Moving can be a tough for a young child, sometimes moving is great to just get away and have a new start. It can be hard to choose a new house, maybe a job and schools, also to leave friends and the places you knew.

It is a time to get a new slate and to start out fresh.

And this is exactly what I’m going through.

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Last Day of School

The last day of school may have finished on Wednesday the 13th but the learning still continues. 

As we all embark on journey on the way to reach gr. 6 we will learn things about ourselves and maybe others. For you can never truly be finished learning.

I wish you all a great summer and hope your journey has something worth waiting for.


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Personal Inquiry- Timeline & PREZI

Below is a timeline of everything I did every day on my way to make my personal inquiry for my last unit of the year. It shows the process of brainstorming questions, going through process to get perfect question, researching, organizing all the notes to create the PREZI and then finally the reflecting, teacher evaluating.


I learn’t that time I should organize my research better by putting my notes under the question it is for, but still keep it in the key words, my notes and my thinking table.

Below is my PREZI on my unit of Who We Are, it is specifically about menopause so it may be UNSUITABLE FOR YOUNG KIDS.

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Photo A Day- Meerkats Danger

(This is the 3rd and final time I will do this for class.)

European experts are watching 2,000 meerkatsin South Africa just to dicover most of them mate with their relatives. This can cause baby pups from being healthy and may not be able to survive, this is called ‘inbreeding’. Inbreeded pups tend to be smaller, lighter and less of a chance of survival in the wild.

Johanna Nielsen from Edinburgh
University  says: “This doesn’t mean meerkats are going to become extinct. But they need to avoid mating with their relatives if they want to have the most healthy pups.”

I think it shows connection because the connection between relationships can effect the way others are born. It also shows responsibility because the scientists need to make sure this doesn’t continue cause then it just might become a major problem for the species.

Info. & Pic. :Newsround

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Grade 5 Camp

I got back from camp on Wednesday, after 3 days away our parents were excited to know what we did. It was fun and a trill to show and tell my family everything we did, it was great.


Analogy (cause my teacher made us do it):

Gr. 5 Camp V.S. Learning How To Tie Shoe Laces


Packing for camp was like the whirl in your mind when someone first explains how to tie your shoe laces in what seems like the most complex way in the world. You are running around trying to find all the right parts to fit them together to get a bow. Once you finally get everything together it all seems straight forward from here, like you could do this for the rest of your life and never look back.


Now the adventure during the camp is the best, being like the old comfort when you tie your shoe lace again cause it keeps coming undone. It is exciting, but comforting from tying it up so many times or going on camp again and again, packing up your bag only to do it again next year, knowing you are all ready for what lays ahead. It was a blast like finishing the perfect bow on your shoe for the very first time.


The end is when you feel the best, wanting to do it again, build the best raft, make the most beautiful bow in the world it is a trill.

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Personal Inquiries

In class we have been doing this for weeks now and it has finally come to an end. We have been creating a question about child labor in the Philippines, researching on it and then we presented it to the class. The process I took to get the answer was…

1. Asking questions

2. Selecting resources

3. Recording information

4. Synthesizing information to create new knowledge and understanding

5. Presenting

6. Reflecting on learning

I will use this information that I know  to help others in the near future or even now. My question was, How are the different organizations in the Philippines working to help out kids in labor?

Here is the PREZI I made to help my presentation.

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Zigen Trip

As I said in a previous post I went to rural China these past few days and have taken some great pictures. It was fun and it was dirty but I am here safe and sound now. Anyways here are some awesome pictures I took while away.

Sorry I just found out my pictures are too big in MB so I can’t upload them, bye!


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I have made a PSA- public service announcement for my end of the unit assessment. It is about one of a child’s right on the UN Conservation Of Child Rights list. I won’t tell you the number but look for it while watching the video. Send in a comment before you finish the video of your guess about which article you think it is. If you can’t think of anything then watch the end it has the articles meaning, but try to guess.

Have fun, I warn you it is not very good! JK

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Next Week

Next week will be a big week for me, I am going away to China! For the end of next week tell the beginning of the week after I will be visiting rural China.

In China I will be hiking, playing, getting to know the kids there, helping the village and trying new foods. It is going to be a fun time there. I will be back soon.

Hopefully my next post will be all the pictures I took, but might be something else, keep your eyes peeled.

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My Closing Statement

Today, during my Student Lead Learning Review, I showed the things I have been learning in class so far in the year to my mother. The most important thing I wanted my mom to notice about my learning was how much I have improved in my different languages that I have been learning. It was exciting!

(Mom) Some areas of strength that I have noticed are in math and presentation skills.  Whether presenting Prezi for Mandarin or explaining the Game of 31, Sabrina is a more confident speaker.

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