Welcome to your iFolio

by 084386 on May 22, 2014

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements.

Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available.

Before you start using your new iFolio, follow the steps below to change the ‘Home’ link within your navigation menu to point to your site:

1. Go to your Dashboard menu options (link will open in a new tab)

2. Expand the ‘Home’ menu item by clicking on the downward facing arrow

Home Menu

Change Home Menu Attribute

3. Append the URL to read http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/your_student_number, where your student number is in the form of six digits e.g. 012345 (you can find your student number on your library card)

Home URL

Home URL Link

A final note, please bear in mind that your iFolio is a publicly accessible space, and ensure that the content you post and the language you use is appropriate.

Feel free to delete this post from your Dashboard once you have finished reading it!

Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

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Current Design Lab – iFolio Reflection

by 084386 on March 10, 2015

In order to fully understand current in an electric circuit, we were assigned to conduct an experiment and write a lab report regarding the results that were collected.

During the process of writing this lab, I had many strengths and weaknesses regarding the description of variables, the method, and discussing the slope in good depth. The main strength I had relates closely to the description of the variables, writing all the control variables I have, making sure that all of them are controlled throughout the experiment. I was also quite successful when stating my research question and evaluating my hypotheses by using the background information. Secondly, moving on to the weaknesses, I was not too successful in discussing the slope and the shared variance. I was also not too successful in writing the validity of the method, discussing the measurements and how it can affect the overall results and experiment itself.

Overall, large improvements were made and observed when I compared the marks I received from this lab and the previous lab. Even though there is a lot of room for improvement, I am satisfied with the mark that I received and think that it reflects the effort and the time I spent working on it. Next time, I need to be aware of the paragraph regarding the validity of the method, making sure that I go through all the details needed. In addition, discussing the slope/shared variance of the data is also important, which will be kept in mind when I write another lab report next year.

unnamed copy



Nicola Ho_Jong_9B

For the past month or so, the entire grade started working on a design/English project. Carrying on from the Design Day that was held not too long ago, this task involved choosing a moment from the novel “The Cellist of Sarajevo”. After choosing our moment, we had to create a panel sequence with scripting and graphic novel conventions. Since I have now officially completed all four criterions, I have learnt many new skills that will help me in the future. The first obvious skill I have learnt is how to use Adobe Illustrator. At the beginning of this Design task, Adobe Illustrator was a complete blur to me, all of the different tools were very difficult to comprehend. Though after creating an entire graphic novel page, I have definitely grasped the skills of basic inking and panel outlining. Another skill that I found very useful is the process of learning how to create a gantt chart. Even though gantt charts require some time and effort during the process of it’s creation, the finished project is definitely worth it. The colours that incorporate with the entire timespan idea is very useful to me because it makes it seem like you have a long time span while you are working on your project. It also helps you plan and adjust your time efficiently, which it of course, a very helpful tool that can be used in the future as well. Considering the fact that this project was indeed created for the readers of it, the visuals that are in this panel sequence are very important. Because these visuals are the main focal point of this panel sequence, they have a wide range of meaning hidden underneath. For example, the visuals in the first panel relate closely to the mood of the entire novel itself because of the expressions and the dull colours used. The colours and the expressions on the character’s faces give the audience a sense of dullness and emptiness.

In conclusion to this fruitful unit, I have learnt many things, not only about design and English but about life skills such as time management. As mentioned, I have learnt many skills such as getting a hold of Adobe Illustrator and making colourful gantt charts to help me plan and incorporate different activities into my plan. If I were to do this project again I would definitely give myself less time with the basic outlining and planning, and probably add another day or two for the final piece. Though there are some things that I would have done differently, I am really excited and happy about my final piece and hope other people appreciate my work as much as I do!


CAS Week 2014 – Crossroads

by 084386 on December 5, 2014

As you can read from the title, for my first CAS week trip I decided to stay in Hong Kong to volunteer at the Crossroads Foundation over at Gold Coast. I decided to stay in Hong Kong this year because I wanted to fill up some community and service hours and help make a difference for others around me. Although there were many other fantastic trips that provided what I wanted overseas, I decided to stay in Hong Kong since I have many more opportunities to visit other places in the future years!

Now moving on to Crossroads, many of you might not have the slightest clue of what ‘Crossroads’ is, but for those who are aware of this organisation/charity… please be patient and let me go through the basics of this wonderful foundation. Crossroads Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has a goal of connecting people in a broken world, by simply providing them with the help and care they need and deserve (you can learn more about Crossroads by simply clicking HERE).

At Crossroads there are different types of jobs that are available. There are jobs such as writing/packaging Christmas cards, inventory, working with household, packing medical appliances and many more! Due to the fact that I was only at Crossroads for 5 days, I did not get a chance to help volunteer in all different areas. Over the course of the short week, I spent my time writing over 5,000 Christmas cards to send out, while in my free time, sorting watches and other accessories over at household. Even though writing 5,000 Christmas cards seems rather difficult and time consuming, this was my favourite job out of all the other ones because of the holiday spirit that came with it. Christmas is one of my favourite seasons of the year, and I really enjoyed helping Crossroads write wonderful messages to give out to volunteers, and even many people overseas. I was really surprised to see that the Christmas cards go out to many different places such as Australia, China, Africa etc… Since Crossroads is a Hong Kong based organisation, I assumed that all the cards were for people in Hong Kong. Other than writing Christmas cards, working with household was also a really difficult job to fulfil, considering the fact that some ‘heavy lifting’ is required. Nevertheless, even though all the jobs required hard work and dedication, I am extremely glad that I got a chance to help not only the Crossroads foundation, but also many people in need.


This CAS week experience has truly been fun! The week that was spent working with the Crossroads volunteers has truly went by so quickly, I would highly recommend anyone to go and volunteer. Volunteer with your friends, your family, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to try different jobs and care about others around you!

Here is a picture that was taken during my time at Crossroads!







Design Day Reflection

by 084386 on November 2, 2014

Today, the tasks that had to be completed included practicing the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and making a gantt graph. I learnt the basic features on Adobe Illustrator such as navigating through the pen tool, to complete the tutorial for this activity I had to practice on a template.





The picture above is a screenshot of the template that I was working with to practice my skills using the Adobe Illustrator pen tool. As you can see, there are many curved areas near the letter C and O. When I was encountering that part of the tutorial, I had some difficulties with the curved areas at the beginning of the tutorial, though once I followed the instructions carefully everything seemed to fall in place perfectly fine. After learning how to do this tutorial, I really feel like I have the basic skills needed to illustrate my very own graphic novel in the future assignment.


This other picture below is a screenshot of the Gantt Chart that I collaborated with a couple classmates during today’s design day. A Gantt Chart is a really useful way to help you sort out the time duration for any assignments or events that you have coming up! I think the colour that is also added to help differentiate the different tasks and time durations often help a lot as well! Making the whole Gantt Chart stand in more in general. Although we learnt how to make a Gantt Chart with a fake event that is not actually happening, I really feel like I am prepared to take o a real-life scenario, for example the upcoming graphic novel assignment that is coming up! Even though tasks and assignments can seem really difficult and time consuming to finish sometimes, there are many ways that can help you ease that pressure like making a Gantt Chart.


Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.31.30 pm






Overall, during the course of today’s design day, I feel like i’ve learnt a lot! Not only have I learnt different important and useful skills such as using the pen function in the Adobe Illustrator and making a Gantt Chart. I have also learnt a lot about prioritising different tasks that will definitely help me with my upcoming graphic novel design/english assignment! Coming up very soon!



Adobe Illustrator

by 084386 on October 30, 2014



CAS Week!

by 084386 on May 23, 2014

For CAS Week this year, we had the choice to either go to Yang Shou or Vietnam. For this CAS Week, I spent a week in Vietnam. During this time, I have developed and learnt many skills that can help me in the future. I learnt about the culture and people in Vietnam, their lifestyle and how they adapt to the environment in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, we were involved in many activities which mainly focused on Community and Service. We had to help a family construct a house from scratch while learning about the culture and people in Vietnam. We spent five days under the  heated sun to help people that have less advantages than we do.

Although we didn’t stay in a five star hotel with the best food and air conditioning, I took a lot from this trip. I have learned to be more grateful about the people and things around me. There are obviously many people around the world that aren’t  as lucky as we are, maybe it was the way they were raised, the environment they were in, the people they were surrounded with. Sometimes I think that these people were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, which is probably why they’re where they are right now. Although the people there had different lifestyles as I do, it was interesting to see how calm they were. That’s when I realised that everyone has their own definition of the word “normal”. What you categorise the word “normal” is completely different from what other people categorise it. A princesse’s definition of normal is way different from a fishermen’s.

To sum it up…

The most important thing I learned throughout this trip? The answer would be, the categorisation of the word “Normal”.


French Reflection

by 084386 on April 4, 2014

1. Comment qualifies-tu tes efforts et ta participation dans le cours de français? (Evaluate your effort and participation in class)

Throughout the course of french class this year, I came to class with the expectation to work hard learn. Although there were days when I wasn’t feeling my best, I always tried to do my best no matter what. In my opinion, learning french requires speaking a lot of french. Even though I didn’t participate as much as I wanted, I think this gave me a good learning experience to look back and see what needs to be improved. I will definitely use my weaknesses this year as my motivation to improve and get ready for french next year!

2. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes dans le cours de français? Pourquoi? (What do you like the most in French class? Why?)

My favourite thing in french class is being able to do a lot of fun and interesting activities. Every unit, we have different tasks and activities to help us learn, which I think is a really good way to keep focused and learn hard! For example, in our endangered animals unit we got a chance to make our own animal books and read to Grade 4’s. That helped me practice my speaking and writing at the same time! I also got a chance to interact with kids from the lower school which was really fun and an amazing experience!

3. Qu’est-ce que tu n’aimes pas dans je cours de français? Pourquoi? (What do you not like in French ?Why?)

To be completely honest, french is one of my favourite classes… also one of the reasons for why i’m taking french next year! Even though french can be really difficult sometimes, I really enjoy every french class we have. Though one tiny thing I don’t really like about french class is the amount of time we have to complete in class assignments. Considering the fact that we have multiple assignments that have to be finished in class, I think we should minimise the amount of assignments we have in a class to create more time for us to do better on one.

4. Quels sont les deux aspects que tu veux améliorer (2 objectifs)? Comment est-ce que tu vas faire? (What are two aspects you want to improve on? How will you do that?)

As mentioned above, I think I really need to participate more in french class. Even though speaking in front of the class is something really nerve-racking… especially speaking in another language! I also think I need to work on my verb conjugations more. Although verbs are really hard to memorise, they’re really important and i’ll definitely work on those!



Composing a 16 Bar Melody

by 084386 on March 13, 2014

First Entry: Today I finally started my 16 Bar Melody today! I’ve started with the rhythm and have a pretty good idea of what I want the melody to be. Before class ended, I managed to get some of my ideas for the melody down in my notes. Though the rhythm is written with the same note right now, I think it’ll help me decide on the melody easier. Right now, I have been focusing on the guidelines more to make sure I meet the standards. It would be such a complete waste if I didn’t start with the guidelines and just wrote my entire composition! Next class, hopefully i’ll get a clearer vision of what I want the melody to sound like and start composing even more!

Second Entry: For this follow up entry about my composition, I have fallen back a bit on my composition due to the amount of school work that has been occupying all my time! A few days ago, I managed to do some work for the melody part of my composition with a couple of starting notes. Even though my composition still has a lot of work that needs to be done, i’ll try to make some time this afternoon to finish at least a couple bars on the melody point of view. Currently, I haven’t been asking for any peer feedback yet because I haven’t done a lot of work on the melody. As soon as my melody starts shaping up, i’ll ask for some peer feedback to make sure i’m on track!

Third Entry: For the past few weeks I have been working on this project. In class, we’ve started learning about disjunct and conjunct. Even though we didn’t really talk much about it, I feel like i’ve learned something new and interesting that might help me with my composition. Learning about disjunct and conjunct will probably help me form my composition a little better. Right now, my rhythm is helping my melody a lot! Even though i’m not quite done with my melody yet, I can start to feel the composition come alive in a way! I’m really happy about my composition so far and I really hope I can keep up the pace i’m working at!

Final Entry: Today was the day I finished my composition and finally submitted it. I feel like this composition process was really amazing journey. From writing a simple rhythm, then turning it to a nice and upbeat melody. After I was finished with the melody, I replayed it a couple of times and felt that it wasn’t as good as I expected. After, I realized the only reason why it sounded bland and boring was because I didn’t add any accents, decrescendos, and crescendos. So after playing my melody and adding a couple of accents here and there, I played my composition for the final time and felt like I had done my best! I’m really happy about my final composition and feel like I tried to the best of my ability. I hope to encounter another experience like this again and compose a couple of upbeat melodies in the future as well. Overall, this was an amazing experience and a very musical adventure and I hope to do more composing in the future!


Guest Speaker: UNKRC, Helping Refugees

by 084386 on February 19, 2014

Last Wednesday for T.A.P. a guest speaker from the UNKRC came to our school to talk about refugees seeking for help. On top of that, the guest speaker also brought a refugee named “Ali” to our school to talk about his life story and experiences. Though i’m writing this blog post a week after the talk, I didn’t realise how much I learned from the talk till today. That talk has made me feel so lucky to be where I am right now, and has taught me to appreciated those around me. I have also realised the many people around the world that are in danger, waiting to be saved and kept safe. This talk has definitely made me feel guilty about my actions in the past, not appreciating the many things I had, only wishing for more and more. The thought of leaving your family to seek for help and remain safe makes me think of the many challenges they had to go through. Though this problem is being fixed and improved around the world right now, you can still do something to make a difference. Tell your friends and family about this problem! Donate to the UNHCR and save lives! You can even browse around the UNHCR website and read about the kind of work they do to help, see if you would like to volunteer :)

If you’re interested to look at the UNHCR website click HERE



Instrument Care Presentation!

by 084386 on January 13, 2014

It seems like it’s been a long time since we started our first unit in music class! Well, time does pass by extremely quickly when you’re putting 100% into your learning… and plus, you get to have loads of fun! For this particular unit about instrument care, we got into pairs and created a keynote and or google presentation about your instrument and how to care for it. Attached is a copy of the poster I made with my classmate Ashley. Feel free to leave any comments with concerns or questions you may have, you may also leave some responses about your instrument and how to care for it as well 😀



Waste Not, Want Not Survey!

by 084386 on January 6, 2014

Please take my survey! All opinions and comments are important :)

<iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19qI0yhV4XwjWhsUcET0rGOpr0JEuLOz3XUqya3w1-fs/viewform?embedded=true” width=”400″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″>Loading…</iframe>


Music: Instrument Care Reflection

by 084386 on November 27, 2013

In music class, we are currently learning about the instrument we’re playing and how treat our instrument with the proper care. To learn more about our instrument, we made a presentation talking about the different parts of our instrument, the types of materials it’s made from and how to care for the instrument. For this particular assignment, I think my partner and I did a fine job introducing the different parts of our instrument, the clarinet and the routines you can do to give it the best hearing sound and best looking appearance overall. Although there were a couple of minor issues during the presentation regarding the timing, overall, I think we did a good job. As a part two of the instrument care unit, we made a poster about our instrument as well. The main strength we had on our poster would probably be providing the audience with a clear and easy way to care for the clarinet. A weakness I would point out would be the part regarding the materials used to make the clarinet, that section overall, wasn’t exactly the clearest and could definitely use more information. As mentioned, the poster and presentation had some minor issues. Those difficulties were mainly noticed due to the lack of practice and preparation, also due to the time management. Next time, we should plan and prepare a couple of times to ensure that the presentation will be steady and smooth. Also, next time, we should definitely double check our work to check through any errors.

In conclusion, this is a really interesting and helpful unit. You get to research about your instrument, how to care for it, and most importantly, what it’s made of and the environmental impacts it has. Not only do you get to enjoy the fun of playing your instrument, you also get to experience the different caring routines you can do to care for your instrument too!


Design Day: Waste Not, Want Not 2

by 084386 on October 29, 2013

After our experimenting on Sketch Up, we were finally able to create a reusable, recyclable, sustainable and attractive package for our apple. Although the package we created might not be absolutely perfect, it was only used as a tool to help us better understand design and the application Sketch Up. Take a look at our final package design below! Please leave any comments you have with the I like… I wish, What if… format :)


Design Day: Waste Not, Want Not

by 084386 on October 29, 2013

Since today is a D.E.A.D. Day, everything that we do is related to design. On this particular design day, our focus is on packages, which leads to finding out and experimenting different types of packages and finding the most efficient package that is reusable, recyclable, attractive and sustainable. This morning we were working on deconstructing and reconstructing packages that we use on a daily basis such as cereal and pill boxes. After, we got into groups of three and tried to make a package for an apple. After many challenges and multiple trials involving experimenting and teamwork we came up with a decent package that could possibly carry an apple. Finally, we finished off the morning by finalising our design and drawing the net on a piece of graph paper. Sketching down our net will help us with our final task this afternoon, making our final package on Sketch Up.

Here is a picture of our net we completed this morning:


Math: Simple Interest VS Compound Interest

by 084386 on October 9, 2013

To my 25 year old self…

Investing your money is probably the most practical way to manage your money. If you invest your money in a bank, you can see how your money grows and possibly use it for something more beneficial in the future. But if you don’t invest your money in a bank and spend all your money on a vacation, it would be a waste. If you spend all your money on a one time vacation it might benefit you when your in the moment but not necessarily benefit yourself in the future since you would have lost all the money you spent years investing.

As you can see on the graph below, if you invest your money, it will be able to grow from your interest paid and added on to your original amount and therefore, end up with more money. But if you spend your money on something less practical such as a vacation, your money will only grow from your interest paid and not added on to your original which will make you lose money.


Therefore, if you spend all your money on a vacation, all the money you spent time investing would be wasted, but if you think of a more sensible solution to invest your money in a bank, you would be able to see how your money grows and possibly use it for something more practical in the future.


Music: Test Reflection

by 084386 on October 9, 2013

For this particular written test that I did I got a level five out of eight. Even though there is a lot of room for improvement, i’m quite satisfied with this grade because music theory has never been a strength of mine. This grade was actually quite expected because I knew I understood the basic rules of music theory but still had some difficulty with some sections. Since I knew that music theory was a hard section for me in music I practiced twice a week leading up to the music test with my piano teacher. She helped me better understand the concept of music theory and even gave me some useful tips to help me remember things easier. For future assessments I will prepare better by asking the teacher for help in areas that I don’t understand and try to use practice websites online to use as a practice tool.


Line 11 Performance Reflection

by 084386 on October 2, 2013

Last week for music class, we had a formative assessment on Line 11 “Billy Boy” from our books. For this particular assessment for Line 11, I practiced on the weekend for a at least an hour and went through different mistakes or difficulties I had and played through. I had to make sure all of the beats and tongued enough between the notes while making sure that the rhythm was played correctly. Overall, my assessment was quite successful, I remembered to tongue and keep a consistency with my rhythm and beats, making sure I didn’t rush through the piece. For next time, I should practice more on my breathing and make sure I don’t breath in between every note.


My Mural From Mural.Ly!

by 084386 on June 7, 2013


iFolio: Volunteer Work At School

by 084386 on May 13, 2013

Last week while the other grade 7’s were on their experience week trip, I stayed at school and did volunteer work. During that time, I demonstrated the learner profile attributes principled and caring.

I think I demonstrated the attribute caring because I helped the grade 2’s with their class work and also helped the teachers by creating activities for their students. During that time, I helped a young girl with her classwork, at first she kept on daydreaming. But after the session, she understood everything and walked out with a big smile. The grade 2’s were a pleasure to work with and they seemed to be enjoying themselves when I was there to help them with the areas that were difficult to them.

I think I demonstrated the attribute principled because I was a good role model during the time I was helping them. I could tell right from wrong and was always honest about everything I was doing. I was always serious and concentrated when important work had to be done, and showed integrity while I was doing it.

Did you get to know someone new during your volunteer work?

Other than demonstrating the learner profile attributes, there were some other important points that tagged along this amazing volunteer experience, such as, meeting new different students and teachers in grade 2. For example, during that time I met a teacher who helped different classes, I found out that she used to be a student at the school. We got talking and ended up having a really good time together.

How did you show personal responsibility during the volunteer work?

I realized that I showed responsibility during the time with the grade 2’s. I cleaned up the mess I made (without any help) and concentrated on my own thing without any distractions. I took care of the things that needed to be done. I never thought I could be this responsible until I did the volunteer work. Which helped me a lot.

What is something that surprised you about yourself or someone else?

During the time helping out the grade 2’s I really surprised myself when I was abled to teach an eight year old girl her class work. I was really surprised because I never thought I could “successfully teach someone how to do their own classwork.


Overall, this week has been an absolute blast! I really enjoyed working with the grade 2’s and meeting new people. I really enjoyed this learning and helping experience and I hope to do something like this again!




Coming Attraction: Hong Kong Heritage

by 084386 on April 29, 2013

Hey Everyone! So recently I have been working on a documentary to promote a really important heritage site in Hong Kong. Click HERE to catch the behind the scenes features, and be sure to watch the documentary on the website or watch it here right now!


Thank you! :)



KMT Court Case: iFolio Reflection

by 084386 on April 26, 2013

During the past three science classes we have been pulling all our data, investigations and exhibits together to start our KMT Court Case. This court case involved two teams: the prosecution team and the defense team. The prosecution team had to prove Mr. Kirchner guilty for providing fake information about the KMT and the Defense team had to prove Mr. Kirchner non-guilty. As I mentioned, the court case went on for about three classes. The first day was for the prosecution, the second day was for the defense, and the last and final day was for recalling witnesses and closing arguments from both sides. Today was the last day for closing arguments and recalling witnesses, so that ment that the Jury members had to decide whether the prosecution team would win or the defense. At the end of the day, the Jury members said that… the prosecution team got two votes and the defense got two also… which basically ment that we tied. In my opinion, I personally think that the Jury members should have made us the winning team because, in the real world (according to the scientific community) the KMT is true. And since the defense got the same amount of votes as us, it means that they had ALL the answers right infront of them but still didn’t prove all the points of the KMT. And as for the prosecution side, we proved that KMT doesn’t exist with supported facts and basically… a harder base to start with. Since I was only an expert witness during this court case, all my questions had to be asked through a lawyer, which made it really difficult when I had a really important question and had to wait for a long time before the lawyer could actually consider asking my question. But other than that, I think that I fulfilled my responsibilities as an expert witness by proving the defense lawyers wrong with my group members. Even though this has been a really interesting court case, I kind of regret not volunteering to be the second photographer. I regret this because, I think it would be a big help if more pictures would get taken. Finally, throughout this court case I have learned a lot more about the KMT (such as, you can’t see particles directly from the naked eye, it has to be seen from a really professional telescope etc…). I really do think that I have became a better scientist because now I can prove my points clearly, supporting observations and claims that have occurred in my experiment. Overall, this court case has been an absolute blast and I hope i’ll get a chance to do something like this again!


iPholio: Fractions And Decimals

by 084386 on April 14, 2013

Where would you fall on the stress and learning graph? Why?

On the stress graph I would fall on four because this has been one of the more difficult units for me to follow. As mentioned in my previous posts and reflections, fractions and decimals have never been one of my strong math topics. Actually, math has never been one of my strong subjects. Thats why I thought this unit was challenging and hard to follow. This unit has made me feel more stressed than I did with the other units, thats why this has made me realized that I need to review and try to catch up!

What was challenging about this unit? What was easy?

This whole entire unit has been quite challenging for me, there were some parts that I could do well, but the other parts were just too confusing for me to understand. At the start of the unit when we were learning a

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Hong Kong Heritage

by 084386 on March 20, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Watch this space for my Hong Kong Heritage documentary about the Tin Hau Temple in Yau Ma Tei. You can watch the movie in progress at MY WEBSITE!

Stay tuned for the documentary coming out in April!




How Can Habits Hurt You?

by 084386 on February 6, 2013

One of my bad habits are being afraid to ask questions, since I was about six years old, I started my first year in primary school. I was never the girl who would stand out in the class, I would always try to find a way to make myself not visible. I guess what put me back from getting a lot of full marks and positive feedback was because of my lack of confidence and gut to ask the simplest question in the entire world, “I don’t understand”. This habit has traveled everywhere with me, around school, around my neighborhood even in my daily life. You might think that i’ve tried getting rid of this habit, trust me I have… for seven years. The reason why getting rid of this habit never really worked out for me is because I never tried. After growing up and learning more everyday I have learnt that if you never try you will never succeed. I really want to get rid of this habit because I don’t want to be held back from getting good results in life and school. I have learnt that questions are like unlimited chances that will be with you forever, if you don’t understand something there is always someone to ask. Even when your on the street, looking for a destination, you can still ask someone. But in my case, I never asked anyone, after years of not asking questions I have realized that it has really dragged me back. That is why this is the first priority that i’m setting up for myself, ask questions when you don’t understand. In my opinion, the only way to change a this habit is to take risks. The only reason why your not asking a question is because you don’t know what other people will think of you. But sometimes, you just need to take the risk, in order for yourself to improve in life. From past experiences at school, I was taking a math test and I didn’t understand a question, I was about to ask a question but I looked around the room and saw that now one was asking a question. That was the thing that stopped me from asking the question that could get me a higher level in math, but the thing that pushed me back was my lack of confidence to ask a simple question, I don’t understand. So starting from today, I am going to build up my confidence, which will lead me to the risk to ask the question, I don’t understand.


Humanities: Shi Huang Di Unit Recap

by 084386 on December 14, 2012

During the past few weeks we have been working on the unit about Shi Huang Di, The first Emperor of China. Shi Huang Di is known to be one of the most selfish and demanding emperors of all time but there were many good achievements that he was involved in. He was responsible for the building of the Great Wall and Terracotta Army. During this unit I have learned many things about Shi Huang Di but have also learned a variety of new skills that I can carry on towards my learning. For example, I have learned how to write a proper but “good” outline, I have learned how to use the notecards properly when doing research, siting my sources properly, and many more. Even though I have learned many skills,the most important skill I have learned would be learning how to write a good outline. The reason why I think learning how to write a good outline is because if you know how to write a proper outline it can really lead to writing a good and detailed essay. As I mentioned, during this unit we were involved in many activities and assignments like the Shi Huang Di poster (oral presentation). During that activity I have learned more about the C.R.A.P. principles and how you can relate them to different kinds of activities which was a really good skill to have learned. The Shi Huang Di oral presentation were one of my favorite activities because I really enjoyed working in a group with people that i’ve never gotten a chance to work with before! Overall, this has been an extremely fun unit and I really really enjoyed it :)

Here is a small part of my Shi Huang Di essay! Enjoy :)

Shi Huang Di is known to be one of the most demanding and cruel emperors of all time, but the real question is “To what extent was Shi Huang Di a good emperor”?

Qin Shi Huang Di was born in 259 B.C. to King Zhuangxiang of Qin and Queen Dowager Zhao in Handan, China. He died on August 11th 210 B.C. at the age of 48 from taking too many mercury pills for immortality. His given name was known to be “Ying Zhao Zheng” but he then changed it to Qin Shi Huang Di when he became emperor, the name Qin Shi Huang Di means the first Emperor. Shi Huang Di was crowned emperor at the age of 13 in 247 B.C., he had his coronation in 238 B.C.


Blog Today: Area of Interaction

by 084386 on December 4, 2012

In Math we are studying algebraic patterns. I am looking at Human Ingenuity as the Area of Interaction because I think that mathematics and human ingenuity relate to each other more than the other Area of Interaction, you can use it in your daily life.


Scientific Journal: Alexander Fleming

by 084386 on November 13, 2012


Alexander Fleming: The Discovery of Penicillin


For the scientific journal I investigated on Alexander Fleming. I explained the different problems, factors, meanings, and results that Alexander Fleming had when he was discovering penicillin. Alexander Fleming is best known for his discovery of penicillin in 1928. He calls his discovery of penicillin an “dramatic discovery”, meaning he did not intend to discover penicillin. Furthermore, this journal addresses how penicillin has affected death rates and even modern life. As a result,  Alexander Fleming’s “dramatic discovery” of penicillin has helped millions of lives in the past, as well as today, and will continue on in the future. (Britannica Online School Edition)




Before penicillin was discovered the death rates were really high. Many people died from bacteria growth, causing blood poisoning and other fatal diseases. In the past, many people had deep wounds that got infected and could not be sanitized or cleaned. Even a simple everyday cut could cause infections and death. Bacteria growth caused millions of deaths, penicillin was the first type of antibiotic that saved millions of people from dying.

(Britannica Online School Edition)



On a September morning in 1928, Alexander Fleming took out a pile of petri dishes he had placed on a bench before he left to go on a vacation with his family. Fleming was looking through the dishes to see which ones he could retain, but many of the dishes were contaminated. He then placed each of those in an ever growing pile in a tray of Lysol. Alexander Fleming was mainly in search of a “wonder drug” that would not harm the human body, only to kill the bacteria. While sorting out the petri dishes he noticed something strange about one dish. He noticed that a mold had grown on the dish when he was away. However, the mold had seemed to kill the bacteria surrounding it. After observing the petri dish, Fleming realized that the mold had capability of killing bacteria. Fleming spent weeks growing more mold and figuring out the substance the mold had that could kill the bacteria. But after finding out more about the mold, Fleming wanted to figure out where the mold had came from. It turned out that the mold belonged to La Touche’s room below Fleming’s. It seemed to have travelled all the way up to Fleming’s room. Fleming continued conduct numerous experiments to verify the effect of the mold and weather it would kill other harmful bacteria. Surprisingly, the mold had killed a large amount of the bacteria. (About, Britannica Online School Edition)


While Fleming was discovering deadly bacteria in 1928, he found a mold forming on one of his bacteria cultures. He noticed that the bacteria surrounding the mold had disappeared. Fleming kept a strain of mold alive and began testing it on laboratory animals. In 1929 he published his first medical paper about a powerful microbe killer that did not injure human tissue. Later on in 1938 a team of Oxford University scientists, Howard Florey and Ernst B. Chain remembered the research paper. Both of the Oxford scientists were credited for refining Fleming’s discovery of penicillin. (Britannica Online School Edition, Zephyrus)





Fleming’s discovery of antibiotics has environmental factors. To start of with the environmental factor, it relates to Fleming’s discovery of antibiotics because of the use on animals. Since the beginning of antibiotics, animals were affected. Antibiotics would not have been in use today if it had not been tested on laboratory animals such as guinea pigs, and rats. When antibiotics was first discovered, it was tested on humans. Sir Howard Florey started using mice because he only had a little amount of penicillin left,  leading him to not test it on humans. Florey kept on testing penicillin on animals because the results on the mice were so convincing. Antibiotics has not only affected animals in the past it is still affecting them now. In places like the United States, Livestock producers are feeding antibiotics to animals to make them grow fatter and faster. Many people have been complaining and saying that they should not be feeding them to make them grow, they should be feeding antibiotics to animals in need of it. Antibiotics is a drug used to treat sick human beings and animals, it is not supposed to be used on animals for growth promotion. Feeding drugs to healthy animals is not doing any good for the animals,  the environment and as well as for our future. (Chicago Tribune)




Works Sited:

Eng, Monica. “FDA says stop feeding antibiotics to healthy animals for growth promotion.” Chicago Tribune. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. <http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-04-11/features/chi-food-policy-fda-issue-new-guidelines-on-antibiotic-in-animals-20120411_1_growth-promotion-animal-health-institute-food-animal-production>.

“Fleming, Alexander.” Fleming, Alexander: 1-1. Britannica Online School Edition. Web. 1 Nov. 2012. <http://www.school.ebonline.com/comptons/article-9274340?query=alexander%20fleming&ct=null>.

Rosenberg, Jennifer. “Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin” [“Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin”]. About.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. <http://history1900s.about.com/od/medicaladvancesissues/a/penicillin_2.htm>.

Zephyrus. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. <http://www.zephyrus.co.uk/alexanderfleming.html>.











AOI: Environmental and Human Ingenuity

by 084386 on November 9, 2012

For this particular issue I think it refers to Human Ingenuity more than Environmental. Both the Lorax and the Man Made Beach are about how humans are building and making things with natural resources that have a big impact to the environment. The Lorax is mainly about “Once-ler” who is wasting trees on knitting and wasting a lot of natural resources. While on the other hand, the Man Made Beach is about a man who wants to “make” a man made beach, which is harming the environment. I think that Human Ingenuity is more relevant because it doesn’t harm any marine and bird species. Even though wasting natural resources isn’t the best way to treat the environment, many species are getting extinct and we want to save as may of them as possible. All though I think Human Ingenuity is more relevant, natural resources are going to run out if we don’t use it efficiently. I think that we should use natural resources instead of harming species, but we should definitely use our natural resources more efficiently and with care.

Ng, Jyce. “Chief Executive Leung Angers Activists by Backing Man-made Beach.”South China Morning Post. South China Morning Post, 26 Oct. 201. Web. 08 Nov. 2012. <http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1069894/chief-executive-backs-plan-man-made-beach-lung-mei-tai-po>.

Rachel Leung’s notes

An artist’s impression of the new man-made beach at Lung Mei


AOI: Response to China Earthquake (Environments)

by 084386 on September 17, 2012

During the recent Earthquake in China many homes got destroyed. I think we can help by building houses for the homeless, donating money to get their homes fixed, and maybe we can donate tents to people that have lost their homes in the earthquake. As a part of this planet we all have a responsibility to help other people, I think that these actions can make a HUGE difference!


Some Community and Service actions we could do for the China earthquake is donating money,supplies, and food. Another way to help is to organize a fundraiser,have a bake sale, or just have a normal sale selling clothes, books and many other fun and useful things!


UPDATE: April 23-27 Exhibition

by 084386 on April 27, 2012

Hello Everyone! The last time I wrote a post was on the day of the Student led learning reviews (which was on the 18th of April). The whole grade 6 has been rapping up the unit “Sharing the Planet”. We had to finish the Sharing the Planet summative assessment in one week! Speaking about the finish of Sharing the planet, the entire grade 6 took a journey back to the unit “Where we are in place in time” to start the Exhibition. We had our first Exhibition talk two days ago and since then we had massive loads of information thrown at us! Anyways my point is, that we have had a really stressful but exiting week in the 6C cookie jar.

By the way everyone our class made a music video with the song “We are Young”. Stay tuned and wait for the music video on my next blog post!


Student Led Learning Review

by 084386 on April 18, 2012

Parents Comment:

After the learning review, I was able to learn more about what Nicola has been doing at school for the year.  I discovered that she has accomplished quite a lot since the beginning of the year. I was suprised to see more confidence in her presentation when she told me about the current unit. She improved in her researching skills, she was abled to collect an isolate important ideas. Nicola’s ability in time management has improved since the start of the school semester, I hope she can continue the good work because when she gets up to middle school her schedules will change and be more hectic. I think that Nicola needs to take more initiative in learning and not being to afraid when the going gets hard and asking questions.


Students Comment:

While preparing for the SLLR I wasn’t really sure on what I would want to do to better show myself as a learner. Now after going through the process of preparing for it I am abled to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Before the school year ends I will put all of my effort into making it into the most great learning experience. It has been a fruitful year so far and I hope to do an amazing presentation when it comes to the end of the year exhibition.




UPDATE: What have we been up to?

by 084386 on March 16, 2012

Hello Everyone!

So as you can see from the title (or the question) What have we been up to? This we were really busy unpacking the central idea. As everyone knows, the unit “How the World Works” is coming to an end. So basically we spent 3 days writing reflections and making last minute touches to our process journals. Thats why we have been really busy unpacking the new unit “Sharing the Planet”.

This morning the whole grade 6 went to the LLAC to watch a movie called “Rabbit Proof Fence” and to reveal the central idea.

The exhibition is coming towards us and we all have to prepare and do some additional research to help us when the actual exhibition comes. The exhibition is the biggest project ever in grade 6, and all of our units during this school year helps us prepare fro the exhibition. So anyways more posts will be coming and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! : )



Book Club: Review Of Character

by 084386 on March 14, 2012

Hello Everyone! As you all know book club has always been a part of our daily life. For the past few weeks we started our new book club books, the book that I chose was “Running Wild”. Running Wild is a book by Michael Morpurgo, The book is basically about A little boy called Will going on vacation with his mother to Indonesia to have a chance to put things behind them and have some fun, But when Will is riding the elephant the beach begins to act strange. Thats when a tsunami comes crashing in and takes Will’s mother. Now Will has to find a way to survive in the jungle by himself, finding the most possible way to survive.

Now that you have a brief understanding of the book “Running Wild” let me tell you what I think of the character Will. From my perspective Will is a strong and Independent character. When Will’s mother gets taken away by the tsunami he immediately knows that the only way to survive is to take care of himself. For example as I said just know Will is a Independent character he knows how to live on his own and knows what to do to keep himself alive. In one part of the book when the tsunami struck Indonesia Will knew that he had to stay in the jungle. When days past Will knew how to take care of himself and most importantly how to survive. Will is also a really caring person, he cared for Oona and never left her, he stayed in the jungle with her. There was a part in the book were the hunter was spraying water at the orangoutans, Will tried to save the orangoutans before he saved himself. So that showed that Will is a caring person. I hope this post has told you a bit about Will and the book “Running Wild”!


Fractions,Decimals, And Percentages!

by 084386 on March 7, 2012

Here is task related to our newest math menu on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages!


Math Menu: Reducing Fractions

by 084386 on February 28, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I’m back and back with a brain full of math! Recently our class has been working on activities on the math menu for fractions, decimals and percentages. This is a movie I made from one of the math menu activities I worked on.

Hope you enjoy!


Individual Investigations: Peninsula

by 084386 on February 21, 2012

Hello Everybody! Sorry for not posting for quite a while, I’ve been so extremely busy that I always miss out on updating my blog. But i can promise you that there is going to be lots of interesting new posts and updates on my blog soon, So remember to stay around. Anyways for the past few weeks our class has been working on individual investigations on different types of landforms. As you can tell by the title above that landform I chose is Peninsula. If you don’t know what a peninsula is or want to know more basic facts watch this video that I have prepared for you to watch! I hope you enjoy my small presentation!





Welcome Back!

by 084386 on January 3, 2012

Hi everyone! I’m sure you’ve all had an AMAZING Christmas break, I know I did! Since Christmas break is over and a lot of you have gone back to school and work, It’s time for some chat on our New years resolutions! Before boring you with the long lecture “How were all of your Christmas holidays”? What was your favorite part? Did you enjoy the last days of 2011? Well for me today was the first day back to school for me and I missed it because I got sick and had a terrible jet lag from going to London. So after the chit chat now it’s time to get back to the serious business. I have set some new year’s resolutions for myself, some are personal resolutions and some are for school. The first resolution is the most important one which is staying confident and believing in myself more. I feel that sometimes I  get really nervous about something (like a sprint meet or a test thats happening) and just always think negatively that I can’t do it. So thats probably the only one resolution that I want to focus a lot on this year! But the second resolution is Staying on task in class more often. The reason why I stated this resolution is because I feel like I get of task sometimes. Whether it’s talking to my friends whiles doing my important work done. The third resolution is again trying harder and pushing myself more in doing different kinds of things that i’m weak at. The fourth and final resolution is a personal one which is getting better at swimming, whether it’s getting faster or getting faster. If that’s what it takes to get better i’m onto it! So thats all of my new year’s resolutions! What are yours?



Book Review: Because of Winn-Dixie

by 084386 on December 15, 2011

Our class 6C has started book club conversations. There were a couple of books we could vote, But I voted for the book “Because of Winn-Dixie. Every 2 days we have our book club conversations, We are given “Thinkmarks” every time we have a book club conversation.

The book “Because of Winn-Dixie is a very moving and well written book. It’s about a young girl named “Opal” going to a grocery store called “Winn-DIxie” and coming back with a dog she named “Winn-DIxie”. Her dad as she calls “The Preacher” doesn’t pay attention to Opal ever since Opal’s mum left them when Opal was only three. “The Preacher” always distracts Opal from asking questions about her mum. But then one day a thunderstorm occurs and Winn-Dixie gets lost What will Opal do now?

This book as I said is a very moving and well written book. I would recommend this book to people that like stories about friendship. But If you are a type of person that likes action or horror books I would not recommend this book.




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by 084386 on August 25, 2011

Our class has been writing about our values and whats important to us and we decided to make a wordle with all of the key words so here it is!

I know I already gave you guys the link to wordle already but i’m still going to put the link below for people who missed out on that post!

If you want to enter wordle click HERE!



How Will I Prepare For The Final Exam?

by 084386 on June 7, 2011

Tonight, I will prepare for my final exam which is tomorrow and I am super nervous. Well as I said tonight I am going to work on my cheat sheet i’m not really cheating (Its allowed) and i will print all of the diagrams about the human body and stick at the back of my cheat sheet. I will also go on Whack-ABone, Poke-A Muscle and go on Brain Pop to write down information and maybe even add some stuff on my cheat sheet. And maybe I will also ask my mum about the human body systems and maybe ask my gr. 6 friends about how the test was. Well once again I am so nervous for the test and cross my fingers if I get a good MARK!

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Internet Safety

by 084386 on June 1, 2011

This year is about to end and that means its time to bring our MacBooks home. So today we went to the LLAC (Leo Lee Art Centre) to listen to two presentations one about taking care of your MacBook and one about taking care of your self when your one websites and social networking places that you think might not be safe or appropriate for your age. So we went through all of the websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Skype. And found out that privacy settings and other stuff are really important and if you don’t have enough privacy settings to protect your account people from all kinds of places can see all your stuff including.

Here is a video according to what we learned today,

If you want to watch more videos from Common Sense visit:

Common Sense


The Grade 9 Simulations

by 084386 on May 26, 2011

These past two days the grade 9 civics class ask the grade 5’s to try out their simulations according to their unit. They a lot of different activities for us to try out and the topic was basically about people who have no money and comparing with people that do have money and looking at the differences. My favorite simulation was the one about african poverty. They told us about how a lot of people in African live in slums and have about two or three families live in a small and poorly conditioned area, and usually the families listen to strong lighting and rain in the slum and people coming in their homes to rape or cut their children. So basically the grade 9’s wanted us to feel the feeling the people felt by putting us into pairs and the parent had to protect their children from the people in the dark and with annoying sounds in the background distracting them. When they turned of the lights and started their simulation we were SUPER! nervous! But at the end I realized that a lot more people have no proper shelter and food and get tortured in so many different terrible ways. But overall  I think me and my group enjoyed it so MUCH!


I think most of you who read my blog know what the SLLRs is. Well if you don’t know what it means here is the definition of the word: A really special event were students show their parents what they have learned and telling them what they have done in the past few months of GRADE 5 In CDNIS! I think that the SLLRs are a really good way show and communicate to your parent about your school life what you do and what you learn don’t you think so too? I think its better that going home and your parents asking you. So why don’t you just show THEM!

If you still want a better understanding of the Student Led Learning Reviews Watch This Youtube Video!


The Student Led Learning Reviews 2011 !

by 084386 on April 29, 2011

Today is the 29th of April and its the time to do the SLLR’s ( Student Led Learning Reviews ). I’m so glad to show my dad what I do at school. My favorite part of the SLLRs is showing my P.S.A. and how I did it. My dad really enjoyed watching my P.S.A. and also enjoyed writing a blog post together. This is a really good learning experience and we had a lot of FUN!


Artifact Hunt

by 084386 on April 28, 2011

Around three weeks ago the whole entire Grade 5 went on a field trip to go to the beach to dig up artifacts that the teachers buried in the sand. Its really hard to find the artifacts because they are broken up into small pieces and your not really sure if you will find all the pieces to complete the activity. We all got into groups or five and had a certain area to look all the artifacts. After everyone found a artifact we went back to school to fill out a sheet called My Found Artifact. And maybe about two weeks later we glued our found artifacts together and put the My Found Artifact sheet on our desk and the artifact and walk around the whole entire grade 5 area to find your own artifact. This was the most fun experience ever and I hope I can do this AGAIN!


The First 80 Minutes Of National Treasure

by 084386 on March 30, 2011

The movie National Treasure is about a person named Benjamin Gates who is fascinated to know more about the U.S.A history. The Gates family know a lot about the history and Benjamin’s grandfather tells him all about it. They have a attic full of American history and one book full of clues. They only had one clue and that was the clue lies with Charlotte. Charlotte is actually a boat and Benjamin gathered a group of people to go to a certain place to find the Charlotte. And Benjamin just wants to learn more.

The 5 Main Key Events Are…

– Benjamin’s grandfather tells him the story

– The Charlotte burned

– Going to the Museum

– Taking The Declaration Of Independence

– Defending Ian and his men


Most of the ways of learning about the past is through computer, books or stories that adults tell you or a story you always discuss with a friend. But their are so many more fun and exiting ways.
Here are the examples,
– Reading books
– Asking your grandparents, scientists or other elderly
– Asking your parents or friends
– Going on the internet
– Listening to the radio
– Watching T.V
– Reading grave stones
– Learning from school or other educational places
– Going to the library
See! Theres so musch fun and different ways to learn about history!


Artifact Game

by 084386 on March 15, 2011

This artifact looks like a coin to me. Well now they don’t have coins like this but in the olden days maybe they did. The detail and the design of this artifact is really nice though I can’t really understand the words on the object. Maybe this means that maybe in the olden days people speak and write these kind of words instead of chinese, english etc… . But I also think that this also looks like gold that pirates use to trade for treasures. I think that because skulls represent pirates and there is a skull right at the middle of the artifact. So if you put that together it means this is a certain gold coin that pirates use to trade for treasures or use it for daily use of what we use!

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Hong Kong’s Past

by 084386 on March 10, 2011

Today in the 5D disco we watched a video about Hong Kong’s past. We watched this video because we are learning about different kinds of historical places, objects and artifacts. This video is about what people in the past do in their own daily life in Hong Kong. This video shows the old transportations that people use to get to place to place. Hope you enjoys it!


Hong Kong ( Happy Valley ) Cemetery

by 084386 on March 2, 2011

Today the whole entire grade five went to a field trip to the Happy Valley cemetery. It is full of Hong Kong history. Soldiers and people who where at war and died in Hong Kong are buried in this cemetery. All of us had to go in groups of fives. One student from each class went in to a group. Each group got a video camera to take pictures and to make a video about Hong Kong history. We found out that people don’t just die of old age they die of war and sicknesses that they don’t even know know of. I saw this grave that said that this girl was born on 29 – 01 – 61 and died on the  31 – 01 – 61 she was so young and she only lived for 2 days. And I also figured out that rich people can only get a grave. The cemetery is really interesting it was a great experience .



by 084386 on February 25, 2011

In our current unit of inquiry we have been learning about children’s rights and how they should be abled to live a normal life like we do. A lot of children don’t get proper food and care and respect like we do they don’t go home and play they work work work everyday. So we had to make a P.S.A ( Public Service Announcement ). About child abuse, child labour and etc… And we had to choose an issue that we wanted to research about and just worked on it. My P.S.A is about child labour. It is basically about that Children shouldn’t be kidnapped and soled to other people. My P.S.A is about 38 seconds and its all about the issue.

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My Chinese New Year Holiday

by 084386 on February 9, 2011

On my chinese new year holiday I just stayed in Hong Kong to hang out with my family and friends. But I got to bring my awesome macbook home so I basically went on my computer for the most of the time. But on the weekend on my vacation I went to see a movie in Elements I went to the Grand Cinema to watch a movie called I Love Hong Kong. The movie was really funny I had a blast at the movies. The next day I had to go my grandparent’s house for a chinese new year dinner. Because we do that dinner thing every year. On the second last day I saw fireworks and the lion dances and stuff. And on the final day of my vacation I went shopping with my mum and sister. And BOOM its school time !

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Iqbal Reflection

by 084386 on January 27, 2011

I think our class read Iqbal because it is related to our new unit of inquiry about sharing the planet. I think it relates to our unit because it is about children who are not getting their share. They are being sold into slavery and have work for greedy masters. In our unit we are learning about children’s rights. The most important thing that I learned from this book is that different children from different places don’t all get access to education, medicine, shelter and clean and healthy water. The challenging part was focusing in some boring parts and vocabulary that was a bit challenging. I would like to learn more about different types of ways children are being sold to slavery. And also how bricks and carpets are made by children. I would pay more attention to the teacher and focus more on the vocabulary words. I really enjoyed this book it really made me think more about peoples rights.

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Author Visit !

by 084386 on January 20, 2011

Today wonderful and talented authors stopped by to our school to talk about how to write different kinds of poetry and their own inspirations for writing their poems. The author that came to visit our school was the famous author Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger. They basically answered all our questions and wonders for poems and they also introduced different kinds of poems to us like verb poems and definition poems. We also did a fun game like when they say something we have to repeat them. It was really a pleasure to meet Sara and Michael I really enjoyed my time with them !


Me And My Buddy !

by 084386 on January 18, 2011

Hi, my name is Dean I study at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. I am in class Prep E. Today I want to talk about my hamsters. Today I want to introduce my hamsters to you and what they usually like to do at home. I have two hamsters they like to eat hamster nuts and also they like to drink a lot of water. Usually after I come home from school I like to see my hamsters and hold my hamsters up side down like they are a baby. I also like to give them a walk around the kitchen I love my hamsters very much and I like to hold them !


My Winter Break

by 084386 on January 5, 2011

On the last day of school me and my friend ( DJ 20 ) watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1 together and after words we had to say goodbye for 2 weeks. But

On My Winter Break, I went to Los Angeles with my mum dad and sister. I had to take a 16 and a half airplane ride and I just spend the time sleeping and watching T.V. When I arrived there we had to have a 1 hour long check up because of the chaos in the U.S now a days. After the check up my mum’s friend and her daughters and sons came to pick us up in the airport to go back to the hotel. When we got there it was like 11: 30 but I was like starving so we had to go to a fast food 24 hours restaurant called Dennys. Afterwords We went back to the hotel and played until 4:00 am. The next morning we went to target to get some rain boots because it was pouring rain so hard that we all got so completely wet ! The next day we had to go to the airport and fly to Seattle because I wanted to visit Seattle and they happen to have moved to Seattle so we could stay at their house for 1 week.

When we got to the airport we found out that our flight delayed to like two o clock and we had to board on like one forty five. Well anyway we got on the plane flew for 2 and a half hours and when we got there it was like eight o clock. On the next day we went to the snow mountain to play with the snow we made snow mans. I love this Christmas holiday



Book Challenge

by 084386 on December 16, 2010

In my class the 5D Disco the whole class had to choose a book from the library or at home and they had to finish it within ten days.

The book I read was Anneli The Art Hater it is by Anne Fine. So basically the book Anneli the Art Hater is about a girl called Anneli and she hates art more than anything in the world and when she goes to art class at school she just wants to find a excuse to tell the teacher why she can’t stay at art class. But one day after school Anneli goes home and when she went up the secret storage room to look for something she found a hidden door that leads her to an amazing adventure. After the adventure Anneli changes her mind about Art and likes it after all.




by 084386 on December 15, 2010

Jib Jab is a website were you can take a picture of yourself and after that you pick a picture or a video and you drag your head on that character. And after you finished editing it you can watch it. If you go on Jib Jab you can also make mugs and cards. Jib Jab is the best place to express yourself and hang with your friends and family and just laugh together. If you want to go to Jib Jab and make your own go to http://sendables.jibjab.com/ and have a really good time !


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Photo Of The Day ( Amazon Orders for Christmas )

by 084386 on November 30, 2010

Well from looking at the picture from the global news. I think that this picture tells us that Christmas is here, and Amazon’s staff and workers are all very exited and happy to spend time with their families. But the orders that the customers provide for them Wow ! A lot of work to do for them. But I really hope that all of the staff and workers can finish the load of Christmas boxes and spend some Christmas time with their families and friends !  You can check out more photos at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/.

The Picture I wrote about is down here




by 084386 on November 29, 2010

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by 084386 on November 25, 2010

I think the word perspective means your own point of view of something or your own interpretation of something. Or the word perspective is also everyones interpretation also. Perspective is a point of view of something that someones sees. I use the word perspective when I like look at a certain sculpture and I think it looks wonderful but the other person thinks it looks odd and dose not like it at all thats the kind of perspective that I use. Well in my point of view everyones perspective is different because everyone has their on interpretation of something. Well I can tell by seeing listening about their own opinion about something.images


” Wa$ted ” ( Farmer$ )

by 084386 on November 16, 2010

Today me and my class watched a series called wasted. The series wasted is basically about a group of people going to different families and helping them to lower their bills and help them to be more eco friendly. So the one I watched today is called farmers. In this episode the group of people go to a family of farmers. And the eco friendly group found out that the family gets rid of their rubbish by burning it with fire. And the problem with burning it with fire is that the smoke can cause cancer. The smoke that effects your body is called dioxin. So the eco friendly group ask each of the family members to do a job. And the eco friendly group would count every dollar they saved and give it back to them in after 3 weeks and see how much they saved. So that is what the series Wa$ted is about.


What I already know about this unit ?

I know that this unit is about solid waste ( garbage ). And that if you throw too much garbage all of the used things such as your garbage all land in the landfills. If there is too much garbage in the landfill the landfill will get polluted and it will cause a damage to our environment. And I also know that a lot of people like me throw out stuff that I can still use and that is an example of solid waste. A lot of people waste thing ( objects ) that still can be used like phones, i pods and laptops ( computers ) etc……. But they don’t even have a second thought about where it goes.

What I exited to learn about

I am exited to learn more about solid waste and how it really effects landfills and our planet. and I also want to learn about waste plastic bottles and different kinds of liquid that people waste. Finally I want to know if we filled up our planet with garbage what kind of other space that we use ?

How I feel about this unit

I feel happy because we are going to learn about garbage and recycling. And I kind of also feel kind of sad because we have to see what we have done to the planet and how many parts of the world got polluted because of the solid and liquid waste that we wasted. And what it did to our environment.


Recently my class has started a new unit of inquiry called How We Organize Ourself it is about saving the environment and cleaning up all garbage that has been thrown out. Our new central idea is : Decisions made about solid waste management affect societies and the environment. This new U.O.I is really interesting because we get to learn about different people throwing out garbage that can be recycled or can be used again. So that is what my new U.O.I is about.


Cyber Safety

by 084386 on November 10, 2010

I need to think about digital footprints and that if you go to a certain website they mark that you went to that website before. And also I need to think about being a good digital citizen and not sending spam messages and not sending mean and hurtful messages to other people. Also I need to keep safe online and don’t trust everything I see online.

I always feel that when I am online and I go to a certain website people like mark that I went to that certain website and they suddenly know my email and suddenly send spam or junk messages to me.

I need to talk about my safety online and how to keep safe online more with my parents. And ask them to help me set passwords and pins for everything. And I also need to ask them to help me block certain websites that might not be safe.

And sometimes I wonder if people can see my personal information and my other websites online. And I also wonder if the ads that people send me are actually real or true. And I also wonder if I should trust everything online.


Art JamaLama

by 084386 on November 8, 2010

Last week on Monday November 1st 2010 me and my class the 5D Disco went to over to TST to go to Art JamaLama. ArtJamaLama is a place for you to paint ( sketch ) anything you want. But we had to draw a self portrait of our selfs that most represent our selfs. First we had to listen to the staff at Art JamaLama and they tell us the rules at Art JamaLama. After that we choose the color we wanted for our background we got to choose colors like Pink,Red,Blue,Green,Orange and etc…… After we used a sketchpad to sketch our drawing onto the white plain canvas. The canvas that they give us is a squared shaped and it is quite big so that why we had a lot of space to insert our ideas. After we drew out our drawing we got to color in our hair. eyes, nose, mouth etc….. I had so much fun doing that with my friends. After we finished our paintings we helped the staff and teachers clean up our area and went back to the bus to eat lunch. I was so exited to go art jamming because after words the teacher would hand our portraits on the LLAC and we had a party there after school. The link to the Art JamaLama website is artJAMaLAMa rtJAMaLAMa and you can take a look at it that place is AWESOME !Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 9.21.30 AM


My October Break

by 084386 on October 25, 2010

For my entire mid-term break I stayed in Hong Kong,but it was quite fun because I went shopping with my mum and dad and bought a lot of stuff .  I really like I bought the Glee season 1 part 2 and I also bought a really nice and awesome thing that you hang on your phone and I also bought a book that was so interesting . Basically I watched TV through my whole mid – term break, But I really enjoyed this mid term break just hanging around with my family and watching TV . I loved this pass few days It was so fun and relaxing, but my favorite part was buying this really cute small bag. It is so awesome . I loved this mid term break it was so interesting and FUN especially watching TV. = D


Blog Action Day ” Water “

by 084386 on October 15, 2010

A lot of people are drinking dirty water from the sea. The reason why they can’t get clean and fresh water is because people throw garbage in the sea and the people drink that dirty water.A lot of people have thrown garbage such as

– plastic bags

– glad raps

– tin foils

– finished food

– garbage bags

And used objects too.



What I already know about the unit

I have heard about the five elements of matter solid , liquid , gas , plasma and Bose – Einstein. Everything AND Everything is matter. Matter can not be destroyed it can only change also matter is everything thing in this world.

What I want to learn ( don’t know )

I want to learn more about the properties of matter. I also want to learn the scientific principles also I want to find out more about the atoms and chemicals.

How do I feel about the unit

I really exited and happy to learn about the scientific principles and learn about the properties of matter.And I am also really exited to learn how the world works !



by 084386 on October 4, 2010


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My communication technology invention

by 084386 on September 29, 2010

For our unit of inquiry we created presentations using PREZI.

Every DJ invented a communication technology of the future.

Click HERE to see mine.


Random Facts About Me

by 084386 on September 28, 2010

I am from Hong Kong

I hate hong kong public bathrooms

I love eating lollipops

I hate Hong Kong taxis

I love eating sushi