I exhibit critical and creative thinking skills to approach a multitude of texts and situations. One of the properties of being a good thinker is the ability to critically and creatively approach different aspects of daily life and thus be able to make reasoned, ethical decisions. As a thinker, I am not afraid to question different aspects of my life, because I know that without questions, I will lose out on answers that may multidimensionally impact my ways of knowing, and I manifest this ability through a variety of produced texts.

Evidence 1 – Critical Analysis Essay of a News Article

This article analysis essay was produced in response to a news article investigating a British aid plan that redirects fleeing migrants to Asian and Latin American countries. Throughout this essay, I practiced reasoning with the author’s use of language and bias, pointing out his inclination to side with the British government and meaningfully contributing to possible discussion sprouting from the migrant crisis.

Evidence 2 – Writing Poetry Creatively to Address Local and Global Issues

I found poetry as one of my favourite platforms to discuss the wonders of the world. I believe that this poetry anthology describes my perception of the world around us, and in a way, it allows me to rationalise some of the actions I do in my daily life. This is a clear display of my creative thinking and my reasoned approach to the complexity of this society.