Memory and Imagination

Despite the imperfections of imagination and memory as ways of knowing, the Areas of Knowledge have developed in such a way as to overcome them. Discuss this claim with reference to at least two AOKs.

I agree with the claim that many flaws are attached to our memory and imagination, because ultimately it is a tool that is limited to perspective. It is evident that our imagination is a result of images we have previously perceived, yet we can only observe things in our environment With that being said, there are AOKs which help to override these weaknesses. Take Mathematics as an example; the system began with the basic numbers, operations and equations. With different theories and perspectives, mathematicians could eventually build upon that knowledge and start forming new theories and applications. Although there was only so much that they could use, many perspective came together to construct further understandings.  If we take natural sciences as another example; originally, there was a small amount of evidence to propel our understanding of different chemicals and their reactions. Experiments however were essential as they bought about new ways of thinking, meaning imagination played a big role in developing these labs. Although each scientist had their own goals, those goals eventually converged into a large pile of scientific knowledge and it continues to grow today.