Project Genesis – Piano Mashup

The goal of “Project Genesis” is to create a mashup of 5 songs from scratch with piano and percussion and complemented by vocals all in c major. The main melody will be played on the xylophone or the piano varying by the song. The chosen 5 songs will be in the pop genre (top hits). A 20-second section of each song will be chosen and written out in c major key. Then the 20-second segments will be rearranged in the order which makes the most sense (pace, tonality). The melody of the first, third and fifth song will be played on the xylophone, while the second and fourth will be played on the piano. The other parts will be complimenting the vocals whilst the melody is being played. All of this will be put together in GarageBand and the beat will be aligned. All parts will be placed in the desire order and space.

Though this goal was not achieved and the best effort of this goal is the audio below.

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