My Winter Break

by 084064 on January 3, 2011

Happy Holidays 2010!!!!

For my winter break my Mom, brother and I flew to the United States of America on Delta Airlines to visit family and attend a tennis camp in Florida.  For more info. on this camp here is the link  We went to spend time with family and play tennis at a sleep away camp with some friends.  One of my friends is going to a boarding school in England so I figured that this would be one of the last times I would be able to see him.   When we got to Florida we immediately went to our hotel because we had been on a 16 hour flight. The next day we went to see our friend at the movie theatre, and saw the new Harry Potter movie.   I thought that the movie was great and I can’t wait  to see the second part of the movie coming out in June 2011. After we saw that movie we went to dinner at this really good Italian restaurant, I had the  meat ravioli and it was the best I’ve ever eaten.  We spent the next couple days relaxing and getting adjusted to the time zone before we started tennis camp. Then when we started camp, we met Nick Bolleteri!  We were at the tennis camp for two weeks and a typical day’s schedule was from 8 to 11 was drilling training,  11 to 12 was fitness,  12 to 1, lunch and from 1 to 4 was match play,   During the first weekend, my mom picked us up and we drove 4 and a half hours to our Aunt and Uncle’s  house to celebrate Christmas with them. We had a great time.

During our stay at the tennis camp we made some good friends that we will keep in touch with. We hope to go back but we will have to see.

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