March Reflection

This year I feel like I have greatly improved playing my instrument in terms of confidence. I’m improving my speed of playing. What I mean by this is I am now able to play faster songs and my sp... Read More

Waste Not, Want Not

Today we started our next design project on packaging. (yay?) For one of our first tasks we tried making a box for our snack before lunchtime and…. yeah. Mine actually looks like it could have e... Read More

Sabah CAS week

So, yeah, I’m back from Sabah! (Surprisingly with no mosquitoes bites) I have realised now more then before, how much I grew and gained over the whole trip and experience. I never thought in the... Read More

Design Post

This is my personal logo design. I made it black, white and green. The main part of the logo is a eyeball to show that I am observant and alert. The Green lines are to show matrix board like electroni... Read More