16 Bar Melody and Chord Progression Reflection

Overall I enjoyed this summative. Using a chord progression and experimenting with different notations, melodies rhythms tempos and so on, I managed to compose a song of which I enjoy. The choices I made were to have relatively ranged notes to provide different tones in the different parts of the song while keeping phrases every 4 bars. My tempo was crucial to the song as depending on the speed it were played at it could end up making a different sound to the song and having a different effect on the audience. I spent the most time on making sure the song would flow into each next bar of one another since a song that doesn’t flow, A, really isn’t that nice to hear and B, kept the song audially appealing for people listening. For this project I procrastinated a bit at the beginning, wasting nearly 4 days to get started while catching up on Gravity Falls (go watch the show use kisscartoon) being probably the only thing that I ended up having the most trouble with. Improving this would take time (funny how that works out) as my time management has always been an issue for me in multiple classes. The thing is with me is that I normally will leave the task a few days to try seeing what other people do for a glimpse of inspiration or something I like to get me started. My habit instead though is to keep waiting for more and more until I have about 2 days to finish the task (which by the way is not how this task went). All in all repeating this summative, I would improve my time management a bit again and not stress myself over the simple things and focus on the important matters next time.

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