Facts and Theories in NS

Science is objective and descriptive, while the arts are creative and interpretive. Evaluate this claim.

There are some evidence that would support this claim, while there is other evidence that would also go against it. Science is generally accepted as a relatively objective subject due to its  data heavy nature. Lots of the processes revolving around the area of sciences involve generating data to support a particular hypothesis, and hence verifying knowledge that is already known. Likewise, arts seems to involve imagination and creativity in order to create some form of art. There are typically many interpretations of a specific artwork which leads to many assumptions made that can be falsifiable. Therefore, the creations behind art is generally established as subjective, rather than factual or data based.

However, these are still fairly controversial assumptions to be made about the two subjects. I believe that the Sciences go far beyond objectivity, and does in fact have a lot of personal input. Qualitative observations are an example of this – although you can apply science to justify what you observe, those observations are ultimately still a personal interpretation, hence creating space for inaccuracy. This shows that the sciences can still be subjective, and therefore I disagree with what the statement makes it out to be.

Likewise, if the artist has a set intention regarding the art they produce, that means the art isn’t supposed to be open to interpretation but rather intended to reflect only what the author has chosen to illustrate. To be creative is difficult to examine, because our definition of creativity varies from person to person. For example, someone could say that creativity is defined by our artistic skill and our use of imagery to derive artwork. On the other hand, someone else could also define creativity as purely visualizing something, then turning that something into art. It is a fairly subjective matter, and therefore my own belief is that arts don’t have to be creative but rather a way to put your thinking in a physical form.