WoK, in the AoK

Friday 7th September 2018

The issues relating with the fallibility of Language are the pure fact that there will be language barriers, this problem arises when you are trying to communicate in an international level. Another problem with language is the fact with loaded words and diction, different people word things differently causing instabilities.

The strengths with Language within the pursuits of knowledge are that some languages are universal. For example within mathematics the language is generally set on a universal basis.  Within the arts language is a key role that functions with communicating effectively. For example most people understand what the M stands for, McDonalds. Lots of people understand that a large red sign that has a cross over a cigarette know that there is no smoking. So there is normally a universal language that is known by the majority of the population. Within mathematics there is also a language that is key, in which being universal mathematical language. Using this nonverbal universal language it allows people around the world to calculate and formulate Ideas through the basic conventions of mathematics.

The art written language refers to the idea that communication occurs through visual symbols, as opposed to words which helps communicate the idea more effectively. People can also easily gain the information by these signs or symbols. Even different people articulate things differently.



Everyone is entitled to his own beliefs, but not to his own facts. Do you agree?

I agree with this statement. The reason why I agree is that every single person on this planet can have their own beliefs about something or a subject. Such as if you look at a piece of art and someone else looks at the same exact peace of art you both will have a different perspective and emotion. This is mainly because every single person comes from a different place and has grown up with different factors that shape who they are as a person. I can have a belief that totally contrasts someone else’s belief and that is completely fine because to a certain extent we are all different and unique, in relation to how we grew up and what our opinions are. But when you are talking about facts you are talking about a thing that is known or proved to be true. A good example of this would be 2 + 2 = 4 This is a good example because we have a premise which we can all agree on which is the mathematical system that is put in place by our own society, the large majority. I can not just change this system because of my own beliefs, but the same thing can be said about science in the 1800’s. Many people did not believe that the universe was ever expanding. But someone with there own belief’s decided to attack that fact, and actually changed that specific fact that the human race had about the universe. So I think it is important to find the fine line between a belief and a fact.

What do you think TOK is, and why does the IB make you take it?

I think TOK is something that allows you to question your source and question why you know something. The reason why I think this to be true is because TOK stands for the Theory of Knowledge. And I believe the IB makes us take this course because it is important to be a critical and analytical thinker. With these two tools under our belt we are able to look at something with multiple perspectives and ideas rather than our own. And in my personal opinion it is very important to be a critical and analytical thinker in the real world as there are many diverse and different people that you will come to interact with.


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