June 8, 2012 - 074060

The Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

Hi! Yesterday (7 June 2012) we saw the G6 exhibition. First there was the opening ceremony in the LLAC (Leo Lee Arts Center), the students and some teachers there talked about what the exhibition was for. The exhibition was a summative assessment and to show what they have learnt during their time period in lower school. There was also a video about what they did during planning. For the exhibition, they had to work in groups of four and prove their central idea. I thought that all of the booths were very attractive and interesting. What some booths were  about were inventions, inventors, social media etc.What I thought was interesting was that they showed you in their project journal what different things that they did to make the exhibition happen. When they were talking to us I thought that it was interesting that they always turned back to their booths to either show me something or for just no reason at all. Some of them were kind of shy and they spoke with a really quiet voice. Next year when I do the exhibition I will need to remember to face the people that I am talking to unless I am referring to something on the poster, I have to know the answers to all of the hard questions, come prepared, speak with a loud voice so that they can hear me and make my poster attractive.

I am really looking forward to the exhibition and I hope to do all of the planning well!

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