January 7, 2015 - 074060

Music Crit D Reflection

In music we have been learning music theory and playing our instruments. I play the B flat Clarinet.

The content that was coveredĀ in class so far which was theory and performance, helped me develop as a musician because now I know the history of the music and why there is treble and bass clef. This helped me in two ways. The first way is now I understand why there can be notes before the bottom bar line. The second way is because when we practice in class, I improve and I am a lot better when I perform because the teacher helps improve our skills and helps us play better.

I am furthering my development as a musician by practicing my instrument at home a lot more than I did before and challenging myself by trying to play complex songs and practicing sight reading.

Other musicians have inspired me to be more successful because they can play so well and really smoothly and this inspires me because they sound very good and I would want to sound as good as they are. So this inspired me to play more and learn better techniques to play. Some of the musicians in our school are very successful at one instrument they start to play another instrument so I find that very inspiring because they have excelled so much at one instrument they can broaden their playing abilities.

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