Ternary Composition Summative

March 19, 2015

  Based on comments made by peers I have edited my last draft into my final composition. Some of the edits I made were dynamic based, as I received feedback that in the A section the piano counterpart was too loud compared to flute melody. I also added more crescendos and decrescendos through the piece […]

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Ternary Melody Draft

March 10, 2015


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Feb Recording Assignment: Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales

February 20, 2015

Here are my 3 melodic minor scales and 3 harmonic minor scales recordings (sorry about sound quality.)

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8 Bar Melody Final

February 2, 2015

Here is my final 8 Bar Melody that will be built upon to create the final composition. I have made some adjustments to my previous melody to create an overall better melody. I have taken into consideration the feedback I received from peers to review and change parts of my melody. Such as something all […]

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8 Bar Melody First Draft

January 22, 2015

  This is (the first completed draft) of my 8 Bar Melody. For the piano part, to jazz things up and make the sound altogether more interesting, I added in an Alberti bass as well as the chords in dotted quarter notes and eighth notes. I think that altogether my melody sounds quite sweet and […]

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Melodic Decoration Worksheet

January 20, 2015


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Chords and Cadences

January 14, 2015
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8 Bar Rhythm on Finale Notepad

January 11, 2015

  This is my first 8 Bar Rhythm that will help build my final composition.

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Graphic Novel Design Project

December 19, 2014

This is my final inked page that I created for English/Design class. I’ve learnt a lot from this unit both on a technical level and an educational level. I’ve learnt about graphic novels and graphic novel elements from the English component and how to use Adobe Illustrator well from a Design tech point of view. […]

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December 18, 2014

Here’s a video of a duologue performance called ‘Lying’ that Anika and I did in drama class. The goal of the performance was to create realistic and honest characters using different techniques from practitioners such as Stanislavski (Stan the Man) or Sanford Meisner. Our story was about Stephanie (my character) trying to convince her friend […]

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