November 23, 2013 - 074060

My Blues Unit Reflection

The things that I have learnt about Blues Music is that there is a special scale for the Blues music. I learnt this from our music teacher and we also learnt how to play it. I enjoy listing to the Blues Music because I think that it is something different then we normally listen to and I like a change once in a while. The songs that I enjoy the most is Blues Down Under because I like the tune of the song and also because it is also quite easy to play. I have not started to listen to new Blues Music but I have been listening to Springfield Soul Stew many times.

I have not talked to my friends and parents about more Blues Music. I like playing Blues Music because it has a unique sound so it is really fun to play. I liked the Blues Down Under song because it is not that difficult to play because the instrument that I have plays the background noise. I have tried to play the solo in the band but I found that the beat was a little bit to fast so I couldn’t keep up.

I have written a Blues solo but I didn’t really like it because it didn’t sound because it just sounded like random notes from the Blues scale. The best part of the Blues unit was listing to the Springfield Soul Stew because it was a really cool song and it also had a really cool way of introducing the different instruments. You would also know what instrument was playing at what time. Overall, I really enjoyed the Blues unit and I thought that it was really fun!

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