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On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Grade 6 did a workshop called “The Young Americans”. It was really fun. We did lots of drama, dance and singing. It was another way of learning performing arts at school. Here is a video of what we did in our 30 min concert on Wednesday night. Enjoy! I give special credit to Miss Sarah Hodgson, performing arts music teacher for Pre-reception to Prep, who took the video of our performance.

The Young Americans – Elaborated Version

For the past 3 days 33 people who were aged 17- 30 came to our school. They were part of an organization called the Young Americans. The Young Americans specialize in performing arts such as drama, singing and dancing. Our goal for the three days we had with them was “Create an amazing performance in three days”. I thought, that was possible, but once when I saw what we were doing, I was like – OMG! I don’t think we can do that! But boy I was totally wrong!

One the first day of our exciting program, we sat down in the LLAC (Leo Lee Arts Centre). The Young Americans suddenly popped out and went into the audience to introduce themselves. They had an amazing attitude and seemed very excited to meet us. The first Young American I met was a Japanese girl. She was really young an liked to ski, just like me! After that, Bill and Robin, the director of this Young Americans tour gathered all of the Young Americans together and asked them to perform a dance. It was to the song Witch Doctor. It was a really cool song. Steven, a very young Young American asked us to go in a group with a “Young American”, and learn the dance in 10 minutes. I thought to myself “Are they kidding? Do they seriously think we can memorize and perform that in 10 MINUTES?”. Well, I went with Daniel Sum and Utah, the Korean guys who really like Gangnam Style. After we learnt the entire dance, we practiced it with music. It was really good, not as good as the Young Americans, but really good for our first try. We then went for lunch. When we came back from lunch, we learnt part of the song “Don’t Stop Believing”, part of the song “Let It Be” and part of the song “Hey Jude”. We split up into the groups Girls 1, Boys and Girls 2. The group “Girls 1” were the soprano part of every song, the “Boys” group were the Tenor and the “Girls 2” group was the alto. In that way, we learnt the three songs in three different parts for each. It was really cool because it sounded really good. I felt really confident after the first day.

On the second day, all of the Grade 6’s reviewed what we learnt yesterday, because those were going to be the beginning part of our show. After that, the boys split into two groups – the Ghostbusters and the Disco Boys and the girls came together into one group to learn our “Disco Medley”. I was a disco boy, I learnt the moves to a song by John Travolta. We had lots of fun. Our show was awesome. Then, we learnt a drama act called “Happiness is…”. It include all sorts of drama such as taking a photo, doing yoga, watching a sport, catching a butterfly, having fun at a rock and roll party, participating in a choir with a famous conductor conducting you, hiding in your friend’s apartment before they come in to celebrate his birthday, etc. That was really cool. 12 singers were also pulled out to participate in the “Disney Medley”, where people sing famous songs from Disney shows. It was great watching other people sing but once in a while I had to cover my right ear or my left ear before getting deaf. After coming back from lunch, we learnt a dance called “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King. The Young Americans said that that would be our grand finale. We did it really well and we had tons of fun!

On the third and final day, we did two dress rehearsals of the entire show, to know the transitions, know what comes next after another. We also learnt our whipped cream on the top song. It was our actual finale, but we thought of it as a song that was offered for everyone at the end. We had tons of fun. Before that though, we listened to someone play the piano and we drew what we thought of when that person played the music. I drew a sunset with a bed of water near a beach and a rowboat in the water. We also wrote poems about the song that two Young Americans played on the guitar.

As performance night came, we were quite nervous in performing. I still felt more confident than before, which was good. We did really well. My parents were proud of what we did in the last three days. After the performance, we said a sad goodbye to the Young Americans as we left them in the auditorium. I had a great three days and I built my confidence in performing arts.

I wish we had a longer time with them!

Remembrance Day

Hi readers of my blog! Today is remembrance day. It is a very solemn occasion as we have to have a ceremony to thank those who helped us in WWI. Here are some PSAs that my friends from class made about Remembrance Day. The exact same post would be posted on my new blog here that would have the picture of the Junior Choir singing as my media upload has reached the limit. Thank You!

Junior Choir – Sai Wan War Cemetery

Hi readers of my blog! Today the Junior Choir and the CDNIS Scout Group went to the Sai Wan War Cemetery to help hold a ceremony about the people who died in WWI. We all tried our best in having the best performance. Today is actually the “REAL” Remembrance Day, unlike Friday, when we had the ceremony in school earlier. The Prime Minister of Canada and his wife came to the ceremony as well. That’s what we did today at the Sai Wan War Cemetery.

The Main Office Phone

Here is a message from Miss Parnsalu regarding the removal of the main office phone. You should read this if you are a student from CDNIS.

Please note that the phone in the public area of the main office area has been removed.   If  students are sick or have an urgent matter that requires a call home, they are to speak directly to their teacher or one of the nurses first.  Students and parents are asked to record transportation arrangements in student diaries to ensure ASA pick ups and playdates are pre-organized and students know where they are to go after school.  Students should be encouraged to pack their own bags the night before school ensuring they have all home learning, PE gear and any other tools required for the next day.  Part of this process is students developing responsibility for their belongings and schedules.  If students are at school for Saturday activities, they should have a phone with them, ask a supervisor to use their phone or if urgent, ask security on the 9th floor to use the phone.

Thank you for your consideration with this matter.

The Math Olympiads?

I have signed up to take part in the Math Olympiads (MOEMS – Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools). This year, I will be taking part in 6 tests and learning lots of math with my upper school tutors as they’ve volunteered to help us learn math to get ready for the worldwide test. Go here to find out more about the Math Olympiads.

3 Way Learning Reviews

Here is a message written about the 3 way learning reviews from Mr. Hughes (the lower school principal). If you are a parent or student from CDNIS, it would be helpful to read the message below.

Dear Parents,

On Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November we will host 3-Way Learning Reviews from 8:00AM to 4:55 PM. Each conference is 25 minutes in duration. To accommodate the conferences, please remember that students do not attend school for both days, except for their scheduled appointment. During the conference, you and your child will meet with your child’s homeroom teacher (or single subject teachers) to discuss how he/she is progressing with the programme and developing socially. Together, you will set attainable, meaningful goals.

Please find here a parent user guide. This guide provides you with step by step instructions for scheduling your 3-Way Learning Review. Sign up begins on Monday 5 November at 8:00AM.

If you experience any difficulties using the online system or require translation at your conference, please contact Ms Jean Lo at 2240 6312 or jeanlo@cdnis.edu.hk for assistance.

Kind regards,

Dylan Hughes

Reading Reflection 11 – The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 11)

This week I read the book “The Grim Grotto”, which is book 11 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and was illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph on what it’s about. The three Baudelaire orphans are going down in a river during False Spring and are very worried about their friend Quigley Quagmire, who was also being washed down the stream but was separated from them. They suddenly bumped into a submarine and went in. There were people in there also part of V.F.D., and needed to find it desperately before a notorious villain named Count Olaf. Only the captain knows why the sugar bowl is so important and he and his stepdaughter need help repairing telegram devices, reading tidal charts and eating better delicious meals, as their cooking assistant isn’t very good at it. After a short day of hard work, everyone gathers together at a table and discussed what was to be done. Klaus successfully reads the tidal charts and knows where to find them, and the captain’s stepdaughter Fiona helps by finding out where is the location name of the sugar bowl. They then set off to find the sugar bowl, which they discovered should be in the Gorgonian Grotto, the home of the deadliest mushrooms ever. You can read the book or watch the movie to find out the rest of the story.

I think this story was a really good book, in addition to all of the rest of the books in the series. This book particularly attracted me to the book that I read all of the 150 pages straight, except to go to the bathroom and to drink water. This book is very action-filled and adventurous, which are the types of books that I quite like. The author described very well of what the Baudelaires did in the Grim Grotto and thought of a very interesting plot that kept me engaged in this book. If you click here, you can visit a post where I kept comments on the book about dragging on and discouraging readers. This book was a great book but I would consider more illustrations in Lemony Snicket’s books to make the book more interesting and colorful like many books are. This book has many mysteries leading on to more mysteries and the stories tend to get longer and longer. I also like the fact that near the end of the book it sounds like the tale of the Baudelaire orphans were about to end but then on the last page it gives you a jolt that there is more to come. In this book, I learnt how to read tidal charts (not very thoroughly because it wasn’t described very well) and I also learnt how submarines, telegraphs work and about a very deadly mushroom. I look forward to reading the next book and finding out the entire tale of the Baudelaire orphans as there are only two more books to go.

I would recommend this book to children ages 8-12.

Independent Literature Study

Hello readers of my blog, for the past week or so and in the next two weeks, we have been doing an independent literature study based on a narrative novel chosen by the librarians. We have to read a book and answer everything found in the worksheet given to us. I finished my independent literature study a bit earlier. I also typed it up so my work would look nicer. You may view the attached PNG files by scrolling down to get to the files and read my work. Unfortunately, the file is too big to be attached on my blog as a PDF file, so you’ll just have to see the pictures. I hope you like it! Best regards, Champ 7.

Writing – The Magical Seven Doors

I’m going to do my weekly writing prompt now. If this is the first time you’ve visited, it would be good to visit older weekly writing prompt posts to see what weekly writing prompts are. This week’s picture given by Mr. MacPherson is shown below.

Here is the source of the picture: http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/image/34827714593

Here is my writing:

I wondered. Exactly how did I end up in front of seven identical doors? Well, I heard a mysterious voice above me. It said: “These seven doors lead to seven places: Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, Hogwarts, Camelot, Middle Earth and Westeros.” I had to choose one, so I thought, which one should I choose? I thought, Narnia is very mysterious and adventurous, but sometimes creeps me out. I have never heard of Neverland or Westeros. Wonderland seems like it would be very fairy-tale like and not too fun. Hogwarts seems very magical and mysterious as well. The adventure to the Middle Earth sounds quite cool, but also sounds a bit dangerous. Camelot seems like a fine place to visit. Well, I decided to go to Hogwarts because I really like the Harry Potter movies and books and I want to feel what it would be like to be in Hogwarts and what Harry Potter experienced with his friends. There was one more problem though. I had no idea at all where each door went. I thought, the person speaking would probably not jumble up the order from each door to another, but it could go in a backward or forward order. I then remembered, Hogwarts was right in the middle, the fourth name announced, so no matter which way you count the doors you’ll still get to the same one. I slowly approached the door and opened it. I didn’t even step in, but the whole place started to fade away, just as I was moving towards the land of Hogwarts, just 2,560,000 miles left of Venus.

I suddenly arrived. It was at the middle of the night, and I saw the whole entire story from the beginning. I had appeared in Harry Potter’s house in 1724, not in Hogwarts. The unwanted had arrived. I was curling up in a ball right next to Harry’s parents and Harry, extremely nervous that I’d die. But, Voldemort never saw me. It was just as if I was only a visitor – well I was, but an invisible one. I followed Harry on the way to his new home. His home was really bad, with his extremely bad guardians, his mom’s sister’s family, because she wasn’t qualified as a witch. I decided not to be treated like how Harry did, so I sneakily went to London’s railway system to catch a train over to the main station. There I could go to Hogwarts first to see what it would be like. I couldn’t get into the Hogwarts train, for the basic reason that I wasn’t a wizard, so I crept into a trolley of Hermione’s and got into the station to approach the magnificent Hogwarts. Hogwarts was really awesome. The dormitories were really high-class, the meals were the best ever. After eating my first chicken drumstick, I ate my dessert, because it was so tempting to eat. Suddenly, I felt a jolt, my heart was pounding really fast. I had eaten something that wasn’t edible. It was a poisonous frog. It had snuck into my Crème Brûlée. I barfed it back out, and it turned into a person I thought I would never meet. That person was Selena Gomez. She was wearing tons of make up. She was about to kiss me and then …

I appeared right in front of seven doors again. The voice above me said “These seven doors lead to seven different places: The balcony, the bedroom, the washroom, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and the storage room.” I excitedly shouted “Hooray! I’m back home!” I entered the door to the bedroom and found my mother crying, wondering where I was. She asked me frantically “Where were you?”. I then responded “Hogwarts”. She snorted a little and went back to doing her work.

Writing – Write a Story

If you have been visiting my blog recently, you’ll know that I do weekly writing prompts (except for last week, because it was Mid-Term Break). Well, we have to follow a picture to write a piece of writing. This week we’re going to use the picture below to write a story. Hope you like my piece of writing!

I got this picture from: http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/image/34384454727/.

I am now going to start my story. I hope you like it!

One morning, a 12-year-old girl named Prudence woke up with her friend right next to her, as she had come for a sleepover the night before. She had been woken up by the chirping of birds outside, and was surprised that the window as open. She thought to herself “I remember closing the window last night, how come it’s open now?”. Well, that question was simply answered in a moment. She had decided to get out of bed, without waking her friend because she was still sound asleep. As she was climbing down the ladder of the bunk bed, she noticed one small difference of her room since last night when the girls went to sleep and then. It was that there was a small roll of parchment on the floor near the window. It was in the position as if it blew in. Someone must have opened the window to deliver the message but had forgot to close the window. She walked silently across to the other side of the room. The message was written in pure black ink in fancy cursive writing and looked quite delicate. The message said: Hello reader of this letter, I have found the storage of a pile of diamonds. I have to leave this message to you, because I know someone is following me and that I will soon leave Earth. This piece of parchment paper will be passed on to you by secret employees and I have a mission for you. It is to go to Mount Everest in Nepal and find the village called the Village of Hockey and Volleyball. There, you will find a hockey arena and your next clue will be there waiting for you. There are 2000 pounds attached to this parchment letter with a paper clip. That should be enough to go for a trip all the way to Mount Everest. When you find a man with a yellow colored beard, he’ll guide you to your next clue and get you some more money. You must follow these orders to find the diamonds and this is extremely important. You will earn more than 4000000 US dollars with these diamonds – guaranteed.

After reading this extremely surprising letter. She looked to see if she could find 2000 pounds attached to afford to go to Nepal, even though she didn’t want to go, she still wanted to find the diamonds.

Well, she spent the entire day telling her friends about it and telling anyone who would basically listen to what she was saying – which was actually barely any people because they didn’t believe about diamonds and thought it was a distraction. Now, Prudence felt like she was offended and insulted – which she was, and decided to prove everyone at school wrong and become rich. When she headed home from school, she stopped at a nearby train station and looked at the timetable. The next train leaving from Los Angeles to Nepal (which would take 24 hours) was leaving in half and hour and Prudence thought that she couldn’t miss it. She ran home and told her that she was staying at a friend’s house for a night so that she would not be thought of being missing. She grabbed lots of water and ran out of the house, just in time to catch the train for 1000 Pennies. It took a long time, and she fell asleep for 11 hours, played on her phone for 10 minutes – just to make sure it doesn’t run out of battery in case she needs help and just took a look at the scenery for 10 hours and 50 minutes. She was also eating a few meals she had borrowed. By the time she had gotten to the Mount Everest area, she finally saw a station. There it had another train on the other side of the platform going to all sorts of valleys and villages in the area. She quickly caught the train and rode it until she got to the Village of Hockey and Volleyball. She was actually particularly brave to do this, especially without an adult supervisor.

When she got off the train, it was 11:00 am, because of the time difference. She had to find the hockey arena. Prudence saw a humungous sign about 2 miles away that said “The Hockey Stadium”. Prudence ran to it as fast as she could and got there in 20 minutes. She stopped by a taco shop to buy some food with the 2000 pounds that was attached. As she entered, she immediately saw the man she was looking, just because he had a yellow beard. Prudence ran up and then showed the message to him, and he took her to the mountains to look for the diamonds.

He had the treasure map, but was never brave enough to go by himself. He had attempted to go in but didn’t and just walked the back and forth so many times that he could just get there in possibly 10 minutes by foot. Prudence had some trouble climbing rocks and he helped her. Suddenly, something sparkling showed up right in front of them. It was a small tiny diamond. The man – Plunik, was so excited that he jumped up in the air and held it in his hands but then there was danger…

They had walked right into a trap. The world around them both disappeared. They had transported to a beach that had a fierce dragon and had a small tiny boat that was just large enough to hide behind it. Plunk said”I think it’s blind, but get ready to run!” Plunk ran first out and the dragon spotted him with his ears, he could hear something running. Suddenly, there was a deafening shriek that made everyone on Earth cover their ears. Plunk had been eaten. Unfortunately, Prudence had eaten some tacos and the dragon smelled them, and before you know it she walked to heaven as well.


Reading Reflection 10 – The Slippery Slope (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 10)

This week I read the book “The Slippery Slope”, which is book 10 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and was illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph on what it’s about. The two elder Baudelaire orphans (Violet and Klaus) are in a caravan from the Caligari Carnival that is rolling down a steep mountain slope in the Mortmain Mountains after being separated by Sunny without knowing. the caravan has been pulled up by Count Olaf, and the Baudelaires had no choice of following Count Olaf or not. Violet’s inventing skills miraculously helps them to stop the caravan. The two Baudelaires were worrying about Sunny, who was taken from them so Count Olaf could steal the Baudelaire fortune. By the way, if you’re currently reading this, I would suggest that you read the first 9 books before you read this one because it will save you lots of time on thinking about things like why is the setting there, what is the Baudelaire fortune, who are the Baudelaires, and probably several more, that you’ll find out in the previous books. Anyhow, I’ll continue. The older Baudelaires were hiking up the hill after Sunny who was with Count Olaf who thinks that the two older Baudelaires are dead. As they hike up, they run into snow gnats and have to hide in a cave with the Snow Scouts which they’ve never heard about but has several unpleasant people they’ve met before in their unpleasant lives. You can read the book or watch the movie to find out more!

I kind of liked this story. I also have a wonder why Lemony Snicket actually doesn’t want his book to be well-known (what I’ve interpreted after reading many of his books). In each book of the Baudelaire tales, he puts in the very beginning, randomly in the middle and towards the end several paragraphs that say that you should put the book down and look for something else to read because the tale of the Baudelaire orphans was way to miserable to imagine. Some people would actually believe this and put the book down, and therefore makes his audience a huge amount smaller than what he could had have from before. It also occurs that if someone puts the book down because the person is discouraged by someone else not to read it, they would never pick up the book again, and in the series of unfortunate events, the author himself is actually discouraging his readers to not read the series he had written. Possibly many readers will not read the book anymore – I mean not only these book, but the whole series. I still don’t really get that. It also takes up a lot of space in the book. There are about three pages in the beginning just telling you to put down the book and find something else. it’s actually not only in the beginning, but all over. So when you read possibly ten words of a sentence and you find out that it’s dragging on telling you not to read it for some mysterious reason, you have to flip a few pages to get to the actual story. This is the thing that really bothers me when I read the book. Apart from that, this book has been quite enjoyable as it has many interesting events. I’ve also found out that in the first five books, the books were shorter because the mysteries were just beginning. But now, the books have become much thicker. In the first six books, they have actually been separated by who they stayed with as guardians, but starting from the 7th book onwards, the Baudelaire children don’t have guardians and have to survive on their own trying to follow Count Olaf to find clues to V.F.D. and such. Well, I encourage you to read this book, and skip all the boring parts that Lemony Snicket has written absolute nonsense in, and carry on reading it because it’s actually a fabulous book if you take out all of that garbage.

I would recommend this book for children of ages 8 – 12.

Reading Reflection 9 – The Carnivorous Carnival (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 9)

This week I read the book “The Carnivorous Carnival “, which is book 9 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and was illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph on what it’s about. After the Baudelaire orphans escape Heimlich Hospital and get into Count Olaf’s trunk, they end up in another part of the hinterlands. They try to act like unfortunate freaks to get a job at the carnival as a lady named Madame Lulu hires freaks to take part in a show. There are three freaks that she’s already hired – Hugo, Colette  and Kevin. Count Olaf went to Madame Lulu to get answers to his questions, as Madame Lulu claims she is a fortune teller. Some of his questions are: Where are the Baudelaires? Is one of their parents alive? etc.  As Madame Lulu gradually gives him all the information he needs, Count Olaf gives Madame Lulu some lions that would take part in the carnival. He plans to drop the freaks into a hole dug with the lions inside it. You can read the book or watch the movie to find out more!

I think this book was more interesting because it is set in a very different place – a carnival. It has a very interesting sequence of events. I think this was one of the best books Lemony Snicket has written in the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series so far. I think that Lemony Snicket is trying to say in this book how freakish people can be, what happens in carnivals and obviously the tale of the Baudelaire orphans. Lemony Snicket has also used the organizational structure of a narrative, as you will see in a previous post. I think that he is a very good writer because he thinks of strange ideas and objects that will keep his readers stunned. I’m looking forward to reading his next book.

I would recommend this book to children of ages 8 – 12.

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I hope I can fix these problems soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, Michael C. – Champ 7

Writing To Entertain – An Introduction to Narratives

Hi visitors of my blog, we are now learning about how to write narratives in school. We are mainly focusing on the organizational structure and the language features that make up a good narrative.  This is going under the subject – writing to entertain. If you have recently visited my blog then you will have noticed that I now do weekly writing prompts. For our first task in school about narratives, we have to do a writing prompt in the form of narratives. This is so our teacher Mr. MacPherson knows where we are in terms of writing narratives. Our task is to write about anything you want in the introduction (orientation) and in the interesting sequence of events but have the ending strictly following an image.

Well, that’s a recap on what we’ve been doing in school about literacy. You can also see the picture at the bottom that shows the organizational structure of narratives.

Writing – “Dragons – True or Not True?”

Hi, this week we are required to write two writing prompts. Well, this week’s second topic is about dragons. If you haven’t visited my blog for a long time or this is your first time visiting my blog, we are now doing weekly writing prompts. Weekly writing prompts are pieces of writing that we write according to a picture that we do weekly. Well, here is this week’s photo that I’m going to write about:

I got this picture from: http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/image/3266646840

I hope you will like the following made up history that I’ve thought up and planned for my audience to look at. P.S., if you’re a young person reading this post, just telling you that commissioned means asked to.

Well, what are dragons? Dragons were magical creatures who lived thousands of years ago. They were not friendly creatures. Most of the creatures had wings, tails and could fly.

Here are some very interesting facts about dragons. 89% of all of the dragons were black in colour, 8 species of dragons could not fly, dragons lived up to 2000 years ago and every single dragon had a tail.

One dragon was really strange. It was the Seixxyualle Komodo dragon. The Seixxyualle Komodo dragon had an appearance of three humungous red dots all over it’s face. The body was yellow in colour. This dragon was actually really friendly. It also walked up to people and told people things. He never stomped over. He was very polite. When it stretches its wings, it is a very beautiful scene. If it flies/glides over in the sky while it’s sunrise or sunset, it’ll look exactly like the sunrise or sunset. The Seixxyualle Komodo dragon is a very cool dragon who can make 7 babies at once if it attracts a mate.

Another dragon was particularly cool. This dragon was called the Rare Golden Rich Dragon. This dragon, as you can tell by its name, was a very rare dragon. It was golden in colour and liked to eat vegetables. It was a vegetarian. It was in fact one of the smallest dragon creatures that Earth has ever seen. The Rare Golden Rich Dragon was also particularly good at catching fish for his non-vegetarian friends.

Dragons disappeared 2000 years ago. This was because every dragon was attracted by the sun. One morning in year 0012, the sun was rising and all of the dragons in the world came over because it was the biggest and most beautiful sunrise they had ever seen. However, because most of the dragons flew over closer to the sun, the heat waves were way too strong because in the year 0012, the Earth was only 4000000 miles away from the sun. As a result, 10972 out of 26700 species of dragons died because of the sun. All of the other species started disappearing within the same week as the burning sun tan and skin cancer damaged the dragon’s heart and died.

Reading Reflection 8 – The Hostile Hospital (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 8)

This week I read the book “The Hostile Hospital” which is book 8 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph of what it’s about: The three Baudelaire orphans start off located basically in the middle of nowhere. They end up in a small area with only a supermarket with the city very very far away. They were in the hinterlands. The hinterlands was a large plain area of land that has a beautiful sunset during 5:00 in the evenings and always was a good place to have a picnic. The Baudelaire parents told the Baudelaire children that they would be able to see the sunset with them in the hinterlands, but now that their parents were dead, there’s no chance of that happening. Well, the Baudelaire orphans went into a small supermarket and asked the owner if they could use a telegraph to try and contact Mr. Poe, but that didn’t work. The owner of the supermarket soon found out that they were murderers from the last book – but they actually weren’t – and tried to chase them and call the police. The children quickly hopped into a van nearby that went to a hospital called Heimlich Hospital. They were actually trying to find information about themselves that shows that they were innocent and tried to figure out the secret of VFD. Well, you can know the rest of the story by reading the book or watching the movie.

I think the author Lemony Snicket is trying to tell us in this tale about the Baudelaire orphans that when you have a problem, you have to wear disguises, do bad things such as stealing and lying, and be a risk-taker. Well, wearing disguises/costumes isn’t so bad, but lying and stealing can sometimes give you a bad reputation. For instance if you get expelled from a school for doing something else, for example trying to kiss a person of your own gender, some of the other schools won’t accept you because there is a record of you stealing/lying from the school, it’s not only about what you did to get expelled. Being a risk-taker is also one of the learner profile attributes at schools that do the International Baccalaureate. If you don’t know what a risk-taker is, they are people who take risks for fun sometimes, but in the Baudelaire’s case, Count Olaf is forcing them to do risks.

I would recommend this book for children of ages 8 – 12.

By the way, I’m going to start a new series of books soon so all my reflections aren’t very similar. Hope you like my reading reflections so far.

Math Investigation – Week of October 15th

This week we did two math investigations. Here are the PNG files and the links to the PDF files.

I’m sorry but for this file I can only upload the first page of the file. You may click here to see the PDF version with this page and the missing page.

Here is the second PNG file with the full document (1 page only)

This isn’t a very good image but feel free to click here to find the PDF file.


Hi my fellow readers, here is my writing prompt of the week. It is to “Just Add Monsters”! Hope you like it.

Canadian International School just let the day off. All their one thousand nine hundred and five children got on their midday buses on their trip back home as the Mid-Term break started. One of these students was Poreay Lachridomolahasalurapunagi. She has one of the longest last names in the world.

When she got home she packed all of her things, getting ready to pack for her delightful trip to one of the best natural wonders of the world – the amazing Great Barrier Reef. It took her a very long time to pack, she had to pack for a seven day trip, think about what she was going to do with her parents. She also almost forgot that it would be spring time in Australia.

As soon as the entire Lachridomolahasalurapunagi family finished packing all of their things, they quickly got on a taxi to go to the airport in order to start the adventure of their lives. When they got to the airport, they went through immigration, and quickly boarded their 7:50 pm flight to go to Cairns. As the family was rich, they could afford an eight hour flight on business class all the way to Cairns. The entire family, especially Poreay really liked to watch television episodes, so they watched about 6 movies each in the duration of the flight.

When they got to Cairns, they got off the flight at 5:00 pm and saw a brand new view which was totally different from Hong Kong. The red, orange, yellow sky started grew darker as they walked through the airplane to get off. There was even one white cloud in the sky during the period of the setting sun on Saturday, October 13, 2006. As they got on the bus to head towards their hotel Sheraton, the gigantic yellow custard mooncake really started to give away the day towards the bright shining moon as the night approached. The shining stars were a spectacular view for the Lachridomolahasalurapunagi family as they could hardly see this in Hong Kong. When they got to their amazing resort Sheraton, they went out towards a beach to find a delicious bar where they could enjoy a marvelous dinner of their lives, looking out towards a beach with peaceful sounding waves and a view of shining stars accompanied with the lovely crescent moon. Their dinner was also the best dinner of their lives. They had a fresh sashimi seafood salad as an appetizer, gigantic clams in clear soup as an entrée and an absolutely wonderful abalone penne in tomato sauce as their main course. They also had an Australian style Crème Brûlée for a bourgeoisie dessert.

As they entered back into their hotel room, each member of the Lachridomolahasalurapunagi family wrote a recount of the day. They included all of their favourite things. Poreay’s father even arranged an extremely fun day for them for the following day.

As the family was still jet lagged from the time difference, they didn’t go swimming the next day, but they still did something ultra-fun. They went going into the Mangroles forest. The Mangroles forest was full of chances to do amazing activities, especially with the help of a tour guide. Their tour guide was Giorgio Brembilla. He took them around to do many mind-blowing activities. Their first activity was going on a Mangroves tour. There were many Mangroves deep in the forest to see, and there were very many different types of extraordinary fishes that live there. That wasn’t their best activity though; their best activity was going banana boat riding on a river. They hung on tight and lasted on the banana boat for quite a long time. They lasted for 4 minutes straight. After that witty activity, they went painting peacefully along another beach. They painted the beautiful scenery of kayaks and trees. Later, they went back to their hotel room to rinse off and used the remainder of the day to go swimming in the sea with the high waves. They also really enjoyed diving into the high waves when they approached. As the day came to an end, they decided to have a splendid cup of cup noodles they had brought to have for dinner.

As the night began on Sunday, October 14, 2006, the three members of the family did all of their one things. Poreay was watching the news on the television, her father was taking, a long relaxing shower and her mom was looking out at the beautiful view, and couldn’t imagine that anything would ever go wrong on their vacation.

But, they didn’t need to imagine before long. Soon enough, the three members of the Lachridomolahasalurapunagi family settled in to their comfortable provided King size bed at their hotel. At around 10:00 that evening, many sneaky monsters entered the entire hotel. The entire hotel was filled with faint screams and shouts as other people could hear. The screams and shouts just woke up the family and they thought “What in the world was going on?”. At that exact moment she saw a monster and started scream about 100 decibels loud. The monster was green in color. They liked to walk quietly so they could sneak into rooms without most people noticing. They also had wet boogers and pimples and ear wax its face. The freaky monster made everyone in the hotel wake up, scream for their lives as they run out the hotel into the garden and watch the worst monsters on Earth damage the hotel, throw their belongings out the windows, especially kids favourite stuffed animals, and most importantly devouring everyone’s food. All of these monsters seem like they are very bad and harmful creatures, but they are. No one has actually every believed that aliens or monsters ever existed, but there is your answer with evidence, monsters do exist. Well, the monsters left after a treacherous disaster for about an hour, leaving ripped bed sheets, messy and stinky saliva and all of these bad things you wouldn’t like if you stayed in a hotel. Well, the Lachridomolahasalurapunagi family had to check out with all the other hotel guests who understood it wasn’t the hotel’s fault but couldn’t stand being in the rooms. The family was extremely disappointed because they had saved up all the money for ten years to visit one of the natural wonders of the world but they didn’t even get a chance to swim with the fishes or lok at coral. All of their money was wasted.

The End!

Hope you liked my story! I hope you read all the way down to the bottom, because this post is quite long, but not as long as the last writing prompt. My last writing prompt was approximately 1920 words long and it had lots of floor plans and images so that made the blog post pretty long. Anyways, if you didn’t read this post and skipped all the way to the bottom of this post to see the ending, I suggest that you make different decision next time and go back all the way to the top of the post and start reading it again. If you read this post. Good for you, hope you liked my prompt, come back to see more of my writing. By the way, my friend Nicholas is an amazing author and I think you should consider looking at his blog as well for his writing prompts. We are also currently learning about how to write narratives, I think this would be a good example of a narrative but a think I should include more of a denouement and conclusion in my story.

Reading Reflection 7 – The Vile Village (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 7)

This week I read the book “The Vile Village” which is book 7 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph of what it’s about: The Baudelaire children settle into a town that decided to take care of them called V.F.D. They chose the town because V.F.D. because their friends Duncan and Isadora Quagmire shouted V.F.D. when they were being kidnapped by Count Olaf in the book “The Austere Academy”. They were kidnapped because they were also orphans and held the Quagmire fortune in the form of sapphires which Count Olaf wants to inherit. The Baudelaires find that the town of V.F.D. has many rules that are unreasonable such as having no mechanical devices within the town, burning someone if someone breaks the rules, etc. I think these rules are really weird. Soon, they find clues that the Quagmires are in the city because they keep on receiving couplets that give them clues on where the Quagmires are. They know the Quagmires are sending them because the Baudelaires know the style of Isadora Quagmire’s couplet poems, and the style matches. They are slowly getting these poems under the tree right next to where they are staying currently in the town of VFD because of the crow migration. You can enjoy  the rest of the book by reading the book or watching the movie!

I liked this book because as you can tell it is very action-filled, along with all the other books that tell you about the tale of the Baudelaires. It shows a very big series of unfortunate events, I think the author of this book (Lemony Snicket) is trying to tell us in this tale of the Baudelaire orphans is that you have to wait patiently to end up with some results. You also have to use your problem-solving skills part of your brain to figure out other problems like time management, how you’re going to solve the problem and so on. You might also have to sacrifice something in order to make something happen – which is basically life and everyone goes through these kinds of situations. So in the story of the Baudelaire orphans, they have to escape from jail in one day. Now, that’s a pretty big challenge for them. Violet – the inventing sister thought of a way to get out of the cell, it was to use water that they were provided with to get rid of the walls. They had to sacrifice the entire night and most of their energy just to attempt in escaping  the jail cell but it worked! in this book, I learnt some new things, such as how crazy people can be, great disguises that can fool anyone in the world and some phrases like in the bolt of blue.

I recommend this book from children ages 8 – 12.

Writing – “My Imaginary and Amazing Tree House”

Hi my fellow readers, right now I am going to do my visual writing piece. This, if you look in my posts that I made before is a writing piece that I do following a picture/text and more. Most of the time it will be a picture. Today, I am going to write about an imaginary tree house of mine. Here is the picture:

 The source of this picture is: http://visualwritingprompts.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/ultimatetreehouse-001.png

Here are the floor plans to my tree house. Feel free to look at these plans while reading as I describe the tree house.

The First Floor

The Second Floor

The Third Floor

The Forth Floor

The Fifth Floor

My imaginary and amazing tree house would be located in the middle of the Mikellands forest. It would be up in the mountains where the birds, squirrels, ducks (in the Mikellands River) are located. It would be my very own tree house to have a peaceful living during the school holidays of Mikellands city 200 miles away.

My house is a very green designed house because it would get energy from the sun and store extra energy that’s not needed so that we can still operate elevators, stoves, ovens, etc. during cloudy and rainy days of the year.

My house is also a very eco-friendly home because it is made completely made out of wood and paint, no metal or anything that causes air pollution.

My “ultimate” tree house would have 5 floors.

You would have to use the bendy ladder to get up to the entrance of my tree house. You would have to type in the secret code to get in my tree house. This is obviously for security reasons. For guests or any disabled people who would like to enter the house with my permission, they can enter the security code to enter my elevator installed inside the trunk of the house as a disguise.

On the first floor, there would be a humongous living room and relaxing room. There would be an enormous sofa for about enough room for 5 people to sit on it and a gigantic television to watch the news and watch your favourite television episodes at home, or just relax as you have the music stereo on next to you. There would be a relaxing balcony with rocking chairs, cushions made of trimmed duck feathers from the Mikellands River below. There would be tempered glass in front to prevent you from falling over. There would be a marvelous view of the trees as they slope downwards, the Mikellands Volcano, the Mikellands River and more. There would not be any sign of another human living nearby although there were occasional campers and hikers that came to visit to stop by for a rest and a cup of tea before carrying on whatever they were doing. If you go in the hallway you will find a restroom to use and if you go to the last door you will find an information-filled library full of books with every topic. They will be classified by subject and some of them would even be the books that I wrote. The room would have an extraordinary view of the forest in the corner where you could read the books in comfortable chairs or on the bean bags that were on the floor. Whichever way you could enjoy reading the book you have or research for information quietly. The library would also be a very important part of the tree house because it contains information that you might need in other rooms such as cookbooks which would help you in the kitchen when trying to cook delicious spring rolls for your relatives coming over or you may be looking for a book which would tell you how to trade stock markets in the best way or efficient way which would help you in the studying/working room on the third floor. That’s the first floor. You could go to the right hand side of the elevator and take the winding stairs up to the second floor or take the round elevator that opens from everywhere.

On my second floor, it is mainly for my guests and I to communicate and such. This is because on my second floor if you go through the hallway you will see a kitchen, a dining room, guests’ rooms and a restroom. There are two luxurious guest rooms are for any of my relatives who would like to visit me when they have spare time. The kitchen as you obviously know is for cooking all of our food that I bring from the city of Mikellands when I travel up towards the tree house using my “Mikellands Michael” helicopter. The dining room has comfortable chairs to eat as I chit chat with people if there is anyone around or if a Skype anyone. It also has a different beautiful view facing the other side of the mountain where you can see a massive beach with normally quite a few people kayaking, having picnics, water-skiing and doing other water sports near the beach. The kitchen is also equipped with the newest and best machines and tools for baking, heating, microwaving, frying, boiling, steaming and more for a lot more other purposes. This is also a pretty large kitchen which has lots of spacious room to make your best dish as an amateur chef for a relative coming over to visit. At the end of the hallway there would also be storage for my relatives to use such as toilet paper, sowing materials, shampoo and shower gel, laundry machine with laundry powder and many more items that would make their stay at my “ultimate” tree house a pleasant and a wonderful one. As the same as the first floor, you can take the winding staircase up to the third floor or you can take the elevator to the third floor.

On the third floor, there is a curved hallway which is private for me ONLY. No guests are allowed on the third floor. In fact, you have to enter a different passcode to enter the third floor corridor. If a guest is looking for me urgently or is asking a question, they can click on the message sign which means that I can hear what they’re saying from the intercom that I have in all the rooms of the house. The intercoms are used for me to tell guests anything that there is an emergency and they have to evacuate the tree house and they are also used for guest or relatives to come to the third floor and turn on the intercom for the third floor only and I will hear what they’re saying/questioning and reply. On the third floor, there is a capacious bedroom for me to enjoy my reading personally in my room with a wonderful view of birds chirping outside my window. The bed would have a king-sized Simmons mattress on the king-sized wooden bed. There would be a wonderful air conditioning for the entire night and I would wake up of the loud migrations of the birds flying to the other side of town at about 7:30 in the morning every single day which can be annoying sometimes. Across the long hallway there is the biggest storage room that you can imagine out of the history of imagining how big things are. It was even bigger than by 600 sq. feet bedroom! It contains paintings, travel documents and valuables which are locked up in a safe, old books that are almost ripping apart that you may want to keep, projects that you loved that you did from school, and tons more things that you can think of and stuff it in there. Not only are there spacious bedrooms and storage rooms on the third floor, but there is my office/study room. It is used for doing homework for the weekend, doing projects, science experiments and more. There are many parts of the study room. There is the observatory area, the information and documents area, the science area, the school area and the money area. As you can probably guess, the observatory, science and the information and documents areas are the biggest areas of the study. These are all for interests. The information and documents areas also include you researching information, looking at websites and more. The MacBook Air is just placed there to help study. There is also a bigger MacBook Pro in the bedroom so that when I have free time I can play one of the 269 games installed in there for a few minutes. The observatory is on the third floor because then you can see more things on the third floor as the forth and fifth floor are normally occupied. As you can probably guess again, you can go up the winding staircase to approach the forth floor or take the elevator up there.

On the forth floor, there would be an indoor tennis court for me to practice with my dad if he ever comes over to play with me and stay. The tennis court is also used to help me practice my shots, how fast I need to respond and other things I need to do to be a good player at the sport. The tennis court is not made up of real grass, it is in fact made up of a fake grass mat. As the floors aren’t directly on top of each other, the tennis court’s roof can be retractable when sunny and can be put back again when it’s raining. Not only is there a tennis court on the forth floor, but there is other sports equipment ready for practicing any sport. There is even a foldable snooker board in the storage room and it is folded so well that you could carry it up all the way to the forth floor using the lift. There is also a very important gym on the forth floor as anyone is free to use to exercise and be fit. As you should know by now, you can take the winding staircase up to the fifth and tallest floor of the tree house but now you can’t because the branches are spreading and there isn’t enough space to fit a disguised elevator anywhere.

On the fifth and tallest floor, is my helicopter landing space. This helicopter landing space is how I get from the city of Mikellands all the way up to the tree house and delivering all the food that I collect monthly to store in my fridge inside the kitchen. The helicopter is also quite big, and luckily there is one airport closer to the City of Mikellands which is only about 3/4 of a mile away. The helicopter landing space area is also occasionally used for an observatory since it is high and it is also a good place to paint during my free time. Those are the major reasons why I have a helicopter landing space. It is extremely useful. Well, that is the last floor of the tree house. There are five floors of the “Ultimate Tree House”.

I hope you liked my writing piece about a tree house. I am also awfully surprised that you read all the way to the bottom as this post has about 1920 words in total. If you just skipped to the end, you should go back up and enjoy this descriptive tour about the design that I’ve made of my tree house. Come on now, you know you want to.

Reading Reflection 6 – The Ersatz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 6)

This week I read the book “The Ersatz Elevator” which is book 6 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph of what it’s about: The Baudelaires enter a new home with their new guardians Jerome and Esmé Squalor. They live in Dark Avenue which is near their old home. The neighbourhood though has lots of “ins” and “outs”. “Ins” means that something is attractive and good to have. “Outs” as you can guess means not awesome and not allowed. The ins and outs can change anytime. Jerome is a very nice person who cares for the children but Esmé doesn’t really appreciate them at the house which she’s shown. They live in the penthouse apartment. The Baudelaire children see Count Olaf in their apartment who was this time disguised as an auctioneer. He discusses things with Esmé while Jerome and the children are out. You can read the book or watch the movie to find out what happens next!

 I liked this book because it is action-filled and has lots of mysteries and problems. I especially like this book because even though it is full of mysteries and problems and is fiction, it’s actually quite logical. I think the author Lemony Snicket here is trying to show us what villains can do and what harm we can get into when things happen and to be aware of your surroundings. You also have to sacrifice safety sometimes for friends. This is also related to our “Who We Are” unit. This is a bit related to it because it is about where your values are ranked in your heart. So for the Baudelaires, Family and Friendship are the number 1 and number 2 values on their list and safety is a bit lower on the list. I also learnt some things like how an elevator works, what you can do with salmon and more.

I would recommend this book to children of ages 8 – 12.

Writing – “The box. The door. The crumbling brick. It begged me to enter.”

Here is my weekly writing prompt.  The attempt is to finish a story. Here is the picture:

I got this picture from: http://visualwritingprompts.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/finishthestory-001.png

I am now going to finish the story.

The box. The door. The crumbling brick. It begged me to enter. I slowly walked to the door, shakily opening the old, rusty doornob. I slowly entered the doorway. Once my body was in the dark, spooky room, the door suddenly slam shut. The dim, yellow lights to the room flicked on, as if everything was automatic. I quickly turned my head to go back on to the street and go back home, but I curiously and frighteningly discovered that the door disappeared.

After that, I heard something, it was the sound of water coming through something. Then, about 10 buckets came through an air-conditioning vent, pushing me away from the disappeared door. As it forced me to move forward, another door appeared right in front of me. It looked almost transparent for a second. As the water was filling up at a very rapid rate, I was pressurized to open the door.

It felt like my appearance completely changed and I didn’t even notice. I was an Oxford university student studying architecture as I wanted to be an architect when I grew up.  The door lead me to the “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai. It’s the tallest building in the world. I was studying the exterior design of the building. I studied the look, how the architect could design it to be so tall, what was included to make the building successful and more. I was really interested and couldn’t wait to finish as I was so curious to find out the interior design of the building.

As I was studying the look, I found a gust of wind started rising. It wasn’t very strong but more wind kept blowing consistently. I thought, why would there be lots of wind during the summer in the middle of a desert? Then, I figured out an answer right after an alarm coming from the Burj Khalifa. I had no idea what was going on, but tons of people from the outdoors into public buildings. People kept shoving me all over the place. Then, as I was shoved I turned around, and saw what in the world was happening. I saw a sandstorm rising from about ten miles away. I started to panic but the security guards of the Burj Khalifa closed the door for safety reasons of people inside and not having any consideration of the poor people outside who were going to die because of the sandstorm and “I” was one of them.

I was more informed about the sandstorm as a weather reporter urgently spoke on the television that a sandstorm was rising and was predicted to last another two… The signal was blocked. Now we were running for our lives and then……

I woke up on my bed scared and worried that I was going to die. I was panting wildly like a squirrel who was chasing another squirrel who stole his acorn. I had a sigh of relief as a realized it was just a dream. I was calmed.

Starting the NEW Unit

Hi visitors of my blog, we have just started the new unit today. It is about elements and principles of different types of art forms. Our new central idea is “The application of elements and principles determines the success of an artistic composition.” We have been thinking about various art forms such as drama, dance, singing, music, drawing, sketching (similar), painting, tattoos, collages, photography, origami, calligraphy, jewelry, still life, fashion, films, architecture and more! Hope you stay tuned to find out what we’re learning in school, and possibly learn something new yourself! Feel free to visit a post here that has a Keynote presentation that I made about the elements and principles of dance as a class assignment. Please also feel free to visit another post here that has another Keynote presentation that I made about the elements and principles of culinary arts as an independent learning for the Mid-Term Break. Hope you like them and please come back to my blog!

Writing – What Comforts Me?

From now on, I am going to do a weekly writing post weekly on Wednesdays/Thursdays. Hope you like them!

This week’s subject is “What Comforts Me?”

I got this image from: http://visualwritingprompts.wordpress.com/category/types-of-writing/personal-reflection/

Well, there are seven big things that really comfort me. They are fun, recognition, victory, achievement, nature, animals and family.

1. Fun comforts me because it is always pleasurable and relaxing and it is exciting which makes me not worry about anything. I really like to play games with my friends at school and I feel I have freedom.

2. Recognition actually immediately comforts me as I have confidence and I feel proud of what I did. I’m also normally treated with a prize by my parents when I’m recognized with an award or being “Champ of the Week” like mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival (now).

3. Victory really comforts me because I feel proud in what I won and I feel confident to do it again. Normally you get a reward from winning something. I will also feel encouraged to do the same thing again and to feel like I’m awesome.

4. The next thing I feel comforting is getting an achievement. This is almost the same as victory as I feel confident in what I do and I feel proud.

5. I also really like nature. I think nature is really comforting because whenever I go on hikes in the forest, national parks and other natural places I feel relaxed and comforted by the sound. Birds chirping and the sound of squirrels talking to each other makes me feel free.

6. Animals comfort me because whenever I’m really sad or depressed about something, I like to spend time with animals because I feel like they’re my friends and they’re there to comfort me when I’m not feeling great. I also like to see animals in the wild.

7. Family. Family comforts me when I don’t feel well when I come back from school. They also take care of me and keep me safe in their comfortable home that I live in. They provide me with comforting things like the television, bed, etc. P.S. I don’t watch tv much though.


Reading Reflection 5 – The Austere Academy (A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book 5)

This week I read the book “The Austere Academy” which is book 5 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph of what it’s about: The three Baudelaire orphans have started the life of boarding school in Prufrock Preparatory School and have to live in something called the “Orphan’s Shack”. They have lots of homework, rules, bullies, etc. and have to cope with it. Prufrock Prep doesn’t have weekends either. They meet two friends named Duncan and Isadora Quagmire. Their parents also died in a fire and of the triplets also died. They were left behind the famous Quagmire sapphires. Soon, their enemy Count Olaf who has been trying to steal the Baudelaire fortune arrives again. He is disguised as the PE teacher and tries to get hold of the Baudelaires once again by doing extremely unordinary things. These include tiring the Baudelaires so they begin to fail at school. Find out more by watching the movie or reading the book.

My favourite part of the book is when rules are being broken. This is when Violet, Klaus and Sunny have to go to Count Olaf to do laps from evening until the break of dawn the next day or else something more mysterious is going to happen. Their friends Duncan and Isadora Quagmire have to sneak out of “Vice Principal Nero’s Violin Concert” to have a look on them to see whether they are okay but it is really not allowed to sneak out. They didn’t regret very much since the concert sounded really bad. This is a very active moment and tense moments that I can’t stop reading the book. As you can see, this is my favourite part of the book because it is really interesting. I think the author Lemony Snicket is trying to explain in this book that children have to be aware of what is happening around them, in the story’s case Count Olaf always turning up in different disguises. This always tells us we have to think of good strategies and build up important skills such as time management. I have learnt quite many things in this book. I now actually have a vague idea of what boarding school is like. I have also learnt more about categorizing your priorities according to your values.

I recommend this book for children ages 8 – 12.

Reading Reflection 4 – The Miserable Mill (A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book 4)

This week I read the book “The Miserable Mill” which is book 4 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph on what it’s about: The three Baudelaire orphans are going to live in a horrible town called Paltryville. They are going to stay at the “Lucky Smells Lumber Mill” and the boss says they have to work at the lumber mill in order for him to make sure Count Olaf doesn’t come anywhere nearby. The children don’t have a very good time because they are mistreated and they have to debark trees, make them into boards, tie them in strings using a machine and stamp the boards. They soon discover that Count Olaf is nearby trying to catch them and getting the Baudelaire fortune. Klaus gets hypnotized and then trips which cause his glasses to break and he has to go to one of Count Olaf’s assistants to get them fixed while they’re actually hypnotizing him. It becomes a very difficult situation as Klaus is the one who reads a lot and Violet and Sunny need help to understand how to undo the hypnotizing spell. Read more or watch the movie to find out more!

The part I liked most about the story was when Klaus was hypnotized and Violet had to problem solve while a complicated book to help on helping Klaus and also figuring out Count Olaf’s plan. I also liked the part when Sunny was fighting the eye doctor, Charles fighting a woodcutter, Violet fighting the foreman, etc. I liked these parts because they were most interesting. I think basically with pretty much all of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” books are all telling us we have to problem solve especially when using the time management skill. This book also is telling us that we have to be curious and knowledgeable to solve many different problems that occur in their lives. The may be one of the most miserable part of the tales of the Baudelaire orphans. I learnt in this book some new phrases and some formats in how to write fiction books. These include how to start a story off- an introduction, some new phrases such as pits in their stomachs. I also learnt how the lumber business works.

I would recommend this book for children ages 8 – 12.

My Learning Buddy’s Values

Today we had a session with our learning buddies in Prep A at the end of the day. We brought our computers to jot notes about their values and conflict. We interviewed them so we know more about how younger children think about values and conflict. Our buddies are 5 years old. I am going to write more about their values. My buddy’s values are family, friendship (playing with friends during recess), the environment and caring for people. He also really likes apple juice. His values were formed by family. He has about two conflicts a week with his three friends about snacks although his friends were mostly made depending on his values. It is strange that he has more conflict with his friends than he has with his family. He has a younger sister that never fights with him, she can’t really speak as she is about 3-4 years old. He also feels a bit happy for some reason when he has conflict. His favourite ways of dealing with conflict is collaborating with others and ignoring the issue and pretending it never happened. There’s my update on values.

Reading Reflection 3 – The Wide Window (A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book 3)

This week I read the book “The Wide Window” which is book 3 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph of what it’s about: The three Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, go to their Aunt Josephine’s house to live there. She is going to be their guardian. Aunt Josephine is a real scaredy cat. She is afraid of turning on the stove because she thinks it’ll set fire to the house, she’s scared of answering the phone because she thinks it’ll give her an electric shock, she’s scared of using doorknobs because she thinks once you touch one it’ll shatter into one million pieces and one will hit her eye, etc…  She lives on an enormous hill and is a dowager (she lost her husband Ike as he got eaten by leeches). Aunt Josephine is also extremely crazy about grammar, whenever someone says something that is grammatically wrong, she corrects it immediately. She values grammar more than life! She is a nice person and can fall for very many tricks, especially Count Olaf’s tricks. Count Olaf is a really hated person who is trying to steal the Baudelaire fortune, the fortune that the Baudelaire orphan’s parents had left for them. Find out more about the story by reading the book or watching the movie.

I liked the part in this book when the Baudelaire orphans had to really problem solve to try and find what had happened and find Aunt Josephine and how to attract a signal for help in a sailboat. I liked this part best because it was very interesting and it made me to keep on reading more of this book. I think the author is trying to tell us here that you have to use thinking skills and you knowledge to try and problem solve to find evidence and to crack codes. You have to use the time management skill and also you have to go with what you’ve got. I learnt some pretty cool things in this book. I learnt what leeches are, I learnt some phrases that are used in daily life like “soup’s on!”.  I also learnt how to use a sailboat in this book and how a good guardian should be like. I even learnt what the scientific principles of the convergence and refraction of light. I also learnt a phrase called “Speak of the Devil”. It can also be used in fiction stories.

I would recommend this book for children from ages 8 – 12.

Mid-Unit Reflection

We are tuned in to our unit of the transdisciplinary theme of Who We Are. The central idea is “Differences in Values Can Cause Conflict That We Choose To Deal With In Different Ways”. Our math subject in this unit is collecting data and our writing to do with this inquiry is Writing to Inquire. We are creating a survey about values and conflict and are try to get others to respond. We’ll then collect the responses and then make them into graphs and make info graphics that are really cool. We have been learning about values, what values can some people have, how values can be formed, how conflict arises, who people usually have conflict with and those sorts of things. These things we’ll be collecting from people in order to find more answers.

This unit is getting very interesting for me and I would like to learn more. I have been working very hard on my “Process Journal” and I am proud of it.

I hope I get good grades on my process journal.

Text That Inquires

Text that Inquires

Texts that inquire often focus on information gathering or data collection. Interviews, questionnaires and surveys are text forms that inquire. The following are usually included in texts used to inquire:

1. Orientation: Creates a context for the reader by establishing the time, place and purpose of the text.

2. Body: Consists of a question or a series of questions.

3. Prompt: Contains instructions about what to do with the survey, questionnaire or form, and stresses the importance of its correct completion. Not always included in Texts that Inquire.

Writing to Inquire

Our current unit is about values and conflict. We have to use a skill called inquiring to find out answers and opinions. This unit’s writing skill is “Writing to Inquire”. We have done an assessment of how good we are at inquiring. We have also as a class put together a survey that has questions for Grade 6 students to answer. Part of inquiring is also collecting the data that you get and putting it into charts/organizing it. Here is my survey.

Sorry! This survey is now closed. Contact the owner if you think this is a mistake.

Below are two videos about inquiring skills. Enjoy!

Sorry, the video here is unavailable, please click here to find video.

All About Conflict

Today, we were going more into our unit. Our central idea is “Differences in values can cause conflict that we choose to deal with in different ways.” For the last 2 weeks we were looking into our values and he had 11 speakers who work in the school come to see us and each give us a presentation/talk about their values. These people were Mr. Croy, Ms. Parnsalu, Mr. Aldridge, Mr. Lobo, Ms. Hnetka, Nurse Karla, Mr. and Mrs. Archer, Ms. Hodgson, Mr. Lee and Ms. Courso. This is help to understand the transiciplinary theme: Who We Are. Then today we started going into conflict. Conflict can be caused by many different reasons and can be dealt with in many different ways, it depends on what type of conflict you’re having. So for example conflict can be caused by differences in values, jealousy, misunderstandings, etc. and it can be dealt with in ways depending on the type of conflict you’re having. So if you’re having just a verbal conversation, you can talk it out and respect each others values and others’ opinions and perspectives. We also did a recount of a conflict we had before and reflected on how we dealt with it.

Reading Reflection 2 – The Reptile Room (A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book 2)

This week I read the book “The Reptile Room” which is book 2 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph on what it’s about: The three Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, stay with Mr. Poe for one night, and then headed off to their Uncle Monty’s house. Uncle Monty is really their late father’s cousin’s wife’s brother. Uncle Monty is a really kind hearted person. He has a big interest of reptiles, especially snakes, and has a great collection of all the reptiles he has found/discovered from all the places he has been. Uncle Monty is very friendly to them, and let them choose their own rooms to stay in, each has a very nice thing about it. Uncle Monty was going to take them on an exhibition to Peru, but his lab partner quit, so he hired another one. His name was Stephano, who was really Count Olaf. Count Olaf wanted get hold of the Baudelaire fortune. Count Olaf had to do some crazy things to try to get the Baudelaire fortune, and he had plans in how to do so when Violet comes of age. You may read the rest of the story in the book or watch the movie.

I liked the part when all of the Baudelaires are doing lots of work, in order to make sure they win the game. The object of the game was to make sure they didn’t get in the same car as Stephano and make sure they find evidence to prove what is Count Olaf’s plan. Violet creating a lock pick and finding evidence, Sunny distracting the adults with the Incredibly Deadly Viper and pretending it’s attacking it, Klaus reading for more evidence to prove that Uncle Monty’s death wasn’t of snakebite but was of murder by Count Olaf. I liked it because it was a very active scene and it was tense and interesting. I think the author is trying to tell us that you have to be aware of your surroundings and you need to be careful  about situations that might take place later on. Things can get tense, especially when you are in a position and you have no idea on how to deal with the situation. You have to be thinker and be creative to solve these problems. I learnt some more phrases that is useful in fiction writing that the author explained such as “Meanwhile, back at the ranch” and “out of earshot”. I learnt a lot about reptiles such as the Mamba du Mal and the Copperhead Rattlesnake.

I would recommend this book for kids from 8 – 12.

Place Value Pirates and Catch Ten

This game shown above is called Place Value Pirates. The objective of the game is to look at the top bar and see which pirate you should kill. So in the example above it wrote 7 in the tenths place. Each pirate is standing on a board that has a number on it. Use the the knife (your cursor) to kill the pirate that is standing on the board that has the number with seven in the tenths place. This game is a really good game to challenge your mind in thinking of which pirate to kill. As the levels rise, the more complicated the numbers get, such as in Level 4, you’ll have numbers like 56713.89240 and you have to find which number has 0 in the hundred thousandths place. It gets really complicated later on. I think this game really allows you to exercise your brain about place value. When playing, you got to be focused , as you only have 3 lives in the entire game.

The game shown below is called Catch Ten. There is a bear in the river and there are blocks flowing down the river. You’re supposed to click on the blocks and get exactly 10 cubes in the bear’s hands and it will make one 10 block. You have to click on the blocks to give them to the bear. This game helps exercise your brain by making you know how the base 10 system, originated in India, works.

Reading Reflection 1 – The Bad Beginning (A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book 1)

This week I read the book “The Bad Beginning” which is book 1 of the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” series. This book was written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Here is a brief paragraph on what it’s about: The three Baudelaire children go to the beach one morning. Their names were Violet, Klaus and Sunny. Violet was the eldest of all of them. She is 14 years old. Klaus is 12 and Sunny is an infant. After some time at the beach, a man named Mr. Poe came to pick them up and told them that their parents were killed in a fire in their mansion. He then sent them to a distant relative named Count Olaf the next day. Count Olaf was an evil man, he made the children do many unnecessary chores and tried to get hold of the Baudelaire fortune (the fortune that the three children’s parents left behind for them). It was a lot of money. He did some crazy things to do this such as trying to marry Violet and kill all of them and get the money, but that thankfully didn’t happen. You can read the rest in the book or watch the movie.

I liked the part when Count Olaf forced Violet to say “I do” at a play called The Marvelous Marriage (the people who were sitting in the audience thought this was just a play, and that it wasn’t a real marriage, but it would become a legal marriage if everything was properly done, Count Olaf did this so he could get hold of the Baudelaire fortune), and had one of his assistants put Sunny on a windowsill in the tower that was 30 feet tall and push Sunny off if anything didn’t go as Count Olaf’s plan. I liked it the best because it was really interesting. I think the author was trying to tell us readers in this book that sometimes you have to make sacrifices and can trick people if you know all the information you need. I think some attributes you might need in some situations in this book is knowledgeable. I learnt a lot of knowledge from this book as the author explained some interesting facts when he was explaining what Klaus knew (so the readers of the book could estimate how smart he is) and what he was reading about. Some of these things include: you can be married at a young age if your parent or guardian approves of it,etc.. I also learnt some Latin phrases, including in loco parentis. It means acting as if you are the child’s parent.

I would recommend this book for kids from 8 – 12.

Video Reflection

My teacher Mr. MacPherson wants to see our writing skills so I am now making a reflection about the video embedded below. This video is called Lost Generation. I really believe in what this video contains and I think you should watch it. (If the video doesn’t work below you may click here to go find the video on YouTube)

I’ve watched this video “Lost Generation” and I think the person who made this video is very smart. I think this person is very knowledgeable. These sentences combined together are all facts. I think this video is very touching. I think it is very touching because it includes things about family vs work, about what is happening to the Earth and other important issues people have to know about. If everyone in the entire world sees this video I believe we can make a change to the Earth and it’ll become a much better place. I think this video shows how everyone has to be balanced, family and work, and how you have to have commitment, especially in helping the world become environmental and a better society. A very good concept that she used was change. She wrote everything that’s not very good in a way that if you reverse it in the video it becomes good in a way and shows what you’re supposed to do.

My Year In Grade 6

The summer vacation is over. School started yesterday. I am now in Grade 6. My teacher is Mr. MacPherson. We are the 6C Champs. I am going to make a post about my personal and academic goals for the upcoming year.

My first goal is to participate more in class. I want to participate even more in class in order to express my feelings and show my knowledge. My second goal is to improve my math by solving problems quicker and also trying to find the formula of how to do a problem so when I find harder questions with larger numbers in a higher grade, it’s always easy to find the answer.

I think this year is going to be a fun year! Especially with camp in China.

Minecraft House Building

A month ago we started making our minecraft masterpieces. We have done this as it is related to math. We received a 40 x 30 m grid. We could build whatever we wanted but had to cover up all the space. I chose to make my dream house as my minecraft masterpiece. Everyone finished the floor plan really quickly so we could get to the building. We used an application called “Minecraft” to build our things. Most of the students in our class already know how to play Minecraft, but some don’t, so we had a period to tutor the beginners how to play. My house included lots of rooms, including a swimming pool, bow and arrow alley, kitchen, living room, potion making room, storage area, etc. I used lots of different materials, to identify the rooms to separate them to make it accurate – same as the floor plan. As some people are really good at Minecraft, it would be a snap to build a building 40 x 30 m in size. So people who are good at Minecraft are doing their floor plans a lot bigger. They are multiplying so one block on the floor plan is maybe three blocks on Minecraft.

We used Minecraft for this project because it is an educational software. You build imagination and can be very creative with it. You’ll learn how to build things. There are many different materials like gold, diamonds, iron, lapuis lazuli, dirt, etc. It helps you develop basic computer skills.

Here is the tour of my dream house. Hope you enjoy!



My New Unit Of Inquiry, The HUMAN BODY!!

Hi readers of my blog,

I am going to tell you about my new Unit of Inquiry. The transdisciplinary theme is “Who We Are”. It’s about the human body. We’re learning how the body goes through different changes through our lives. Some of these changes are when you are born, puberty, old age, etc. The lines of inquiry are “The changes that occur in the human body”, “Factors that cause our bodies to change” and “Actions that affect personal well being”. We have been learning the parts of the body (systems, organs, bones, muscles, etc.). We have to know the parts of the body before we can look through the changes because we wouldn’t know what the teacher is saying or what a name of a body part is when you’re trying to share something with the class. We have been investigating for some parts of the body on a website called Anatomy Arcade. We learn about the muscles and bones by playing the games Poke-A-Muscle and Whack-A-Bone. They’re really fun and I completed both games. I challenge you to play and see if you can beat my high score  of 91.2 (total). We also learnt some information from a booklet my teacher gave us. In contains worksheets on the systems and whats inside them.

A week ago, we had C.C.C. (Class Community Circle) and we shared some weird and interesting facts with the class. Here are some of them:

  1. The circumference of the earth at the equator is 25,000 miles. If the blood vessels of an adult were lined up end to end, they would circle the equator 4 times!
  2. The reason why you blink is because your eye needs more water.
  3. Stuffing ourselves with too much food actually decreases our ability to hear.
  4. Boys have less taste buds then girls.
  5. You could remove a large part of your internal glands and still survive.
  6. You can live with one healthy kidney.
  7. Your heart has the power to lift a 3,000 pound (1,360-kg) car, the strength to pump 2,000 gallons (7,570 L) of blood twice around the world in a day and stamina to never take a break.
  8. Your brain can’t feel pain.
  9. You are taller in the morning than at night.

An interesting fact I shared is that the brain is more active in the night than in the day.

We’re soon going to start doing independent studies about a change of the human body that we’re most interested about. I’m going to pick what happens to your body during puberty because that’s the one that’s going to happen to me soon and because it is a big topic. It interests me a lot because I want to know how the body changes and what will happen to me. My 4 big questions about this are: 1.Why does the body change? 2. What are the signs of puberty?  (How do you know puberty is happening?) 3. How do these changes affect you?  4.Which change is most significant? I’m going to use Keynote to make a presentation about puberty and investigate so I can make a good presentation to teach some people new things about puberty.

So far in this UOI I’ve been learning lots of new things about the human body and how it works. In class we have been doing many things to help us learn about the human body so when the time comes to learn how it changes we will understand the parts of the body and their meanings. We’ve also drawn a human body in groups and labeled all the body parts that we knew. This was a pre-assessment so Ms. Cahusac would know what we knew so she could teach us new things. We’ve also begun to watch a movie about the human body – from when a baby’s born until old age. I’ve learnt about bones, muscles, nerves, etc. The parts of this Unit of Inquiry that I’m looking forward to is independent studies about a change of the human body. What I still want to learn in this unit are the changes of the human body because that’s what this unit’s all about and I don’t know much about the changes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog post update,

Dynamo 5

My Public Service Announcement (Summative Assessment)

Hello followers of my blog,

In class we are making a PSA. A PSA is a Public Service Announcement. PSAs inform people of things happening in the world. We have to make a PSA because it is our summative task. We have to make this PSA to inform people of children’s rights. We made PSAs to encourage people to take action and help people in need. We also made it to inform people about the subject. We made for many other reasons too such as learning how to use iMovie and all the iApps. If you are interested in iApps, click here to view my post about them.My PSA is based on Article #28, “Children Have The Right To Proper Education”.

Our current Unit of Inquiry is about children’s rights and how children around the world are treated. The central idea of this unit is “Actions can support or deny access to children’s rights and opportunities.” Something important that I have learned in this unit is that many children and adults in the world don’t have access to everything they deserve such as safe drinking water. I was really amazed in how many people don’t have the rights that they should have. Some questions that I have about this unit is how can we really help?

This really shows that I understand this unit and what I have done.

– Actions: I have created a PSA so people that have access to YouTube will be informed of this subject and I hope they will “TAKE ACTION!!”

– Responsibility: I have been responsible by “TAKING ACTION”, I have donated money to UNICEF, donated hundreds of books that I don’t need any more and I have also been learning about this subject.

– Causation: I have been looking at the causes of why different things have been happening so that not everyone has the right that the should have.

I just finished my PSA today and I am really proud of my work because I think I’ve done well and put in a lot of effort into making it. This is the final version of my PSA. Please comment to tell me what you think about it. I hope I get more viewers and likes!


Summer Break

Summer break is coming! I am looking forward to summer because I am going to a summer boarding school in the United States of America. I am going to Los Angeles, California. I am going to a boarding school camp. I looked at the schedule and I was amazed! Most of the afternoon is hanging out time. We get to go to the bowlin’ alley, we go on field trips, and there are only 5 classes per day. One class is drama which is isn’t really working so I guess I have only 4 actual classes that I attend. I am also going on premium economy to go there by flight! I really hope I get into the classes that I signed up for because I think they are very interesting. I am also going to learn a new subject I have not learnt before. It is chemistry. I am very excited that I am going on my own and being independent. My friend Dynamo 18 is going to Stanford University in San Francisco, California and is going at the same time as me. He is really excited too and we just talked about the classes we have. We talked about it and I wanted his classes and he wants my classes. It’s quite funny and strange. I hope that summer comes soon.

Rubix Cube Image – Photo Of The Day

Today Ms. Cahusac showed us pictures on the projector of cool things and we have to make a blog post about an image of someone making a really cool piece of art that is made out of rubix cubes. The artist is making a picture of  Martin Luther King Junior. I think this is a really cool piece of art. He glued all the rubix cubes together after he made the awesome patterns. I really like the rubix cube art! 🙂

SLLR Reflection

Today my mom and dad brought me to school for the SLLR (Student Led Learning Review). The SLLR is a program that not many schools use, it is when your parents come to school and you give them a kind of lecture about what have you learnt since the start of the school year. I shared my learning with them and we are making this blog post together about how it went.

Mom & Dad: We liked the assessment work our child did, particularly the presentation he did for his learning on Technology and Mathematics. We found his creation of the music composition (chord based), and his “Trashed Formula 1 Car” very impressive. His learning progress in Chinese and French is also meeting our expectations.  We look forward to learning more about further progress in mathematics and grammar. We think the broad applications of technology in learning is very good and blogs have been a good way of communication.

Me: I think it was fun because I was in charge and I also think that this is an effective way of showing/communicating what I’ve learned in school. I showed them all the stations and used the learner profile attributes and attitudes to tell them how I’m a learner. I showed them how I work hard in school and what I learn everyday. I am quite proud of my success in summative tasks and how I get things done really fast when I focus. I also showed them that I am a problem-solving kind of person. The last time I solved a big problem was when I found out how to print out the brochure we had to make for the SLLR (this occured yesterday). The printer kept printing the brochures one side the right way, one side upside-down. I fixed it by printing one side first and then put that sheet of paper in the paper tray so it would on the right side on the same paper. Miss Cahusac found a way to do it an easier way but it wastes two sheets of paper.

This was a fun learning experience and I wish there will be another on coming up soon.

Weird Things That Happened During Easter Break

Hi everyone, this is my post of the week.
Today during Class Community Circle, we shared stories on some funny/weird things that happened during Easter Break. I chose a few stories to share with you. Ms. Cahusac went to Thailand with her teacher friends Ms. Kinsinger and Ms. Carmen and they went on the biggest zipline course and they also went motorcycling. Ms. Kinsinger accidentally went on the super-highway and freaked all of them out because they had to drive so fast. Dynamo 20’s story was he went with his sister to buy a guinea pig for Easter and his sister chose the biggest and fattest guinea pig out of all of them and they got the guinea pig. It was so hilarious. I went to Taiwan and went to this place called 六福村 and I saw lots of cool animals like giraffes, rhinoceroses, flamingoes, lemurs, lions, tigers, ostriches, etc. It was really fun. I even got to feed the lemurs! They jumped on my head and I got a picture of them of me giving them a piggyback ride. I was really surprised that they eat raisins.
That’s all for now,
Dynamo 5

Mid Unit Reflection

We are learning about children’s rights and how they should be treated. The key concepts in this unit are responsibility and causation. I have learned that many children in many different parts of the world are being treated badly and adults don’t let the children have the freedom to their rights which they should have. I have also learned more planets of the world – geography; we do this because we need to know which country our teacher, Ms. Cahusac, is talking about. The most important thing I’ve discovered in this unit is that children in undeveloped countries don’t have access to regular rights that normal children have such as food, clean water and proper education. The most surprising thing I’ve learned in this unit is the amount of children that don’t have their rights. If I could join an organization to help children I would join UNICEF because it is one of the most famous and has reasonable focusing areas and seems to help more children in different countries. People can support children’s rights by starting to raise money by making a bake sale, yard sale, etc. When you make more money you can donate to an organization that helps children. You could then make a website and tell everyone what you are doing. If you are starting an organization yourself, you can you’re your own website or blog about it. Unfortunately, some people deny children’s rights by forcing them to work as slaves, harming and starving them. We watched PSAs (Public Service Announcements) in class and have to make one ourselves about a child’s right. I am thinking of doing my PSA on the right to education, article 31.This unit makes me feel a bit disappointed because many children on Earth are lagging their children rights and I am very lucky to have those rights.

From the awesome,

Dynamo 5

Book Review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the most exciting book of the series. It is very entertaining and is full of mysteries, action, magic and adventure. Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione need to find Horcruxes and break them and that will stop Voldemort being immortal and kill him once and for all. They go through lots of scary scenes and the battle between Harry and Voldemort is on. Read the book to find out more! I highly recommend this book to people who love books full of mystery, adventure and action.

EXTREME Photos Of The Day

EXTREME Photos Of The Day! Today there will be 4 photos. This photo is about volunteers taking fingerprints of children to register them for free milk, biscuits and baby formula in a gym turned into an evacuation center in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, after a storm that left over 1,000 people dead.

A keeper offers a Christmas chicken to an American alligator at the Australian Reptile Park near Sydney.

Iraq security forces inspect a crater caused by a car bomb attack in the neighborhood of Karrada in Baghdad, Iraq.

Melissa Hofstetter digs her car out of the snow on University Hill, in Boulder, Colo.

Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail

TP- 2011/12/24 9:06

Better Blogging Battle Challenge 7

Here is your (long awaited) 7th challenge. From now until the end of the school year there will be extra challenges to work on before participants are nominated and voted for wining spots and prizes! Good luck to all Better Blogging Battlers!

Photo of the Day is simple. Choose a photo from the internet that really captures something and invokes a response from its audience. It can be funny, sad, beautiful, scary, etc. Make sure you choose something interesting. Then write about it. A paragraph describing what the picture is about and another paragraph describing why you chose the photo.

Remember to credit where the photo came from!

Photo Credit: Aloni Cahusac

This is a picture that I took recently with my iPhone app caleed camera+. I really like taking pictures with my iPhone because I can edit them and makes changes to them immediately, then share them with the world right away. This picture was taken from the Lamma Island ferry as I was on my home on Buddha’s Birthday – May 10th  2011. It was a beautiful day and I was very happy to have enjoyed a holiday with my friends.

I love this picture because the dark edges make it impossible to tell where the frame of the image is. I also like the colours created by the sunset and the black silhouette of the barge on the ocean. This photo makes me feel very calm and relaxed, just as I do everyday when I take the ferry to my peaceful island home.

Here are some sites to help you find interesting photos:

National Geographic
The Globe & Mail
Earth Shots

Photo of the Day

Better Blogging Battle Challenge 6

Spring into Reading is upon us at CDNIS and “we’ve gotta keep reading… ’cause this books gonna be a good book!”

This week’s challenge involves getting your audience involved in your reading. Do you know of any widgets or apps that allow you to share your reading lists with other bloggers? Want to know what other people are reading and enjoying? Ever need a good book recommendation? Well here’s your chance to share your favorite books and help us all Spring into Reading.

Challenge # 3: Install a Shelfari Widget

1. Sign up for an amazon account
2. Design your own personal widget (this is harder than you’d think, but you can figure it out if you read carefully! pay attention to width and size so that it fits into your side bar neatly)
3. Activate a Shelfari widget on your blog to showcase what you are reading
or have already read
4. Check out other people’s bookshelves

Have fun becoming better bloggers!

Trash Art

Our current unit of inquiry is about trash. Our art project for this unit is to make a sculpture out of trash. We can work in pairs or work independently. We can choose which type of trash we have to build our sculpture out of, some include cans, bottle caps, cardboard boxes, tissue rolls, and collect them. We also have to give a message out to the world saying something related to what we made, such as don’t throw away cardboard boxes after moving if you’re using cardboard boxes to build your sculpture. I chose to work with my friend, Dynamo 18 and collect regular-sized aluminium cans. We have collected over 20 so far. We are planning to build a formula one car the size of 5D’s medium-sized couch or larger. We are going to use cans and glue for this project. I hope we are successful as we still have to collect more cans and design our sculpture, plus Dynamo 18 has been absent from school for almost a week and we are starting tomorrow and I can’t collect many cans by myself- his dad works at a hotel and can collect many cans.

Survey about Garbage