Picture of The Day-A BBB Challenge!

I’ve always seen photo’s as an inside look into the world of someone else. When you look at a photo you can see joy, sadness, hope and even fear. They say a picture can tell 1000 words. So I hope that I will manage to do the same.
Here is my picture of the day!
It is a red-eyed tree frog in it’s natural home, the jungle.
When you first see this picture what do you see? At first glance, I was a slight bit startled at this creature staring at me. I found myself surprised to see this frog! I first thought it might of been part of nature, a leaf perhaps. But as I studied the photo more, a frog materialised. This frog looks intrigued at whoever is holding the lens up to it. The camera may have been quite close as it clearly outlines the moisture encircling the frog. You can also see the details of his great crimson eyes! I can tell that the camera is quite close again because tree frogs are notoriously small. So this could not be an exception. The frog is also clinging onto what I think is a reed. It is as verdant as it’s surroundings, which are typical jungle plants by the looks of it.
This excellent photo is topped of with the natural yet beautiful contrast of colours represented by the frog. Luminous lime green. Light orange-red and tangerine orange! This photo is courtesy of http://www.earthshots.org/
I hope that those words were enough! Thanks for reading my picture of the day!

One thought on “Picture of The Day-A BBB Challenge!”

  1. That’s an intense looking frog! You’re doing a fine job with the challenges in the BBB.

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