March Reflection

  1. This year I feel like I have greatly improved playing my instrument in terms of confidence. I’m improving my speed of playing. What I mean by this is I am now able to play faster songs and my speed of fingering has increased too. This though is only for my instrument itself, my reading of music I feel has greatly increased as last year I found sight reading and new things added to songs difficult. Not to say that they’re at ease for me now, but rather that I am now feeling comfortable with them, and it’s a big step for me.
  2. THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY THEORY….. I can’t do it to save my life. I suck at it, I suck I suck I suck. Simply, I’m awful. I feel that music theory is my real challenge in this subject and is also one of the most important for, MARCHing onwards. I want to make it part of a daily routine or at least every other day so I can bring myself back up to speed and improve my playing skills generally.
  3. I try to practice at least 3 times a week and once over the weekend, mainly for long times so my lips can begin to hold notes longer and so I can play longer songs without dying from the pain.
  4. I think I’m most successful at breathing, phrasing, rhythm accuracy and note accuracy in terms of pitch, rather than on paper.
  5. I’m least successful at articulation, note accuracy on paper and tone quality as for tone quality, I do have the habit to finish the note faster than I should. Dynamics get me pretty well too since I sometimes confuse them with one another or just read over them and accidentally ignoring them. Like I strongly emphasized before, I suck at theory. I don’t know why or how but since I do, my note accuracy is also pretty off at times when I need to answer quickly.
  6. To improve myself as a musician I must strongly improve my theory, I need to sharpen up my tone quality and remember my dynamics by memory.

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