feb 14th #food

didn’t record water intake over CNY break, but i’m now back on track:) drinking a sufficient amount of water is important as water helps regulate body temperature and removes toxins from our body through perspiration. it’s beneficial to us as keeping hydrated aids in the relief of fatigue and improvement of skin complexion. if we don’t drink enough water, our performance level can decrease, making us more susceptible to muscle fatigue, dizziness and nausea,,, stay hydrated, kids! #food via Instagram http://bit.ly/2GZYg8V

7 #movement/ #food reposts: 28/1/19, 28/1/19, 20/1/19, 7/1/19, 7/1/19, 17/12/18, 10/12/18

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Realized that videos or slideshows on Instagram don’t upload to WordPress. The captions and descriptions of the following videos/ slideshows in order from left to right, up to down (in the brackets are the dates these posts were originally posted):

  1. (28/1/19) #movement a compilation of last week’s practice [link to video in post here] 
  2. (28/1/19) #movement worked on my one foot spin (there’s no video of this) and two foot spins today (ignore the one backwards crossover step before as it was just practicing the entry so there’s no speed to it). it’s not as good as it was before christmas break, but it’s starting to go back to where it was! [videos of me practicing my two foot spins have been combined and linked here] 
  3. (20/1/19) photos and videos from the AYP silver assessment hike #movement [video in post is linked here –– the original purpose of this clip was for a AYP vlog in which we aimed to promote hiking in HK, link to the rest of slide show here] 
  4. (7/1/19) staying healthy by keeping track of my water intake using plant nanny! this is last month’s records #food #healthandwellness (photos are of a month’s worth of water intake tracking, link to video evidence of this here)
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  6. (7/1/19) went hiking with nicola two days ago !! #movement (photos are of nicola and i hiking)
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  8. (17/12/18) second AYP silver practice journey! #movement (photos are from the three day AYP practice journey, link to video evidence of this here)
  9. (10/12/18) practicing standing waltz jumps with @fitness.arabella !! these aren’t very good because i was focusing on just practicing the jump itself and didn’t enter them properly from a backwards crossover or do a proper landing ⛸#movement [link to video in post here] 

*NOTE: this post was done through WordPress and is not actually on my PE Instagram

(repost 30/1/19 & 1/1/19) went to the hotel’s gym twice with three of my cousins & my dad when we were in japan ! #movement

(repost 30/1/19 & 1/1/19) went to the hotel’s gym twice with three of my cousins & my dad when we were in japan ! #movement via Instagram http://bit.ly/2GZYg8V

hung out with a family friend i haven’t seen met up with since 2016 yesterday !! #thoughts #feelings #relationships

hung out with a family friend i haven’t seen met up with since 2016 yesterday !! #thoughts #feelings #relationships via Instagram http://bit.ly/2EL4ffU

Seven Learning Outcomes of Grade 9


  1. Identifying my strengths and weaknesses
    Through this process I have identified a number of both strengths and weaknesses, one of my strengths being that I was relatively patient and one of my weaknesses being not very sociable. At a Kids4Kids session that I attended this year, I have discovered that while I could handle reading to kids and doing simple art projects with them, I had problems with teaching them new vocabulary as interacting with them sociably was relatively difficult. 
  2. Undertaking challenges to develop personal skills
    Service I have done this year to push me to acquire a new skill was going to a Kids4Kids session that helped me further develop collaborative and communicative skills.
  3. Planning activities
    For my most recent civics summative, I got my service action started by creating a service as action plan that will extend to grade 10. I have planned to film a documentary and/ or a commercial to raise awareness for misrepresentation in media as I found it an issue that commercialised beliefs were consumed by millions that were accepting conforming to societal standards as a default. Another activity I’m planning to do for service as action is attending a three week summer camp held by Johns Hopkins CTY at UC Berkley’s for the Civic Leadership Institute course in which I will be engaging in several service activities every week.
  4. Persevering in action
    When I was working on my service as action plan (for civics), I found that it was difficult to research on misrepresentation in media as it was an issue that wasn’t very prevalent in media and lacked exposure. My solution was to solve this as well in the service action plan for this through creating a documentary, in which I will be able to both advocate and inform people on the issue.  
  5. Working collaboratively
    In both the Kids4Kids session I attended and my civics service as action project, I demonstrated my collaboration skills through working with different groups of people; with Kids4Kids, I collaborated with little kids as I read to them and taught them new English vocabulary, and with my civics project, I was in a group so I would not have been able to complete the task otherwise.
  6. International-mindedness (global engagement, multilingualism, intercultural understandings
    As the Kids4Kids program targeted less privileged kids studying in ban 3 local schools in Hong Kong, I communicated with them in Cantonese when they were unable to grasp the meaning of the English vocabulary we were teaching, thus displaying multilingualism.
  7. Understanding the ethical implications of actions
    The Kids4Kids influenced the target group for the better by helping them develop their English vocabulary which will be useful for when they grow older. My civics action plan will also influence that target group for the better as this will advocate for tis