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  • April 30, 2015 - 074060

    Waste Not, Want Not

    For design we created a package for a product. I packaged the CDNIS Travel Wallet. I would appreciate it loads if you could take 2 minutes and fill it out for me! Survey Link.

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  • March 9, 2015 - 074060

    Waste Not, Want Not III

    Today, I think that I managed my time pretty well because I finished all of my tasks on time. I worked very well with my group mates because we were very efficient and we all contributed our ideas, we sorted through them, and we all helped out in every task that we did today. Also, […]

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  • From the package of the apple that my group and I did, I had to create the package on Sketch Up. I learned how to use all the features on Sketch Up and applied my new knowledge to create the package that we constructed with paper. I think that geometry can help reduce our carbon footprint because […]

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  • Today we have design day, and for the first little project that we did was we had to create a package for either an apple or a banana. My group chose to package an apple. In our package, it meets only some of the criteria because we didn’t have enough time to make everything the […]

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  • November 4, 2014 - 074060

    End of Percentage Unit Reflection

    Factual—Why doesn’t a 20% discount followed by a 20% markup get you back to where you started? A 20% discount followed by a 20% markup doesn’t get you back to where you started because if you are taking 20% off of $100, you will be at $80. Then, if you mark $80 by 20%, it will give […]

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  • We had a math assessment a few weeks ago on markups. Our task was to pretend we were in a job interview and to manage markups. The product that I chose to sell were soccer balls. I had to find out what the maximum monthly revenue was, the increase in profits and contingency planning. This […]

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