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*please note that the rhythm should be in swing rhythm, not the rhythm that it is played in the recording

Our newest assignment in music class was to create a 32 bar long jazz piece titled “Stella by Starlight”. As this was my first time composing jazz, I found this task to be quite difficult and believe there were many things that could be improved. First of all, I found that I stuck to one particular rhythm for most of my piece, it was four eighth notes followed by either two quarter notes or a half note. As such, I tried to vary the rhythm slightly in the middle sections of my piece, and this resulted in the melody being simpler than I would have liked, since it was mostly comprised of quarter notes (such as in measures 19 – 22). However, the simple rhythm could also be beneficial to me since I will eventually have to perform this piece and it lessened the difficulty of my solo in terms of it’s playability. Furthermore, there were certain measures where no guide tones were given, and I actually found it harder to compose a melody for these bars as opposed to the ones where we were given specific notes to start or end on. To solve this problem, I tried my best to make melodies that transitioned into the chord of the next bar as best as possible. Finally, I believe that I could have had a wider variation in dynamics, and I intend to improve this aspect of my piece before posting the final version of my Stella by Starlight solo.