Design Day Documentary reflection

I feel that our movie overall, was done well. It was very descriptive, flowed nicely, very informative, and the shots and videos we had really strengthened the content. I feel that as I edited the movie, it gave me a sense of, relief. It was nice to see multiple shots of the village and different clips again and again as I edited and I hope that maybe, I could have also given other people that feeling as they watched it. I could have improved sound quality and subtitles though as they were a little bit shaky in the movie and could have been done better. In my defense as well though, Imovie doesn’t really let you have subtitles, as the text feature isn’t ideal for subtitles.


I had a positive attitude throughout nearly all of the process we worked on the movie, (I might have been crabby when my friend backstabbed me) I managed my time well so as I worked hard, I would take breaks and enjoy watching some Steven Universe,  yet I would sometimes goof off and have fun with the editing in class once or twice. I think that I have grown a lot stronger in teamwork as ( in my opinion ) we were a REALLY powerful team. With Jemima being an excellent speaker and leader, Alice being a incredible researcher and sideline editor, and me being a good editor with lots of past experience with Imovie. Also I feel a lot less shy to present, interview and basically reach out to people now and I know that I have benefitted from this task/experience.


In terms of participation,

I would almost always be willing to help my teammates, stay on task and focus. Similar to when I would try nonstop in importing the photos onto my computer.



In terms of Collaboration and communication,

I know that I worked well with my group as (mark my words) we didn’t argue once, we were always willing to listen to each others Idea’s, and we were (almost) always organised.



In terms of Time Management

I stayed on track and on top of time really well. I was always ready for the next thing and always had everything done earlier/earliest.

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