test was about was quite simple stuff. I prepared […]

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Line II Performance Reflection

September 17, 2013

So recently we had to do a playing test during music. I feel as though altogether it went pretty well. I prepared for this assessment by practicing the line we had to play several times over and playing each note separately to get them to sound better. I  practiced  mainly the two days before we […]

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Grade 7 Experience Week

May 15, 2013

Guess where I was last week? Beijing! We (grade 7) all went away last week on a trip to Chiang Mai (thailand) or Beijing (where I went) and it was quite fun. Throughout the week we did a variety of different activities all around the city and even out of it. A notable thing we […]

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Coming Attractions

May 3, 2013

MARCH 18th: Coming soon to a theater no where near you. Produced by the CDNIS Design team, my group and others. An informative but very exclusive documentary about the Wong Tai Sin temple in Kowloon! As I said in my other post (DEAD Day Reflection post will be up soon, WordPress deleted it for me […]

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Science Court Case

May 2, 2013

Our science court case is now over! The case was the people against KMT (kinetic molecular theory). We had to research whether or not the theory worked and how we could prove/disprove KMT. I was on the side of prosecution and we ended up winning the case! This was surprising for me as I know […]

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Fractions & Decimals

April 22, 2013

Another unit finished, another iFolio post. Our last math unit was about fractions and decimals. On the stress and learning level chart, I would say I’m about a 3, so neutral and a bit concerned. This is because, though I wasn’t overly worried about the work, I still was just a little bit. I wanted […]

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English Refugee Project

April 15, 2013

Time for a new post. This one’s about a project we’ve been doing in english class. Recently we’ve been learning about the world of refugees. We’ve read books like The Other Side of Truth and have learnt vocabulary such as; displaced person, asylum seeker etc. We’ve just finished the unit by making a presentation about […]

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Author’s Choice Reflection

February 7, 2013

As an author of an article, biography or in my case a short story, you have to make many decision to benefit your story. Here we go with todays blog post! Recently in English class we did a presentation AFTER writing a short story about a personal experience. After weeks and lessons of writing, adding […]

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