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Featured image used in this post by Nathan via Flickr Creative Commons

Final Smart Goal


我最初的目标是 “I would like to work on my time management skills because usually, I leave everything to the last minute and I don’t feel like I do my best work.” 我没有达到这个目标因为我仍在拖延,但我不会再失去任何东西。


Waste Not, Want Not


Photo on 28-2-2017 at 10.11 AM

This is my box that I created to hold my snack, making this will help me when constructing a different packaging product because I know how to build things with out using adhesive products

Photo on 28-2-2017 at 11.40 AM IMG_1755

When I de-constructed this product I noticed that they use alot of adhesive products which can be harmful to the environment, this can leave a huge carbon foot print because they are using multiple materials and sticking them together using adhesives.


Reflection on the poetry unit in english

  • What were your favorite poems read during the unit and why?

My favourite poems read during the unit were the summer day because I felt it was very thoughtful and used a lot of poetic devices, my other favourite poem was crystal ball because I memorised it and while I memorised it I found lots of information about the author and found out why he wrote the poem

  • What was most challenging about reading and about writing poetry?

One thing that was challenging about reading poetry was understanding how to read certain words in the poem and something that was challenging about writing poetry was figuring out how to use some poetic devices in writing  poetry.

Music blog post

I think I have progressed in music a lot because when I first started coming to the class I needed to write all the notes on the music sheets and I didn’t know how to play certain notes. Now I only need to write a few notes down and can play most notes, I have gotten really good at sight reading and could get even better.

When I was preparing for the scale test I practiced every afternoon for half an hour because I had already done this type of test before in previous grades. As I got closer to the day of the scale test I got more and more prepared. To this day, I can play a perfect concert B flat scale. The most helpful tool I used was the metronome. I find the metronome is very helpful because it helps me get a good beat. During the preparation, I found out that I could play the scale really fast, without messing up.

While I practiced for wild card I noticed that every time we got together to play, we would sound much better than the time before and when I practiced at home it didn’t sound as good as when we practiced in class. I have developed my skills by practicing at home because if I did not practice at home I do not think I would do as well as I do today. I have learned that when you are in an ensemble you should do your best because you will be that one person that everyone looks at when you are not playing the song correctly. I have developed the skill of not being shy to play my instrument loud because when I had just started learning to play the flute I would play really quietly so no one could hear me.  I really enjoy being in an ensemble and playing Wild card because I feel they go together really well.



Service Day Reflection (Soap Cycling)

Today was Service day, I went to Soap Cycling. File_009Soap cycling is an organisation that gathers old soap and scrape the used parts off of the soap and gives it to people that don’t have soap. I think I undertook some new challenges for example getting soap in my nose and mouth, and trying to make the soap as perfect as possible but realised I did not need to work as hard. These challenges developed some new skills. For example being able to work with soap. I realised that there are people in the world that are working for more that 2 hours and doing a lot harder work than what I was doing.

Ray Zahab Talk

During the talk that Ray Zahab spoke about, he explained many things that he did like trekking across the sahara dessert and many more. The two that stood out to me the most was that he was that he didn’t care that he was the first person to cross many places, Instead he felt like it was a great accomplishment and moved on to a trek in a another place. The other note that he said that realy stood out to me is that,  he started off smoking and not being a very healthy man but as he became older he realised that he could do much more with his life (he also had a brother who was a fantastic runner, which boosted him to do that as well)so he decided to do what he does today, become an adventurer.