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16 Bar Melody Reflection

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on a 16 bar melody composition in music class. 

Something that worked really well in this composition was the Alberti bass because while the chord and the harmony were playing, I still felt that some parts were a little bit empty and the Alberti bass filled out those spaces very nicely because the sounds worked well together. Something that didn’t work as well was that some of the staccato’s that I put in, I didn’t feel like they were in the right places until I listened to it after I was finished. Luckily, I still had a couple days to change it, so it now sounds better but I still feel that one or two notes in my composition could be changed to make the rhythm sound better. The reason I didn’t change those notes was because I couldn’t put my finger on which notes they would sound better on because I feel that I worked on it for too long with no breaks and eventually after I did that, it all blended together, but in a negative way. The reason for this was because it all started to sound the same because I had listened to it so many times and I couldn’t tell if something needed improvement or if it was a positive aspect of the song.

Some of the patterns that were in my song were that in most of the bars, the notes were kind of like a mountain, because it starts off low than in the middle it is the peak of the bar. In my ending, it is not a cliffhanger, it sounds like it is an ending. Something that I changed during my composition was originally I was going to do C Major for my chords but then I decided to change it to F Major because I thought that it sounded better after I wrote my melody. I also did a lot of editing with my dynamics because I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what sounded good because if I thought something didn’t sound good, I would do so much editing before finding the perfect sound.

Something that I could improve is that instead of doing everything at once and only editing some parts slightly, I should do drafts and get more feedback on my song. Some of the challenges that I faced while writing my 16 bar melody were that sometimes I got stumped on what sounded better in the melody, and which chords I should use because sometimes the jump in the pitch would be half an octave, which is too big and then I would have to change it to sound more similar. 

To view my composition (.pdf), click this link: 16 Bar Melody FMajor.

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  • 053516 says:

    I like how you explained what you could have improved on and also, I like how you described your concerns and what challenges you faced over this course of composing your melody. I looked at your melody, and it is pretty good, but I realized that you have some mistakes, such as the Alberti bass, because some of them don’t really sound like Alberti bass to me (I played some of them on the piano). Overall, nice composition and I hope to listen to it sometime in the future, in two weeks, in 3 years etc.

  • 130325 says:

    Hi Monica, I really like your song it has some nice rhythms, and I think the clarinet was a good choice for your song. However i think you could alter your song a little so that your climaxes were more obvious and drawn out longer. Maybe slowing down the ending would make it more expected and obvious, and not sound like you were cutting off the song in the middle. Perhaps you could also make the piano part so that it doesn’t cut through the clarinet’s nice long note at the end. Apart from that it was really well written, and composed. Good Job

  • Danielle says:

    Monica!!! Wow this piece looks great! I wish I could hear it. I really like how you explained a flaw in your song and wrote how you could improve, thats makes me feel like you are enthusiastic in your work! Anyway, something you could have worked on was to put an audio of your song in your post. I would have really liked to have listened to it. Anyway, overall you post is really good! It reflects on almost everything you have done in this piece!

  • 053535 says:

    Hi Monica,
    As I look at the PDF version of your composition, it looks like you have put a lot of effort and time into making it perfect!!! A quick suggestion would maybe be adding your name to the written score, and when I look at the reflection, you wrote that you used an Alberti Bass, but when I look at your composition, you chose clarinet and piano.

    Overall, I think you did a great job on this piece. Well done!!!

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