I display traits of a reflective individual by consistently providing thoughtful consideration to my learning and experience. A good reflector should be able to assess and understand strengths and limitations sprouting from each experience, and therefore propel their learning and personal development. Throughout my academic life and my extensive travels among other extracurricular activities, I consistently learn to reflect on every new experience that I go through, which is what makes myself a more well-rounded, mature individual.

Evidence 1 – Reflection of Learning Through A Video of Interdisciplinary Skills in Science and Geography

After an introduction to fieldwork in April 2016, I took the time to reflect on how the unfamiliar experience of combining geographic and scientific elements of my studies added to my knowledge and growth as a student and as a person. I learned to be wary of my strengths and limitations during the learning experience, which allowed me to manifest reflective depth in my learning.

Evidence 2 – Teaching in Myanmar – A Reflection of Experience

I was very excited for my first teaching experience outside Hong Kong – pretty giddy for it, too, as that kept me awake the night before.

After getting off the flight to Bagan, we visited the Nyaung-U market for a while, which was…an interesting experience. People were so keen to sell stuff to us – handing stuff to us, spreading stuff on our cheeks – that I actually had to be pretty hostile to keep them away.


Bagan Nyaung-U Market

We were then bussed to the school courtesy of Travel Expert Hong Kong, and under our tour guide, Po. He gave us a few introductory phrases that we could use on the kids – though mainly due to (delusional) me thinking that the kids would understand, I wasn’t really listening.

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This piece of writing shows my self-initiated reflection on the experience where I taught local children in Bagan, Myanmar. In this piece of writing I exemplified my ability to propel my personal development through a single experience, where I wondered what I did well, what I could have done better and what I needed to do to improve in future teaching experiences. I clearly demonstrated how teaching in Myanmar made me a more mature individual, highlighting my ability to reflect on my experiences.