Music Criterion D reflection


My Rehearsal process was mostly me trying to retune the notes I had to play at a moment’s notice from one high note a low note for example. Most of the time I would start from the beginning and play into my difficulty in the song. As soon as I would reach that part/note, I would go back 2 measures and try again about 3 times. I originally went with a slow tempo at first and I would speed up through the song. Upon reaching the point where I was playing too fast, I would slow down, and play at that tempo. I would practice for about 15 minutes before my recording and in those last two minutes, I would play through the song and loop through until my lips collapsed. Then drink some water and do it again. Then I would record.

This Assessment wasn’t challenging for my level, just a bit. Not necessarily tense. Not stressful but. I don’t know, I don’t know what word to use for it but I think you get it. It would just kind of haunt me on the days I didn’t do it making me feel a lot more uncomfortable and prone to mistakes when I practiced.

It feels more daunting if you’re about to record and you want a good grade because it’s a like recurring threat almost. The want or need for it to be perfect is really pressuring when you’re rehearsing and with no one else.

I’m fairly satisfied with it, of course, I feel like I could have done better, but I put in a lot of effort, so I’m happy wth it. Also, I really don’t mean for this to seem like an excuse at all, but I also suspect a small leak somewhere in my saxophone. The fear of that leak also made me pretty anxious since I was about to record and, (If there actually was a leak) I would have been rehearsing it all wrong.

I learned that my playing style as a musician is almost kind of something like a plug and play. Let me explain, I feel that I can just throw around tons of tempos, notes, scales, and songs around, and find how I’m gonna play it. I also find it that this method is effective for me because If I were to say, set a sort of goal and schedule what I’d practice and when, all that preparation would be in my bin before the end of this sentence.

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